I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1256

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There are many powerhouses in the 36 federations of the Federation. Apart from the group of people standing on the top of the pyramid, the ordinary Emperor Rank Peak is not recognized by everyone.

Even more how Ji Danyun, the owner of the Southeast Guardian Palace, was formally appointed by the Federation more than half a year ago, and the breakthrough to Peak Spirit Emperor was only about ten years.

Previously, in the big cities such as Federal Central City and Jinghua City, the reputation was not obvious. Like Li Guanying and Ji Lao 2, the old guys who had been good for several decades and didn’t leave the mountain were normal.

but now.

This Peak Spirit Emperor, which had no reputation at all, immediately advanced to the Half Emperor realm, and successfully reached the summit of the Federal Pyramid. It will inevitably become famous afterwards.

The dozen or so bosses trapped in Peak Emperor Rank several decades all showed a hint of envy, jealousy and hatred.

Why are they not promoted to breakthrough, but a cultivation talent that is even worse than their Ji Danyun?

This Old Thief Heaven is really blind!

For a time, the vinegar was rising, and a dozen people stood in the doorway of Yang Fan’s dormitory. They dare not enter, they dare not go, they can only wait for the insider to know his promotion power. Regained her willpower.

As for why no one reminded the sound transmission of the person inside, the answer was also obvious, disturbing the breakthrough rhythm of a half-step Spirit Emperor that had just been promoted, it was easy to form a deadly feud, 10000 was misunderstood by the person inside, one Slap and die without reason.


Another Peak Martial Emperor arrived in a flash, just in front of Ji Lao 2 and Li Guanying.

“The emperors turn up without being invited, I don’t know why?”

But Dean Gu Yang, the responsibility of Jinghua Martial University, approached, and squinted his eyes at the eighteen Aristocratic Family’s Peak emperors, who were somewhat disturbed.

These old bastards do not stay closed in their old dens. How come they all came to Jinghua Martial University to join in the fun?

He didn’t worry much about the fact that these people would be harmful to Yang Fan. After all, Yang Fan was now brought around and followed by a half-empire demon. No one in the entire city of Jinghua could threaten his safety.

He was only worried about the emperors of these Aristocratic Family who were uneasy and kind. Seeing someone break through Half Emperor in Yang Fan, he wanted to come over and take a slice of the soup.

If the old bastard of these Aristocratic Family lords is shameless, it will not be able to withstand Yang Fan’s kidding if he grinds it hard or threatens and so on.

Shua! shua!

After Gu Yang, President Sima Xuefeng of the Martial Dao Association and President Mei Cailan of the Psionic branch also arrived one after another.

Standing side by side with Gu Yang Dean, these dozen Aristocratic Family Peak emperors veiled opposite each other.

“It’s so rare!”

Sima Xuefeng glanced scornfully at the ten or eight people present, lightly said:

“Some of the old bastards that haven’t appeared in several decades have all come out of the turtle shell today. What is this going to do, do you want to be harmful to Yang Fan Elder of our Martial Dao Association?”

Sima Xuefeng did not give these people a good face, and Mei Cailan did the same. Looking at these Emperor Powerhouse, he looked disgusted.

Before the city of Jinghua encountered several crises, none of these Peak emperors took their heads and made a profit.

Now it’s good to see someone who has advanced to the Half-Step Spirit Emperor at Yang Fan Elder, and they all ran over like cats that smelled fishy.

“Several decades haven’t shown up, but I think you have already run out of life essence and returned home.”

Mei Cailan is also not forgiving, lightly said: “Now all of you are still in style, red light is full of faces, but I am fortunate to have a very good time.”

The principals of Four Great Aristocratic Families, such as Ji Lao 2, Li Guanying, Luo Jiangnan, and Zhao Congshuang, all smiled awkwardly. They did not hear the ridicule of these two big ladies, and they all paid their respects with three people.

“It turned out to be Gu Dean, Sima President and Mei President, but they haven’t seen them for many years. The three styles are still the same. Fortunately!”

Heavens Pride, which is an era and rises in the same city, naturally has no reason not to know.

It’s just that after becoming Emperor, everyone’s choices are different, and some part ways. That’s all.

However, seeing old friends like them now still stuck in Emperor Rank Peak realm, these dozen Aristocratic Family Peak Emperors instantly felt that the acid in their hearts had dissipated a lot.

After several decades, everyone is still on the same level, which is great.

“The three people are afraid of some misunderstandings. I’m not malicious here. I just want to take the opportunity to visit Mr. Yang Fan!”

See 3 people staring at them like anti-thieves, Ji Lao 2 spoke softly.

As for them, they are just two people who don’t hear anything out of the window, and concentrate on the several decades, but do they treat them as scumbags?

At least they didn’t leave Jinghua City. If Jinghua City encountered any hardships and encountered a city-breaking crisis, they would also jump out and guard desperately.

