I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1245

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Yang Fan narrowed his eyes and looked at the two Human Race emperors in front of him.

He now seriously doubts that these 2 people are not telling the truth. Since they are Lord Jiang-In-Charge left in Jinghua City, they must be deeply trusted by Lord Jian-huang. How could they not know the other members of the startling plan? List and location?

The reason why they do not want to tell Yang Fan everything is mostly due to confidentiality.

Yang Fan lightly shook the head, not thinking about it, even if he didn’t want to say it, it was a burden to know too much.

Since these 2 people want to ask him to heal the other Human Race half emperors, most likely because these half emperors have really reached the point where they are exhausted, Yang Fan doesn’t mind saving them all.

These half emperors are the invincible heritage of Human Race who later turned into a victory in the battle with Monster Race, and any one of them has fallen, which is a great loss to Human Race and the Federation.

As a member of the Federation, even if it does not charge any medical fees, Yang Fan is willing to help these human race Supreme to regain their vitality.

“Jinghua City needs more guardianship of the Half-Emperor Powerhouse. After all, my parents still have little sisters, and there are 1000 recipes all living in Jinghua City. There is absolutely no room for loss here!”

Yang Fan was determined in his heart. He was somewhat sullen because of the 36 semi-empire monsters hidden in the Black Wind Valley.

Human Race is not without foundation, and the three Sovereign adults are not without a little preparation.

This is still the case in a city of Jinghua, and there will certainly be similar arrangements for the 36 federal domains.

“Yang Fan Xiaoyou, please!”

Li Miaocai made a gesture to Yang Fan, and then opened the spatial door with one hand. After Yang Fan stepped into it, he and Ji Sicheng stepped into it.

As for the beauty of the crocodile still lying on the ground, at the moment the spatial door was about to close, Yang Fan gave back the space for the beast.

Even if Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng have become their own people, Yang Fan still feels the most at ease to bring this little female crocodile around.

After all, among these half emperors, only this little female crocodile is 100% completely under his control. It can also be used desperately when it is critical. It is also first-class if it is not used for running.

Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng seem to be aware, but they are slightly smiled and do not care.

This Little Brat is really very cautious.

However, Yang Fan obviously looked at his semi-empire beast a little bit high.

Although this half emperor crocodile also has a half emperor cultivation base, but the cultivation base is superficial, it is obvious that it has only just been promoted to the half emperor, and the road injury within the body has not even been fully stabilized. For their 2 old half emperors , And does not constitute a great threat.

Therefore, 2 people really did not see it, and he went.

After all, they have never meant anything to hurt and persecute Yang Fan. For such a little Darling, they are too late to protect.

“This is actually very good.” Li Miaocai whispered to Ji Sicheng’s sound transmission: “Drive carefully for 10000 years, have a sense of crisis, and always act cautiously to live long.

“Yeah.” Ji Sicheng also sighed softly: “The old man was still a little worried that Yang Fan had such an achievement at a young age. He would be young and arrogant, swelled and proud, like the young genius before. , Now it seems that my worries seem to be more than enough!”

It’s really rare to be so cautious and so careless about guarding the youngster who always protects himself.

Li Miaocai gently nodded.

However, when I think of Yang Fan’s proud ranking on the Monster Race hunt leaderboard, and then look at Yang Fan’s cautious life-saving method, it seems that it is not so awkward.

Under the Sovereign level, Number One Person, you don’t need to inquire about them, you can think of how rich the Monster Race rewards will be after killing Yang Fan.

Now, not only in the demon domain, even in the Human Race, it is estimated that there are many Human Race scums quietly staring at the little head of Yang Fan. If you are not careful enough, Yang Fan’s life is probably already long ago. Was taken away.

A King Rank martial artist can occupy the position of Number One Person under the Sovereign level on the Hunting Ranking of Monster Race, and it also lasted for 2 months. This is definitely not what the average person can do.

“You were invaded by Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Li Miaocai’s Space Rule. You experienced a short-distance Space Transmission. You felt touched, and your understanding of Space Rule was further deepened. Storage space +50, teleport distance +3000. Space Rule +1.”

“You were harassed by Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Li Miaocai’s Space Rule, and experienced a short distance of Space Transmission personally, and your heart touched…”

An immediate system hint suddenly sounded in Yang Fan’s ear, and the understanding of Space Rule became more and more handy.

It is a pity that such a short-distance transmission only takes about one to two seconds, and he only realizes that he has captured the power of 2 Space Rule and he has gone to the place.

This is a secret room with no wind on 4 sides, and only a few weak mutant fluorescent stones provide a touch of fluorescence.

In which direction, Yang Fan can’t tell, because the surroundings of the secret room are all shielded by Martial Dao’s will, and Yang Fan’s Spiritual Power simply cannot be found outside.

