I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1248

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Federal Center City.

The 36 domain owners, except for Jinghua City and the Northwest Guardian Palace, the remaining 2 domain owners all converged here.

Even if the current situation is chaotic, the road is difficult, and even several domain masters were cut off halfway through and were seriously injured, they did not stop their determination to rush to the federal center city.

Yao Puxin stood in the lobby of the City Lord’s Mansion and saw the 33 domain masters sitting neatly in their front of one’s eyes.

He could hardly remember the last time when so many domain masters sat so neatly in his City Lord’s mansion.

Even the last time, the identity of Yang Fan’s first Emperor Rank doctor was exposed. When they were guided by some interested people and many domain masters jointly asked Yang Fan to patrol each domain, these people did not look like this time before their eyes. Came to the Federal Center City.

Moreover, because of the identity of Yao Puxin, the central city of the federal city, there have been no reports on behalf of the federal heads of government to increase taxation or reprimand certain domains for demon resistance, corruption and bribery.

Therefore, Yao Puxin is secretly in the 36 domains, and has not been very much treated by the owners of these domains.

Even at the last Jinghua city gathering, Yao Puxin personally attended the meeting on behalf of the Federal Center City, and few domain owners took the initiative to greet him.

In this regard, Yao Puxin knows the truth and has long been accustomed to, even if he is not upset in his heart, he will not be exposed without the city.

The head of the Federation placed him in the position of City Lord in the central city. It was originally a supervising domain, acting as a microphone. To offend the person and so on was commonplace, and was hostile and dissatisfied by other domain masters in the 36 domains of the Federation. All are expected.

But now.

These guys all turned up without being invited to each and everyone, and after seeing Yao Puxin, the city lord of the federal center city, they were no longer the kind of ridiculous state of 2 ignoring or fearful avoidance. Attentive and eager.

“Ah, brother Puxin, I really don’t see 3 days in a day. Come here. This is a special product of my Qinghe Guardian Palace. It is not worth much. It is mainly a heart. Please accept it! “

“Yao City Lord, I heard that you have a grandson who hasn’t gotten a wife yet, just right, there is a granddaughter under the knee of the old man who hasn’t left the cabinet…”

“Leader, I’ll report to you that work is here, and my Punan Guardian Palace has a hard time…”

The 100 attitudes of life are staged in turns, and Yao Puxin has a feeling of being in a dream.

These domain masters can even be regarded as a party. When I usually see them, which one is not the nostril or the lord who looks at people with eyes, when was he so polite with him, this Yao?

“Didn’t expect, one day, my Yao Puxin has become the sweet and sour in the eyes of these domain masters. This is really the blessing of Yang Fan brother!”

Yao Puxin sat in the main position, looked down at the 33 domain masters, and sighed softly in his heart.

He is not a fool, naturally knowing the reason why these old foxes are so attentive now.

In fact, as early as the Federal Government decided to inform the various domains of the Federation about yesterday’s victory against Demon Saint Ridge and Black Wind Valley 2 Great Holy Land, Yao Puxin had already expected it.

It’s just that he never expected that these Old Guys would act so shamelessly in order to win the quota, so there is no lower limit.

This reminded him of the crazy performance of these domain masters 80 years ago, after the first psionic shield of the Federal Center City was built and put into use.

That scene, that pie, that kind of vigour that doesn’t have a blue face, just like today, simply is different!

“I thought that only a few domain masters in the vicinity would come to the Federal Center City first, and some other areas closer to Jinghua City would go directly to Jinghua City to ask Yang Fan for help.”

“Now it seems that these old foxes are not so skinless, knowing that the last Jinghua party offended Yang Fan, and now even sorry directly speaks to Yang Fan.”

With the ability of these domain masters, they could easily investigate who the big moat of the federal center city came from.

But now, they are close and far away, each and everyone ran to the Federal Center City in person, it can be seen that these old fox are all somewhat guilty.

Yao Puxin sucked 2 times, the same as last time the joint name of the various domains was sparse, this time, except Jinghua City and the Northwest Guardian Palace, the remaining 33 domains were all gathered.

But once, it was no longer a threat, and even pressure was not counted, and it was no longer simply a joint name, but the 33 domain masters all came to the scene.

The previous arrogant, non-violent, non-cooperative arrogant posture was gone, and each and everyone came with their old faces shyly to ask for benefits.

“It’s only been 2 months, Yang Fan has changed from the soft persimmon that everyone wants to bully, and it has become a hard bone that the major domain owners dare not easily offend!”

“It’s really a volatile situation, so overwhelming!

