I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1243

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After seeing the Black Wind Valley black bear ancestral land and the 36 semi-empire monsters hidden in the cave, Yang Fan has actually been suspicious in his heart.

Black Wind Valley is just one of the 5 Great Saints in the Demon Realm, and it is even worse than the Demon Saint Ridge and the Eagle Sorrow.

However, among their ancestral lands, 36 half-empire monsters were hidden at once, so among the remaining 4 Monster Race Saint lands, will there be more half-empires not revealed?

Since Monster Race has so many semi-empire powerhouses, how about the Human Race, the Human Race that has been fighting against the Monster Race for more than 150 years, but how many semi-empire powerhouses are hidden in the dark?

Yang Fan doesn’t believe that in the Human Race Federation, only Li Liangcai, Tianchanzi, Zhuge Xincheng and others can be called the famous half emperors.

If Human Race has only such a little strength, even if there are 3 emperors in the front, Human Race will also be impossible in the battle between the human and the demon 2 clan for more than 150 years.

Later, the appearance of Li Miaocai proved Yang Fan’s speculation that Human Race is not without any background, and the half emperor of Human Race is more than Li Liangcai and Tiancizi.

just now.

In the city of Jinghua, another Ji Sicheng popped up, even if he hadn’t made a head start, just like Li Miaocai first appeared in the dark to snoop, but it also better verified Yang Fan’s conjecture about the Human Race Half Emperor.

“Not only the city of Jinghua, but in the 36 domains of the Federation, there should be many cities with half emperors like Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng hidden in secret.”

“It’s just that they were both disturbed by Dao wounds, like the 36 semi-empire black and white bears in the black and white bear Holy Land, closed their doors to save lives, struggling on whilst at death’s door, less than as a last resort or the scourge of genocide, It won’t go out easily!”

Yang Fan seems to have clear comprehension in his mind.

Hidden strength may be only one of them, but more importantly, it should still be to suppress road injuries and extend life essence.

Otherwise, every half emperor is like Li Liangcai and Tian cicada before. Life essence is exhausted and vitality will be extinct. Human Race does not have the protection of half emperor. Where can there be some hope?

Li Miaocai heard Yang Fan’s bold words, his eyes lit up naturally, staring at Yang Fan and saying: “Yang Fan’s words are serious, as long as you can break through to the emperor’s realm, you can solve the half emperor for us within the body The problem of trauma?”

Now, Li Miaocai really really understands why Li Liangcai’s 2 goods attach so much importance to Yang Fan.

It’s just that, for such an important thing, can you directly pick out at first?

If I knew that this kid had such ability, I would pretend to be mysterious. Is it not fragrant to jump out and hug my thighs earlier?

“That’s natural!” Yang Fan was calmly nodded, “Junior never boasting…”

“You have lied, your social skills have improved a little, your vocabulary has been enhanced a bit, and your tongue is like a +1.”

The system hint came out again to make trouble, Yang Fan ignored it directly, and was already used to it.

“I am willing to help the little ones!”

On the side of Yang Fan and Li Miaocai, the voice of the third person suddenly came. Then, a gray silhouette suddenly entered the field, which fell exactly 3 feet to the left of Li Miaocai, and looked at Yang Fan with eagerness.

“Ji Sicheng?” Li Miaocai whispered, “Your old nose is so smart, it jumped out so quickly!”

“It’s better than your dog nose of Li Old Brother, knowing that Yang Fan is so capable, he didn’t even announce it in advance. Old man used to treat you as a brother!”

Ji Sicheng, the old handsome guy in a gray tunic suit who just entered the battlefield, did not give Li Miaocai any good looks, but when looking towards Yang Fan, the smile on his face was like a flower.

“Yang Fan little brother, this is some rule demon cores collected by the old man in earlier years, and Xu is able to help you to advance to the emperor realm!”

With that said, Ji Sicheng directly reached out the 3 regular demon cores in his hand, and looked at Yang Fan with full of awe.

Yang Fan did not directly pick up the rules of the demon core, but carefully looked up Ji Sicheng, to ask a question, when already knows the answer and said: “I don’t know if this Senior is?”

“Oh, it’s the old man’s fault.” Ji Sicheng chuckled a little, self-introduction said: “old man Ji Sicheng, an old antique of Jinghua Ji’s lineage, turn up without being invited, blatantly disturb, and hope Yang Fan No wonder.”

“It turns out that Ji Old Senior is in front of me, Junior is courteous!”

Yang Fan arched his hand with Ji Sicheng paid respect, looking at the rule demon core that Ji Sicheng had not yet recovered, some were not very embarrassed and said: “as the saying goes unrewarded, Senior gave the Junior such a precious gift as soon as he met. I’m afraid Junior can’t stand it!”

“Can withstand it!”

Ji Sicheng looked at Yang Fan in earnest, and said, “You are a medical master Grandmaster, you can also see that the old man is now seriously ill, and the little friends treat these three demon cores as old man. how is it?”

Yang Fan smiled, and reached out to put the 3 enchanting rules demon core into his arms.

“So, Junior is welcome, and Senior is aware that this kind of rule demon core is something that is not urgently needed in the future! Many thanks Senior!”

