I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1251

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It’s no wonder that the crocodile Xin and the crocodile reacted violently, and they looked like hell.

Other people don’t know about this matter, can they still be unclear?

Their Second Elder crocodile of the Iron Tooth Crocodile family has already extinguished the fire as early as a few days ago.

Moreover, if you step back 10000 steps, even if the crocodile is not dead, under normal circumstances, it will not have the courage to dare to go to Black Wind Valley Holy Land to find the dead end.

Also killed two and a half emperors, a god son?

Just kidding, the strength of Crocodile Zhong is common among the half emperors. How can one against two kill two half emperors?

“Who is planting stolen goods on my country?”

Alligator eye shows the ominous light, and looks murderous-looking towards Hu Peng, questioning sharply.

This is really a demon sitting at home, the pot comes from heaven.

Their crocodile family is located in a swamp swamp, has always been low-key, and the other Four Great Holy Lands have never had too much conflict and entanglement of interests.

In the end, which one killed 1000 knives so that they don’t have skin, and put such a big black pot on their heads?

“Mo Yao wants to look at the emperor like this, and he doesn’t want to spur people.”

“This emperor is kind enough to remind you, lest you old man know nothing and be attacked by the old bears of the Black Wind Valley! Don’t be good as donkey liver and lungs, impossible to tell good from bad!”

Hu Peng pouted, ignoring the sly eyes of Crocodile Xin who wanted to eat the demon.

It’s so kind and not good to report. I’m kind enough to report. These black ghosts are not deeply grateful. That’s all, even the first one suspected that I was really impossible, and they deserved to be detained!

“Just like you, so kind?”

Crocodile looked at Hu Peng’s illusory shadow head suspiciously, unbelieving.

“Speak, what the hell are you doing? If it’s not your Sacred Beast family, what is the secret mastermind?”

Alligator Xin directly asked questions, and he did not believe that Hu Peng would come over and report to him the sound transmission for no reason, especially since it had just taken Hu Peng’s Divine Soul illusory shadow several times in succession.

If it weren’t for something else, this tiger demon would definitely not have such a great patience to lie with it here.

“Love believing or not!”

“Specially, I haven’t believed the good demon this year, right?”

Hu Peng’s face was sullen, and if it was not for the deity’s absence, he rested on his violent temper and had already pounced on it to do it.

“You? Good demon?” Croomyin gloomy face pouted: “This is probably the biggest joke this Emperor heard this year!”

“You don’t want to say that the emperor is not reluctant, but this matter will be thoroughly investigated by the emperor. It is best that you don’t get involved in the eagle worries, otherwise don’t blame the emperor for turning over and deny the demon!”

Saying that, Crocodile Xin turned instructed directly to the crocodile Zhen next to him: “Crocodile Zhen, please go inquire about the news about Black Wind Valley, the emperor must know, the specific details of the Black Wind Valley incident!”

“Yes, Great Elder!”

Alligator Zhen looked solemn and went away.

Although their swamp country is remote and uncontested, it is not without any means. In the other Four Great Holy Lands, they also have some secret agents lurking.

If this is true, then there should be a difference of information back.

Watching the departure of Crocodile Zhen, Hu Peng indifferently smiled: “Relax, the emperor has not been deceived from you in this kind of thing. Now the whole demon domain has been spreading, and it is estimated that only your swamp country is still being Blindfolded.”

“Unsurprisingly, the Five Great Holy Lands Summoning Order of Demon Holy Mountain should be delivered soon. If you don’t believe it, you can directly ask the demon of the order!”

The crocodile was coldly snorted and didn’t speak. It was a little bit uncertain now. The dead tiger told him what the purpose was.

“Xiong Yun’s old product is not a fool, it will not see if this is someone or a demon deliberately planting it?”

“My country in Numawa has not violated their thoughts of Black Wind Valley. As long as the eyesight monster knows at a glance, how could it cause the 2 Great Holy Land disharmony due to an accident?”

The crocodile unperturbed, other Holy Land have their spy crocodile family of spies exist, they are the same in the swamp country, there must be other Four Great Holy Lands’ eyes hidden in the dark.

Their marsh-waving country did not want to violate the Black Wind Valley’s actions and intentions, apparent at a glance, it is not afraid that this black pot will really hit their head.


Hu Peng snorted, didn’t expect crocodile Xin would be so naive.

If Black Wind Valley really wants to destroy your marshland, it will also care who the black pot fell down. All they need is an excuse.

“As far as the emperor knows, the half emperor who invaded the Black Wind Valley Holy Land at that time was indeed the heir to your iron-toothed crocodile family. Undoubtedly, the many secret techniques and residual flesh and blood that it displayed on the scene can be proved.”

“Whether or not someone has planted your stolen goods, it is a fact that you can’t wash them away.”

Hu Peng lightly said: “Even if Xiong Yun’s old bear knew that it might be framed by others, then what if it insisted on asking you for trouble and insisting on asking you to compensate for the loss, did you refuse?”

“After all, they are the victims, not only two half emperors died, but also a heir to Monster Sovereign, who died, who made sense, Xin old ghost!”

Hu Peng’s words were so long that he heard Crocodile’s heart jump.