“Yes! Old Gu, Sima girl, Miss Mei, everyone is their own, there is no need to be so hatred, glare like a tiger watching his prey.”

Li Guanying chuckled and interjected: “We came here this time, but we met by week without any excessively improper behavior, sincere full!”

Zhao Congshuang was straight-tempered and directly broke the purpose of their coming out: “I don’t know what it means for Ji Lao 2, Li Guanying and Luo Dongnan to come here, but I came here this time only for apprenticeship!”

“So, the three sisters don’t have to worry that we will be detrimental to Mr. Yang Fan, because after today, Mr. Yang Fan will become our Master, the real person!”

What are the three sisters?

Lao Tzu is a masculine 8 man!

Gu Yang glared at Zhao Congshuang with a sullen expression, knowing that the female rogue had a violent temper, so she didn’t even have the urge to argue with her.


The word “Apprentice” spit out from Zhao Congshuang’s mouth actually shocked Gu Yang and Sima Xuefeng and Mei Cailan.

“All of you Zhao’s come to worship Yang Fan as a teacher?”

Gu Yang unbelievably glanced at Zhao Congshuang and the three Zhao clan behind her, and probed inquiringly.

Have these old guys already gotten to this point in order to be a little bit cheaper, in order to take a little advantage, even want to worship a little doll who is not their great grandson as a teacher?

Feeling the weird eyes cast by Gu Yang, Sima Xuefeng and Mei Cailan, Zhao Congshuang was also unable to bear his old face red, corner of mouth twitching.

“That’s what it means! If today you can’t smoothly follow the teacher, the old lady will stay here!”

Old Ancestor has issued an iron order, either to apprentice or to expel the genealogy. Who dares to object?

Anyway, it is a shame, and such a big thing to apprentice, they can’t conceal even if they want to cover up the estimate, it is better to pick out in advance, and give yourself a momentum first.

People who are all over 100 years old, this face, whether it is a bird-like, if you lose it, you will lose it!

Ji Lao 2, Li Guanying and Luo Jiangnan also looked at Zhao Congshuang unexpectedly with a look on their face, and they sighed at the same time, this old lady is really a man!

It was so simple to confess, this is to avoid a little face, wow, it is really unacceptable.

“Since the emperor of Zhao Family came to apprentice, what about you?”

As a landlord, Gu Yang turned his head and set his sights on Ji Lao 2, Li Guanying and Luo Jiangnan.

“Then, our several brothers also admired the talent of Mr. Yang Fan for a long time, and it was too late to meet them. Well, this time I came here for the purpose of apprenticeship!”

Ji Lao 2 also cut out the old face, even Zhao Congshuang, the old lady, admitted that he still has some sorry.

He can now be seen. These people rushed to Jinghua Martial University this time, the purpose should be the same, all to worship Yang Fan as a teacher.

Moreover, it should be the Old Ancestor behind them who issued the iron order, so that they must not unyielding to worship the door of a young king.

“My Lee’s too.”

“Luo’s is the same.”

Later, Li Guanying and Luo Jiangnan also nodded at the same time. For a time, these 2 people even showed a sense of sympathy and sympathy.

They are also fallen people!

If it wasn’t for the ancestors pressed too hard, who would be willing to come and worship a brat as a teacher?

However, seeing that there are so many people who are embarrassed to accompany themselves, these people instantly feel a lot better, at least not as embarrassed as before.

At the same time, the Old Ancestor of Four Great Aristocratic Families now issued the same order, which also made them feel that this matter might be unusual.

Now they and everyone are very curious, what kind of magic in Yang Fan’s body can actually confuse their old Ancestor so stubborn or even fanatic?

In the past, even if I met a big boss at half Sovereign level, I have never seen them so superstitious that I have to force the following Junior to force the apprentice!

“Is it just that?!”

Having obtained such seemingly outrageous answers, Gu Yang, Sima Xuefeng and Mei Cailan looked at each other in blank dismay.

Are these people stupid?

How come you suddenly thought of worshiping Yang Fan as a teacher, and why did you come here in a group, as if you were afraid that others would not know!

Your brain is so funny!

Even if Yang Fan classmates and the Great Cow, they don’t need to kneel and lick like this. If they want to ask the doctor or ask for Dan, they can just pay the money or exchange the beast soul for it. As for such direct training without a bottom line?

Can’t figure it out!

Gu Yang 3 people don’t have the keen sensing ability of Gu Zeyan and Li Miaocai. They only knew what happened to Yang Fan when Ji Danyun broke through. They didn’t know Ji Danyun apprentice and broke through with the help of Yang Fan. Things.

Otherwise, they won’t be so surprised, and won’t be surprised that these Aristocratic Family Emperor’s choices.

However, since these people are not malicious, they will be relieved.

3 people are nodded, no more words, just stay aside and wait to watch the show, if possible, record a video like and so on, it is definitely very exciting.

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