I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1259


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Everyone was shocked.

Who would have thought that there would be a big monster with a half Sovereign level as a beast beside a little King Realm?

Moreover, Yang Fan’s temperament seems to be cruel and brutal, and his heart is so small that he takes his life at every turn. Who is not afraid?

Will this kid kill all of them in a rage?

You know, they just started to have some strange thoughts just now, but they haven’t had time to fully reveal that’s all.

Ji Erji, Li Guanying, Luo Jiangnan and Zhao Congshuang’s bodies were stiff, and even if half of the superior’s prestige pressure had already dissipated from them, they trembling and daring not move.

Three fresh heads rolled to the ground, and blood splattered before their eyes.

These are all Peak Martial Emperor. Ji Zichang, Luo Yuanfang, and Li Chengcai lost their lives without any resistance. If they were replaced by them, they would probably be the same in the end.

Now, Ji Jiujin and the others have even begun to rejoice in their hearts, fortunately they have just jumped out to be dead, not their own, otherwise the three heads in front of them will be their lessons.

“How could this happen?!”

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me, I know it’s wrong! wu wu wu ……”

Zhao Qingzhou, who stood up to die with Ji Zichang, Luo Yuanfang, and Li Chengcai, and suddenly stood dead on the ground like a silly man, babbling, crying for mercy, and urinating under the buttocks. dispersion.

But at this time, no one came forward to laugh at him, because everyone was so scared that they wanted to pee a little, but Zhao Qingzhou was the most irritated and urinated directly that’s all.

The four people who first came out to provoke Yang Fan died at once, and the head was cut off in front of his eyes. The stimulation and pressure on Zhao Qingzhou can be imagined.

It’s just that many people don’t understand, why did Yang Fan leave Zhao Qingzhou alone without killing?

The words just said by Zhao Qingzhou are no better than the three of Ji Zichang. According to Yang Fan’s violent temper that just kills and kills, shouldn’t he spare his life?

At this time.

In an underground chamber in Jinghua City.

Li Miaocai, Chen Xiaoyu, Zhao Sanyuan, Luo Qing, Ji Sicheng, and Cao Jun who have been paying attention to the status of teacher apprenticeship on Yang Fan have seen this situation.

Especially Li Miaocai, Luo Qing and Ji Sicheng are unfathomable mystery.

“What do you mean, Yang Fan?”

“He doesn’t look like a murderous violent man, how could he suddenly kill the three of them?”

“Even if you want to stand up, there is no need to kill people directly?”

Clan clansman died one person each, and they are all elites who are expected to break through to the Half Emperor realm.

But this is not enough for them to have too much malice towards Yang Fan, they just don’t understand why Yang Fan does this, even if he wants to kill the chicken to warn the monkey, there is no need to actually kill Right?

“In other words, when you let these children go to the teacher, didn’t you tell them that there is a semi-empire beast beside Yang Fan?”

Chen Xiaoyu suddenly asked several people present.

Ji Zichang and Li Chengcai are not stupid. If there is a half emperor beast body protection next to the understood Yang Fan in advance, even if they are dissatisfied in their hearts, they dare not jump out and be rude to Yang Fan?

“I don’t have it!”

“Forget the old man!”

“The old man did not forget it, but the old man thought that taking the apprentice to stand up, let Yang Fan Xiaoyou come first, so…”

“The same is true of old man. I hope to use Yang Fan’s hand to teach these proud and arrogant younger generations, but I never thought that Yang Fan’s temper was so big…”

Li, Ji, Luo, and Zhao all shook their heads in denial.

They are Old Ancestor, not nanny, there is no need to cover everything.

Moreover, at that time, Ji Danyun directly broke through the border, and they were very shocked. Plus, all the families are rushing to let clansman go to the teacher, who has the spare time to explain so much to them?

Lady Ji and Li Guanying, almost all of them were slapped by their old Ancestor to Jinghua Martial University.

After hearing these four people’s answers, Chen Xiaoyu was speechless for a while.

“The three disobedient little things that’s all, if you die, you will die. It’s useless to say more.”

Cao Jun lightly said: “The old man is more interested in why Yang Fan did not kill the Zhao Family’s Little Brat?”

Zhao Sanyuan’s forehead raised a few black lines.

This Cao Junte is not something. Co-authored, you still hope that Zhao Family will die?

However, that Zhao Qingzhou is really a waste. The head is just a big bowl scar. What are you crying about and urinating? My old Zhao Family’s face was completely lost by this stupid thing.

If it is not that he is inconvenient to show up now, Zhao Sanyuan wants to slap Zhao Qingzhou to death.

The martial artist of Zhao Family can be defeated, hurt, or even die, but he can’t be counseled!

The guy who was directly scared by Yang Fan to cry and urinate is not worthy of being a grandson of their old Zhao Family.

Such a soft egg, even if he is on the battlefield in the future, it will be a surrender.

“Brother Cao is suspecting that the three people killed by Yang Fan’s children, like those of your Cao clan, are all possessed by demon spirits?”