I only know that the spirit strength of this place is rich, at least ten times stronger than the outside!

This reminded Yang Fan of the underground spirit vein that he had seen on Shenglin Island for the healing and rejuvenation of Ye Wentian. This might also be a spirit vein Converging Ground.

The secret room is not large, only more than ten square meters, and the stone bench has all kinds of stone beds.

Yang Fan’s gaze swept, and soon saw a female half emperor on the stone bed, closing her eyes and crossing her knees, even if three outsiders suddenly appeared in the secret room, she did not see her. Sober.

“Li Miaocai’s previous description is not exaggerated at all. The female Senior in front of him is really only the last breath left.”

Yang Fan corner of mouth twitching, sighed softly in the bottom of my heart.

When the vitality is cut off, Divine Soul will be extinguished. If it is not the last breath, and the blood and knowledge of the body are forcibly closed, there is no more energy loss, which is clearly a dead person. what.

Such a situation is much more miserable than those half-empire demon retreating in the black and white bear ancestral land.

Although the 36 Half-Emperors are also struggling on whilst at death’s door, although they have closed more than half of their physical functions, their Life Source has not yet reached the point of being dried up.

“Yang Fan Xiaoyou, do you think it will be saved?”

Li Miaocai looked at Yang Fan extremely nervously and asked in earnest.

“This Chen Family sister is Li’s old man’s original wife.” Ji Sicheng introduced to Yang Fan sound transmission softly at this time, and said: “If Yang Fan can save, please ask Xiaoyou to take action.”

Yang Fan was shocked.

No wonder Li Miao would be so nervous, and the first one brought Yang Fan here for a long time, it turned out to be to save his daughter-in-law.

“Old Li is at ease.” Yang Fan comforted to Li Miaocai quietly: “If you are not polite, as long as the person is not dead, then there is no reason that Yang Fan can’t save someone.”

“Although this Senior looks alive, Divine Soul’s knowledge of the sea has shrunk and deteriorated, but after all, there is still a breath. In front of Junior, it is a bit difficult to die!”

Yang Fan’s voice fell, and a system hint directly sounded in his ear:

“You uttered the Great Cow, successfully obtained the deep trust of Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Li Miaocai, the social ability was greatly improved, the flexibility of the slogan was greatly enhanced, and the tongue was like a spring +120.”

“You played the Great Cow and successfully gained the deep trust of Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Ji Sicheng…”

“You played the Great Cow and succeeded in gaining the slight trust of Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Chen Xiaoyu…”

Yang Fan raised his eyebrows, didn’t expect that the dying half emperor was not that absolutely does not have perception of the outside world, and even offered him dozens of clever tongue like spring EXP.

Without Li Miao’s urging, Yang Fan began to raise his hand to apply a high-level healing technique to Chen Xiaoyu.

In an instant.

Chen Xiaoyu’s stiff body shook slightly, within the body Life Source, which had already dried up and bottomed out, had been drought for a long time, and was instantly moisturized by this continuous Life Strength.


One mouthful of impure air squeezed on the chest for a long time, Chen Xiaoyu’s deflated and yellow face also became rosy and full.


As soon as Chen Xiaoyu’s mind was relaxed, immediately unlocked the ban on his meridians and seas of knowledge, and worked independently to communicate, so that his organs that had been quiet for too long were gradually awakened and activated.

“It’s done, Xiaoyu’s vitality is up, and she is alive again!”

Li Miaocai stood by and watched the changes in Chen Xiaoyu’s body, clenching his fists in excitement, his heart shivered.

Although he has already experienced the magic of Yang Fan’s healing technique for himself, he also believes that Yang Fan is very likely to really save a dying half emperor.

But when he saw with his own eyes that under the treatment of Yang Fan, 90% of his wife had already stepped into the coffin and recovered his vitality and vitality step by step, Li Miaocai was still a little excited.

“Great Cow! This is no different from a real rebirth!”

Ji Sicheng also sighed softly beside him. Even the last half breath of the semi-empire powerhouse can be revived to prolong life. Yang Fan’s treatment has indeed been Great Cow to even 3 Sovereign adults. .

After all, before the three Sovereign adults could not close their doors, faced with such vitality, Divine Soul would go out, leaving only the last bit of unwilling anger to hang the last half of the lifeless half emperor. A little way.

Ji Sicheng looked at Yang Fan with a somewhat complicated look, and whispered softly to himself:

“No wonder this kid can be ranked No. 1 under Sovereign level on the Monster Race’s hunting list.”

“If there is such a monster in Monster Race that can easily heal the dying half emperor, the martial artist of Human Race has each one, even if it is desperate, it must be killed!”

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