I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1247

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Paying attention to Ji Sicheng’s slightly grudged eyes, Yang Fan chuckled and said to him: “If Senior Ji is interested, you can also bring the semi-empire beast soul to Junior here for Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan.”

“Junior is a soul refiner. Under normal circumstances, as long as the raw materials are sufficient, no martial artist who comes to beggar will be rejected.”

With that said, Yang Fan started advertising himself.

“Take this Sovereign level Grade 1 Soul Refining Jindan, under normal circumstances, a half-empire beast soul, the Junior’s Dan rate is at least 3, and the rest will also have some ordinary Sovereign level Soul Refining Pills. , Or a secondary medicine pill like Half Emperor.

“Of course, Junior will collect a certain percentage of labor fees according to the law, in order to supplement the mental loss during refining and daily training needs. After all, even the soul refiner needs to live!”

Ji Sicheng did not say much, pill concocting charges, this is common sense, there is nothing to say.

What really surprised them was the incredible success rate Yang Fan just said.

A beast soul of a half emperor, Yang Fan can actually guarantee at least 3 Sovereign level Grade 1 Soul Refining Jindan, is it such a great cow?

That’s a half-sovereign level beast soul!

Although these Old Guys can’t retreat all the year round, they still know a lot about the pill concocting market of the Federation of Soul Refiners in the Federation in recent years.

Others don’t say that even the President of the Soul Refining Association will not dare to blow out such leather when refining the King Rank beast soul, which can guarantee at least 3 pieces of Soul Refining Jindan at the corresponding level.

Even, he dare not guarantee that every medicine pill can be refined successfully. Sometimes it can be successful 6 to 7 times in ten times, which is already a remarkable pill success rate.

But here is Yang Fan.

Even if it’s refining the semi-imperial beast soul, people will open at least 3 Sovereign level Grade 1 Soul Refining Jindan. Listening to that tone, looking at that look, it’s as easy as drinking cold water. Is there wood?

Is this in boasting, or does Yang Fan really have this ability?

Yang Fan saw the suspicion in the eyes of three people, but not at all explained more to them, true or false, they knew it later.

Half-Emperor Beast Souls are hard to come by. Yang Fan can’t bear to show them to show them. He also hopes to rely on these Half-Emperor Beast Souls to improve his Spiritual Power cultivation base.

“The matter of pill concocting can be said later, if the three Seniors have captured the spirit of the semi-empire beast, they can come to Junior at any time.”

Yang Fan said: “Now, Chen Lao’s injury has been temporarily suppressed, and there will be no more life worries. Junior wants to ask again, in Jinghua City, in addition to Chen Lao, is there any other semi-empire Senior need? heal?”

“Junior has no intention of exploring federal secrets, but Junior now has a rare time to stay in Jinghua City and, if possible, wants to heal as many of the semi-empire Seniors as possible.”

“Otherwise, in a few days, Junior is afraid that there will not be too much leisure time!”

Li Miaocai was stunned: “Why, Yang Fan, will you leave Jinghua?”

“Almost.” Yang Fan gently nodded: “At least there will be no way to come back for a long time.”

“The promotion of the new moat is already imminent. If nothing unexpected happens, the domain owners of all federal domains should already be requesting the promotion and expansion of the Federal Central City.”

“Soon, there will be instructions coming from the Federal Center City, and Junior may not be long in Jinghua.”

With the spread and promotion of the news of the victory between the Federal Center City and Monster Race 2 Great Holy Land, among the 36 federal domains, except for the Federal Central City and Jinghua City, the other 34 domains may not be idle.

No one is a fool, and no one would think their city is too safe.

Like this super moat that can be trapped by even half of Sovereign level monsters, no domain master will be uncommon.

Although it is unlikely that the last time Yang Fan was forced to go on a parade in various regions, how did the Federal Government request Yang Fan to refuse?

So far, the most core Six Roads of Samsara and virtual reality combination imaginary formation in the moat formation can only be formed by Yang Fan alone. If Yang Fan does not personally arrange it, the moat formation can only be prevented at most. It’s nothing more than a Demonic beast.

Therefore, if possible, Yang Fan himself wants to defend all large cities within the federal territory as soon as possible.

At least the defense system must be fully established before the final battle between the human and demon 2 clan really breaks out.

Otherwise, once the war rises, these large cities only rely on the psionic shield to passively defend, and it is easy to be exhausted by the opponent’s semi-empire demon to save the psionic reserve and breaking the formation.


Ji Sicheng and Li Miaocai looked at each other, and couldn’t help thinking of the semi-imperial iron-toothed crocodile who had been trapped and killed by Yang Fan with a moat in the city just over ten minutes ago.

A half emperor demon, only a few minutes by the large formation to grind no scum left, such a Great Cow’s moat formation, if the federal center government does not pay attention to not promote That’s the weird thing!

