I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1260


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Yes, bad luck eggs.

After the inhuman identities of Ji Zichang, Li Chengcai and Luo Yuanfang were determined, Zhao Qingzhou, the only Human Race identity, was undoubtedly embarrassing.

Not only was Scared witless scared by Yang Fan, but he also broke a ground, but he also fell to a name enchanted by Alien or Monster Race. Various reviews by Lord House.

In the words of Ji Ji Er and theirs, this stupid child is better to die than alive.

Zhao Qingzhou is clearly aware of this.

Seeing that the little friend who just joined him with the enemy to condemn Yang Fan, not only became a headless corpse in the next second, but even the status of Human Race is no longer the same.

One Alien and two demon spirits, isn’t this a dad?

“I…ri you ancestor Banbaner! Ji Zichang, you are so miserable to be your father!”

Zhao Qingzhou roared in his heart, how miserable the expression on his face was, how miserable it was, how sad it was.

Although his performance just a little bit counseled, it was also because of too much stimulation. It is such is human nature. Even if it will be despised by others, it will never lose its meaning.

But now.

All of his companions have become Alien and spy, swiping the position under the buttocks and sitting across from the Human Race.

Even if he knows he is innocent and knows that he has never betrayed Human Race, then what can anyone say?

If you don’t talk about others, it’s the old Ancestor from Zhao Family who can slap him to death. Are you believe or not?

“It’s over, it’s all over!”

“didn’t expect I have been smart in Zhao Qingzhou for a lifetime, and eventually I will be pitted by three demon cubs! It’s so worthless!”

Zhao Qingzhou sat paralyzed. There was no joy of avoided a catastrophe in his eyes. Instead, he was ashamed, and a breath of despair spread across his body and the sea of ​​knowledge.

If you are not reluctant to kill yourself, as long as Ji Zichang’s three people have exposed their identities, he wants to break himself.

“Okay, the three trashes have been cleaned up. Let’s talk about the business now.”

Yang Fan lightly pats his hand and speaks out again to concentrate all his attention on his side.

“I said just now, I am Yang Fan. Someone has never been stingy, nor will I deliberately do things for a small matter.”

“Well, unless, that person is not my family.”

I heard Yang Fan saying again that he was not an angry person. Everyone present consciously shivered for a while, a little allergic.

“The sect created by Yang, named Demon Extinguishing Sect, you should be able to guess one or two after hearing the name. The purpose of set up Sect is to kill the world’s Monster Race.”

“In other words, the purpose of Demon Extinguishing Sect is to kill Monster Race and destroy Monster Race. Since you want to enter my Demon Extinguishing Sect, it is best to have a psychological preparation in advance and enter the door. , It means to face the endless killing, if anyone comes with the mentality of getting a good day, you can now please return.”

Yang Fan’s words fell, and most of these Aristocratic Family’s emperors changed their colors.

Gu Yang, Sima Xuefeng, and Mei Cailan, who were sitting in front of Yang Fan, heard the blood boiling and agreed with each other. Their favorability for Yang Fan sou sou soared upward.

This is the biggest difference between the main battle faction and the defending faction. The main battle faction kills again and advocates killing by killing to kill Salvation.

The Shoucheng faction advocates peace as the most important thing, rests in the status quo, and even looks forward to coexisting with Monster Race in such a “peaceful way”.

Obviously, these Emperor Powerhouses from the Aristocratic Family are almost all such city defenders. Otherwise, they will not be closed down for several decades, and the threat to Monster Race outside the city is simply ignored.

“Now, I will give you another chance to choose.”

Yang Fan’s gaze swept over the faces of Ji Erji, Li Guanying, Zhao Congshuang, Luo Jiangnan and the others, lightly said:

“People who don’t agree with my Demon Extinguishing Sect and don’t want to worship me Yang Fan Someone is a teacher can now leave.”


There is silence in the living room.

No one spoke or left.

cracking a joke, the four people who just shouted about to leave were dead, and one of them was still sitting in a urine stain and dared not stand up. The whole person was useless.

Where do they know if Yang Fan deliberately set them up to drill?

Also, when he came, Old Ancestor had already issued a death order, either apprentice or get out, even if they wanted to leave, they didn’t have the guts!

“Why, no one will take the initiative to leave?”

“It seems that everyone still agrees with the purpose of my Demon Extinguishing Sect’s set up Sect!”

Yang Fan’s mouth was ticked, and an extremely kind smile appeared on his face.

If he let these people take the initiative to leave, he just casually told the guys who were watching the screen.

