I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1258


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Fat trough, this kid really treats himself as a master?

Did they give him a face too much? A group of Peak emperors came to bow down and worship him as a teacher. Instead, he put on airs and grabbed him.

Specially, don’t you think that if you have a half-step Spirit Emperor’s discipline, you will really decide them?


Yang Fan’s words fell, and the eighteen Peak emperors standing opposite turned their faces more than half, and looked towards Yang Fan’s gaze suddenly became a little bit uncomfortable.

Originally, they were forced out by the Old Ancestor during the retreat and had to worship a brat as a teacher. They were a little unhappy. As a result, Yang Fan, the kid, still didn’t speak, it was not obvious that they were not released. In your eyes?

Human Race martial artist circles have always been powerhouse is respected.

Weak people obey powerhouse and respect powerhouse, that is as it should be by rights, a kingly realm like Yang Fan, dare to choose these four emperors and pointing fingers at the moment, it is just courting death .

“Mr. Yang Fan, does this look down upon me Jinghua Ji’s? Who do you think you are, and dare to look down upon me Jinghua Ji?”

Some of the Emperor Ji’s six emperors suddenly opened their mouths, with a trace of anger in their eyes, looking directly at Yang Fan.

“Lao Liu! Shut up for me!”

Don’t wait for Yang Fan’s reaction, Ji Erji took the lead and gloomy face shouted at the clansman who had just spoken.

Why is this stupid? You don’t know if the gun shoots the head bird, why can others bear it, just why would you jump out and jump?

If not so many outsiders are present, Ji Ji Er wants to strangle this silly beep Liu Liu.

Even if you want to pick things up, is it not good to do things one by one?

Jinghua Ji can bring it out if you don’t move. You alone can’t represent the whole Ji Clan!

Not everyone has the courage to cut off one’s means of retreat, at least he Jiji Erji doesn’t want to be removed from the family tree by Old Ancestor.

“Don’t blame Master Yang, my six younger brothers are sick from childhood, and people are not very conscious. If there is any offense, please ask Master Yang to take care of it!”

After reprimanding Ji Laoliu, Ji Laoer hurriedly smiled at Yang Fan and apologized to Yang Fan.

“It doesn’t matter, I am Yang Fan. Someone has never been a stingy person and won’t take seriously.”

Yang Fan thoughtlessly shook the head and said, “I said just now, it’s a matter of sincerity to appease a teacher. In fact, it is also a matter of two-way choice. I have the right to accept or not, and you also have to worship Freedom of worship or not.”

“It’s not sweet to twist melons, so this Ji Zichang doesn’t matter, he has no chance with my Demon Extinguishing Sect! Where do I come back?”

Yang Fan’s words fell, and everyone present was unable to bear corner of mouth twitching.

Dare you dare to say that you are not stingy?

Because of the angry words of Ji Liuliu, he directly rejected the person. Isn’t this a cautious eye?

However, some people have accidents in their hearts, because Yang Fan just called out the real name of Ji Laoliu in a single bite. Whether or not Gu Yang reported the sound transmission in secret, Yang Fan knew the details of Ji Zichang Afterwards, the attitude was dare to be so tough. It shows that this person is full of confidence.

“If you don’t accept, don’t accept!” Ji Zichang directly broke away from the mental suppression of Ji’s second son, completely letting go of himself, looking towards Yang Fan with a look of contempt: “You really are a laozi and rarely worship you as a little king.” As a teacher?”

“I don’t have much gold on your face. The people present here have each one. Ask one by one to see who really came to worship you as a teacher?”

As he said, Ji Zichang glanced back at the old friends around him and said, “Several brothers, you wouldn’t really be prepared to worship this little boy as a teacher, what kind of filial son should you be with him?”

Ji Erji’s old face is black, which is a god.

Not only did he want to break the jar, but now he still wants to pull everyone into the water. What a terrible thing it is.

“Lao Liu! Do you dare to say one more word, believing or not Lao Tzu abolishes you now?!”

Ji’s second son has gone viral.

I’m dissatisfied, I want to give Yang Fan a little complexion, but Ji Liuliu has obviously passed the line. One is not good, and may really tear the face completely with Yang Fan.

“Your special lady shut up!” Ji Lao Liu stared at Ji Lao Er with a look back: “You are willing to give someone a grandson to go by yourself, anyway, I don’t wait anymore!”

“I’ve had enough, let me worship a little doll as a teacher, this is insulting my Luo’s IQ and personality, and worship a bird’s teacher!”

At this time, one of Luo’s four also walked out, stood beside Ji Zichang, and said loudly: “But there is a brother who would like to walk out of this city of Jinghua with me?”

“Count me one!”

“Old man is here too!”

Later, Li Chengcai of Li Family and Zhao Qingzhou of Zhao Family also came out one after another.

One family at a time, all expressed their position, preferring to be expelled from the family by Old Ancestor, away from the city of Jinghua, rather than to be humiliated by Yang Fan, the child of Huangkou.


Ji Er’er, Li Guanying, Luo Jiangnan and Zhao Congshuang’s four leaders, all at the moment are all black and ink.

Is this rebellion?

These four openly violated the orders of Old Ancestor and refused to worship Yang Fan as a teacher. That’s all. They even threatened to leave the city of Jinghua and be cut off from the genealogy. How is this different from the traitors?

