I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1257

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“Gu Yang, if you have a chance in a while, you should also worship Yang Fan classmates…oh, forget it, our old Gu Family can’t afford to lose that person… or follow it!”

Gu Yang, who is watching the movie, suddenly heard Gu Zeyan Old Master’s Divine Soul sound transmission, and his face became a little weird in an instant.

Old Master What does this mean?

What’s so strange about Yang Fan’s kid, why even the Old Master has the idea of ​​letting him go to the teacher?

Although in the end the Old Master gave up again, the loss and regret in that tone could not be concealed.

How did this old man think about it, he would even think of him as a principal of a school to worship an 18-year-old freshman as a teacher. If this is passed on, where should he put Gu Yang’s old face?

“Old Master, don’t say half of what you said. What happened? You understand it. Why do everyone rush to come and worship Yang Fan as a teacher?”

Gu Yang inquired about Gu Zeyan in reverse sound transmission, but Gu Zeyan didn’t respond.

At this moment, the volatility of the will on the periphery of the apartment trembles, and the coercion of will that has been around has completely disappeared.

Obviously, Ji Danyun should have succeeded in a thorough breakthrough, fully familiar with the power of his own Soul Power.

Ji Lao 2 and the others were refreshed, and the representatives of the four families hurriedly handed over Zheng Se, and said loudly towards the door of the apartment:

“Master Yang can be here, Jinghua Ji’s Ji Lianghuai came to visit, and I urge Master Yang to meet!”

“Mr. Yang Fan is available, Jinghua Li’s Li Guanying came to visit, and I beg you to see you!”


After all, they came to worship the teacher, and they were still ordered to worship the teacher. No matter how much they disregarded the young Yang Fan in their hearts, at least on the surface, they dared not act too far.

10000 A fan of Yang Fan was annoyed and kept sweeping out the door, even if he didn’t even see him, wouldn’t they all have to take a break?

Before going out, Old Ancestor had already given a death order, either apprenticeship or get out. If they did not want to leave the hometown and were expelled from their homes, they could only go to the way under Yang Fan.

“Come in!”

Yang Fan’s voice was warm and loud, slowly coming out of the apartment, and then the door outside was automatically opened without wind, welcoming guests.

The people walked into the courtyard step by step. The Inner Sect inside opened just halfway through. A delicate and pretty woman who looked only 30 years old walked out of the room and looked up at everyone, lightly said: “I serve Master is here to welcome you, please follow me!”

Ji Lao 2, Li Guanying and Luo Jiangnan were surprised for a moment, and I don’t know what the woman came from. Although the cultivation base was not obvious, it didn’t show anger and looked like a vulgar.

Zhao Congshuang, who was on their side, was face changed, and quickly rushed to pay respect: “It turned out to be the face of the master of the domain. It was a half year, and the style of the master of the domain was even more regrettable, and he also achieved a half step Spirit Emperor. Realm, it’s really gratifying!”

Gu Yang, Sima Xuefeng and Mei Cailan also congratulated at the same time. They are different from Ji Lao 3, Li Guanying and the others. Although they are not familiar with Ji Danyun, they are not strangers.

After all, it is the master of the domain, and the last Jinghua party, Ji Danyun, is also close to him, and has had a connection.

“many thanks you all!”

Ji Danyun slightly nodded to return the ceremony, turned back with respect and gratitude, and said sincerely:

“The old body can have today, thanks to the guidance of our teacher Yang Fan. Otherwise, with the aptitude of the old body, I am afraid that this life has no chance of being a Half Emperor realm.”

As soon as Ji Danyun’s voice fell, the twenty one Peak emperor who stood in the courtyard was all unable to bear face changed.

Fang Caiji Dan Yun said that he was greeted by the orders of the teachers, which made them feel a little unfathomable mystery, thinking they were laughing and joking.

But now, Ji Danyun has personally identified the relationship with Yang Fan’s master and disciple, how can they not be surprised?

This is the master of a domain, and has successfully broken through to the half-step Spirit Emperor realm, even willingly entered the Yang Fan door!

What kind of magic is there in Yang Fan, why is there so many Emperor Peak who wants to worship him as a teacher?

Ji Danyun said that it was because of Yang Fan’s instructions that she successfully broke through. The people of Four Great Aristocratic Families always said that she was kind, not at all too taking seriously.

A king realm Peak, a Peak Spirit Emperor breakthrough half-step Spirit Emperor, this is simply a joke, how to think it is impossible!

But Gu Yang, Sima Xuefeng and Mei Cailan 3 were expression moved.

It is not surprising that these Aristocratic Family tortoises, who are unable to retreat all the year round, do not know the details and ability of Yang Fan, but three of them know the roots of Yang Fan.

Although they haven’t clearly seen Yang Fan helping their discipline to promote, but look at the disciplines around Yang Fan, which one is not breakthrough like drinking water, breaking through like walking, don’t be too simple!

Especially some time ago, so many freshmen at Jinghua Martial University simultaneously broke through and became king, making the entire Union shaken for a long time.

If there is no credit for Yang Fan, Gu Yang, Sima Xuefeng and Mei Cailan will not believe it.

It’s just that they never dreamed that Yang Fan could even upgrade to Peak Emperor Peak!