With so many high-quality smurf ids in front of them, Yang Fan said that they would not let them go easily.

Will you be willing to actively hunt Monster Race? Is it a city guardian? To be honest, Yang Fan doesn’t care at all. As long as he enters his door, Yang Fan has some ways to make them become devoured.

Not to mention anything else, just to exchange the beast soul for the soul refining pill, the emperors who keep these Aristocratic Family automatically find a way to hunt the demonic beast that is similar to their level.

“Since no one is willing to leave, and each and everyone is so sincere, I am not good at rejecting beyond a thousand li, otherwise I will give you a chance to get started.”

Yang Fan Wen looked at the dozen Peak Emperors in front of him with a smile, and waved at them, saying: “If you have no opinion, let’s start now, one by one, first self-introduction , Let me check your aptitude!”

No matter how hungry you are, you can’t play hooligans, right? The process should still be walked. After all, there are so many big guys secretly looking at the screen, and you can’t act too casually.

Of course, more importantly, Yang Fan wants to give these people the opportunity to check aptitude, and then first fill up the favorability, then say, otherwise the 30 or 50 favorability rewarded by the system when the teacher is introduced Isn’t it a waste?

“I’m coming first!”

Ji Erji was the first to stand up, take two steps lightly, came two meters away from Yang Fan, bowed to Yang Fan, and said, “Student Ji Lianghuai, from Jinghua Ji, sincerely want to worship Mr. Ji As a teacher, please ask Mr. to test!”

The posture is very low, and the speech is smooth and sincere.

Yang Fan is satisfied with nodded, just and honourable: “Remove all the defensive power from your body, don’t have any resistance!”

After finishing, Yang Fan directly detected Spiritual Power and swept to Ji Jiujie. The charm skills were also thrown out at the same time.

“You have exhibited charm skills for Peak Martial Emperor Ji Lianghuai, but the charm fails. Ji Lianghuai feels a little bit and doesn’t care, Spiritual Power +5, Spirit willpower +5, and skill proficiency +10.”

“You have used charm skills on Peak Martial Emperor Ji Lianghuai, 30% of the six defenses are ignored, and the charm is successfully triggered, the charm is successful, Ji Lianghuai’s favorability to you is greatly improved, Spiritual Power +5, spirit willpower +5, skill proficiency + 10.”


“You have exhibited charm skills for Peak Martial Emperor Ji Lianghuai, and the charm is successful. Ji Lianghuai’s favorability for you has been greatly improved. The meaning of closeness is exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech. Soul knows the sea and the relationship between the two parties is extremely friendly. Spiritual Power +5, spirit willpower +5, and skill proficiency +10.”


Only once failed, and the second time directly charmed the success.

Yang Fan is extremely satisfied, knowing that as his spirit strength and God’s Soul Power increase, even a Martial artist at Peak Martial Emperor this level, it will become increasingly difficult to resist his charm skills.

After three times, five divisions and two, turning Ji Lianghuai into Zhenzhener’s own person, Yang Fan signaled him to stand aside and began to rush down to an Aristocratic Family Emperor.

“You showed charm skills to Ji Tiancheng of Peak Martial Emperor, but the charm failed, but Ji Tiancheng was aware of it and didn’t take it seriously…”

“You have used charm skills to Peak Li Chengyu, the charm is successful, Li Chengyu has greatly improved your favor…”

Soon, the 14 Aristocratic Family Peak emperors who stood in the hall all passed the test of Yang Fan, and stood aside in awe in awe, waiting for Yang Fan to pronounce the final test result. This kind of dissatisfaction has a mad and wanton spirit.

Yang Fan glanced at them with satisfaction, then turned his eyes, turned his head to look at Zhao Qingzhou, who was still paralyzed on the ground, and said softly:

“Zhao Qingzhou, it’s your turn!”

Zhao Qingzhou was shocked, and looked up at Yang Fan a little strangely.

What do you mean, does Yang Fan want to accept him as a mere disciple?

How could this be possible? Just now that he clearly offended Yang Fan so much, he almost spit on Yang Fan. How could Yang Fan accept him again?

Gu Yang, Sima Xuefeng and the others are also looking side by side, and are impressed by Yang Fan’s amazing demeanor to report grievances with virtue and support the big ship in the belly of the prime minister.

But I don’t know. Yang Fan just didn’t want to waste such a top grade smurf id, but wanted one more employee who could help him work cultivation and earn experience.

As for Zhao Qingzhou’s character and virtue, he paid a tutor, entered the door, and got into the arranged pocket. Did he not just want to tune it?

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