I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1265


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“This old bastard must have been awkward before!”

Standing outside the apartment, sensing the incomparable rule of forbidden forward, Ji Sicheng is unable to bear called cursed.

Because he used to think that Mo Jinchang was merely this, even if the Complemented Time Rule would not necessarily trap him.

Now, this old face is crackled.

The two of them couldn’t even break the ban on Mo Jinchang’s arrangement on the outermost layer, and now they can’t even send in Divine Soul sound transmission.

“Yeah, the strength of this old fellow was not as strong as before. It seems that today he is determined to want Yang Fan.”

Li Miaocai is also gently nodded, but his face is no longer anxious and worried.

He looked at the apartment dormitory in front of him, lightly said: “However, this is also because we refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases, otherwise the one to emerge victorious is still unknown.”

Wen Wu first, Wu Wu second, no real comparison, Li Miaocai naturally still a little bit dissatisfied.

If it were not for the use of true strength, it would affect Yang Fan and clansman descendants. Li Miaocai is confident that he has the ability to break the ban in front of him.

Ji Sicheng hearing this couldn’t help rolling the eyes, wouldn’t someone like him blow it? The key now is not the problem of being unbeatable, but how to ensure the safety of Yang Fan and clansman in the house Now, is the problem of persuading or even subduing Mo Jinchang?

“Li old man, you tell me the truth, is there any back-office already arranged, how does the old man think you are not worried at all?”

The change in Li Miaocai’s mental expression naturally concealed Ji Sicheng, who had been with him for hundreds of years. Seeing this old fellow suddenly relaxed, Ji Sicheng couldn’t help but inquire.

“The matter is here, worry about a fart?”

Li Miaocai glanced at Ji Sicheng lightly, raised his hand to the outside of the apartment, and gently said to Ji Sicheng: “Don’t you find that some unexpected changes have occurred in the spirit strength swimming trajectory outside this apartment?”

“If the old man guesses well, it should be that Yang Fan has activated him to arrange the array outside the apartment in advance.”

Ji Sicheng raised his eyebrows and blurted out: “The big moat? This Little Brat even arranged array protection corresponding to the big moat in his apartment?”

Should you be so careful?

There is a set outside the city, and another set inside the city. This is something that can only be done by a guy who takes a lot of lives. Isn’t it bothersome?

“It’s called careful driving for thousands of years.” Li Miaocai didn’t take it seriously: “You don’t know the identity and situation of Yang Fan, but he is Number One under the Sovereign level on the Monster Race hunting list. Person, there are not many people who want to take his life to redeem rewards.”

“Look now, isn’t the imaginary formation in this city useful?”

“Although it is a simple Formation, the scale and power are not comparable to the large fortification outside the city, but it should be enough to protect or confuse the enemy.”

Li Miaocai watched this wave of more and more intense array fluctuations in front of him, and he was in a good mood. He knew that Yang Fan was not so easy to deal with Little Brat.

At the moment when the fluctuations in the Formulation appeared, Li Miaocai no longer worried about the safety of Yang Fan, but instead began to worry about Mo Jinchang.

He has witnessed the scene where Yang Fan shot and killed the half emperor demon. In case Mo Jinchang did too much in it and showed too much hostility, Yang Fan is not a good boy, Li Miaocai I was really worried that Yang Fan would also use Mo Jinchang’s headshot against his semi-imperial iron-toothed crocodile.

In any case, Mo Jinchang is the half emperor of Human Race. Even if he behaves a bit more and is more overbearing, he is still the half emperor of Human Race. If he is really killed by Yang Fan, then the Federation’s The loss is too great.

“Are you sure these imaginary formations really work?” Ji Sicheng shook his head slightly: “Do not forget, this Old Ghost Mo’s Time Rule is banned, but even spirit strength can be directly imprisoned, Yang Fan array may not be able to Effective.”

“Yeah, in principle, Mo Jinchang’s Time Rule can indeed imprison everything, whether it is spirit strength or psionic power, it will remain stationary and cannot play any role in his rule prohibition.”

Li Miaocai changed his tone and said, “But the problem now is that the imaginary formation outside this apartment has started to start on its own, and it has even completely wrapped up the field of Mo Jinchang’s rules.”

“old man does not know how Yang Fan Xiaoyou did this step, but the fact is already in front of him, Mo Jinchang has entered the battle!”

“The old man is now worried, but don’t let the old ghost turn the boat over and lose his life to the old ghost!”

Ji Sicheng raised an eyebrow: “Is this possible? Yang Fan It shouldn’t be so brave, Old Ghost Mo is the half emperor of Human Race, easily beheaded!”

The formidable power of the moat, Ji Sicheng has also seen it with his own eyes. A cultivation base is not inferior to his semi-imperial iron-toothed crocodile. It only takes a few minutes to get rid of it and it is not even a slag. Left.

