I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1430


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City Protecting Great Formation is really broken.

Yang Fan felt very clearly. Just one second before the white bear Monster Sovereign left, the soles of its feet seemed to shiver suddenly.

It was this shiver that directly destroyed the array core of Six Paths of Samsara and Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array.

In an instant, the City Protecting Great Formation all stopped functioning, and even the second-class psionic shield that had been guarding outside Daixing City collapsed like a bubble.

Fortunately, because of the existence of the natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death, the endless blood rain and the endlessly turbulent Avenue Rules continue to envelop the entire Daixing City, so that the residents of the city can always get the nourishment of endless spirit strength, not at all Was immediately injured by external radiation and poisonous miasma.

However, this is not a long-term solution. Once the natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death ends, the source of spirit strength is cut off, and the Rule Power is restored, then all martial artists and civilians in the entire Daixing City who have not had time to advance to the Martial Master Realm world , Must not survive for three to five seconds.

“Why is this?”

“The White Bear Monster Sovereign has a chance to go directly to my death place. Why does it not at all do it, but only destroys the City Protecting Great Formation and the psychic shield?”

“This doesn’t make sense, what is it for?”

Yang Fan is frowns, I don’t understand.

As can be seen from the method used by the White Bear Monster Sovereign to destroy the City Protecting Great Formation, even if its main focus is on the Lord Spirit Emperor, it wants to step on that foot and destroy the entire Daixing City. There is still no difficulty for it.

But Monster Sovereign did not do this, which is very intriguing.

Is this old monster already aware of the danger in advance, knowing that Yang Fan still holds a Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure in his hand?

It shouldn’t.

With the lesson learned from the Lord Spirit Emperor last time, when Yang Fan took out the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure this time, he deliberately took out a piece of Divine Stone.

With the concealment of the Divine Stone, the breath of Monster Sovereign in Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure will inevitably not leak out. How can the white bear Monster Sovereign feel it?

“What’s wrong with this, because the master Baba is the son of Heavenly Dao, and the embodiment of the original will. If you kill him, you will inevitably suffer the hostility of the original star and damage your own destiny.”

Feng Xu spoke confidently and quietly, calmly explaining to Yang Fan.

“The old fellow of the White Bear Monster Sovereign has always been very cautious. How could it be dangerous to do such a dangerous thing?”

“After all, it hasn’t completely transcended, and it hasn’t gotten rid of the influence of the parent star’s will. Now it has fallen out with the parent star, and its deity will never want to complete the final detachment breakthrough in this life!”


Xiaohua also tapped nodded with deep conviction, and then said: “If nothing else, the White Bear Monster Sovereign mostly wants to murder a per­son with a bor­rowed knife.”

“It deliberately destroyed the City Protecting Great Formation, just to create an extremely convenient opportunity for those who have been secretly coveting the owner and want to attack and kill the owner Monster Race.”

“When did this old fellow become as sinister and vicious as Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign and good at plot against?”

Xiaofeng thought about hearing this, the phoenix feathers on her body screamed at once, turned her head and stared at Xiaohua with a bad face, and shot with murderous intention.

Slaps people don’t slap them in the face, cursing people don’t expose shortcomings.

This damn Demon Tiger dared to break the majesty of its Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign so much in front of it, what a damn!


Xiaohua casts an extremely disdainful look at Xiaofeng, and puts on a posture that you come to hit me, without any scruples.

So naive!

I feel that the blood essence Clone of Feng Xu seems to be lacking in intelligence. He even dared to provoke This Meow’er at this time. Isn’t this just asking for boring?

This cat is now a half-emperor. How can your little Monster Emperor be able to provoke?

The conversation between the two Beast Pets is not at all. With Yang Fan on his back, Yang Fan naturally heard one clearly.

It is not the first time that Yang Fan has heard of the statement of the son of Heavenly Dao or the incarnation of the original will. Sometimes when he plays the Great Cow himself, he also puts gold on himself.

However, whether he is the son of Heavenly Dao or the incarnation of the original will, others don’t know, can he still be unclear?

If it weren’t for a system boss, he would have a chance to destiny, the son of Heavenly Dao, the incarnation of the original will, all of them are lie, it’s just an excuse for him to explain his strength. .

To tell the truth, he is at best a hanger.

As for the system, is it possible that the original will be transformed? That is not a problem that Yang Fan needs to consider.

Anyway, I was misunderstood by the power of the two races of humans and demons. In fact, it was quite good, at least in terms of security.

Just like the White Bear Monster Sovereign just now, he obviously has the ability to directly hurt the killer, but because he is afraid of his original will, he dare not do it himself, and can only use this circuitous method to indirectly hurt.

There are also Lord Spirit Emperor and Lord Thunder Emperor. The reason why they were able to appear in the Northwest Realm in time for him is not necessarily without this reason.

“It is true that there are several points of truth. At least the two old monsters, Long Jiao and Xiong Yun, will rush to kill immediately after seeing the news that the City Protecting Great Formation has been destroyed?”

Yang Fan raised his brows lightly and took a deep look at Xiaohua and Little Fire Phoenix.

These two guys seem to be a little different from before. They even call the white bear Monster Sovereign an old fellow, and there is no respect or respect for Monster Race Sovereign.


Xiaohua is also that’s all, it is the same sect as Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign, and it is not afraid that the White Bear Monster Sovereign can still explain it.

But this little Fire Phoenix has a low cultivation base, but a good tone, and it seems to know a lot. What is its origin?

