I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1261


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“This Little Brat, complaining of virtue, actually gave birth to a Bodhisattva Heart.”

“Yeah, the killing decision and blood-sucking brutality that just ordered the beheading of the three non-human monsters turned into compassionate mercy and generosity in a blink of an eye, which is really uncomfortable!”

In the underground chamber, several semi-huang emperors watched Yang Fan’s attitude towards Zhao Qingzhou very unexpectedly.

Especially Zhao Sanyuan, seeing that Yang Fan not only blamed his clansman, but also took the initiative to speak up again, and gave him a chance to visit the teacher again. His heart also felt a little grateful.

Yang Fan’s move not only preserved their faces for Zhao Family, but also equivalently saved Zhao Qingzhou’s life.

After all, it is Bloodline of his own lineage, and it is still a cultivation to reach the elite of Peak Emperor Peak. If possible, Zhao Sanyuan does not want to expel it from the house or even directly lose his life.

Just as Zhao Qingzhou’s status, Zhao Sanyuan has always been in his eyes, not only being terrified, but also dying of death.

Judging by Zhao Sanyuan’s life experience of nearly 300 years of life, this kid could not be cruel even at that time, but with the passage of time, especially after being expelled from the house, there is a 90% possibility Will be self-determined directly.

“Yang Fan’s friend should have seen this too, so he made an exception and gave him a chance?”

“It’s such a good child. I only hope that Zhao Qingzhou’s kid can be grateful and seeking to repay the kindness. Sin barrier!”

Zhao Sanyuan had thoughts in his mind and temporarily withdrew his intention to expel Zhao Qingzhou from his family.

In the apartment.

Yang Fan succeeded in turning Zhao Qingzhou into himself on the grounds of detecting aptitude, and then smiled loudly, looking at the 15 Peak emperor in front of him, lightly said:

“Now, I will ask you one last question, but sincerely want to worship me as a teacher and enter my Demon Extinguishing Sect?”

At the same time, the fifteen people bowed their hands in unison, and answered in unison: “Master Yang Mingjian, we are sincere and sincere, and we sincerely ask Master Yang Fan to include me in the door wall!”

Yang Fan was satisfied with the nodded and glanced at Ji Danyun next to him.

Ji Danyun took notice, took the first two steps lightly, and looked at the Emperor Ten Aristocratic Families solemnly, lightly said: “Since that is the case, then you can go to the teacher’s gift now.”

“Our Demon Extinguishing Sect doesn’t have so many rules, we don’t need to bow down, we just have to be sincere.” Ji Danyun said: “You Junior Brothers and sisters, please come forward three steps, bow to the Master to pay respects, and sincerely call out’ Master’just!’

As a person coming over, Ji Danyun is still quite experienced.

Seeing that the Old Antique, who seemed to have been with her for so many years, was also scrambling to enter the door of Yang Fan, she instantly felt less embarrassed.

There is no order of learning, the master is the teacher.

What’s wrong with worshipping a little baby as a master, as long as the cultivation base can be improved, as long as the strength can be enhanced, the face and so on are not important.

even more how, there are more than one of her teachers, even if she is embarrassed, even if she is ridiculed by her back, then it is not that she is being humiliated and ridiculed by someone. do not have?

Hearing Ji Danyun’s prompt, Ji Jiujie and the others stepped forward to bow at the same time.

“Disciple Ji Lianghuai, see the Master!”

“disciple Li Guanying, meet the Master!”

“Disciple Luo Jiangnan, meet the Master!”


Yang Fan sat comfortably and received the salute of these smurf ids with a smile on his face. At the same time, the system hint in his ear kept ringing.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for receiving a high apprentice, Peak Martial Emperor Ji Lianghuai’s success in apprenticeship. The Peak Martial Emperor Ji Lianghuai’s relationship with the host was detected to be extremely friendly, with a slight increase in favorability and Sect loyalty +30.”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for receiving a high apprentice, Peak Martial Emperor Zhao Qingzhou’s successful apprenticeship. The Peak Martial Emperor Zhao Qingzhou’s relationship with the host is detected as extremely friendly. Zhao Qingzhou is very grateful to the host, and the favorability is greatly increased, Sect +60 loyalty.”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for receiving a high student, Peak Martial Emperor Zhao Congshuang’s success in apprenticeship…”

Among the fifteen newcomer disciplines, apart from Zhao Qingzhou’s gratitude to Yang Fan for his extra-legal gratitude, Sect’s loyalty has reached sixty points from the beginning, and the rest’s Sect loyalty All stay at 30.

Yang Fan is slightly nodded. I am quite satisfied with the result. With a wave of my hand, I began to give the Soul Refining Pill and the disciplinary order according to the usual practice, and continue to learn Sect experience.

After some fierce operations, it finally ushered in today’s highlight.

“Since I have entered my Demon Extinguishing Sect, the Sect’s Exclusive cultivation technique in our sect is indispensable, and now we are all happy, and we must personally teach the teacher!”

Speaking, Yang Fan’s Spiritual Power scored fifteen and went to the Sea of ​​Consciousness Space of these fifteen new disciplines.

“You concentrate on trying to teach the disciples Zhao Congshuang the Heaven Grade Golden Body Technique-Flying Bear Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique, success! Spiritual power +2, spirit willpower +2.”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully teaching Discipline Zhao Congshuang the Heaven Grade forged body secret technique-Flying Bear Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique, Sect loyalty percentage bonus was successfully inspired, and Disciple Zhao Congshuang automatically acquired 100% of the host’s skill proficiency bonus , Flying Bear Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique skill proficiency +36888, current skill proficiency (36888100000).”

