I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1264


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Mo Jinchang’s forehead straightened with a black line, and the murderous aura at the bottom of his heart was a little bit wanting to run away. Unable to bear now wants to kill the human brat in front of him.

They are the great Alien tribes. Their ancestors have surpassed their ancestors thousands of years ago, opened spiritual wisdom, and established their own civilized society.

Which of their clansman is not three times a day, which is ten thousand times cleaner than the Human Race on this original star, where is it? !

This is Chi Guoguo’s slander and racial discrimination, and those who say these words should break into pieces!

The murderous intention on Mo Jinchang’s body is frequent, and the violent breaths are constantly washing his face and Divine Soul to know the sea. Yang Fan can’t help but tighten the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure in his hands, lest this Only Alien fly into a rage out of humiliation, really give him such a sudden.


For a long time, Mo Jinchang finally did not directly give Yang Fan a dead hand, and patiently exhaled, forcibly suppressed the murderous intention within the body.

He opened his eyelids and looked at Yang Fan up and down carefully, and then he probed again and asked, “What about the other two possessed demon spirits, they don’t always have pee on their bodies?”

Yang Fan shook his head: “That’s not there, but I’m an Emperor Rank soul refining master. I’m most sensitive to Divine Soul’s origin of the movements. Human Race and Monster Race’s Divine Soul fluctuations are very different, even if they are monsters. Possessed, the dove occupies the magpie’s nest, but it also cannot hide my spiritual perception!”

Soul refining master?

This explanation is somewhat reasonable and similar to Mo Jinchang’s previous guess.

The soul refining master was originally a special profession dealing with the monster beast of Monster Race. He can perceive that Li Chengcai and Luo Yuanfang are possessed demon spirits through the abnormality of the Divine Soul fluctuation.

“Tell old man, can you tell the identity of old man?”

After hesitating, Mo Jinchang asked the question out loudly, and then stared at Yang Fan.

Yang Fan expressionless, after hearing Mo Jinchang’s question, he took his nose and sniffed twice in front of Mo Jinchang, a slightly lightly disgusted expression in the corner of his eyebrow.

“Full of anger, even more intense than that of Ji Zichang, you are also an Alien, and you are still an old Alien with a higher cultivation base and a more cultivating base!”

With a very affirmative tone, without a little bit of disgust and contempt, Mo Jinchang almost ran away again.

Where is Lao Tzu? !

The body of the old man has been dust-free and dirt-free since he arrived at the Real Emperor Realm, and his breath is not obvious. Not to mention the urination, even the normal body odor and blood energy have been disappeared.

This abhorrent Human Race junior, is clearly speaking eloquently!

Although I was thinking this way, Mo Jinchang was still unable to bear and raised his arm to sniff under his armpit.

No way, no matter how it questioned, Yang Fan found out that his Alien identity is hard fact. In addition to the possibility that Yang Fan said, it really can’t figure out what his identity is. Exposed.

“Is it true that this kid can smell the special smell of our Alien family that is different from Human Race? Otherwise, how can I explain that he can even find the identity of the old man and the half emperor?”

Mo Jinchang began to doubt himself.

If the identity of Ji Zichang was previously exposed, it also suspects that this cultivation base is not deep enough to hide, and what weak spot is revealed by the deforming technique.

So now, even its semi-empire realm powerful Alien identity has been easily discovered by Yang Fan, it is definitely not as simple as revealing any weak spot.

Mo Jinchang has been lurking in the territory of Human Race for nearly a hundred years. The cultivation base has been cultivated all the way from the original Grandmaster to the semi-real emperor. It is also excellent to be selected by the master of the sword race of Human Race and participated in the so-called Insects. Wake plan.

If there is any weak spot on it, Sword Emperor Pan Shaoyang has long cut it off.

“This kid, can’t a dog grow a nose?”

“No, even if it’s a dog’s nose, don’t even want to smell the half-scent from the old man! Without surprise, this kid should have awakened some kind of Divine Ability mystery involving olfaction, so he can I smell something that others can’t!”

Mo Jinchang started to make up his mind by himself, and quickly inferred a seemingly reasonable explanation.

“Finally ask you another sentence.” Mo Jinchang and the murderous intention in the middle are hard to conceal, watching Yang Fan continue to ask: “You may help the old man breakthrough half emperor barrier and directly break through to become emperor?”

Is the last sentence?

Yang Fan is a bit upset, and his experience is not yet complete.

Hearing Mo Jinchang’s question, Yang Fan resolutely nodded: “Take me as a teacher, you can give it a try!”

Being able to drag on for a while is a while, anyway, it’s just fooling around and cheating on the emotions of an Alien, Yang Fan will not have any burden in his heart.

“Old Ghost Mo! Undo the barrier and let the old man come in!”

At this time, Li Miaocai’s spirit sound transmission came from outside the apartment.

Sound transmission can penetrate the stagnation of Mo Jinchang’s Time Rule and transmit it to the apartment clearly and incomparably. It can be seen that Li Miaocai’s true strength may not be inferior to Mo Jinchang.

However, when hearing Li Miaocai’s sound transmission, Mo Jinchang ignored it, as if he didn’t take seriously.