If the black-and-white bear family borrows the question and directly carries the coffin to their marsh country to seek justice, or simply directly fights the soldiers to suppress the situation, and the military force collects it, can they resist it?

If it is just a Black Wind Valley Holy Land, Crocodile is also fearless.

But who doesn’t know the whole demon domain, Black Wind Valley and Demon Saint Ridge have already formed an alliance, put on a pair of pants, if they come to the alliance, the country of Numa can’t stop the combined pressure of 2 Great Saint anyway.

As for Monster Sovereign’s Clone.

No matter how strong, it is just a Clone, and who can guarantee that Monster Sovereign Clone does not exist in the Demon Holy Mountain and Black Wind Valley?

“Trouble, the earth worms in Jiao Shengling have already missed some of the secret treasures of Holy Land in my marsh country. Will they take the opportunity to stop easily?”

The crocodile is suffering in his heart, unable to bear secretly scolded: “Which one killed 1000 knives so framed my family? In the future 10000000 don’t be discovered by Lao Tzu, otherwise it will be chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades! “

“Let’s say, what kind of thoughts did you disturb so actively during this time?” Crocodile looked up to Hu Peng again: “Don’t say anything more kind-hearted and devilish fart, just say it!”

Hu Peng light shook the head, lightly said: “Don’t worry first, just because your subordinate has returned, we will talk about it after listening to its report, otherwise you will think that the emperor is alarmist and scares you It!”

Hu Peng’s voice fell, and the crocodile Zhen who had just left soon flew back, and in the blink of an eye, fell back to the crocodile Xin again.

Looking at his complexion, it was heavy and cold, and his complexion became a bit pale. I don’t need to guess that I knew it had already figured out everything.

“Great Elder, at noon yesterday, Black Wind Valley and Demon Holy Mountain 2 Great Holy Land teamed up to attack the Federal Center City and suffered heavy losses…”

“Among them, there are 2 half emperors in battle dead, 3 half emperors in black and white bears, more than 50 half demon emperor realm, Monster Emperor and Beast King are countless…”

Speaking of which, the voice of Crocodile Zhen paused, and then said: “At this time, outside the Black Wind Valley, there was an iron-toothed crocodile who claimed to be a crocodile, and he invaded while the Black Wind City was empty. …”

“…Battle conclusion, the Black Wind City is broken, two half emperors fell, one is the Yushan Elder of the black and white bear family, and the other is the natural Old Ancestor of the black and white bear family…”

“Besides, the 3 sons of the White Bear Monster Sovereign and the Xiong Yin God Son also died on the spot, suspected to be swallowed by a Half Devon Emperor Realm-level Heaven Devouring Beast…”

Speaking of which, Crocodile’s voice trembled a little, apparently frightened.

Black Wind Valley has not only killed an Elder, an Old Ancestor, and even the Son of God has fallen, it is almost overturned!

More importantly, this matter is also related to the Second Elder of their iron-toothed crocodile family, and they also have a nose and eye. If it was not for the crocodile Zhen, he knew that the crocodile had already hung before the Black Wind Valley accident. Well, maybe it even believed it!

What’s worse, now that the shit bowls are buckled on their heads, even if they deny it all, saying that the crocodile is dead, how many monsters will believe?

Black Wind Valley and the 2 Great Holy Land demon holy mountains will definitely take the opportunity to embarrass them.

“Great Elder, just heard from his subordinates, that the Demon Holy Mountain has issued a call to order the 5 emperors to call the principals of Monster Race Five Great Holy Lands to the demon Holy Mountain rally…”

Saying that, Crocodile Unable to Bear glanced at Hu Peng’s tiger head illusory shadow and said, “Hu Peng Senior just said that there is no such thing as a false statement, and now it’s all right!”

Alligator takes a deep breath, gently nodded.

Trouble is big!

It seems that this time, in order to frame them, the crocodile crocodile, the behind-the-scenes behind the scenes are really deliberate, not only looking for demon to pretend to be crocodile, but also left in the Black Wind Valley left the corresponding flesh and blood evidence.

Unsurprisingly, the flesh and blood remaining on the spot should really be the flesh and blood of Second Elder Crocodile, otherwise, this shit basin is not so strictly buckled.

I don’t know if the flesh and blood were prepared before the crocodile was born, or if it was freshly prepared after it died.

If it is the latter, it is obviously the Human Race whose frame is designed to frame them. To be sure, after all, Crocodile was killed in the territory of Jinghua City.

However, if it is the former, the flesh and blood were prepared early before the crocodile headed to Jinghua City, which would be more terrifying.

That means that those bastards have been staring at them for two or two days a day. Even if there is no one this time, there will surely be another one.

“Let’s talk, tiger head!” Crocodile Xin converged his thoughts and looked up to Hu Peng: “If it is not your Sacred Beast family deliberately framing us, what is the real purpose of your coming this time?”

“I finally believe what the emperor said?”

Hu Peng’s illusory shadow finally showed a calm smile, facing the question of Crocodile Xin, lightly said:

“The purpose of this emperor’s visit this time is very simple, just want to represent my eagle sorrow Holy Land and form an alliance with your Numa country!”

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