I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1250

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“Great Elder, no good, just now Fifth Elder’s life was extinguished!”

In the Numawa Kingdom, in the Temple of the Crocodile King, the Sixth Elder Crocodile of the Iron Tooth Crocodile came trotting all the way from the outside of the temple. The expression was anxious, and his forehead sweated. When he saw the Great Elder Crocodile, he immediately reported.

Crocodile sat cross-legged, slowly spit out one mouthful of impure air, and glanced down at the crocodile sparsely, lightly said: “Did the crocodile Qiu Ling also follow the crocodile’s footsteps, as expected by the old man.”

“Before it did not listen to the dissuasion, it insisted on going to the Human Race territory to avenge Second Elder, and now it will be reported that it is not surprising.”

“It’s just that the old man didn’t expect it to be body dies and Dao disappears, even if it didn’t last one hour, it was too fast.”

“It seems that the city of Jinghua has turned into dragon’s pool and tiger’s den, it can’t be easily penetrated anymore!”

The crocodile sparsely nodded, saying: “Great Elder said that the strength of Fifth Elder is profound, the time to achieve a half emperor is only after Great Elder you, in our Nanguowan is also one of the very best. Demon.”

“But now, even it is so quickly in Jinghua City, let alone other monsters!”

“Great Elder, our family has lost two and a half emperors in succession. Seventh Elder is whereabouts unknown. The loss can be described as heavy. What should we do next? Please ask Great Elder to give you a charter!”

Next to him, the crocodile Zhen who had always been by the side of Great Elder was also afraid of the cold sweat.


Fortunately, before Great Elder called it back in time, otherwise Fifth Elder’s ending is likely to be the end of its crocodile Zhen.

Who would have thought that the federal territory that they used to be regarded as farms would now become so dangerous, that even the big demon of the half Sovereign level went to die one by one.

Although Zui Zhen is extremely confident in his own strength, it is still slightly inferior to Fifth Elder, if he is even the opponent who evened out Qiu Qiuling, it will be the same in most cases.

“Sure enough, it’s still Great Elder divine strategy and wonderful planning, with foresight!”

Crocodile Zhen looked up at the Great Elder Crocodile with great respect and gratitude. His expression became more submissive and respectful.

Crocodile Xin felt something, glanced down at Crocodile Zhen with great satisfaction, and was very satisfied with the child’s attitude. Although recalling Crocodile Zhen at the time was meant by Master Clone of Monster Sovereign, but it did not say who would know?

As the Great Elder of the Toothed Crocodile family, Crocodile Xin likes the little eyes of his fanatical worship.

Therefore, compared with the thorn heads who are not very disciplined like Crocodile Zhong and Qiu Qiulin, Crocodile Xin still prefers the crocodile and crocodile in front of him. .

“Suspend the attack on the first Emperor Rank doctor of Human Race. The kid is now in Jinghua City, and it has become a certain climate. Maybe it is a bait. The monster who is waiting for Monster Race is even before the half emperor. Go hunting.”

Alligator Xin pondered for a while, and whispered to Alligator Shu and Alligator Zhen.

“You will pass on this instruction later, be sure to keep every clansman above the Emperor Rank in the family in mind, old man don’t want to hear the bad news like Fifth Elder again.”

Crocodile and Crocodile bowed at the same time should be: “Yes, Great Elder.”

“Of course, we have two and a half deaths of Elder Huang in our country. This is a deadly enemy. The old man will not ignore it and nothing happened.”

“It’s just that the time hasn’t come yet, the way ahead is unknown. For the time being, you need to be patient for a while. Remember to appease the clansman of the unknown situation. Don’t want to appear again like Fifth Elder, who went out to seek revenge in private, and also to himself. Now.”

Crocodile and Crocodile bowed down again as they should, and they never heeded the Great Elder’s instructions.

Crocodile Xin is satisfied with the nodded, without the two thorns of Crocodile Chung and Crocodile Ling who always sing a contradiction with it, it is much more comfortable and smooth when it issues the decree.

Crocodile Xin opened his mouth and was about to take the opportunity to say something more. Suddenly he felt something abnormal in the void outside the hall. He shut his mouth and got up, teleporting out of the great hall.

Crocodile and Crocodile froze for a moment, and did not know what was happening, but they did not hesitate to follow Great Elder outside the hall.

2 As soon as the demon arrived outside the palace, he saw a black hole like vortex suddenly appear in the sky above the head, and the slight Space Rule’s power quietly diffused outwards.

Seeing this black space vortex, the expressions of crocodile and crocodile change at the same time. If they were not seen with their own eyes, they would have been unaware before.

Who made this out, good found space control ability!

However, they are even more surprised by the sensitivity of the Great Elder. With such slight spatial fluctuations, the Great Elder has been aware of it for so long in advance. I have to say that the strength of the Great Elder’s cultivation base is becoming more and more profound mystery.

While marveling in the hearts of the 2 monsters, suddenly a huge tiger head illusory shadow was condensed in the black space vortex, open a pair of tiger eyes, half open and half closed, gazing down at everything below the great hall.

After seeing the Great Elder Crocodile Xin, the tiger’s head grinned and roared loudly: “Old Crocodile Xin, I haven’t seen it in a few years, the cultivation base seems to have grown again!”

