I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1254

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“Ding! Your discipline Ji Danyun making a breakthrough, cultivation base promoted to half-step Spirit Emperor, thank you for your heart, greatly increase the sense of belonging of Sect, Sect loyalty is extremely enhanced, Sect team spirit +20. “


Yang Fan didn’t take it seriously, and he has been accustomed to it for a long time. After all, he is not the first time to help his discipline advance to Half Emperor realm.

But the beauty of the motionless crocodile who has been lying on the foot of Yang Fan like a salted fish is involuntarily widening its pair of crocodile eyes.

“Specially, do you want to do such a show? There is no sign beforehand. If you say breakthrough, just break through and make the old lady play?”

It’s a half emperor demon. Did the little girl of Human Race just meet the requirements of breakthrough Half Emperor realm?

Even if it is Spirit Emperor Peak, the promotion of Human Race is limited by the awareness of Avenue Rules.

However, this Ji Danyun obviously has not yet understood the number of rules enough for her to advance to the half-step Spirit Emperor realm. For no reason, how could she suddenly break through to upgrade?

This is not scientific!

How did she do it?

In other words, how did Yang Fan do it?

Just inculcated and taught her some Forming experience, so that a Peak Spirit Emperor was directly promoted? It’s a bit of a lie, is there something?

When Crocodile Beauty feels that this is most likely just a coincidence and accident, just breaking through to the half-step Spirit Emperor realm, the Spirit, Soul and Qi breath on his body is only slightly calmed down, Ji Danyun, the body of blood and majesty is open again. Suddenly broke out.

“This is… Qi and blood Martial Dao has broken through to become an emperor?!”

“Fuck! Do you need such an exaggeration? At the same time, Spiritual Power and Qi and blood cultivation base both break through!”

The crocodile is so beautiful.

If a breakthrough is a coincidence accident, what is this second time?

Breaking the situation, from King Realm directly to the realm of the emperor, how can a leap of such a big order be an accidental coincidence?

“It must have been a moth from Sand Sculpture like Host!”

“If this Human Race Spirit Emperor really has the ability to break through on its own, how good is it to secretly break through on its own site, so why not go to someone’s realm to take risks?”

“Moreover, if one step earlier became a half-step Spirit Emperor, she might not be willing to go down and worship Yang Fan as a junior teacher!”

From the conversation between Ji Danyun and Yang Fan just now, Crocodile Meili has known that Ji Danyun is the master of the southeast Guardian Palace, so it will make this guess.

Under normal circumstances, whether it is a Human Race or Monster Race powerhouse, you will have a hunch in advance of your own cultivation base’s breakthrough, and will choose a secret place that is relatively safe for them to retreat in advance according to these hunches.

Few people or demon would be stupid to seek breakthrough in a strange and uncertain place of safety.

Therefore, the beautiful crocodile will secretly judge that this breakthrough of Ji Danyun is most likely not guided by herself. The root cause of the problem is mostly Yang Fan.

“The newcomer is the newcomer. What’s so strange about a person who has never seen anything in the world?!”

At this time, Dahei, who had been eating in the pocket of Yang Fan’s jacket, seemed to feel the shock of the crocodile’s beauty and could not help but whisper sound transmission.

“In the future, you will find that after a long time with the master, such a breakthrough is just a basic exercise in the master’s hands. The master’s discipline has more than 1000 disciplines. Almost all disciplines are directly empowered by the master to promote breakthrough. Come up!”

cracking a joke?

All 1000 disciples are empowered and upgraded in this way, so why didn’t the Sand Sculpture like Host die?

Was this stupid dog blowing the Great Cow, or did it misunderstand the meaning of the word initiation?

The crocodile Meili feels incredible. It hasn’t been with Yang Fan’s side for a long time. It’s less than 2 days. It’s not enough to understand some of the basic conditions of Yang Fan.

However, even if it is so, it is a bit too exaggerated to give 1000 disciplines to help them break through the promotion?

“Silly dog, are you sure you are blowing the Great Cow? The old lady has lived for so long, and she has never heard of anyone who can be such a Great Cow, who can infinite empowerment to help others break through!”

The crocodile is beautiful and curious to ask, even if their Monster Sovereign adults dare not boast about Haikou and say that they can allow their clansman to easily advance to breakthrough. Yang Fan, a small human race king, why is there such a great cow?

Even if he is a genius, he must abide by the most basic law of conservation of energy.

When you are hovering around the Origin Star, the Avenue Rules are all decorated and scattered?

“You are so stupid, remember to call Lord Doge in the future!”

The big dog glared at the little female crocodile with dissatisfaction, and threatened, what about the half emperor, irritating Lord Doge and still swallowing it!

“This should be an Innate Divine Ability of Master Baba’s awakening. As long as it is his discipline, he can quickly advance from Peak realm breakthrough in this way!”

“Have you not seen the several recipes around the master before? The two half-step Spirit Emperor with the highest cultivation base were created by is Master himself!”

“In fact, not to mention the half-step Spirit Emperor, if one day the owner Baba directly upgrades his discipline to be the Martial Sovereign and Spirit Emperor of the 8th classic, This King will probably not feel very strange!”

“So, little female crocodile, listen to Lord Doge’s persuasion, and still hold his master’s thigh in the future, it is not a dream to be promoted to emperor!”


The crocodile is beautifully unable to bear and swallowed a saliva. Really, the Sand Sculpture like Host has even created Sovereign?

The beautiful crocodile raised her eyes and scanned Dahei, who had completely become a dog lick, and she was doubtful.

However, Yang Fan is able to tame a Heaven Devouring Beast that is dare to devour Heaven and Earth, even the 5th Monster Sovereign of Monster Race, and endlessly afraid to get rid of it soon. The arguments are all bite-by-bit masters, and their mental means are indeed terrifying.