So, he is not very suspicious of Yang Fan Formation’s formidable power, but just thinks that Mo Jinchang is not deadly.


Li Miaocai whispered, would a master who dare singlehanded to deal with two half-empire monsters, a fierce person who dare to invade Monster Race Saint to kill the ring, would he lack courage?

Since learning of the news that Black Wind Valley was almost destroyed, Li Miaocai has seriously suspected that the person who secretly shot was Yang Fan.

Otherwise it wouldn’t be so coincident. Shortly after Yang Fan conquered the semi-empire beast, Black Wind Valley was taken advantage of, and the semi-imperial iron-toothed crocodile was killed by headshots. It’s almost a blessing.

Others don’t know that Yang Fan owns a pet of a half-towered iron-toothed crocodile. Yang Fan is good at performing the secret technique of headshot and half-royal. Can Li Miaocai not know?

After all, when Yang Fan’s headshot of the half emperor demon, conquering the half emperor’s beast, Li Miaocai lurked in the dark and watched. For Yang Fan’s strength and means, the courage and courage are clear.

This kid looks delicate and pretty, but in fact he is definitely a fierce person.

If Mo Jinchang really provokes him and touches the bottom line of Yang Fan, the consequences are really unimaginable.

“Did you know that lineage has always been a professional secret killing technique…”

Li Miaocai’s words haven’t been finished yet, and the scenery in front of him is suddenly changing.

If a large apartment dormitory and the outer house are all disappeared, no matter how they perceive it, they will not perceive its existence.

“It’s over, the Formation has been fully activated, and Mo Jinchang’s old bastard may be in trouble.”

Li Miaocai is silently shrugged, and even their half emperor Divine Consciousness can be completely isolated and shielded. It must be the Six Roads of Samsara. Yang Fan is undoubtedly trying to isolate them all. Opportunity to plead for Mo Jinchang.

In the apartment.

Mo Jinchang knelt down on the ground. After three kneels and nine knocks, he looked up towards Yang Fan.


Yang Fan slightly nodded, looked down at Mo Jinchang with a loving face, and said: “Okay, now relax the defense, for the teacher this will pass you the Supreme secret technique to help you directly break through the border to become emperor!”

As a result, Yang Fan’s Spiritual Power detected, and a charm skill was directly thrown onto Mo Jinchang.

It was originally most appropriate to use the pill technique at this time, but after a headshot, it would seriously damage the Divine Soul origin of this girl, and it was not Yang Fan’s favorite result.

Yang Fan also wants to ask for some news from the source of Divine Soul of this half emperor Alien, refining to get more Spiritual Power experience, this is Dual Cultivation’s Xeon Divine Soul, top grade refining material, It must not be wasted.

So, for the sake of safety, before the Six Roads of Samsara imaginary formation is fully activated, it is safest to turn this Alien into yourself.

“You have used charm skills on Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Mo Jinchang (Alien), the charm fails, Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Mo Jinchang (Alien) touches in your heart, you don’t think it is, Spiritual Power +2, Spirit willpower +2 , Skill proficiency +5.”


“You have used charm skills on Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Mo Jinchang (Alien), 30% of the six disregard defense chances are successfully triggered, charm is successful, Mo Jinchang (Alien) has greatly improved your favorability, Spiritual Power +5 , Spirit willpower +5, skill proficiency +10.”


“You have displayed charm skills to Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Mo Jinchang (Alien), and the charm has succeeded. Mo Jinchang (Alien) has greatly improved your favorability to you, showing one’s feelings in one’s speech, love The heart goes deep into the bone marrow, the loyalty consciousness is deeply embedded in Divine Soul’s understanding of the sea, and the relationship between the two parties is extremely friendly. Spiritual Power +5, spirit willpower +5, and skill proficiency +10.”

Perhaps Mo Jinchang really thought that Yang Fan was teaching him the secrets of Divine Art. He didn’t care about the non-lethal mental interference Yang Fan exerted on him.

Yang Fan only took about two minutes to successfully charm this half emperor Alien, and the favorability was also brushed to the extreme friendly.

So far.

Yang Fan was truly relaxed. The Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure in his hand withdrew one, and he looked down at Mo Jinchang, who was still closing his eyes and doing a dream of breaking through the world. Run in reverse.

Only hearing a light sound, the rule prohibition placed by Mo Jinchang around it was forcibly destroyed by Yang Fan’s equally weak Time Rule.

In the next second, everyone in the dormitory is still in the clouds and fog, not knowing what happened, when Mo Jinchang opened his eyes in amazement and showed an incredible expression.

The illusion created by the Six Roads of Samsara Grand Formation suddenly came, directly covering everyone in it.

“Master! What do you say is a good situation?”

“Liar! All liar!”

“Laozi’s head is knocking, Master is calling, but you are doing this to me?”

In the illusion, Mo Jinchang, who came back to his senses, broke into a curse and was aggrieved to cry.

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