Compared to ordinary heavenly materials earthly treasures, Yang Fan still needs this kind of rule demon core that can directly assist martial artists to understand the power of Avenue Rules.

It is a pity that this kind of thing is a consumable item, and only certain types of Demonic beast can be cultivated, and the number is extremely rare. Whether it is Human Race or Monster Race powerhouse, when it reaches breakthrough, Emperor Rank or even Sovereign level, There are certain needs.

Therefore, don’t look at Yang Fan looting the private treasure trove of Monster Race 2 Great Holy Land one after another, and it has been very rewarding, but the collected rules demon core is still less than the number of hands.

Although the three rule demon cores sent by Ji Sicheng coincided with the several attributes that Yang Fan had obtained before, Yang Fan was not dismissed at all. Who made him have too many disciplines and consumed a lot.

Especially after Ling Tian became Inner Disciple, the granting and transferring features of Rule Power made Yang Fan’s demand for all kinds of Rule Power increase greatly.

next to.

Seeing that Yang Fan was such a rare rule demon core, Li Miao couldn’t help but gently suck 2 mouths.

Rules such as the demon core can be encountered but not sought. Before, he also had a few collections, but later for the several generations of the family’s breakthrough Emperor Rank realm, all of them were consumed cleanly.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t mind taking it out and giving it to Yang Fan.

“If Senior Ji is convenient, how can Junior heal you now?”

Yang Fan looked at Ji Sicheng and asked softly: “Although Junior’s current strength cannot completely eradicate the trauma of Senior within the body, but to clean up the old wounds within the body for Senior, add that Life Source still hasn’t questionable.”

“Of course, the old man is desperate!”

Ji Sicheng was refreshedly nodded, which is why he suddenly jumped out of the closed chamber.

If you didn’t see Yang Fan treating Li Miaocai as an old product, a few minutes of kung fu would extend Li Miaocai’s life essence for almost 3 years. Where would he have the leisure time to come close to a junior?

3 years of life essence, for his old guy who can only live for one year and 2 months, this is definitely a life-saving straw. Is there any wood?

“In this way, please relax in Senior and remove your defense, especially spirit willpower, so that Junior can better apply surgical treatment!”

Yang Fan took the opportunity to make a request, and a half emperor took the initiative to come to the door. If he did not turn him into his own person, he would feel very sorry.

Ji Sicheng hearing this, hesitated a little, but glanced at Li Miaocai next to him, and quickly made a decision, directly withdrawing all the defensive power outside of the body.

Yang Fan was satisfied with the nodded. Without saying a word, he directly passed a high-level treatment.

“You used advanced healing techniques for Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Ji Sicheng, the treatment was successful, Li Miaocai’s injury was slightly recovered, life force was greatly supplemented, Spiritual Power +5, spirit willpower +5, skill proficiency +10.”

With just one click, the effect is remarkable.

Ji Sicheng’s Life Source is like a long drought and a nectar, which is quickly nourished and nourished. Ji Si can also comfortably disable to bear light snorted.

Compared with Li Miaocai, Ji Sicheng’s Life Source is more exhausted and dry, so he is more sensitive to Yang Fan’s advanced treatment, and the changes between before and after are also more significant.

The gray hair turned gray, wrinkles decreased, and breathing was strong. Spirit, Soul and Qi were judged to be 2 people when they first came.

“You showed charm skills to Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Ji Sicheng, and the charm failed, Ji Sicheng was aware of it, not thinking, Spiritual Power +2, spirit willpower +2, skill proficiency +4.”


“You have displayed charm skills to Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Ji Sicheng, 30% 6 Ignore the defense probability, and the charm is successful. Ji Sicheng’s favorability with you is greatly improved…”

While performing advanced treatments for Ji Sicheng, Yang Fan also successfully turned this unprepared half emperor into his own, and his sense of security has once again risen to a higher level.


After Yang Fan performed about ten times of advanced treatments, Ji Sicheng’s old injuries within the body recovered, life force was greatly supplemented, and the treatment effect of advanced treatments began to be greatly reduced.

Yang Fan stopped the treatment of Ji Sicheng and said softly: “Come here, the remaining injuries are beyond the ability of Junior now. After Junior breakthrough reaches the Emperor Rank, come and get rid of Senior again!”

“You have a little friend!”

“Xiaoyou’s medical skills are really amazing, old man looks forward to the day when Xiaoyou breaks through and becomes an emperor!”

Ji Sicheng stretched his arms a little and moved his body a bit, feeling unprecedentedly relaxed and feeling happy, and thanked Yang Fan for 3 more times.

He was injured for more than 60 years. Today is the first time he has seen the road injury within the body hope to be cured completely.

“By Senior Good Words!”

Yang Fan smiled, and was confident about breakthrough to Emperor Realm.

“That, Yang Fan little friend,” Li Miaocai called Yang Fan lightly at this moment, secretly sound transmission said: “The old man has a friend who is also deeply disturbed by the road injury, life essence will be exhausted, can’t do it, I don’t know the little one Can the friend go along with the old man for diagnosis and treatment?”

Yang Fan hearing this, could not help the corner of the mouth.

Sure enough, the half emperor hidden in the city of Jinghua is far more than the two he sees now!

The heritage of Jinghua City finally showed him the tip of the iceberg!

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