“You are concentrating and trying to teach Earth Rank martial skill to the disciplinary Ji Danyun-breaking the palm of the sky, teaching success…”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully teaching the Earth Rank martial skill to the disciple Ji Danyun-breaking the palm, Sect’s 100% loyalty bonus has been successfully inspired…”

“Ding! Your discipline, Ji Danyun, making a breakthrough, qi and blood cultivation base promoted to Martial Emperor level, grateful for your heart, greatly improved the sense of belonging of Sect, Sect loyalty is extremely enhanced, Sect team spirit + 20.”

Yang Fan withdrew his right palm and listened to the system hint constantly coming from his ear. A smile of satisfaction appeared on his face.

He likes this kind of vitality cultivation base and Spiritual Power cultivation base both reaching the discipline of the bottleneck state, so that when they help them advance, they can not only get more Sect experience, but also more shocking.

Especially for this new just entered discipline, every time they see the excitement that they exude because of their own help making a breakthrough, and the small eyes that are extremely admired, Yang Fan feels a special sense of accomplishment, very pleased in one’s mind.

not far away.

At 10000 Shouge, Gu Zeyan, Liu Silong, Zhao Xuewen and Hu Chen sensed the fluctuations in the promotion from the Yang Fan dormitory.

“Ji Danyun, has finally advanced to the half-step Spirit Emperor realm!”

“Being able to give up the face and worship Yang Fan as a teacher, although it is not very good to pass out, but it is not a loss to be able to enter the Half-Step Spirit Emperor in one fell swoop!”

“Didn’t expect Yang Fan, this kid can even break the cultivation barrier of Peak Spirit Emperor. It seems that after counting Dan Yun, the old guy who wants to visit Yang Fan’s door wall will become more and more. Alright!”

Gu Zeyan sighed softly.

In this world, there is not a few Old Guys who are stuck in Peak Emperor Rank like Peak Yunper Rank for several decades or even 100 years. Just give them a little hope of promotion, let alone worship Yang Fan as a teacher, even if it is called father No one will do it.

In the face of absolute strength, face is a fart!

Although there have been rumors that Yang Fan can help people promote in a small area before, there has never been any clear empirical evidence.

Therefore, many older Base Guys may not directly worship Yang Fan as a teacher for some rumors.

But now.

There is the example of Ji Danyun in the front, and there are several disciples of Sang Duoduo and Ling Tian who are under the Yang Fan door, who are advancing at a fast speed, and those old Guys who cannot be quiet will definitely be unable to hold back.

“However, it seems that something is not right,” Gu Zeyan said suspiciously: “In the past when there was a disciplinary breakthrough to promote, Yang Fan always secretly covered up, as if afraid of others understood.”

“Why this time, he didn’t start the imaginary formation arranged outside the dormitory to cover up the breath of Ji Danyun’s breakthrough? This is not quite in line with his acting style!”

“What’s so strange about this?” Liu Silong said softly: “Yang Fan’s cultivation base used to be weak and infamous. Even if there is something good, I dare not take it out.”

“But now, he is already King Rank Peak, and there is a half-step big demon protector beside him. In the recipe, plus the breakthrough Ji Yun, there are also three Half Emperor’s recipes. It’s been compared.”

“According to the old man, he is preparing for a showdown. This Ji Danyun just happened to be held by Yang Fan. It was deliberately used to throw bricks and attract jade that’s all.”

Ancient Hanyan, Zhao Xuewen and the others were silent.

Is that the case?

If you think about it, it is not necessarily impossible.

Until now Yang Fan has the meaning of recruiting a wide range of recipes, and even the four Old Guys of them all have the meaning of asking for income. The ambitions are not generally large.

Now that he has enough strength, it is not surprising that he wants to show off to the outside world and gather all the Peak Emperor Rank under the door.

at the same time.

In one of the underground chambers in Jinghua City, Li Miaocai, who kept watching Yang Fan’s movements, ticked the corner of his mouth. Unable to bear chuckled.

“Interesting! Yang Fan, the Little Brat, can directly help Peak Spirit Emperor stuck on the bottleneck!”

“It seems that we still underestimated him before!”

If it wasn’t for my own eyes, who of them could believe that a Little Brat in King Realm could actually help a Peak Emperor Rank breakthrough cultivation realm?

“It’s really interesting. Didn’t expect in this world actually has this kind of innate Divine Ability!”

Chen Xiaoyu also sighed: “However, this is a great thing for our entire Human Race Federation.”

“If Yang Fan’s friends really have this ability, they can promote all the Peak emperors in the 36 federations of the Federation to the Half Emperor realm, then the number of cutting-edge martial artists in the Human Race Federation will surely be able to double several times, and then compete with Monster Race. You can also feel more confident in the battle!”

“Also, a waterside pavilion gets the moonlight first, Old Li!”

Chen Xiaoyu suddenly turned to look towards Li Miaocai.

“Aren’t there a few of our generation’s juniors who have been stuck in Peak Emperor Rank for several decades, pull them all out of the closed chamber and go to the teacher!”

“As long as you can successfully advance, worship a junior as a teacher, not shameful!”

“Furthermore, the little brat of Yang Fan is a genius in itself, regardless of his personal cultivation base. He is enough to be any martial in the Federation in the four major professions of physician, beast trainer, soul refiner and Illusionist. Artist and Psionic Teacher!”

Li Miaocai was gently nodded, deeply convinced, and was waiting for the sound transmission to inform Li’s clansman in the city to go to apprenticeship. Suddenly he felt that the divine sense could not help glancing in the direction of Jinghua’s mansion. groove!”.

“Ji Sicheng’s old bastard started fast enough, there are already several Peak emperor Clansman of Ji’s side starting to rush to Jinghua Martial University!”

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