Crocodile expression lightly glanced at the tiger’s head lightly, his thoughts moved, and the illusory shadow of this impolite tiger’s head was scattered with a slap, and the black space vortex was also disappeared.

“Great Elder, just now this is how I looked like Hu Peng, who is a bit like Yinghou Run Holy Land…?”

Crocodile and crocodile startled, the whole didn’t expect Great Elder will suddenly shoot, Crocodile cannot to bear asked softly.

The relationship between their swamp country and the eagle worries is quite harmonious. Great Elder seems to be a bit too willful to do so?

People have just exposed the tiger’s head, and they haven’t said everything. You can break up the tiger’s head and even block the space channel. Are you afraid that you will offend the tiger’s Great Elder? ?

This is the same as Human Race’s telephone communication. Someone called you in a hurry, but in the end, you didn’t say half of it. You just slap it and hang it up. It’s not only impolite, but also easy to offend the person .

“Yes, it’s the old Hu Peng from the Sacred Beast family.”

Crocodile gently nodded, lightly said: “didn’t expect hasn’t seen in years, this old bastard’s Space Divine Ability has been so refined that it can be used for sound transmission by 10000 miles away.”

“However, this old bastard sound transmission is suddenly separated from the air. It must be that there is no good fart in his belly. If he doesn’t let it dry for a while, it doesn’t know who is home here!”

Dare to extend their divine sense to their crocodile shrine without their crocodile Xin’s consent, really giving it a face!

“Okay, Sixth Elder, the old man of Fifth Elder is already known, you should go back first!”

The crocodile Xin lightly waved at the crocodile, after all, it was not his confidant. Some things were still better known.

Crocodile sparsely met, then bowed back with interest.

“Great Elder, do you want to avoid it for a while?”

Seeing that the crocodile was dismissed, the crocodile Zhen softly and softly asked the crocodile Xin Gong for instructions.

“No.” Crocodile shook his head gently and said with a kind face: “You are the emperor’s confidant and the most important descendant of the emperor. The emperor can trust you!”

Crocodile Zhen was grateful, and quickly showed his loyalty, the flattery patted.

Soon, there are about 3 kung fu.

The space vortex in the void above his head reappeared, and the tiger head’s illusory shadow appeared again in midair, but this time, the tiger’s head was full of excitement, and he looked down at the crocodile with a bad look.

“Dark ghost, have you dared to destroy the Emperor’s Divine Soul projection, tired of living?!”

Hu Peng’s tone was angry and he hurt his mouth.

A black-skinned ghost heard that Crocodile’s old face was black, and the crocodile head, which was originally as black as iron, added a bit of ink.

“Yellow cat, close your mouth to Lao Tzu if you can’t talk! I really thought that if I got a white hair, I would really become Sacred Beast. If you dare to hurt like this, believing or not Lao Tzu will kill your tiger nest now go with!”

A pair of crocodiles with crocodile eyes opened wide, and after a few words, he raised his hand again and snapped Hu Peng’s Divine Soul illusory shadow again.

Hang up the phone if you don’t agree, and ask if you’re scared!

Anyway, Hu Peng’s deity didn’t dare to come over easily, just a Divine Soul illusory shadow, but he didn’t want to handle it as he wanted?

Crocodile Zhen looked at the cold sweat DC by the side. The tempers of these two big brothers were really hot. They didn’t say 2 sentences, and they felt like they would fight.

“Fuck! Old black skin, you dare to take another one to try…”


“Special! I am so angry, you are waiting for Lao Tzu…”


After several times, Hu Peng finally began to serve softly. After the Nth Condense Divine Soul illusory shadow, he finally stopped swearing.

“It’s okay, Lao Tzu has convinced you! How about we stop each other for a while?”

Hu Peng’s Divine Soul illusory shadow no longer looks like the previous aloof and remote, but floats directly at the several meters in front of the crocodile Xin, standing upright with it, Zhang Kou asked:

“Do you know what happened in Black Wind Valley? You have received the call from Demon Holy Mountain?”

Crocodile expression slightly stunned: “What call order? What happened to Black Wind Valley?”

“Hah, what did the emperor say, you in the backcountry of the swamp country, if you are used to being timid, how can you take the initiative to provoke the incident?”

Seeing the crooked look of Crocodile Xin, Hu Peng haha ​​happy, loudly said: “Xin old ghost, do you know what happened?”

“Someone or a demon covered such a big black pot to your country of Numa, but it’s okay that you are as good as Lao Tzu at this time. Isn’t it silly?!”

Crocodile expression moved, and he couldn’t help thinking of its ominous induction several hours ago.

“Less nonsense here, just say something!”

Crocodile expression looked at the tiger head illusory shadow improperly, and pressed hard to give it another shot.

“It’s all right, don’t tease you, tell me the right thing!”

Afraid that this old monster is going crazy again, Hu Peng stopped the laugh in time, said resolutely:

“Just a few hours ago, your Second Elder Crocodile of the Iron Tooth Crocodile suddenly appeared in the Black Wind Valley, killing 2 and a half emperors, a god son, and a few and a half Demon Emperor Realm in one fell swoop. , It really made a big splash.”

“This matter has now spread almost throughout the demon domain. Among the Five Great Holy Lands, it is estimated that only your Numalu country has not received any news!”


“This impossible?!”

For a time, the crocodile Xin and the crocodile next to the expression simultaneously changed dramatically.

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