I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1255

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“Worship Yang Fan as a teacher?”

“Who is Yang Fan, never heard of it?”

“What? Old Ancestor, are you cracking a joke, a king realm junior who is only 18 years old, let us worship him as a teacher, is he worthy?”

Li’s ancestral home, each and everyone, was forced by Li Dongling to force Peak Martial Emperor from the back room to look at Li Dongling, who interrupted their retreat breakthrough.

There is no explanation. Once they come out, let them go to Jinghua Martial University to find a junior teacher.

Please, they are all 100-year-olds, are they all going to have faces?

Even if Yang Fan is the Federal First Physician, Federal First Animal Trainer, Federal First Soul Trainer, or even Federal First Illusionist, what about?

They are all Martial Emperor. Everyone’s cultivation is not a system. The professional is not the same, and the teacher has a use. Is it possible for them to repair Psionic?

They don’t think that worshiping Yang Fan as a teacher can benefit their Martial Dao cultivation base. If it’s just to seek medical advice and medicine, then there is no need for it. The great thing is to sell more people and spend more money. Are you a grandson under the door of a junior?

Is Old Ancestor’s head twitching, otherwise how come such a funny idea?

Some people have begun to question the IQ of Li Dongling, the Old Ancestor, in his heart.

Li Dongling glanced at the nephews in front of him, and the breath of the Half Emperor on his body leaked out a little, and he immediately slammed these thorns and dared not say more.

“Church nonsense! Let you worship you and go to worship, can this Old Ancestor still hurt you?!”

“As for the benefits of worshiping Yang Fan as a teacher, you will know after the worship, this Old Ancestor can only tell you that this is a chance of zenith, can you catch it, can you let Yang Fan Putting you under the door depends on your own creation!”

In fact, Li Dongling’s heart is now confused, and his face is dumbfounded.

How does she know why these juniors are going to worship Yang Fan as a teacher?

She also suddenly received an order from the half emperor Old Ancestor to act according to the order?

Even if there were doubts in her mind, but the order of the half emperor Old Ancestor could not listen to her, would she not?

Recalling the solemn look of Li Miaocai’s old man’s face, Li Dongling shivered in his heart.

You believe or not, if she dare to listen to Old Ancestor’s command as in one ear and out the other, the next second Old Ancestor will tell her why Huaer is so red?

That is, she is too kind in Li Dongling normally, and rarely punishes these juniors, so they let each and everyone become so rebellious, even dare to question the orders of Old Ancestor, really gave them a face. .

“Old Ancestor, you tell us what the chance is, can you refuse?”

“I have a hunch that I will break through in a few more years. Let me be a quasi-Half Emperor to worship a little king as a teacher. I can’t afford to lose this person!”

“That’s Old Ancestor. We are all prospective Half Emperor who are about to break through. Now let’s go to the teacher and work for other Sects. Isn’t that what we are doing for others, is it not a loss?”


Some people took it, and the voice of opposition reappeared, Li Dongling complexion turned cold, and felt that he was so compassionate that he left even the most basic awe in his mind.

“Hmph! Dare to question Ben Old Ancestor’s decision, who gave you the courage?!”

Li Dongling coldly snorted, Half Emperor’s class-level coercion was strongly dissipated, and directly pressed on the bodies of these unscrupulous descendants.

thump! thump!

All 5 were overwhelmed and kneeled to the ground, so depressed that they wanted to vomit blood.

Old Ancestor is so irritable today. Before they talked to Old Ancestor like this, they never saw Old Ancestor so angry?

“Li Guanhua, did you just say you are about to break through?”

Li Dongling’s gaze aimed at the first Little Brat who jumped out to pick things up, coldly said:

“If you remember well, you said the same thing when you first retired 50 years ago. Now that 50 years have passed, where is your breakthrough?”

“And you, Li Guanying, Li Guanxiong, Li Chengyu, Li Chengcai, 3 40 years ago, you also clamored for breakthrough Half Emperor, why are these 30 years and 40 years passed, are you still struggling?”

“So much cultivation resources have been wasted in vain, and there are no achievements in fart. Now I dare to question Ben Old Ancestor’s decision. Do you think Ben Old Ancestor is too forgiving and can’t bear to ask family law?!”

The word “Family Method 2” came out, and the five Peak Martial Emperors kneeling on the ground were trembling at the same time, begging for mercy one after another:

“Old Ancestor is angry, we got it wrong!”

“Old Ancestor is angry, we got it wrong!”

Li Dongling turned his face black and flicked his hands at the five people. He directly fanned the king to the sky above Jinghua Martial University, and at the same time sounded to them:

“If you know you are wrong, you should go to Ben Old Ancestor to visit the teacher. If anyone can’t visit Yang Fan today, don’t come back in the future. My Old Li family doesn’t raise waste!”

5 Li Guanhua looked at each other in blank dismay.

Is it so ruthless, so eviction from the house is so serious without apprenticeship?

“You said, wouldn’t Old Ancestor be given a fascinating soup by the kid named Yang Fan, otherwise why must let us worship a little king as a teacher?”

“Fart, Old Ancestor is Half Emperor’s realm. Who in the whole city of Jinghua can be confused by Old Ancestor?”

“Well, I also think that Old Ancestor will not let us worship a junior surname as a teacher for no reason. There must be some hidden meaning in it. Let’s go to see this Yang Fan first.”

Anyway, they have been sent to the door of Jinghua Martial University. If you go back, you must be beaten. Didn’t you see that Old Ancestor has to get really angry?

The five Li’s clansman did not dare to look back, put on a mentality of peace, and flew into Jinghua Martial University, and soon found Yang Fan’s dormitory.

