I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1267


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200 million 20,000,000 The presence of qi and blood experience brings Yang Fan’s sensory stimulation to be unprecedented. From Divine Soul to bone marrow, it is like electricity, which stimulates Yang Fan’s body to be soft, tongue trembling, orgasm Wave after wave, turbulent.

“So cool!”

“I still want it!”

Yang Fan’s face was flushed and she slumped on the sofa so softly that she hadn’t came back to his senses from that absolute comfort for a long time.

“It is worthy to be the Alien half emperor of Dual Cultivation level, and the experience contributed is more than double that of the ordinary half emperor. Great Cow must have it!”

Yang Fan, who is slow to come, didn’t care about the strange eyes cast by several people like Ji Danyun, Gu Yang, Sima Xuefeng, and Mei Cailan. When he moved his thoughts, he directly responded to the Six Roads of Samsara imaginary formation. Alien’s corpse was used for collection and Divine Soul detention.

This Alien is the top grade of the half emperor, and the end cannot be wasted.

“You have used Advanced Gathering on the body of Spirit Emperor (Incomplete) Mo Jinchang (Alien), the collection is successful, Sovereign Fifth Level Alien refined meat +99, Sovereign Fifth Level Alien blood essence +99, Spiritual Power +5, skill +10 proficiency.”

“You used advanced collection techniques on the body of Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Mo Jinchang (Alien), the collection was successful, Sovereign Fifth Level Alien inner core +1, Sovereign Fifth Level Alien Soul Crystal +1, Spiritual Power +5, Skill proficiency +10.”

“You used advanced collection techniques on the body of Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Mo Jinchang (Alien) and the collection was successful…”

“You have exercised Divine Soul’s detention on Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Mo Jinchang (Alien)’s Divine Soul source, and the detention is successful. Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Mo Jinchang (Alien)’s Divine Soul source has been successfully intercepted. Spiritual Power + 5. Spirit willpower +5, skill proficiency +10.”

It turned out to be an Alien of Sovereign Fifth Level!

Hearing the system hint level, Yang Fan can’t help but feel a little distraught.

If it’s not the suppression of road injuries, this Alien’s real cultivation base should have reached Fifth Level Spirit Emperor level.

Fortunately, he didn’t use the throw technique to forcibly feed Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan to this Alien’s cultivation base level, even if Yang Fan took out the highest level of Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan in his hands, I’m afraid it’s just giving it food.

This is definitely the semi-empire demon with the highest cultivation base that Yang Fan has encountered so far, and it is also an Alien of Qi and Spiritual Power Dual Cultivation with terrifying end.

Thanks to this walking right into a trap, I actively drilled into the Six Roads of Samsara array arranged by Yang Fan, otherwise I am afraid that the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure may not be able to use one strike certain kill.

“However, although the process is extremely thrilling, this harvest is also excellent!”

Yang Fan glanced at what was collected from Mo Jinchang, not to mention the essence of blood essence, but that is the Alien inner core and Soul Crystal of Sovereign Fifth Level, which has already made a lot of money.

Not to mention, this Alien’s space equipment also contains a variety of heavenly materials earthly treasures, even two silver Martial God soldiers!


Yang Fan very pleased in one’s mind, once again experiencing the infinite charm of killing the demon and setting fire to the gold belt.

Looking at the Alien corpse in the imaginary formation, Yang Fan temporarily extinguished Dahei’s plan to destroy the corpse and evidence.

After all, Mo Jinchang played the Half Race of Human Race after all, so he could not disappear so quietly, especially on the premise that there are two witnesses, Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng.

If you don’t leave the body as evidence, you just rely on Yang Fan’s mouth and simply cannot explain clearly. Yang Fan doesn’t want to bear the name of a suspect who murdered the Half Race of Human Race.

“Ancient Dean, Sima President, and Mei President.” Yang Fan not at all, anxious to unlock the barrier of imaginary formation outside the apartment, turned to smile again and turned to Gu Yang. “The three of you really don’t Consider visiting my Demon Extinguishing Sect?”

Gu Yang and the three of them shook their heads decisively. In order to prevent themselves from being tempted to break through the border, the three of them stood up and said to Yang Fan.

If there is no way to stay here again, they are afraid that they will really be unable to bear to betray the teacher and switch to Yang Fan’s door instead.

Moreover, Yang Fan asks them like this, it seems to have the intention of chasing customers. If nothing else, Yang Fan may have to teach some of the newcomer’s disciples some secrets, and it’s not too much for them to stay here. Suitable.

Sure enough.

After seeing the three people get up and leave, Yang Fan feels sorry, but still stands up generously, waving the three people out of the imaginary formation of the apartment.

“Master, may I need a recipe to clear the half-Alien Alien corpse in the imaginary formation?”

