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Someone wants to apprentice, Yang Fan of course agreed with both hands and feet.

It's just that the master at the domain master level wants to go to such a thing. Yang Fan really encountered it for the first time, and I was a little excited.

Although the southeast Guardian Palace ranks among the 36 domains of the Federation even in the middle, it is many times stronger than their northwest Guardian Palace.

At least the strength of Ji Danyun in front of him can dump Fu Zhengqing several streets.

Officials in Fengjiang, one of the princes, but now, even if they come here so eagerly to worship him as a teacher, they always feel a little unreal.

"Account Master, are you serious?"

Yang Fan cautiously asked Ji Danyun again.

"1000 is really 10000 indeed!" Ji Danyun blushed and gave the most affirmative answer directly, "As long as Master Yang doesn't think he is old and has a shallow aptitude, he is willing to make an exception to include the old body in the door wall, and the old body can now bow down. Gift!"

do my best.

In order to be able to establish a relationship with Yang Fan, in order to be able to successfully learn the construction method of the moat formation, Ji Danyun is not even ready to ask for a face.

What's the matter of worshiping Little Brat, who can be her grandson, as long as they have 10000000 100 surnames in the Guardian Palace in the southeast of the country, they can get real benefits, even if they kowtow!

no way.

The Southeast Guardian Palace is a Guardian Palace rebuilt after being destroyed. The number of Psionic Masters is scarce. Not to mention the fact that ten Psionic Masters are put together, even if there are only five Jidan clouds.

Otherwise, why would she babble immediately to run close to Yang Fan, not just to get close to the water platform, so that Yang Fan can lean slightly loosely towards their Guardian Palace in the southeast.

"In principle, I don't look at the age, not the age, or the aptitude. If this time is not for the purpose of building a moat, even the cultivation base will not be limited."

Yang Fan lightly said: "So, if the master of the domain is really a sincere teacher, Yang will definitely not refuse."

"In fact, if you're being polite, don't say that you are a domain owner with only Spirit Emperor Peak, even if the three half emperors in the Federal Center City want to apprentice, I dare not frown under!"

This is the Great Cow!

It's a pity that Li Liangcai, Tianchanzi and Zhuge Xincheng couldn't erase that face, and it's unlikely to take the initiative to enter the door of Yang Fan.

Otherwise, Yang Fan will be able to experiment in advance, can he directly help these half emperors breakthrough to the real Sovereign environment!

Hearing Yang Fan's reply, Ji Danyun looked upset and quickly got up and worshipped.

Yang Fan raised her hand and stopped her kneeling, lightly said: "The entry ceremony of my Demon Extinguishing Sect is not so cumbersome, just bow in good faith and call the Master."

Ji Danyun hearing this, thought Yang Fan was giving her a face, she couldn't help but feel grateful.

Standing back to Yang Fan's 3 feet away, Ji Danyun stood up and hugged him, bowed to Yang Fan to the ground with 90 degrees without discount.

"Disciple Ji Danyun, meet the Master, thank you Master for not giving up, and the discipline will be included in the door wall!"

Yang Fan's smile is nodded, and the system hint of master and disciple Li Cheng also sounded in his ear:

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for receiving a high apprentice, Peak Spirit Emperor Ji Danyun apprenticeship success. The relationship between Peak Spirit Emperor Ji Danyun and the host is detected as extremely friendly, the favorability is greatly increased, and Sect loyalty +50."

Yang Fan was satisfied with nodded and didn't feel too surprised.

As early as the last Jinghua gathering, Yang Fan had contact with Ji Danyun, so the owner of the Ji Yu had already been filled with Yang Fan, and he was a proper person.

Taking a deep look at Ji Danyun, Yang Fan flipped his hands and took 3 Half Emperor-level Soul Refining Jindan from the storage space and handed it to the domain master’s discipline.

"This is the teacher-satisfied gift given to you by the teacher, and you can accept it with peace of mind. This is the practice, and every basic introduction discipline has such a reward!"

Ji Danyun expression was stunned. He looked at the three Half Emperor Soul Refining Jindan in front of him with surprise. He was so excited that he jumped.

She has long known that Yang Fan is a trench, and she has a generous amount of shots. She has never heard of his generosity for sect members and disciple before.

It's just that she was never expected, just a teacher-teaching ceremony, Yang Fan gave her such a big surprise.

"Many thanks Master! The recipe is shamelessly collared!"

Ji Danyun didn't refuse, it was precisely because she knew too much, so the gratitude to Yang Fan in her heart would be more intense.

"Ding! Your disciplinary Ji Danyun has given Soul Refining Jindan a feeling of excitement, gratitude to you, a great sense of belonging to Sect, Sect loyalty has been greatly enhanced, Sect loyalty +20."

After an increase of 20 points, Yang Fan was very satisfied, and moved, and then took out a recipe and delivered it to Ji Danyun.

"This is the recipe order of our Demon Extinguishing Sect entry discipline. You will refining it into the sea of ​​knowledge and go out later. When you meet the same sect whose companion has this kind of discipline order, remember to help take care of one. 2"

Put 3 Soul Refining Jindan close together, Ji Danyun reached out his hands to take the discipline order, and as soon as the token started, the old Discipline Expression of Peak Spirit Emperor changed again.