“Lying trough! Why are there so many people here?!”

“Isn’t that Ji Lao 2, why is he here too?”

“Not only Ji Lao 2, all 6 Peak Emperors of Ji Clan are here, but also the Luo family…, lying trough, should we be followed by the emperor of the old Zhao Family?”

“What are they going to do, do they all come to apprentice, do they want to be so exaggerated?”

After recognizing the identities of the many emperors gathered here, Li Guanying directly forced them.

This Yang Fan has what skills and abilities in the end, can actually seduce so many Aristocratic Family Emperors to come to visit?

Is it true, as Old Ancestor said, that there is a zenithal opportunity here in Yang Fan. Only by worshipping Yang Fan as a teacher can you get the chance?

Now, 5 people have begun to believe that Old Ancestor is not fooling around, because there is no possibility that the Old Ancestor of Four Great Aristocratic Families of Li, Ji, Luo, and Zhao will be stupid at the same time, and they will be able to break through the Half Emperor’s Peak. Send it to Yang Fan here.

“Ji brother please!” Li Guanying leaned forward to Ji Clan 6 and rushed towards the old 2 cupped the hands led by Ji Lao. He asked softly, “Dare to ask, Brother Ji, you came here to worship Yang Fan as a teacher?”

“Otherwise?” Ji Lao 2 glanced back at Li Guanying, and at the same time he glanced over with Li Guanying. The 4 Li emperors, said softly: “Old Ancestor was issued suddenly, and the cultivation base was discarded without coming. Who dare not come?”

As soon as Li Guanying lifted his breath, a feeling of being connected with the disease rose in an instant.

Originally everyone was the same, all was forced to come, everyone seemed to hold a resentment qi in their hearts.

It’s just that he couldn’t figure out, what is the charm of this Yang Fan, which makes so many Aristocratic Family Old Ancestors in Jinghua so popular?

Let the Peak Emperor, who has been over 100 years old for so many years, respect him as a teacher of a small king, can he really afford it?

“In this case, why did the few pass through the door and did not enter, could the host here not welcome us?”

Li Guanying asked curiously, and at the same time glanced at the apartment dormitory in front, not at all saw something unusual.


The six emperors of Ji Clan turned sideways at the same time to give way to a passage, and Ji Lao 6 reached out and asked: “For the reason, Brother Li will naturally know the first 2 steps.”

Li Guanying looked at Ji Lao 2 suspiciously. He didn’t dare to try it himself, but Li Chengyu behind him waved instructed softly: “Chengyu nephew, you go ahead and try!”

Li Chengyu, without any hesitation, took a step forward and stepped into the courtyard of the apartment.

Immediately afterwards, under the gaze of Li Guanying, Li Guanhua and several emperors Aristocratic Family, Li Chengyu’s original straight body suddenly bowed down on his knees, and he was stunned.

“Is this the willpower of Half Emperor?”

Li Guanying and the others instantly judged the coercive attack suffered by Li Chengyu. There is no way. They have often experienced the same way of attacking by Old Ancestor, and they are very familiar with it.

“Inside, someone is advancing to Half Emperor Realm?!”

Li Guanying waved his hand and dragged Li Chengyu from the door of the apartment out of the air. He asked Ji Lao 2 unexpectedly.

Ji Lao 2 nodded and said: “It shouldn’t be wrong. This coercion of will will only cover this small area in front of me, and the size of the power is uneven, and I can’t control it yet.”

“Unsurprisingly, it should have just been promoted to the end and is adapting to debug his own spirit strength.”

They came for two minutes first, and had some understanding of this coercive will on the periphery of the apartment.

However, even those who have just advanced to Half Emperor are not the guys who are still stuck in the Peak Emperor Rank.

“Do you know who the breakthrough was then?”

Li Guanying asked curiously, he felt that this might be the reason why Old Ancestor forced them to come to the teacher.

And the opportunity mentioned by Old Ancestor is most likely related to the new Half Emperor.

“Looking at the breath, it’s kind of like Ji Danyun at the Guardian Palace in the southeast.”

At this time, some people from the Zhao family who came in last time interjected and said: “The old man had only been to the Guardian Palace in the southeast half a year ago, and he is somewhat familiar with this accountant.”

“Unsurprisingly, the person who has just been promoted to a half-step Spirit Emperor realm should be the master of Jidan Cloud and Domain!”

“It’s just didn’t expect that she has just been promoted to Peak Spirit Emperor. Less than eleven years ago, she took the lead one step so quickly and entered the half-step Spirit Emperor realm!”

Everyone was shocked.

“What? Even a Spirit Emperor?”

“It’s been a breakthrough in Peak Spirit Emperor cultivation for ten years?! It seems that this accountant’s innate talent is very good!”

For a time, an unspeakable sourness spread in the hearts of the dozen Peak emperors outside the courtyard.

Others are not only Spirit Emperor, which is the most difficult to break through cultivation base, but also break through only 30 years in Peak Emperor Rank, which makes them feel like these Old Guys who have been stuck in Peak realm for 50 years 1 years?

So, genius and so on, the most annoying thing, always inadvertently attack them completely.

“Is it a genius?” Emperor Zhao Family, who just started, gently shook his head: “As far as I know, this accountant has been more than 200 years this year, which is only bigger than all of us present.”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone was even more surprised.

Only 190 years old was promoted to Peak Emperor Realm. How could the innate talent be better than the old guys who had already been promoted to Peak Emperor Realm in their early 100s?

So here comes the problem.

This cultivation talent has more inferior guys than them. Why did they advance to Half Emperor Realm before them?

Under normal circumstances, an individual’s promotion speed is directly proportional to an individual’s cultivation talent.

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