I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1246

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Yang Fan didn’t know what Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng appeared in the heart. While supplementing within the body life force for Chen Xiaoyu’s healing of the body, he also didn’t drop the charm skills.

“You showed charm skills to Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Chen Xiaoyu. The charm failed. Chen Xiaoyu felt aware of it and didn’t care. Spiritual Power +2, Spirit willpower +2, and skill proficiency +4.”


“You have displayed charm skills to Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Chen Xiaoyu, 30% 6 Ignore the defense probability and trigger successfully, the charm is successful, Chen Xiaoyu has greatly improved your favor…”

It is much easier to charm a half emperor who has seriously injured himself, than Yang Fan imagined. Only 3 2 times, Yang Fan succeeded in turning Chen Xiaoyu who was not fully awake into himself.


The treatment effect of the advanced treatment began to decay, and Yang Fan directly stopped continuing the treatment, taking a polite step back, waiting for Chen Xiaoyu to wake up from the set.

After thanking Yang Fan again, Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng both stared at Chen Xiaoyu.

After life force received a lot of supplements and nourishment, Chen Xiaoyu’s whole body became white and tender, and the treatment effect could be seen without asking them.

Not only came alive, but also lived with considerable quality, even the cultivation base breath has been restored to a certain extent!

It can’t be too much to call a Gods Vestige such a method and speed that it can save a half-dynasty who has consumed only one breath in such a short time!

“Ha! didn’t expect my Chen Xiaoyu to be alive again!”

Ten minutes later, Chen Xiaoyu finally woke up from entering the conditioning, and immediately opened his eyes immediately, unable to bear a loud laugh.

Resurrected from death and restored face, will there be more wonderful things in this world than this?

Jumping off the stone bed, Chen Xiaoyu first glanced at Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng, and finally set his sights on Yang Fan.

A glance of joy, 2 eyes of love, 3 eyes became kind and eye-catching, as if they saw their biological grandson, the favorability soared directly to MAX.

“This is the little gentleman who brought the old man back from the Hall of Kings. The old man is very polite here, many thanks to the little man’s life-saving grace!”

Chen Xiaoyu walked lightly to Yang Fan, Zheng Se bowed and thanked Yang Fan.

life-saving grace is greater than days.

Yang Fan had just rescued her from the borderline of death news in time, otherwise, Chen Xiaoyu’s breath held in her chest could not last for long.

In the end, even if he was unwilling and unwilling to give up nostalgia in his heart, he would still follow the footsteps of his companions.

So, to be able to live again, Chen Xiaoyu’s gratitude to Yang Fan is already well within five.

“Older Generation Chen is polite, just call me Yang Fan.” Yang Fan gently bowed his hand to return the salute, lightly said: “Junior is a doctor, and the rescue is what Junior should do!”

“It turns out to be Yang Fan!”

Chen Xiaoyu officially and Yang Fan cupped the hands again, watching Yang Fan’s eyes surprised:

“The old man retreats in a hidden world. I don’t know when I was in the world. When did our Human Race Federation actually show a young doctor like you, it’s really the younger generations will surpass us in time!”

The supplement of her current injuries and life force is enough to prove the professional ability and level of Yang Fan.

This is undoubtedly the half emperor physician.

However, Yang Fan’s bone age is less than 20 years old, and the cultivation base breath only stays in the realm of Peak Martial King and Peak Psionic Master.

Therefore, Chen Xiaoyu will become more and more curious and amazed, and even have the illusion that he has been closed for hundreds of years. Otherwise, now that the Human Race is young and young, how could such a great cow be so powerful?

“You think too much. The fifteenth spirit strength tide has just erupted in less than 5 months, and you are less than half a year away from the last time you were awake.”

Seeing through Chen Xiaoyu’s thoughts, Li Miaocai stepped forward and gently hugged Chen Xiaoyu’s shoulder, explaining to her the doubts in her voice.

“It’s not that the current Human Race little young people have become so powerful, but only this little young man in front of us is so powerful. The little brat of Yang Fan, the whole is a devil…”

“You don’t know, in the past few months, Yang Fan and Little Brat have done something…”

The following remarks are mentioned in Li Miaocai’s sound transmission. He relayed all the news about Yang Fan that he had just obtained from the mouth of the younger generation to Chen Xiaoyu. After Chen Xiaoyu heard that, the expressions towards Yang Fan’s expressions all changed.

It quickly rose within a year, and it broke through such a big name in the entire 36 domains of the Federation, and even boarded the Monster Race hunting list, becoming the Number One Person under the Sovereign level on the list.

This doesn’t count. Recently, in the past few days, he even killed a half-empire demon himself and subdued a half-empire beast.

The new type of moat he has arranged has killed 6 and a half emperors, more than 50 and a half Demon Emperor Realm, and counted 10000 demon holy mountains and Black Wind Valley elite Demonic beast!

All of this sounds like a fantasy story, unbelievable.

“Huh, it’s not right!” Chen Xiaoyu suddenly face changed, unable to bear looked up at Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng: “It’s only about half a year, we should all still be in a stuttering period, how are you…”

These 2 old goods would not have violated the orders of Lord Sword Emperor in order to save her, and exposed their identities in advance?

Chen Xiaoyu couldn’t help but have some key points. Lord Jianhuang was notoriously killing firmness. They violated the order like this and even brought an outsider to Secret Realm. It had broken the rules and leaked the plan of surprise.