“Ding! Your discipline Zhao Congshuang making a breakthrough, cultivation base promoted to the Half Emperor realm, thank you for your heart, greatly increase the sense of belonging of Sect, Sect loyalty is extremely enhanced, Sect team spirit + 10.”

“You concentrate your mind and try to teach the disciplinary Li Chengyu Heaven Grade calcined body secret technique-Flying Bear Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique, teach success…”

“You concentrate your mind and try to teach the Heaven Grade Secret Body Technique of Disciple Luo Jiangnan-Flying Bear Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique, teach success…”


bang! bang! bang!

One after another, one after another.

At the same time, the atmosphere of Half Emperor’s breakthrough in the fifteen consecutive times has spread in the small apartment of Yang Fan.

Ji Lao Er, Li Guanying, Luo Jiangnan, etc., all 15 Peak emperors, even after Yang Fan’s power transmission, burst out amazing blood or Spiritual Fluctuation.


Without exception, all 15 Peak Emperors have successfully advanced to Half Emperor Realm!

It was as simple as drinking a cold water, piercing a window paper, and bothering these Peak emperor’s cultivation barriers for several decades, it was once Shattered!

Gu Yang, Sima Xuefeng, and Mei Cailan who have been sitting by and watching are directly scared and stupid, each and everyone open their mouths for a long time, and can not speak for a long time.

“Yang Fan really can help Peak Emperor Peak break through!”

“No wonder Ji Yun, the master of this domain, will succumb to him as a teacher and obey his words!”

“No wonder Ji Lianghuai and Li Guanying, the Old Guys who lived in the turtle shell for several decades, will rush to come to the teacher, but just bow to the Master and they will be able to break through their cultivation decades’ cultivation bottleneck. Not willing?”

“What should I do, the old lady is also a little disabled to bear and wants to apprentice!”

The three people’s minds were born with miscellaneous thoughts, and they could not be calmed down for a long time. All of them were stimulated not lightly, and even had the thought of betraying the original teacher and casting under Yang Fan.

15 Emperor Peak, no one failed, but all of them succeeded in the promotion. It was too shocking, too exciting, and incredible!

Gu Yang only really understood at this time why the old master of Fang Caigu would let him worship Yang Fan as a teacher. With such temptation and chance, how many people in the world can bear it?

At the moment when they saw Ji and their fifteen people promoted at the same time, Rao was Gu Yang, the Dean of Jinghua Martial University, and he was also unable to bear.

“Sure enough, I was able to breakthrough to half-step Spirit Emperor is not an accident, Master really has mastered some kind of Peak Divine barrier-free breakthrough Divine Ability secret!”

Ji Danyun’s eyes shine, and he is equally shocked.

Rao is that she herself has just experienced the practical experience of being passed through by Yang Fan, and now she has witnessed Yang Fan helping 15 the same Peak Emperor directly to break through directly. Difficult to restrain.

It’s too great Cow, it’s too much!

“Ding! Your disciplinary Ji Danyun is in a state of emotional excitement, and has a great sense of belonging to your heart and a sense of belonging to Sect. Sect’s loyalty is extremely improved. Worship value is +5 and Sect centripetal value is +20.”

After hearing the prompt, Yang Fan turned his head and glanced at Ji Danyun, just to see this beautiful female disciple looking at herself with admiration and excitement, and couldn’t help being slightly nodded.

All he wants is this effect.

Even Direct Disciple, who once had a promotion experience, such as Ji Danyun, was shocked by the 15 Peak emperor’s breakthrough and became like this. Others, including those who are peeping in secret, let alone Too.

After this battle, Yang Fan believes that in the future, if he wants to visit his Peak Emperor Peak, there will be a gathering of responders. His dream of lying down and walking up to Peak is not far away.

“Ancient Dean, Sima President, and Mei President.”

Taking advantage of these disciplines to stabilize the cultivation base, Yang Fan looked at Gu Yang and the three others.

“The three Seniors also seem to have spent a lot of time on Peak’s Realm. I don’t know if you intend to enter my Demon Extinguishing Sect. As long as you become a Junior’s sect members and disciple, Junior is sure to help the three Senior making a breakthrough, step into the Half Emperor realm!”

Gu Yang’s corner of mouth twitching, they thought about it, but they each have their own inheritance, which is really inconvenient.

“Is it necessary to get started with a teacher?”

Gu Yang sounded and interrogated, and Sima Xuefeng and Mei Cailan both put their ears up.

Yang Fan’s nodded: “Only the formal master and disciple contract is concluded, Junior’s Innate Divine Ability can be performed normally, otherwise even Junior’s biological parents, Junior cannot help them make a breakthrough directly.”

Weird inheritance requirements.

But in this unusual world, within the realm, a variety of Innate Divine Ability flowers are presented, and they have already been surprised.

This may be the real reason why Yang Fan insists on recruiting sect members and disciple continuously.

Gu Yang’s expression was dark, remembering that the cultivation base of Yang Fan’s parents was still at the stage of Martial Master and Martial Ancestor, and his heart could not help but cool.

It seems that they are really gone.

They are different from the children of Aristocratic Family such as Ji Erji and Li Guanying. They all have their own inheritance. Impossible will betray their original division in order to seek breakthrough.

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