Li Miaocai was so moved that he turned to Cao Jun.

Jinghua Cao’s clan was so saturated with Monster Race that the Manchu were wiped out, and they had only just learned about it.

It seems that the first thing that Cao’s clansman was possessed by the demon spirit was discovered by Yang Fan.

“Almost.” Cao Jun lightly said: “After the old man came out, I investigated the entire process of development of my Cao clan’s extinction by the heirs. Then I learned that Yang Fan was born with a natural eye. Directly destroy the possessed demon even disguised by Alien…”

“If the old man is not bad, Yang Fan must have found something in the three juniors, so it’s without the slightest hesitation to kill the killer!”

The expression of Cao Jun’s voice fell, and the expressions of Li Miaocai, Luo Qing, Zhao Sanyuan and the others changed.

Not shocked by Cao Jun’s inference, but one of the three people who were ordered to be killed by Yang Fan in the dormitory of Yang Fan apartment, the body of one person was directly transformed into a giant. Ape monkey body.

“Alien family!”

The crowd exclaimed at the same time, and their eyes were unbelievable.

“Ji Zichang turned out to be an Alien?” Ji Sicheng reacted the most violently: “How could this be possible, the old man has personally checked it and found nothing unusual?”

He didn’t believe that his clansman would have any problems, but the process of Ji Zichang’s body turning into Alien’s body happened in front of them. Nothing was allowed to be fake, and he couldn’t believe it.

“What’s so strange about this?” Luo Qing interjected at this time: “Alien is secretive, this is a consensus. When the three Sovereign adults were all there, I didn’t realize that Alien was in the Human Race. Clan penetration?”

With his words, Luo Qing’s thoughts moved and performed a gentle grabbing operation towards the Yang Fan apartment.

Later, two groups of soul energy were collected by her in her palm.

“Look at this, these are the two waves of Divine Soul that the old body found on the other two deceased, see what is abnormal?”

Luo Qing spread his right palm and let out the two strands of breath in his spiritual confinement.

Soon, Li Miaocai, Ji Sicheng and the others changed again.

“This is the breath of Monster Race beast! Li Chengcai and Luo Yuanfang were both possessed by the demon spirit!”

When did this happen and why did they never notice it?

“Yeah, the three people who were killed by Yang Fan’s friends, one was transformed by Alien, and the other two were possessed by demon spirits, but we half-Old Emperor Ancestor didn’t know anything about it. I think it makes people feel numb!”

Luo Qing was terrified.

An own possessive demon was lurking in his family’s heirlines. If it were not discovered by Yang Fan this time, the scourge of genocide might not be far away.

Think about the end of Jinghua Cao’s court. All the half emperors who were on the court were sweating coldly and could not themselves.

These cubs are too hidden. If Yang Fan didn’t kill them, they would find some clues from the Divine Soul fluctuations after the death of these monsters. Maybe they are still being masked until now. In the drum.

Yang Fan Dormitory.

Ji Zichang’s three heads lost almost three breaths, and the corresponding system hint came from Yang Fan’s ear.

“Ding! Your discipline Ji Danyun successfully killed a Peak Spirit Emperor Ji Zichang (Alien), Sect loyalty 100% experience bonus success, your Qi blood cultivation base has improved, Qi blood intensity +9000000.”

“Ding! Your disciplinary Ji Danyun successfully killed a Peak Monster Emperor Li Chengcai (Feng San), Sect loyalty 100% experience bonus success…”

“Ding! Your disciplinary Ji Danyun successfully killed a Peak Monster Emperor Luo Yuanfang (Phoenix Fung). Sect’s loyalty is 100% and the experience bonus is successful…”

Yang Fan glanced down at the three corpses on the ground. He was chopped off his head and he didn’t die instantly. He stayed hard for a few seconds before he was completely silent. The desire to survive is very strong.

Sensing the origin of the fresh Divine Soul that escaped from the three heads, Yang Fan thought of it and directly acted the temptation of Divine Soul, converging all three beast souls into his own sea of ​​knowledge.

At this time.

Ji Lao Er, Li Guanying, Gu Yang, Sima Xuefeng and the others also suddenly found that Ji Zichang, whose corpse had become an Alien’s corpse, had a big change in the expression at the same time.


“Ji Zichang turned out to be an Alien?!”

“Also, the fluctuations of Divine Soul that Li Chengcai and Luo Yuanfang just escaped are so powerful that it is undoubtedly the beast soul!”

“Both of them were possessed by demon spirits!”


Do you want to be so excited?

The dozen of Peak Emperors who were present were cautiously pounding their livers, and could not accept what was happening in front of them.

It was so sudden.

For a long time, it turned out that it was not Yang Fan who was bloodthirsty, but he discovered the abnormality of Ji Zichang three people early in the morning, so he would kill the killer to prevent future troubles!

As for why Zhao Qingzhou was not directly slaughtered, the answer is also obvious, because among the four people who jumped out to die, only this bad luck egg is the real Human Race.

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