"This is... Yunshen Stone?!"

10000 The demon soul stone of the Fire Phoenix family of the demon mountain can not only strengthen the Sea of ​​Consciousness Space, but also contain the strong Divine Soul origin. Whether it is for Psionic or the qi and blood martial artist, it is definitely an encounter and not a chance. Seeking Supreme Treasure.

It's just that this soul stone is occupied by the Fire Phoenix family alone, and it will rarely be circulated, even in Monster Race, which is extremely rare, not to mention in the territory of their Human Race.

"It's really great generosity. Master even used the Soulstone as the identification token to identify the identity of the disciple. Where did he get so many Soulstones? Is it possible to rob the treasure house of the 10000 Yaoshan Fire Phoenix family? ?"

Ji Danyun's heart was endless, and it seemed that he had a new definition and understanding of the meaning of these two characters.

"Ding! Your disciplinary Ji Danyun was inspired by the soul stone, grateful for your heart, and greatly improved the sense of belonging to Sect. Sect loyalty is extremely enhanced, and Sect loyalty is +20."

Hearing this system hint, Yang Fan unable to bear is satisfied with nodded again.

This old discipline is very good. Sect's experience is given by 22 to 990. Only after such a moment, Sect's loyalty has been brushed to 1.

Seeing such a good knowledge and such a good recipe for giving thanks, Yang Fan can't control her own hands. Unable to bear wants to dig out.

"Master, the discipline is ready. When do you want to start teaching the formula of the moat?"

Soon, disciple refining was incorporated into his own sea of ​​knowledge. Ji Danyun was excited. Her fine Divine Consciousness Sea was at least about 1% stronger than before.

It is indeed the soul stone, the effect is so great Cow.

But no matter how excited, Ji Danyun did not forget the real purpose of her coming to visit the teacher this time, so as soon as the master and disciple's gift came, she took the initiative to consult the moat Formation with some impatient.

"This is no hurry."

Yang Fan shook his head slightly and took out a pot of Sovereign level spirit wine from the storage space unperturbed. At the same time, he took some Sovereign level barbecues that had been baked beforehand and put them on the table in front of him, raising his hand to the chair opposite, lightly said :

"Come, sit down and have a few drinks with the teacher first, and then you will meet some of your senior and junior brothers later. Contact me and talk about feelings."

Sect’s loyalty is less than 100%, and it’s always not perfect to teach Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array and Six Roads of Samsara.

Yang Fan doesn't want to teach some of the incomplete array skills to his discipline.

Ji Danyun mentioned his nose, and he was full of intoxication.

smell good.

Meaty, wine is more fragrant.

Spiritual Qi 4 overflowing, full of fragrance, this is definitely not an ordinary wine!

Didn't you see that the half-toothed crocodile lying under the Master's feet had rounded eyes, and the spit came out?

Even the wine and meat that are so enamored by the half emperor and the big demon are not ordinary things?

"So, the reference is no substitute for obedience!"

Ji Danyun respectfully greeted Yang Fan, then sat down opposite Yang Fan with his knees, took the initiative to lift the jug, poured a glass of spirit wine for Yang Fan, and then filled himself up.

"Master, disciple to give you a drink first!"

Master and disciple clink glasses and drink each other.

After a glass of spirit wine, Ji Danyun's within the body's power of qi and blood brushed up and soared, and the long-dead Martial King Peak bottleneck also began to have some loosening.

Ji Danyun's eyes lit up.

It really is a good thing. Just such a small cup almost made her Qi and blood cultivation base directly become an emperor. This effect is much more powerful than the 8 Emperor Rank spiritual medicine that she swallowed directly.

Too Great Cow!

"Ding! Your disciple Ji Danyun has given Sovereign level spiritual spirits to be agitated, grateful to you, and greatly enhanced the sense of belonging to Sect. Sect loyalty is greatly enhanced, Sect loyalty +20, and current Sect loyalty If the degree reaches 100, the discipline will return to the heart, and the teachers will prosper!


Yang Fan smiled with pride, from entry to apprenticeship to loyalty of 100 full value, even before and after 5 minutes.

This is definitely one of Yang Fan's existing disciplines. In addition to Yang Guo that girl, it is the fastest to give Sect loyalty a discipline.

"Okay, almost!"

Yang Fan put down the wine glass in his hand and said to stop Ji Danyun who was about to eat meat. He said: "Now the time has come. For the teacher, he started to combine Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array and Six Roads of Samsara. A large array will teach you!"

Ji Danyun started, and some reluctantly looked at the scented barbecue that had been sandwiched, and finally put it down cruelly and sat in danger.

The roasted meat was not as good as 10000 in the moat, which was more important, she could still carry it.

"Master, the recipe is ready, please enlighten me!"

Yang Fan lightly nodded, gently reaching for Ji Danyun's forehead, and quickly established a fine Magical Powers road with it.

"You are concentrating and trying to teach the Heaven Grade Purgatory Demon Slaying Array to the disciple Ji Danyun-Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, the success is taught! Spiritual Power +5, spirit willpower +5."

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully delivering the Heaven Grade spiritual imaginary formation to the disciple Ji Danyun-Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array. The Sect loyalty bonus of 100 points was successfully inspired. …"

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