I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1431


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The sudden destruction of the City Protecting Great Formation outside Daixing City was indeed far beyond Long Jiao’s expectations.

In the bottom of my heart, he couldn’t help but scolded the white bear Monster Sovereign secretly:

“Well, if you have time to destroy the City Protecting Great Formation, don’t you have time to kill Yang Fan? With its Sovereign level Clone’s strength, it is enough to step on that foot, why not do it? “

“Are you worried about the sudden attack of the Human Race Spirit Emperor, or do you have other intentions?”

Long Jiao was a little bit puzzled in his mind, he couldn’t figure out the reason why the white bear Monster Sovereign suddenly showed mercy to Yang Fan.

Is it as Xiong Yun said, “Monster Sovereign” is a chance to create Yang Fan and humiliate before the snow? Would it really be so kind?

Just when Long Jiao hesitated whether to take the opportunity to rush down and kill Yang Fan in one fell swoop, the god sons of Yin Jiao and Xiong Yin suddenly asked, wanting to leave early with the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure.

“Is this not so good?”

Long Jiao’s eyes swept across these two gods, lightly said:

“You don’t need to act personally, but the emperor personally protects you. What else can you worry about?”

“Furthermore, the Spirit Emperor did not come out, and the City Protecting Great Formation was destroyed. It does not mean that there will be no more accidents and dangers when Yang Fan is attacked. No one knows Yang Fan or those around Yang Fan. In the hands of the semi-emperor martial artist, does it also have Sovereign level Spirit Treasure body protection.”

“Once the Sovereign level Spirit Treasure reappears at the critical moment when we attack and kill Yang Fan, won’t we be the same as last time and we will fall short?”

unspoken implication, Long Jiao didn’t want these two gods who held the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure to leave like this. It wanted to ensure that this attack could be foolproof.

Of course, it also means that last time, the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure that the Heaven Devouring Beast next to Yang Fan suddenly activated, really frightened the dragon dragon. Until now, I still have lingering fears and shadows.

So, in this battle, there is not one or two Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure body protection around him, and it is really difficult to An Sheng in his heart.

“No way!”

“No way!”

In spite of an appointment, both Yinjiao and Xiongyin had their faces black and resolutely refused.

Although they are only half of the Demon Emperor Realm realm, they are gods after all. They are Monster Sovereign Bloodline, and they have the only Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure in the clan in their hands. They have this to compete with Dragon Jiao and Xiong Yun. The confidence.

“The reason why this god son agreed to accompany him before, agreed to inspire the Imperial Father’s newly-born Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure when necessary to block the Spirit Emperor Clone or destroy the City Protecting Great Formation. That’s because of the plan of attack. It’s necessary to motivate Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure.”

“This god son is responsible for what he did, he will not refuse for any reason, so this god son will appear in this place now.”

“But now!”

Silver Jiao Shenzi raised his head and held his voice, suddenly raised his eyes to Long Jiao, Xiang Xiong Yun, and glanced at all the half-emperor demon present, and asked sharply:

“Just ask yourself, is it really necessary to let this son of God continue to participate in this situation?”

“You 22 half-emperor big monsters, together attacking and killing a Yang Fan, do you really need to waste another Spirit Emperor treasure just in case? When did the half-emperor of Monster Race become like this? You are timid and afraid of death, so cautious?!”

The god son Xiong Yin couldn’t help but stand tall, standing side by side with the god son Yin Jiao, and silently gave a big compliment to the god son Yin Jiao.

This is really exciting. It’s just a face-to-face slap. If it is replaced by the son of Xiongyin, it may not really dare to say it.

Looking at the parents, this silver dragon god child is also forced to have no other way, if at this time I don’t want to evacuate, once he is really brought to the battlefield by the dragon dragon half emperor, then I just want to I can’t run away.

Others don’t know if Yang Fan still has Sovereign level Spirit Treasure body protection in his hands. Would he and the Silver Jiao Shenzi still not know?

After all, there is a 99% chance that the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure in the hands of the two demons is kept in Yang Fan’s pocket.