Just now when Xiaohua talked about the bad things about Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign, it was just like digging the ancestral grave of this little Fire Phoenix. The murderous intention in both eyes began to glow, which shows that it is the same as Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign. Very close.

Isn’t this the same as Xiaohua, and the Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign Bloodline?

“Forget it, now is not the time to care about this. No matter what status these pet beasts used to be, they are now handsome pet beasts. Dare to be disobedient and just kill them!”

Yang Fan doesn’t have much mood to care about the birth and past of these pet beasts, even if they are the demon of Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign and Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign.

Because that is not important. For Yang Fan, the important thing is that these pets are now under his control, and there is no possibility of betraying the backlash. That is enough.

“In this case, you guys are still there and do nothing, don’t hurry up and be careful to prevent Monster Race sneak attacks from outside the domain!”

Yang Fan couldn’t help but kicked Xiaohua and Fire Phoenix on the ass each, and stern sound transmission commanded.

Six Beast Pets are shivered at the same time, and immediately raise the 1.2 million points of caution and be alert to all directions.

After that, Yang Fan’s gaze swept away not far away, and the many disciplines who had just been awakened by the coercion of the White Bear Monster Sovereign’s Sovereign level.

“Ling Tian, ​​Duoduo, An Sheng, Qianqian, Feiyao…, you guys will go to the Formation center to be responsible for repairing the damaged array nodes.”

“City Protecting Great Formation is not anxious, the most important thing is to repair the psychic shield in advance. Otherwise, once the natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death ends and the rain ceases, the Martial Apprentice under all the Martial Masters in the city and Civilians will quickly perish due to direct exposure to radiation and miasma.”

“So, in any case, you must take the lead in repairing the psychic shield before the end of the natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death!”

These all are his most proud of the disciplines, and they are all from Psionic, and all of their understanding of the psionic shield comes from Yang Fan’s personal inheritance. Sending them over, Yang Fan is most relieved.

“Yes, Master!”

“Master, rest assured, we will do our best to ensure that the psychic shield is completely repaired before the rain stops!”

More than a dozen people bowed at the same time.

They are all Psionic Masters, An Sheng, Mu Qianqian, Sang Duo Duo and others, even Spirit Emperor, even half-step Spirit Emperor.

From the moment the City Protecting Great Formation and the psychic shield were destroyed, they had already sensed that countless ordinary residents in the city were already affected by the harsh environment outside the city.

It’s just because of the scouring and nourishment of the blood rain that their body abilities can be kept in a relatively stable state, so that their lives will not be immediately endangered by radiation and poisonous miasma.

But even so, there is not much time left for them.

The natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death this time has lasted for two full hours and fifteen minutes, and no one knows when it will end.

It may be ten minutes, it may be one minute, or it may be the next second.

So, they really couldn’t wait any longer. After receiving instructions from Yang Fan, a group of more than ten people turned into a stream of light at the same time and moved to the center of the underground array.

After watching them leave, Yang Fan swept his gaze on the remaining 2500 disciples, softly instructed:

“The rain hasn’t stopped, the chance is still there. Don’t be stunned, and continue to enter the cultivation. With a teacher, I can’t collapse this day!”

After finishing talking, Yang Fan waved his hand at the direction where everyone was, and a simple formation rose in response to the situation, and soon built a mini Six Paths of Samsara combination around more than 2500 smurf id combinations The big formation, wrap all the disciplines in it, so as not to affect them when a half-emperor strikes.

“Yang Fan, are you all right?”

At this time, the three and a half emperors Zhuge Xincheng, Tian Xiuzhu, and Fang Shengyu, who had escaped the constraints of the Sovereign level coercion and imaginary formation, also appeared beside Yang Fan.

Seeing that Yang Fan is still standing in front of her eyes intact, she couldn’t help being relaxed.

Fortunately, Lord Spirit Emperor appeared in time at the most critical juncture and led the White Bear Monster Sovereign to the space battlefield. Otherwise, the consequences would really be unthinkable.

However, even now, the situation is not very optimistic.

The City Protecting Great Formation they rely most on was so easily destroyed by the White Bear Monster Sovereign. If nothing else, the Five Great Holy Lands of Monster Race will soon take action.

Especially, Long Jiao and Xiong Yun, who have been yelled at by Yang Fan for most of the day using the Clone method, may already be on their way.

“Yang Fan, are you okay?”

“Master Yang, you are fine if you are fine!”

shua! shua! shua!

In an instant, five people, Tang Zhicheng, Wu Dao, Hui Zian, Li Tongzhi and Tian Zhengyang, who just broke through to the half-emperor realm in the city, flashed up beside Yang Fan at the same time, looking towards Yang Fan. A look of concern.

“Thank you, Senior, everything is fine with Junior!”

Yang Fan smiled lightly and bowed his hands to thank everyone for paid respect, and at the same time reminded a few people:

“Several seniors also saw that the City Protecting Great Formation has been destroyed. If nothing else, there will be a big battle soon.”

“Junior is not worried about other things. Only this Daixing City, without the protection of City Protecting Great Formation and psychic shield, is too dangerous. Therefore, I will have to trouble several Seniors to guard it. , To protect the safety of residents in the city!”

After that, Yang Fan suddenly flew up, took his six Beast Pets, and flew to the more open area in the northwest without warning!

“Old Long Jiao, Xiong Yun Pifu!”

“Things like mice! Young Master knows that you are lurking in the dark right now. If you really want to be seeded, come and kill Young Master now!”

While running fast, Yang Fan did not forget to provoke the surrounding void.

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