“Do not bully extremely the youngster” popped up in Yao Puxin’s mind. If these domain owners were taking advantage of one’s position to bully people, why are they all rushing to the Federal Center City so quietly?

They are clearly worried that Yang Fan will be resentful of the previous things. If they directly ask for Yang Fan, they will be deliberately made difficult by Yang Fan. They are even more worried that Yang Fan will secretly do something when they are arranging for the city of their respective domains. Ken making an all-out effort.

These old foxes clearly use the federal central government as the intermediary and guarantor between them and Yang Fan, and want to find a peace of mind.

“It’s really the gentleman’s heart that cares for the gentleman’s abdomen, Yang Fan brother is so open-minded, how can the little belly chicken intestines be concerned with your old ghosts, not to mention doing something on the moat!”

“It’s all a bunch of black-hearted old goods. I always like to think of people as evil, can’t I have a little sunshine in my heart?”

Yao Puxin stood upright, and after disgusting the gang of old goods in front of him, he smiled on the face and said quietly:

“This Yao has known the origins of the domain masters, and the Federal Government itself also has the intention to extend this large array of moats.”

All 33 domain masters were refreshed, knowing that the topic was coming, each and everyone got their spirits and looked up to Yao Puxin.

“Yao City Lord, my Punan Guardian Palace is bitter. I have encountered three large-scale attacks in the Demon Realm three times in a row. There are countless injuries. I urgently need this large attack and defense moat to protect the whole circle…”

“Pu Xin, you also know the situation of the Qinghe Guardian Palace. The psionic shield is not the highest, and the amount of defensive power is worrying…”

“I don’t care, I must be the first to build a large moat for Guardian Palace, otherwise the old man will be desperate in this City Lord’s palace…”

In an instant, the pan was directly fried in the hall.

The domain masters of the 33 domains each displayed Magical Powers, there are those who play hardship cards, those who have a close relationship, and there are even some old goods that even use the old tricks that are associated with life.

Yao Puxin felt a headache for a while, which is why he was not willing to receive these Old Guys.

For the sake of a little interest, these old foxes can upset the sky, a little uneven distribution, not to mention the head hit the wall, and the curse on the spot directly cut the wrist.


“Who would say one more nonsense, and directly rank Jianzhen’s quota to the last one!”


As soon as Yao Puxin’s words fell, the discussion in the hall was forcibly suspended and completely silenced.

Yao Puxin’s lips are all 1000 years old fox, who doesn’t know who, really being an old man, do you have no means to subdue you?

“There are 2 versions of the moat.”

Seeing that everyone was quiet, Yao Puxin continued to speak quietly:

“One is a simplified version, built with Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array as the main body, which can protect and trap up to half the Demon Emperor Realm at this level.”

“Another complete volume is based on the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array. It is built with the help of Six Roads of Samsara as the main body. It can protect and invade the demon at this level.”

“For each domain of the Federation, which version of the array needs to be built, you can decide according to your financial resources and territory, and the Federal Government does not impose interference.”

Saying that, Yao Puxin waved to the deputy City Lord Lu Ziqi next to him, Lu Ziqi bowed his head and came down in person, distributing some materials prepared by their City Lord house in advance to the hands of the domain masters.

“These all are the detailed resource allocation for the construction of the moat formation. If you want to build the formation, you can start focusing on the collection and preparation now.”

“Among them, if you only build a simplified version of the moat, go directly to the Illusionist Guild. They have already built the Formulation template. The speed of building the Formulation is very impressive. Basically, it can be completed in about half a month.”

The 33 domain masters under the seat pouted.

How can I prevent a simplified version of Demon Emperor Realm?

The reason why they all ran to the Federal Center City this time, but they came to run the complete volume that can trap the half emperor demon!

“As for the complete volume…”

Speaking of the key points, Yao Puxin gave a very indifferent light pause and slammed the appetite of these old foxes.

“As for the complete volume, so far, only Master Yang has been able to complete the team together. I want to complete the layout of the large cities of the 36 federal areas. Some are not realistic, and I can only take one by one slowly.”


There was another mess of porridge below.

This is the key issue of their arguing with each other here.

At 33 Guardian Palace, no one wants to be ranked at the end. After all, the current situation is becoming more and more chaotic. Everyone wants to have a place on their respective sites that can be defended by the half emperor before the real chaos. haven.

If you are ranked at the end, you need to wait about a year to formally build the moat. I am afraid that the daylily will be cold!

Those Monster Races are not melons, how could they obediently wait until you have built all the Formulations and then come to fight you?

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