As soon as the three of Gu Yang left, Ji Danyun took the initiative to open up the worries for the Master, and looked towards Yang Fan’s small eyes, full of wonder and admiration.

“No need, everyone will deal with this body in a while.”

Yang Fan shook his head slightly. It’s no surprise that Ji Danyun could see Alien’s body in the illusion of Six Roads of Samsara.

After all, it’s Yang Fan’s recipe. Before that, Yang Fan had taught the construction methods of the three imaginary formations of the moat.

Now Ji Danyun is on the level of the Six Roads of Samsara combination imaginary formation, which is almost the same as Yang Fan. Yang Fan’s move to move the formation around the apartment can’t hide her.

But this girl is clever, it seems to see that Yang Fan does not want to divulge this matter, so when there are outsiders, not at all takes the initiative to mention it.

Just a little Ji Danyun has always been strange.

When did this half emperor Alien come in the apartment?

Also, when did the Master activate the Protection Formation?

Why did these things happen to her in front of one’s eyes, but she never noticed it?

Just if it wasn’t for her that she suddenly noticed that the array fluctuations in the dormitory were abnormal, she used Yang Fan to teach the array experience to scan. She may not even know that the Master had already killed one in the unconsciously. Alien demon at half Sovereign level!

“The name of the big moat really is not in vain. Even a set of simple Formulations arranged by the Master can have such power, killing one and a half easily in silence. Emperor!”

“It’s too great a Cow!”

“As long as this new type of moat is built, the main city of Guardian Palace in my southeast can finally be preserved in this chaotic world!”

Ji Danyun sighed in his heart and was full of confidence in the future of Southeast Guardian Palace.

Isn’t this the main purpose of her apprenticeship in Jinghua City this time? At least for now, it seems that this trip is a great value for her, and this Master is more cost-effective!

Yang Fan turned his head to look at Ji Danyun, lightly said: “However, you can go to this Six Roads of Samsara imaginary formation and experience it for yourself, it is good for you!”

Said, as soon as Yang Fan waved his hand, there was an instantaneous fluctuation of Formation that covered up the whole of Ji Danyun.

Ji Danyun did not resist, with a little curiosity and exploration, he actively cooperated to penetrate into the illusion in front of him.

After manipulating the Formation and seeing that Ji Danyun has completely infiltrated into the first reincarnation of Six Roads of Samsara, Yang Fan withdrew his mind and set his eyes on the fifteen who were meditating in the hall to consolidate the cultivation base For the disciples of the newly-emerged Half Emperor, they should not wake up to see them in a short time, so they will not pay more attention.

“Senior Li, Senior Ji, I don’t know if you are here, please forgive me!”

The next second, Yang Fan’s body flickered and appeared directly at the door of the apartment. The outermost imaginary formation barrier was also removed. Yang Fan and the apartment behind him appeared again in front of Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng.

When Yang Fan meets her hand, she is very polite. What’s more important is that there are no scars and abnormalities on her body. Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng can’t help relaxing at the same time.

It’s okay, as long as Yang Fan has no accidents.

As for Mo Jinchang, it was unreasonable. If it was picked up by Yang Fan, he would only have one self to blame.

“It’s us who turned up without being invited, and troubled Yang Fan!”

Li Miaocai rushed to Yang Fan cupped the hands a little bit embarrassedly, divine sense swept across the apartment, not at all found Mo Jinchang’s trail.

Did it hang up?

Li Miaocai, who knows Yang Fan’s murderous means, can’t help but mention it, unable to bear to ask Yang Fan aloud: “Dare to ask Yang Fan, did you just have an old ghost named Mo old ghost come to have trouble?”

“That was an old friend of the old man, who was always grumpy, acted arrogantly, and did not know how to behave, did not know that he had offended the little friend?”

Ji Sicheng on the side could not help but curl one’s lip, so to ask a question, when already knows the answer is it interesting?

The Time Rule prohibition of Old Ghost Mo and the fluctuation of imaginary formation of Yang Fan Little Brat are enough to explain any problems.

If you have any questions, you can’t just ask them. It’s so shameless!

“Yang Fan, you tell us directly, is Old Ghost Mo trapped by you?”

Ji Sicheng directly said, “This old bastard, dare to openly violate the ban of Lord Sword Emperor and expose Xing Zang without permission. The old man sees him as a tired of living!”

“Yang Fan, you will release him now, see how the old man cleans him up, and promise to help you vent this tone!”

Yang Fan shook his head slightly: “Junior didn’t see any Old Ghost Mo, but just now Alien, a half emperor who was proficient in Time Rule, broke in and is now subdued by Junior.”

“If you are interested, you can come in and have a look!”

Yang Fan made a gesture of asking sideways, while Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng were dumbfounded.

What a half emperor Alien?

This joke is not funny at all. Just now it was the breath of Mo Jinchang’s old bastard, how could it suddenly become Alien?


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