“Yang Fan Xiaoyou is kind to old man, and at the same time is the hero of the Human Race Federation, Old Ghost Mo. I hope you can think twice before you do things. Don’t find yourself and the clansman behind you uncomfortable!”

Ji Sicheng’s voice also came quietly, with a harsh tone and no politeness.

There are not only Yang Fan in the apartment, but also the elite juniors of their respective races, and they have just broken through to the Half Emperor realm, whether Li Miaocai or Ji Sicheng impossible will let Mo Jinchang Hu come.

If you are not worried about forcibly removing Mo Jinchang’s Time and Space Imprisonment, it will hurt Yang Fan and their respective clansman, these two big brothers have already chosen to brute force.


Mo Jinchang raised his eyebrows and moved his thoughts.

Sure enough, the effect is good. The voices of Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng are immediately disappeared.

“You have received Spirit Attack from Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Mo Jinchang (Alien) Tenjin Hypnosis. You have a deeper understanding of Heaven Grade fine mysterious technique-Tenjin Hypnosis. Skill proficiency +100. “

“You are under the constraint attack of Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Mo Jinchang (Alien) Time Rule, you have a sense of understanding, and the understanding of Time Rule is further deepened, the time Rule Power +0.5.”

Yang Fan knew what he was hearing from the system hint in his ear, and he was almost at the limit.

“If the old man now worships you as a teacher, can you really help the old man break through and become an emperor?”

Without interference from outsiders, Mo Jinchang continued to ask Yang Fan.

Now Sovereign does not exist on the original star. If it can successfully break through to the Sovereign state with the power of Yang Fan, why not wait for Spirit Origin Secret Realm to open, it can directly unify the entire original star, okay?

As for the apprenticeship, as long as it is done, it will kill Yang Fan, who else will know?

winner is the king, loser is the villain, which has been around since ancient times.

“Of course!” Yang Fan was decisively nodded: “I Yang Fan someone’s Innate Divine Ability has never failed! As long as you practice the apprenticeship, you will surely help you become an emperor!”

The person being hypnotized is so confident.

“You played the Great Cow and successfully gained the deep trust of Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Mo Jinchang (Alien), the social ability was greatly improved, the flexibility of the slogan was greatly enhanced, and the tongue was like a spring + 200.”

Yang Fan is happy.

This Alien actually believes his gossip, is it silly?

It’s so confusing, these Aliens’ brains are really not very good.

“Disciple Mo Jinchang, meet the Master!”

Yang Fan’s affirmative answer, Mo Jinchang finally no longer hesitated, directly learning the etiquette of Ji Ji Er when they were apprentice, bowed to Yang Fan, and called Master.

However, there is no response from Yang Fan here, simply did not receive a half system hint.

“Apprenticeship is expensive and sincere, you have no sincerity in your heart, and the gift of apprenticeship is not recognized by the Heaven and Earth Rule.”

Yang Fan shook his head slightly, lightly said: “And, you are not a Human Race, if you want to enter my door, you have to perform the three knees and nine knocks to show your sincerity.”

“You lie, your social skills are slightly improved, your dexterity is slightly enhanced, and your tongue is like a spring +1.”

Mo Jinchang is frowned and feels a bit inappropriate.

It suspects that Yang Fan is deliberately taking advantage of him, but it seems that Yang Fan’s state is still under his hypnosis control and does not seem to be lying.

Do you really want to kneel three times?

Laozi dignified a half emperor Alien, with a distinguished status, how can he bow down to a humble Human Race?

Mo Jinchang glanced around, making sure that all the people around him were imprisoned by it. Even Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng who were standing outside did not want to spy on the little information in the apartment.

“that’s all, in order to become emperor, it’s okay to feel wronged temporarily.”

“Moreover, this humble Human Race is already a dying person, and no one will know that the emperor has done this after the event!”

Mo Jinchang felt comforted by himself. After a while, he actually fell to his knees before Yang Fan.

After three kneels and nine knocks, loudly said: “disciple Mo Jinchang, visit Master, and ask Master to take me in and give me Magical Powers!”

The air is silent again.

Yang Fan shook his head slightly. Sure enough, apart from Human Race, the rites of apprenticeship of other races will not be recognized by the system.

Otherwise, the system hint should have sounded when Mo Jinchang bowed to the teacher for the first time.

“Master, can you help the discipline break through and become emperor?!”

After lying on the ground and waiting for a long time, seeing that Yang Fan had never spoken, Mo Jinchang asked to ask him unable to bear.

Yang Fan looked down at Mo Jinchang, lightly said: “Mo Jinchang should not be your real name and surname? Apprentices don’t even want to reveal their real name and surname, which kind of sincerity is this, and how to conclude a real Master contract? Come again!”

Mo Jinchang quietly.

After spending a long time in Human Race, it has long been accustomed to the human race name Mo Jinchang and has forgotten his real name.

Since the apprentice needs to swear under his real name, it is better to come again. Anyway, I have kneeled once and don’t care about coming again.

Thinking, Mo Jinchang once again knelt and knelt at Yang Fan, and said aloud: “disciple Tron, see Master, and ask Master to take me in and teach me Magical Powers!”

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