This is incredible!

“I didn’t think much before, but now looking back, the Ling Tian beside Yang Fan Elder seems to have also broken through a half step of Spirit Emperor realm!”

Mei Cailan spoke softly to Gu Yang and Sima Xuefeng sound transmission.

2 people hearing this are also shocked.

Yes, this time back from the Federal Center City, Ling Tian’s cultivation base also jumped from the previous level 8 Spirit Emperor to half-step Spirit Emperor directly.

Before they thought that Ling Tian had any fortuitous encounter in the Federal Center City, plus he was Heavens Pride in ten-thousand does not have one, so not at all think about it.

But now, when they see Ji Danyun in front of them, they can’t bear to think deeply in the deep.

Perhaps the reason why Ling Tian was able to advance to the half-step Spirit Emperor realm so quickly was not because he had any fortuitous encounters and opportunities in the Federal Center City, but Yang Fan directly helped him advance to the breakthrough level?

“Several, please, don’t make Master wait!”

Ji Danyun ignored what she said just now and how tremendous the shock these Peak emperors caused was in front of her.

“Oh, yes, yes, I’ll go in here to meet Master Yang! There is a master of labor planning domain!”

Everyone came back to his senses, there was Ji Danyun, the newly-emerged half-step Spirit Emperor, they all put away the dissatisfaction and restlessness in their hearts, and they all became somewhat cautiously.

Regardless of Yang Fan’s own strength, but he was able to put Ji Danyun, the dignified half-step Spirit Emperor, so obedient, and even willing to come out as a doorman to welcome guests, it is enough to see how Yang Fan’s means is brilliant.

This is to give them a dismount.

Ji Lao 2 A few people stared at each other secretly, while taking a deep breath, as Ji Danyun slowly entered the dormitory Inner Sect.

Dormitory small hall.

Yang Fan sat in the middle of the sofa in a broad manner and saw a lot of Peak Emperor coming in from outside. His eyes could not help revealing a hint of joy.

He didn’t even think of it himself, he just had a showdown, and so many high-quality smurf ids came to the door so quickly.

It seems that when he helped Dan Yun breakthrough, the big guy who spied in secret was not a 2nd person.

Yang Fan’s eyes swept over Ji Lao 2, Li Guanying, Luo Jiangnan and Zhao Congshuang and the others, and he already had some thoughts in his mind.

Needless to say, the origins of the children of these Aristocratic Family are mostly inseparable from the half emperors he rescued before.

“Master, people have already arrived!”

Ji Danyun stepped forward to bow and return to life, then stood behind Yang Fan properly, facing the emperors of Aristocratic Family in front of him.

“It’s all visitors when you cross the door. Since you’re here, don’t be polite, just sit down!”

Yang Fan smiled and extended his hand to invite everyone to sit down.

Ji Lao 2, Li Guanying and the others glanced at the two small sofa seats in front of Yang Fan.

Sit down.

A total of 21 people came here, but there were only 3 seats in front of them. How did they sit?

Moreover, even the new half-step Spirit Emperor, Ji Danyun, did not sit down, but obediently stood behind Yang Fan to protect him. How could these emperors be so embarrassed in a standing half-step Spirit Emperor? Sit down?

“No need, no need, Master Yang is welcome. I’m used to standing and talking, so that’s fine!”

A few people smiled embarrassingly, and even shouted off with gratitude.

“Since you are so used to it, then I don’t want to force you, you are just fine.”

Yang Fan was happy, then no longer paid attention to them, but instead focused on Gu Yang, Sima Xuefeng and Mei Cailan.

“Gu Dean, President Sima and President Mei, we are all ourselves, so don’t be polite with the kid, just come and sit down!”

Yang Fan sincerely invites you.

Compared with Ji Lao 2 and Li Guanying, these Aristocratic Family emperors, the purpose of the Gu Yang 3 people is more pure. They are here to support Yang Fan, and they are worried that Yang Fan will be among these Aristocratic Family emperors. Lose.

At this point, Yang Fan knows it well, so he is also very polite to them.

Gu Yang smiled and turned to look at Sima Xuefeng and Mei Cailan, and said loudly: “So, then we won’t be polite with Yang Fan!”

After talking, Gu Yang stabs his buttocks and sits opposite Yang Fan.

Sima Xuefeng and Mei Cailan did the same, smiling at Yang Fan, and then sat down.

Yang Fan smiled nodded.

Now that the showdown has been decided, Yang Fan is no longer hiding like he was before.

There are Gu Yang, Dean of Jinghua Martial University, Sima Xuefeng, the president of the Martial Dao Association, and Mei Cailan, the president of the Psionic Association’s branch in Jinghua City, as an assurance, it can’t be better.

If possible, Yang Fan also wanted to drop the old three to his door by the way.

Such a good material and quality, but has been stuck in Peak Emperor Rank and can’t break through, he looks anxious in his heart?

“I have known your intentions, but it is expensive to be sincere in your apprenticeship. And I have not received any kind of recipe from Yang Fan. You better have a psychological preparation in advance!”

Yang Fan’s eyes swept over the body of the eighteen Peak Emperors in front of him, flicking out such a sentence lightly.

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