If this was discovered by Lord Sword Emperor, one bad thing would be a sword coming.

“Did I just say it?”

Li Miaocai gave Chen Xiaoyu a don’t be impatient look, saying:

“The three Sovereign adults of Human Race, and the five Monster Sovereign of Monster Race, after the fifteenth outbreak of aura and tide, they could not retreat collectively. There is no news.”

“Now, the situation is chaotic, Sovereign’s appointments do not exist, and some of the previous rules are not very applicable.”

“Furthermore, we just picked out a few companions who are as close to life essence as you are. Please ask Yang Fan to renew their lives. Even Sword Emperor Understood will certainly not blame!”

Chen Xiaoyu hearing this, lightly relaxed, so okay, she didn’t want to be cut off by the sword emperor as soon as she woke up. She is even more reluctant to involve Li Miaocai for being punished because of herself.

“Relax.” Ji Sicheng said: “Yang Fan is now the baby of the entire Human Race Federation. He has the ability to say nothing, and his character is also very strong. So far he has died in his hands. Monster Race has no 2 10000 and 10000 9 There is no possibility that he will betray the Human Race Federation. It is totally trustworthy.”

“Now, all three Sovereign adults are not present, otherwise it is not impossible for the three Sovereign adults to want him as a Direct Disciple.”

Chen Xiaoyu silently nodded again.

Ji Sicheng is right, not to mention Yang Fan’s ability to tame and arrange animals, but it is his ability to heal the injury of the half-level Sovereign artist and to extend his life for half-life, which is enough to cause 3 Sovereign adults. Value.

After all, this is Human Race Federation first. It may also be the only half emperor doctor, and it is young and has great plasticity and a little training. It may not be the Sovereign level doctor of Zhenger 8!

Yang Fan stood leisurely, watching the three half emperors frowning at each other, sound transmission to each other, not much to say, but to move their thoughts directly, took out a Sovereign level Grade 3 Soul Refining Jindan from the storage space, instantly All three people’s eyes were attracted.

Li Miaocai is better. After all, this is not the first time. There are still three identical Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan in his space equipment. It is not a surprise.

And Ji Sicheng, although it was not the first time I saw it, but I always remembered it, and I was thinking about how to ask for a few pieces from Yang Fan’s hand. Now, Yang Fan has taken the initiative to take Soul Refining Jindan Take it out, take care of the liver and get excited.

Among the 3 people, only Chen Xiaoyu saw this Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan for the first time, and was blinded by the yellow golden rays of light.

“This is Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan?!”

Chen Xiaoyu shouted aloud, but did not expect that Yang Fan even had Soul Refining Jindan at the Sovereign level!

Before Li Miaocai told him that Yang Fan is Emperor Rank Soul Trainer, he didn’t tell her that.

“Older Generation Chen has just been restored, and it is precisely this kind of Soul Refining Jindan that is needed to supplement Soul Power’s great opportunity to restore Spiritual Cultivation. Junior also has a Sovereign level Grade 1 Soul Refining Jindan, which may be helpful to Older Generation Chen. .”

Yang Fan reached out directly and handed the golden pill in the palm of his hand to Chen Xiaoyu.

“This is a free gift from Junior. If you still need Senior next time, you can hunt half the Sovereign level demon’s beast soul to Junior to refining or redeem here, to ensure that the child is not deceived!”

Yang Fan started taking the opportunity to promote his own pill concocting business.

The three guys in front of you are all half-over Sovereign level, each of them should have the ability to hunt half-devil monsters individually. If Yang Fan wants to get more half-empire beast souls in the future, follow these half-empire leaders It’s necessary to have good relationships in advance.

“Why is this so embarrassing, Mr. Xiao saved his old life, and now if the old body is like this, Mr. Xiao takes medicine pill, but it’s a bit unreasonable…”

Chen Xiaoyu said sorry in his mouth, but his hands had already handed Yang Fan to medicine pill in his hands at a speed that was too fast to cover his ears.

“That’s good, this medicine pill is a loan for the old man. Looking back, the old man must go and hunt a half-empire beast soul and return it to Mr. Xiao!”

In the eyes of Chen Xiaoyu, it is very cost-effective to exchange a Soul Refining Jindan with a Sovereign level Grade 1 soul.

Ji Sicheng watched with amusement as Chen Xiaoyu swallowed the golden medicine pill in Yang Fan’s hand. The Spirit, Soul and Qi breath and Soul Power fluctuated 4 times, and the spirit partner obviously improved a lot, old There is some pantothenic acid in man’s heart.

Li Miaocai and their old 2 have already got 4 Sovereign level Grade 1 Soul Refining Jindan from Yang Fan, but he Ji someone is also a wood.

Not only that, but he also lost 3 rule monster cores.

Ji Sicheng not at all feels unfair and has no grudges. After all, he is not the kind of young man who always gets red eyes.

He knew that it was Yang Fan who looked at Li Miaocai’s face and sent a Sovereign level refining soul to Chen Xiaoyu.

He just regretted why he didn’t go out to protect Yang Fan’s path earlier, didn’t come close to Yang Fan’s suit, and cultivate and cultivate feelings.

This is called a waterside pavilion gets the moonlight first. He is just one day later than Li Miaocai to contact Yang Fan. The gap in human relations before and after is also too big!

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