I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1244

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“Old Li Tou, you are a bit out of order!”

Ji Sicheng expression changed, it seems that Li Miaocai intercepted the content of Yang Fan’s sound transmission, and stopped talking.

While speaking, Ji Sicheng deliberately glanced at the little female crocodile next to him. Without saying a word, he added a layer of spiritual prohibition around the periphery of the 2 people, completely shielding the crocodile from being beautiful, and being cautious. .

Had a feeling in the heart, Yang Fan’s brows slightly raise, and gave Ji Sicheng an unexpected look.

This Old Master can even listen to Li Miaocai’s spiritual sound transmission. It seems that the cultivation base’s strength still needs to be above Li Miaocai. At least Spiritual Power cultivation base is far stronger than Li Miaocai.

You can’t judge a person by appearance.

It seems that these Human Race half emperors hidden in the dark staggering for some years, are not someone who is easy to deal with ah.

Well, at least it is much stronger than his little crocodile pet.

Yang Fan is a bit disgusted to light curl one’s lip. Just look, a half emperor can shield this little crocodile out. It is really wasteful.

“The rules are dead, people are alive! Even your old bastard can come out to take advantage of it, why can’t other people?”

Li Miaocai looked at Si Sicheng contemptuously and replied.

“You are to ask a question, when already knows the answer, can this be the same?” Ji Sicheng was speechless: “You and I are the guards appointed by the Sword Emperor, who are responsible for protecting the life and death of Jinghua City. “

“Half the emperor of Monster Race has just invaded the warning range of the city of Jinghua, and then the old man was awakened from the retreat, otherwise you think the old man is willing to come out?”

“This is the responsibility of the old man, and it is within the rules! As for the others, it is not the best time for them to come out of the mountain. Without the instructions of the Sword Emperor, you would wake them up like this, and 10000 was exposed. Can you afford this responsibility!”

“Responsibility?” The expression on Li Miaocai’s face was unchanged, and a dead pig was not afraid of boiling water: “What can I afford, can you bear the death of Lord Sword Emperor now?”

“Everyone is about to die now, what rules do you tell me? Lao Tzu would rather they rush to Monster Race Saint to go to Self-destruction wave before dying, rather than watching them so obscurely Exhausted life essence and died silently!”

“Before there was no way, I had to stagger and hide, I had to self-proclaim the cultivation base consciousness on the at the death’s door.”

“But now, the Sovereign appointment does not exist, and there is a half-empire doctor who can continue to heal in Human Race, and there is hope that he can continue to live. Why can’t he continue to cover up like this?”

“Old man believes that even if Lord Sword Emperor did not retreat, seeing this situation will surely make Yang Fan Xiaoyou save the person first and then talk!”

The argument of 2 people did not deliberately avoid Yang Fan, otherwise with their 2 and half Sovereign level cultivation realm, it is not too simple to shield Yang Fan’s spiritual consciousness.

But now, they are just in front of Yang Fan. You say one by one, and gradually reveal the confidential information hidden in their hearts for decades.

“These two old goods, this is to drag me into the water!”

Yang Fan is not stupid, and naturally sees the thoughts of Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng.

These 2 Old Guys seem to be very difficult to deal with, and it seems that they really disagree, but if you listen carefully, it’s not difficult to hear, even Ji Sicheng, who is opposed, is deliberately leaking information and wants to further Yang Fan also pulled into their secret organization.

Otherwise, regarding the confidentiality of these two people, it is estimated that I haven’t known that it was shot a few hundred times by Master Jianhuang.

“However, this is just to my liking. The coach is now not much to fish out a few and a half Sovereign level himself!”

Yang Fan stood next to Han Hou smiled silently, silently watching the performance of Ji Sicheng and Li Miaocai.

He doesn’t know how many half emperors are hidden in Jinghua City, but since it is the arrangement of Lord Sword Emperor, he must not be stingy, but I don’t know if it will be as spectacular as the black and white bear ancestor.

“Be that as it may, but this is after all the rule stipulated by Lord Sword Emperor and the top secret of the federal government, and it must not be leaked!”

Ji Sicheng deliberately glanced at Yang Fan and continued to say to Li Miaocai: “10000 Master Sword Emperor’s startling plan was exposed. The news from the Monster Race spies was sure to break the major event!”

“Impossible!” Li Miaocai shook his head decisively, and came out to the platform of Yang Fan: “Yang Fan is a loyal person, who is worthy of goodness, and there is no possibility of selling Human Race to Master Jiang Jian!”

After that, Li Miaocai also turned his attention to Yang Fan.

Yang Fan knows that at this time he should stand up and express his position, otherwise the following scenes should not be sung.

A bad one, these two black-hearted guys may block his fine Divine Consciousness Sea and cut off his memory.

Although the extremely friendly affection can ensure that these people will not actually harm him and give him Evil Thought, but they cannot change their handling principles and basic beliefs.

