I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1252

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Crocodile Xin was a little bit dumbfounded, didn’t expect popped such an answer from Hu Peng’s mouth.


Crocodile Xin asked in a negative voice: “Your sorrowful strength is not inferior to that of Yaoshengling and 10000 Yaoshan. The tiger cubs of the Sacred Beast family and each and everyone’s nostrils are arrogant gestures. Just thought of forming an alliance?”

“And, even if it is an alliance, why is it my country?”

“The relationship between my crocodile family and your Sacred Beast family doesn’t seem to be good enough for this kind of interdependence and alliance?”

Crocodile Xin was not only unconfident, but also suspicious. He looked at Hu Peng with a suspicious look, feeling that the tiger was digging a hole for it.

“Speak frankly, my country is in a remote place, and its strength is more than 10000. Demon Mountain is not as good. Even if you are looking for an ally, why can’t you turn to our country.”

To form an alliance, it is natural that a strong alliance is the best.

Hu Peng’s old monster directly bypassed the 10000 demon mountain, which is obviously stronger, but ran directly to their swamp country, which is really suspicious.

Is this to recruit an ally, or do you want to grab a soft persimmon as a vassal?

“you still need to ask?”

Hu Peng looked at Crocodile as a fool: “Fire Phoenix is ​​a sinister and cunning generation. I don’t look down on it and don’t want to cooperate with them.”

“Relatively speaking, your iron-toothed crocodile family is much more loyal and honest, and my emperor Demon Tiger and your crocodile Monster Sovereign have some friendships. Isn’t it reasonable to find you an alliance?”

Alligator nodded.

It guessed right, Hu Peng just wanted to pick up the soft persimmons and pinch them, and wanted to control them in their own hands.

This tiger’s head really has no good intentions!

“What kind of eyes do you have?” Hu Peng was a little uncomfortable by Crocodile Xin, “It’s just an alliance, and it’s not that you are all attached to the city, you have a heart of hair?”

“You haven’t seen that Black Wind Valley and Demon Saint Ridge have colluded together. If we no longer want to have a group to keep warm, be careful that they are killed by the pit and there is no chance to resist!”

Crocodile Xin raised his eyebrows and looked at Hu Peng with understanding: “What do you mean, this 5th Emperor’s convocation order, what might be greasy?”

“That still needs to be asked?” Hu Peng said: “Demon Shengling and Black Wind Valley have suffered so much losses in the Human Race territory this time, how can they be willing to give up?”

“Unsurprisingly, they will definitely advocate a full decisive battle with Human Race, and even want to use this to obtain the temporary supervision of Monster Race Five Great Holy Lands!”

Alligator Xin suddenly.

This is a wartime management order agreed upon by the five Monster Sovereigns in Monster Race to prevent the rise of Human Race and Five Great Holy Lands’ internal strife.

When necessary, Five Great Holy Lands’ Chief-In-Charge can hold a Monster Sovereign order, elect a temporary leader, and force all forces of Five Great Holy Lands to form an alliance to jointly resist or destroy Human Race.

And now.

The threat of Human Race is becoming stronger and stronger, and the tail is not big. Even the moat that can trap half of the Sovereign level monsters has been invented. Some Monster Races must have been unable to hold back.

Especially is Monster Saint Ridge and Black Wind Valley, this time in the Federal Center City of Human Race suffered such a big loss, died so many half emperor and half Demon Emperor Realm, certainly want to go back to find the place.

“You eagle worries want to be an Alliance Leader?”

Crocodile Xin really understands Hu Peng’s real intention.

The alliance is false, and the secret purpose of pulling votes is its real purpose.

“No!” Crocodile Xin lightly raised his eyebrows towards Hu Peng: “You are sure that those fire birds who can convince 10000 Yaoshan are also on your side?”

With the iron tooth crocodile, the Beast Saints only have 2 votes. If you want to be elected as the General Alliance Leader to control the entire demon domain, the Fire Phoenix family’s vote is very important.

Looking at the unperturbed Zhu Zhi held by Hu Peng, it must have reached an agreement with 10000 Yaoshan.

“Don’t worry about this, just ask you, do you want to form an alliance with my Sacred Beast lineage?”

Hu Peng showed a profound mystery smile, looked at Crocodile indifferently, and asked softly.

Crocodile glanced angrily at the tiger’s head: “You are to ask a question, when already knows the answer, do I have any choice now?”

The Second Elder of their iron crocodile family just killed a god son in the Black Wind Valley, an Old Ancestor and a half Elder Huang, already considered deadly enemies.

Regardless of whether it is a black pot, at least until the facts are fully investigated, their marshland and Black Wind Valley are incompatible.

In this way, the possibility of the iron-toothed crocodile family being attached to the demon holy mountain is directly eliminated.

Crocodile once again looked towards Hu Peng with suspicion, and the more he looked at it, the more this thing was planned by this dead tiger, otherwise how could it be so clever?

“Don’t look at the emperor like this!” Hu Peng lightly said, knowing what Crocodile thought, “This emperor said that this matter has nothing to do with me and our eagle sorrow. This point can be used by my emperor Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign takes the oath!”

“It’s really just a coincidence. If you blame it, you black ghosts don’t know which way to offend the expert. I have to carry you such a Dahei pot.”

