I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1249

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Just like when the psionic shields were first promoted, Monster Race also went crazy. The 36 federal regions, even in the backcountry like the Guardian Palace in the northwest, did not escape the fate of being ravaged by the endless Monster Race.

Numerous casualties and heavy losses.

How many village-level small Underground City has been destroyed and how many Human Race martial artists and Human Race civilians have been killed in chaos.

In order to promote the expansion of the psionic shield to every city in the Human Race 36 domain, the federal government struggled with Monster Race for almost ten years, which barely provided a relatively safe ground for the surviving Human Race. Safety Zone.

just now.

The new type of moat has both offensive and defensive abilities, and the ability of passive protection may be worse than that of psionic shields, but its lethality and flexibility are more than several times more powerful than psionic shields.

Like this kind of Demon Emperor Realm and Half Emperor Demon can trap the moat, how can Monster Race sit back and watch Human Race fully promote it?

Therefore, the sequence of building a new type of moat is particularly important. The more forward, the safer it is, and the more backward it is, the more dangerous it will be.

And this is the real reason why the 33 domain owners in front of them would beg and beg 100 to sit here with Yao Puxin.

No one wants to be ranked at the end, because the last few are likely to simply wait until the construction of the moat is already besieged or even destroyed by Monster Race.

“cough cough !”

Yao Puxin coughed a little and stopped the following discussion.

“Everyone, Ben City Lord, once again, this is the City Lord’s House in the central city of our Federation, not the vegetable market.”

“Whoever doesn’t follow the rules anymore, don’t blame the City Lord for not following the rules, just put your formation quota to the last place, and save everyone from arguing!”


The following 33 domain owners sat again with breathless hold, honestly.

Yao Puxin is satisfied with nodded, and vanity is greatly satisfied.

This is the majesty and treatment he should have in the city center of the federal city. In the past, all these old foxes treated him with vain. Some even refused to maintain the kindness and respect of the surface. .

But today, Yao Puxin, the lord of the 36 territories, the city center of the Federation, finally started to be a bit not just in name only, but also in reality!

“Originally, in the meaning of Old Li, it is best to decide by lottery, who comes first and wholly depends on luck.”

“After all, in addition to the Central City and Jinghua City, there are 36 areas in the Federal 34 domains that are not protected by a large array of moats. When constructing a large array, there will always be a first-come-first-served basis.

“So, instead of arguing about it here, it is better to leave this question to God to decide, one sign per domain, and the order of the formation of the array according to the serial number.

As soon as this statement came out, the expressions of the 33 domain owners in the hall all changed.

They knew that this kind of ending would inevitably come to an end. Every time this kind of benefit distribution problem is encountered, 90% of the federal government will take out this lottery to solve the problem.

But they don’t want to bet on this luck, they don’t want to give a small bamboo stick to decide the destiny of the cities in the Guardian Palace under their jurisdiction and the people in the domain of 100000000 million.

“Yao City Lord, can old man say something?”

At this time Wenmin, the main exhibition of the Guardian Palace, stood up slowly, first directed at Yao Puxin cupped the hands, and then asked for instructions softly.

“Of course, we’re not talking here, as long as we don’t mess around with nonsense, we can say anything clearly!”

Yao Puxin reached out and made a hand gesture: “Please show me the old one!”

“The old man thought that the lottery and so on were too old-fashioned.”

As soon as Zhan Wenmin spoke, he gave the method of drawing lots to decide the order.

“After all, it is no longer the peaceful period more than 100 years ago, so it is not very practical to use a deciding method based on luck.”

“Since everyone is a martial artist, from the perspective of an old man, it is still determined by strength and order by fist. The winner comes first, the loser comes next, and everything depends on their own strength!”

Zhan Wenmin’s words were exported, and he received the support of at least ten domain masters. Yao Puxin noticed that these ten domain masters are already Half Emperor realm, and also in 36 domains, except for Central City and Jinghua City. , The ten most powerful Guardian Palace.

“Yao City Lord, the old body also has something to say.”

Soon, Ji Danyun of the Guardian Palace in the southeast also stood up, and after getting the first pledge from Yao Puxin, he said:

“I don’t agree with the proposal of the exhibitors to rank by strength. What we are discussing now is to decide the major event of the country’s life and death. It is not a house. How can everything be determined by the level of military force?”

“In the eyes of the exhibitors, should our Guardian Palace, which is located in the border area, should be ranked last, should it be able to withstand the strong counterattack of Monster Race?”

Yao Puxin was not surprised at Ji Danyun’s opposition.

The Guardian Palace in the southeast was once destroyed by Monster Race, but it has just been built. The overall strength is even worse than the Guardian Palace in the northwest.

Among the 33 domain masters in front of her, the Guardian Palace where she counts Dan Yun is the weakest. If it is really decided in accordance with the strength and respect of Zhan Wenmin, their Southeast Guardian Palace will definitely be the last one.