More importantly, how did these four people take the lead to blame Yang Fan, and let the rest of them cling to the old Ancestor order to get started smoothly? These four guys obviously want to pull them into the water, Its heart can be blamed!

“Master Yang…”

“Mr. Yang Fan is angry…”

Ji Lao Er, Li Guanying, Luo Jiangnan and Zhao Congshuang uttered their hands almost at the same time, and wanted to explain to Yang Fan that their position was stated.

However, before finishing the conversation, Yang Fan was interrupted by a wave of his hand.

“Several people don’t need to explain too much. I said that, Yang Fan, someone has never been a stingy person. I wouldn’t take too seriously for these four emperors, and I wouldn’t get angry because of it. To you.”

Yang Fan lightly said lightly, but not at all reassuring the second and fourth members of Ji.

Because Yang Fan said just now that he is not a “little person”, he directly cut off Ji Zichang’s path to apprenticeship. They are afraid that Yang Fan will make another turn.

Sure enough.

After Yang Fan said the above sentence, he glanced at Ji Zichang, Luo Yuanfang, Li Chengcai, and Zhao Qingzhou, then instructed to Ji Danyun behind him lightly:

“Dan Yun, the four people in front of you, except Zhao Qingzhou, are all killed!”

What kind of stuff?

All slaughtered? !

For a time, all the people present were in a state of coercion.

Especially Gu Yang, Sima Xuefeng and Mei Cailan were unexpectedly repeated. The revenge of the whole didn’t expect Yang Fan was so heavy.

People just don’t want to go to the teacher, and they don’t just kill it so seriously?

In their impressions, Yang Fan is not such a murderous person, what is happening today?

On the opposite side, Ji Zichang, Luo Yuanfang, Li Chengcai, and Zhao Qingzhou, who were named by Yang Fan, snorted, seeming to be laughing at Yang Fan overestimate one’s capabilities and poor provocation.

With a guy who has just advanced to the half-step Spirit Emperor realm, he can’t even completely free himself from the coercion of the will, and he wants to capture and kill their four Peak emperors. How can it be so easy?

even more how, Yang Fan is so cruel, he will take his life if he doesn’t move, obviously has angered Ji Jiujie, Li Guanying, Luo Jiangnan and Zhao Congshuang who are the leaders of Aristocratic Family.

If their eighteen Peak emperors are linked together, Yang Fan has a half-step Spirit Emperor, and Gu Yang and their three Peak emperors help, and they don’t have any advantage.

“It’s really stupid enough, are all the youngsters so arrogant?”

Ji Zichang laughed and said that he didn’t take Yang Fan’s threat to taking seriously, let alone Yang Fan’s young man.

Behind Yang Fan.

Ji Danyun, who heard the order, just accidentally stunned God, and began to execute Yang Fan’s order without any hesitation.

Everything she gives is now given by the Master, and she will certainly not be slacked off by the Master’s orders.

Not to mention letting her kill three Peak Emperors now, even if Yang Fan asked her to find other Half Emperor, Ji Danyun would also without the slightest hesitation.

“The three of you dare to say nothing to the Master, or give the old body peace of mind!”

Ji Danyun’s attack was fierce and fierce. Psionic’s long-range attack was shown vividly and thoroughly by her, but when the thought moved, three wind blades flashed directly in the neck of three Ji Zichang.

shua~ shua~ shua~!

Unexpectedly relaxed, just in a blink of an eye, the three heads will roll to the ground without any hindrance, which is easier than killing the three chicks!

“Lying trough! What is this situation? Ji Danyun has just broken through the border, how could it become such a great cow directly, this is not scientific!”

Gu Yang’s body stiffened when he saw the three human heads rolling down. Unable to bear opened his mouth wide.

He didn’t expect Yang Fan to say that he would kill without killing.

He didn’t even think that Ji Zichang, Luo Yuanfang and Li Chengcai would be so weak that they’re no resistance under Ji Danyun’s attack.

More than that.

There are Ji Jiujie, Li Guanying and Luo Jiangnan, but they are not weak, how could there be no one to block it just now?

“Did you not feel it?”

Mei Cailan glanced with a lingering fear and glanced directly at the foot of Yang Fan not at all. The little crocodile with a sense of presence, gently said to Gu Yang and Sima Xuefeng sound transmission:

“The iron-toothed crocodile beast beside Yang Fan Elder suddenly burst out a slight sovereign’s prestige pressure, and the eighteen Aristocratic Family emperors across from him should have all been imprisoned.”

In other words, it’s not that they don’t want to resist, but that they are under the restraint of half oversigne’s prestige and simply do not have that resistance.

Don’t see Ji Ji Er, Li Guanying, Luo Jiangnan, their faces turned red, all the expressions of fear and anxiety flashed in their eyes?

These people were all frightened.

They simply did not expect that Yang Fan had always relied on Ji Danyun, the disciple of Spirit Emperor, who had just advanced to half a step, but an iron tooth crocodile lying on his feet like a salted fish.

“Damn it!”

“Why has no one ever told Lao Tzu that Yang Fan still has a pet at the half Sovereign level?”

“Isn’t this a pitman?”

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