It is said that Hu Peng is actually taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune. If it wasn’t for the Iron-toothed Crocodile who was suddenly slandered, it wouldn’t deliberately display Magical Powers, condensing Divine Soul illusory shadow again and again. The crocodile has been white here for so long.

“According to the emperor, this is the destiny of heaven.” Hu Peng said: “Old crocodile, the pragmatist is Junjie, and now only by ally with the emperor, you can avoid being demon holy mountain in the future allies. Targeted with Black Wind Valley.”

Crocodile frowned tightly, and hesitated for a while.

“Promise it!” At this time, the sound transmission of the Monster Sovereign Clone of the crocodile Yuan suddenly appeared in the crocodile’s knowledge: “Since they want to be this early bird, then follow them, as long as it is not in jeopardy. My family has no support at all.”

Crocodile hearing this, there is an immediate backbone, and after a while, he said to Hu Peng: “Since that is the case, then everything is as good as Hu Peng Elder!”


“The emperor knew that Elder Xin was a smart demon, so that’s all. Now let’s take Divine Soul as an example, what about formal alliance?”

Hu Peng laughed heartily, directly took the opportunity to propose Divine Soul contract, want to make the alliance a reality.

Crocodile Xin received the instructions of Crocodile Monster Sovereign Clone, and he was not without answer.

Soon, Elder, the principal of 2 Great Holy Land, contracted a private alliance and completed the original oath covenant.

And this time.

In Jinghua City, Yang Fan, who has fully cured Cao Jun, Luo Qing and Zhao 3 yuan, has returned to his dormitory and is receiving a visitor from the Federal Center City.

The owner and domain owner of the Southeast Guardian Palace, Ji Danyun.

After getting the strategy of Yang Fan’s formation from City Lord Yao Puxin, the central city of the Federation, when the rest of the 3 12 domain masters all returned to the city to gather the corresponding Psionic, Ji Danyun did not say anything, just went first. Arrived in Jinghua City.

“I don’t know why the domain owner is here, what is it?”

Yang Fan looked up and looked at this beautiful young woman, who was only in her 30s and still in charm, to ask a question, when already knows the answer.

At this time, the owner of a domain in the Southeast Guardian Palace suddenly visited. It is estimated that there was nothing else besides the moat formation.

“Do not hide that Master Yang knows that he has just arrived from the Federal Center City.”

Ji Danyun carefully looked at the black-skin iron-toothed crocodile who had been lying under the foot of Yang Fan, and felt the endless coercion and tyrannical aura coming from it.

No wonder Yao Puxin, the old man, said that Yang Fan has become a climate, making them less distorted.

In particular, who can think of it, just not seen for more than 2 months, Yang Fan has already reached the cultivation realm of King Rank Peak. Not to mention, there is an iron tooth crocodile with a half Sovereign level beside him!

Didn’t I say that the beast around Yang Fan, the strongest one is a half-Demon Emperor Realm realm sika deer, how can you change the shotgun from a half-Demon Emperor Realm to a half-empire demon now?

What a terrible thing.

There is such a beast of a half emperor demon, and the domain masters of these domains are eaten a bear’s heart and a leopard’s gallbladder. They dare not come to fight the tiger’s beard.

took a deep breath, Ji Danyun took his mind, looked up to Yang Fan, and continued:

“Listening to Yao City Lord, Master Yang intends to recruit Psionic above King Rank as a teacher in each domain to teach the power of imaginary formation, and only ask about cultivation base, regardless of age and status, can this matter?”

Yang Fan gently nodded, this is indeed his idea.

No way, the Psionic disciple under his door is really too few, and it is unrealistic to want to start construction at the same time in the remaining thirty-forty domain of the Federation.

Therefore, he will be alive and well, coming up with such a genius discipline that can add a lot of spiritual power cultivation to him, and can give a complete formation of the moat of the main cities of the domains in a short time. Policy.

It may not be easy to find a few Spirit Emperor or Half Emperor in each domain of the Federation if a Guardian Palace is bigger, but it should not be very difficult to find Psionic Master above ten King Rank.

Of course, with the exception of the Northwest Guardian Palace, the hometown of Yang Fan, Yang Fan remembers clearly that the Guardian Palace in the Northwest is so poor that even the cultivation base of the domain master is no more than the realm of Martial King level 8.

Psionic Master and so on, not counting Yang Fan and Yang Guo, there is no such thing. If you want them to make up the ten King Rank Psionic Masters, there are basically no doors.

But it doesn’t matter, Yang Fan is willing to give it a back door. Today the moat of Jinghua City is built. Tomorrow he is going to let Sang Duoduo and Ling Tian take them to Daixing City to protect the 3rd complete volume of the federal realm. CityU will build it first.

No way, Daniel, who has mastered the core technology, is so self-willed, not afraid of others having opinions.

“What about that…”

Seeing Yang Fan nodded confirmed, Ji Danyun suddenly lowered her head a little embarrassedly, red face shyly said:

“Then Master Yang, do you have the honor to worship under your door?”

Yang Fan looked at Ji Danyun a bit inexplicably for a moment, and asked a little more uncertainly:

“What did the domain master just say, you want to worship me as a teacher?”

Happiness comes a little too suddenly

But since Yang Fan’s debut, the first domain master-level guy is willing to come over and apprentice.

I’m so excited, my blood pressure has soared!

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