In this way, they really have to hurry up, otherwise Yang Fan will leave, and I don’t know if it’s a few months after seeing you next time. Some of them don’t know if they can persist for a few more months. What.

“If the old man remembers well, Luo Qing’s life essence is almost here?”

“Also Cao Jun, Zhao 3 yuan, it should be time is limited.”

Ji Sicheng and Li Miaocai exchanged sound transmission with each other, and soon confirmed the treatment quota of three half-empire powerhouses.

“What about other people?” Chen Xiaoyu interjected and asked, “Everyone’s situation is the same in recent years, so you can’t let them ignore it?”

“Other people will talk about it later,” Li Miaocai gently shook his head: “Except for Luo Qing, Cao Jun and Zhao 3 yuan, the remaining people have at least one to ten years of life essence, don’t worry!”

“Yang Fan this Little Brat looks very reliable, but the cultivation base is still lower after all, we have to guard against some things, or be careful.”

Monster Race is cunning, and many means of forcing confession have nothing to do with your own subjective consciousness. Even if Yang Fan is faithful and reliable, once 10000 falls into the hands of Monster Race, it may not be able to pick up the monster-like inquiries of Monster Race.

Therefore, the less information Yang Fan knows, the lower the exposure of Insects Wake plan may be, and they can be considered to prevent it.

Chen Xiaoyu is gently nodded, no more words.

But in her heart, she had already made a plan, find an opportunity must to hunt a few more semi-empire demon, use their beast soul to find Yang Fan to refine Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan.

With this Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan, even if Yang Fan’s treatment is temporarily unavailable, those companions can restore part of their spirit strength and Divine Soul’s origins at a critical time, thereby extending their lives.

“It just happens that Sovereign’s appointments don’t exist. I don’t have to wait for as long as I used to, and I don’t have to hesitate anymore when it comes time to shoot!”

The crisis in Chen Xiaoyu’s mind has just emerged, staggering for decades. Her big sword has already been sharply sharpened, and she just wants to take a few half emperors to sacrifice the knife and start again!

“Little friends, wait a moment, old man, go and bring them all!”

After the consensus of the three people was reached in secret, Ji Sicheng finally came forward and walked away. It took only a few seconds to move a female, two male and three human race semi-empire powerhouse to piggyback. In this secret room where Yang Fan is located.

Yang Fan regretfully glanced at Ji Sicheng’s Space Crack, he had originally thought of taking advantage of the opportunity to take advantage of a wave of Space Rule. Didn’t expect Ji Sicheng didn’t take him, so he concentrated everyone To one place.

“Have you brought in 3 more half emperors?”

Yang Fan’s eyes swept over the newly arrived three half-kings, and he was secretly amazed.

With the addition of Ji Sicheng, Li Miaocai and Chen Xiaoyu, the city of Jinghua has already exposed six and a half emperor powerhouses.

Although this number may not be all, it is far beyond Yang Fan’s expectations.

After all, even if it is the central city of the Federation, only half of the emperors on the surface are now.

“Sure enough, the Human Race Federation not at all looks so fragile to the outside world. Jinghua City, as the birthplace of the Federation Martial Dao, has a deep foundation.”

Yang Fan sighed softly, and then, without Ji Sicheng’s opening, he took the initiative to perform advanced treatments against the three false dead in front of him.

The situation of these three people is better than that of Chen Xiaoyu.

Chen Xiaoyu had only one breath left in the air, but they had 3 breaths and 2 breaths.

“You used advanced healing techniques for Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Cao Jun. The treatment was successful. Cao Jun’s injuries recovered slightly, life force was greatly supplemented, Spiritual Power +5, spirit willpower +5, and skill proficiency +10. “

“You used advanced therapy on Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Zhao 3 Yuan, the treatment was successful, Zhao 3 Yuan’s injury recovered slightly, and life force was greatly supplemented…”

“You used Advanced Healing on Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Luo Qing, the treatment was successful, Zhao 3 Yuan’s injury recovered slightly, and life force was greatly supplemented…”


There is still a Spirit Emperor?

Yang Fan whispered, and quite unexpectedly set his sights on Luo Qing, the female half emperor. Didn’t expect that Luo Qing was still an incomplete Spirit Emperor.

Rarely, after connecting five incomplete Martial Sovereigns, I finally encountered a mutilated Spirit Emperor who is good at Spirit Attack.

He just said, if the city of Jinghua is bigger, how could all be Wufu?

Without hesitation, Yang Fan directly began to play the charm skills from Luo Qing, impatiently wanting to turn all the three half emperors into their own.

“You showed charm skills to Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Luo Qing, and the charm failed. Luo Qing felt a little bit and didn’t care. Spiritual Power +2, Spirit willpower +2, and skill proficiency +4.”

“You showed charm skills to Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Cao Jun, the charm failed…”

“You have displayed charm skills to Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Zhao 3 yuan, 30% 6 Ignore the defense chance to trigger successfully, the charm is successful, Zhao 3 yuan has greatly improved your favor…”

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