As for the Northwest Guardian Palace, there is Yang Fan’s hometown. Simply without contention, it will definitely not be left behind. Didn’t see Fu Zhengqing that the kid didn’t come over this time?


After Ji Danyun finished speaking, he also received strong approval from more than ten domain masters.

Without exception, these all are some of the Guardian Palaces that are ranked lower.

People have a tendency to profit. Compared with the military force to determine the order of the formation, they are clearly invincible Guardian Palace of course want to bet on luck.

This is the heart, this is the contradiction.

As long as there is a conflict of interest, the minds of these people will always be impossible, and the federal government will find it difficult to find a satisfactory distribution method that will satisfy all parties.

Yao Puxin unperturbed, for such scenes and situations, has long been expected.

Just now he throws out the argument of drawing lots, which is also to deliberately provoke and differentiate the contradictions and relationships between these domain masters.

Now it seems that he has been very provocative. So quickly, the 33 domain masters have been provoked into pros and cons of the two sides who are clearly out of sight.

“Now, it is also time to throw out the real resolution negotiated by the Federal Government and Yang Fan.”

Yao Puxin glanced at the arguing sides who were glaring at each other, insisting on the contest and the lottery, and lightly coughed again, attracting everyone’s attention to him.

“It seems that everyone’s opinions in a short time are also difficult to unify, it is better to listen to the opinions of City Lord first?”

Seeing that everyone no longer speaks, but looked up towards him, Yao Puxin stood up, lightly said: “In fact, in addition to drawing lots to set the order, Yang Fan also provides another kind here. Formation method.”

“Of course, this is only Master Yang’s personal opinion. You can use it as a reference. If you really don’t agree, it doesn’t matter. We can continue to discuss.”

What are you talking about!

33 Both eyes stared at Yao Puxin, but the old man picked up the tea cup and drank the spirit tea at a critical time. The slow and slow movements could kill people.

“Master Yang means that ten Psionics above King Rank from each of your domains will go to Jinghua City, visit Master Yang’s door, and Master Yang will personally teach their new moat arrangement method.”

“It doesn’t matter if you have innate talent. Only if the Spirit Power cultivation base is strong enough, Master Yang can be sure to train them into a qualified imaginary formation Master within a few days. Of course, it is limited to the moat formation. Related Formation.”

“When the time comes, the ten Psionics dispatched by your domains will return to the city to self-build. After all the basic arrays are fully arranged, Master Yang will be present to activate.”

“In this way, not only can the construction of the moat formation of your domains be carried out at the same time, but also you can save a lot of formation time for Master Yang. Maybe you only need half a month of time. A complete volume of moat was successfully constructed.”

“Another thing is that with these ten imaginary formation masters in this domain, even if something goes wrong with the moat formation in the future, it can be maintained and repaired in time, which can be described as one thing.”


Yao Puxin gently placed the cup in his hand on the table, lowered his head and looked down at the masters who had changed their faces, and then said:

“You don’t have to doubt Master Yang’s ability to teach the disciples. When I was building this City Protecting Great Formation outside of the central city, the City Lord and Old Li all saw it.

In just one day, Master Yang tuned more than ten disciplines under his door into an imaginary formation Master proficient in moat formation. This is Master’s independent sect secret art, which cannot be taught by non-Direct Disciple. No fake! “

“At the same time, I also advise you not to think about anything wrong again. Master Yang’s status is now different than before. Not only his own strength cannot be underestimated, but also highly valued by Old Li, Master Tianchan and Zhuge Dean. .”

“Whoever loves Master Yang’s chances again as before, and wants to be unfavorable to Master Yang, he must first be prepared to withstand the anger of the three and a half emperors Senior.”

The forest is big, there will always be a few bad birds.

Yao Puxin This is to warn these people in advance, don’t want to see some of the secret methods on Yang Fan’s body, it’s an itching, it’s definitely courting death.

All the people present were stunned at the same time and had no doubts about Yao Puxin’s words.

In fact, without Yao Puxin reminding, they all already know that Yang Fan is no longer the one who can let them knead without any dependence.

At this point, the overwhelming majority of them have seen it clearly from the last Jinghua gathering.

After all, as early as that time, Yang Fan had the full support of almost all Half Emperor in Jinghua City.

even more how Now, even the half emperor started to stand by his side. They just kicked their donkeys in their heads, and they dared not regenerate their crooked thoughts.

“Yao City Lord, I don’t know what Yang Fan can ask for the age of these ten Psionic?”

Ji Danyun first came out and asked for details.

Yao Puxin took a deep look at her and lightly said the head, saying: “As long as the cultivation base is above the Psionic Master, there is no upper age limit. If the master of the domain intends, he can also go to the teacher in person!”

Ji Danyun itself is the Spirit Emperor cultivation base, and is within the scope of Yang Fan’s request. As long as she is willing to bow to her teacher, she will not refuse to come to Yang Fan.

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