Otherwise, in the Black Wind Valley, Yang Fan would not have to risk killing the bear immortal son and the old white bear.

“The two Seniors have a straight line to say that although Junior is not talented, he is also a Human Race king who can to support both heaven and earth, and he will not rely on Monster Race even if he dies.”

Yang Fan expressed his voice, and at the same time did not forget to advertise his achievements.

“Two Seniors may not know it. Since Junior’s debut, the Human Race powerhouse that I have healed will not mention the Emperor Rank. The Half Emperor alone has no less than 2, like the two semi-empires like Senior powerhouse, there are already as many as 20!”

“If this doesn’t tell you anything, then this City Protecting Great Formation where the two Seniors are now, as well as the moat formation outside the Federal Center City, are all written by Junior and died in this moat formation. There are currently as many as half emperor demon, and half of them are Demon Emperor Realm and Peak Monster Emperor are countless.”

“Also, in the Monster Race’s hunting list, Junior’s name second only to Human Race. After 3 Sovereign adults, almost every Monster Race wants to kill first and then quickly.”

“This kind of identity, even if Junior wants to surrender to Monster Race, it is also given away in 1000, no doubt he seeks the dead end!”

Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng looked at each other, and there was some surprise in their eyes.

“Yang Fan is so famous on the Monster Race’s hunting list?”

Ji Sicheng said with a surprise: “It turned out to be Number One Person under the Sovereign level. When did the standard of the Monster Race’s hunting list become so low?”

“Yeah, old man remember that under the last Sovereign level, the Number One Person was the old guy from Ye Wentian.”

Li Miaocai was also curious to ask: “Why in the eyes of Monster Race’s Five Great Holy Lands, Yang Fan’s threat has exceeded Ye Wentian’s failure?”

Is it a bit too exaggerated?

Yang Fan is just the cultivation base of King Rank Peak. Even if the medicine is a little better, the Formation skill is a little stronger, but to say that his hunting value and threat to Monster Race have exceeded Ye Wentian, even It’s a bit unreasonable to be able to put down all the three half emperors of Human Race on the surface.

Ji Sicheng and Li Miaocai were curious and puzzled. At the same time, they released Divine Consciousness and started to go to their clansman to inquire about Yang Fan.


The two half emperors have been in retreat for too long, and the news in their minds has fallen too far behind.

It has been almost two months since the number one person of Yang Fan on the Sovereign level of the Monster Race is on the list. The two of them haven’t even known it until now.

Yang Fan glanced at Li Miaocai silently.

It’s that’s all to say that Ji Sicheng doesn’t know anything about his news. After all, people have just left the gate, the news is blocked, and their thoughts are disconnected and understandable.

But Li Miaocai, after returning from Yang Fan to Jinghua City, it is said that it has been 3 days small. It has been so long for Yang Fan to protect the road. Why is he also a disbelieving ghost?

Even if Li Liangcai or Zhuge Xincheng didn’t tell him much, wouldn’t he himself not investigate and understand something?

“These all are trivial and can’t be faked, the 2 Seniors will know at a glance.”

Yang Fan lightly shrugged and looked up to see Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng said: “Now two Seniors can tell me, how many of our semi-empire Seniors are hidden in the dark in Jinghua?”

at this time.

Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng successively withdrew the divine sense, and then looked towards Yang Fan’s gaze even more a little bit of appreciation and even admiration.

Hearing Yang Fan’s question, Ji Sicheng gently shook his head and said, “The exact number we will reveal to you is impossible. This has nothing to do with trust, but even we ourselves don’t know how many half emperors have been staggered Not out.”

“We know that there are only very few friends. If the kids don’t mind, we will take you one after another to visit later!”

With that, Ji Sicheng turned to look at Li Miaocai and sighed, saying:

“Old Ghost Li said just now, everyone is about to be exhausted, what rules are there? The old man only hopes that they will survive first, and then they will pass the level before them.”

“It should have been this way!” Li Miaocai also sighed softly: “How many Old Partners have died silently in recent years due to exhaustion of life essence? The old man is really reluctant to see similar things happen again!”

Yang Fan silent.

From Li Miaocai’s words, it is not difficult to judge that before, there should have been some stupid half emperors because of the consumption of road injuries and the life essence passed away silently.

Like Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi before.

If it wasn’t for Yang Fan’s accident, the two of them would only survive for a few months.

“Before?” Ji Sicheng glanced at Li Miaocai lightly, said solemnly: “In the past, there was no super doctor like Yang Fan who could be cured by the half emperor.”

Li Miaocai figure stopped, decadently nodded.

Ji Sicheng is right.

In the past, there was no such super-healer as Yang Fan who could extend the life of the half emperor, and the Sovereign covenant is still there. Those half emperor companions whose life essence will be exhausted can do nothing but wait in death.

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