With this battle, Yang Fan will surely inspire Spirit Treasure again. When the time comes, those two Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasures will not show any mercy because they are gods.

So, if they want to survive, they must now withdraw from this attack plan ahead of time.

As for Long Jiao and Xiong Yun, the life and death of the 22 half-emperor great monsters has anything to do with them, as long as the two of them can live well to the end, it is enough.

“Silver Jiao! Do you dare to violate the old man’s orders?!”

Long Jiao’s old face was bloodshot. It felt that the words of the god son Yin Jiao were mainly mocking him for being scared by Yang Fan. It was a jerk!

Xiong Yun’s Old Ancestor’s complexion is also very ugly, because the words of the god son Yinjiao also insinuate it.

At the same time, it also turned its gaze to the child of Xiongyin, feeling that Xiongyin is becoming more and more disobedient. Now he dared to unite with the child of other races and openly challenged Old Ancestor, his wings really hardened. It’s too late to clean up!

“I am the god son of the Earth Jiao clan. When it is critical, the god son has the right to correct Old Ancestor’s improper instructions!”

“Furthermore, this god son has the responsibility of guarding the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure. This is also responsible for the entire Earth Jiao clan and the entire Demon Sacred Ridge!”

Yinjiao Shenzi’s neck is sharp, and he doesn’t give the slightest face, he said straight:

“If there is an offense to Old Ancestor, after this battle is over, Yin Jiao will let Old Ancestor punish!”

“But now, as the god child of the Monster Sovereign clan, the god child asks Long Jiao Old Ancestor to allow the god child to withdraw from this attack!”

“Me… Me too!”

The god son Xiong Yin also followed in the footsteps of the god son Yin Jiao and quickly raised his watch:

“As the god of the black and white bear clan, the god son also asked Xiong Yun Old Ancestor to allow the god son to withdraw from this attack!”

The old faces of Long Jiao and Xiong Yun became black as the bottom of a pot at the same time.

Never expected, the gods of their clan will at this time, in front of the other Three Great Holy Lands, so they lose the face of their two Old Ancestors.

Isn’t it just to let them follow the shift? With so many half-emperor monsters around them, there is a danger of a fart. As for the reaction so intense?

“cough cough…”

But I don’t know that Long Jiao has Shifting Flowers Connecting Wood Chīmèi Divine Method, this kind of life-saving secret technique, even if it encounters a great danger, it is sure to escape in time and return to Holy Land in a flash.

The reason why it is so careful is not to make these cannon fodder and clansman die less? Isn’t it to ensure that Yang Fan is killed without fail? That damn bastard?


Long Jiao gritted his teeth and pressed nodded, his eyes swept over the half-emperor demon who had just spoken, and said:

“Since you all feel that there is no need for the two sons of God to stay here anymore, let them leave.”

“I just hope that when a big battle begins, if any accident happens, you will not regret it.”

Long Jiao’s tone barely fell, Yin Jiao and Xiong Yin eagerly accepted their thanks, and then left without saying a word, not daring to stay for a while, as if they stayed for a while, Long Jiao Old Ancestor would change his mind!

It is at this time.

Outside the Daixing City below, Yang Fan suddenly left Zhuge Xincheng and other Human Race half-emperors, and flew up with his six Beast Pet alone, leaving Daixing City far away.

Now, Yang Fan’s provocative voice has once again reached the ears of the half-emperor big monsters like Long Jiao and Xiong Yun.

“Old Long Jiao, Xiong Yun Pifu!”

“Things like mice! Young Master knows that you are lurking in the dark right now. If you really want to have a seed, come and kill Young Master now!”

Long Jiao and Xiong Yun are hearing this, browse slightly raise, it seems that they have already taken this kind of scolding, not at all, too angry and angry.

Also, I have been yelled at by Yang Fan’s Clone world live broadcast for a long time, and my ears have been cocooned a long time ago, and I was overwhelmed with anger.

What they are more concerned about now is that Yang Fan has left the city alone at this time!

With only his own six Beast Pets, he hurried to the next door to the wilderness thousands of kilometers away from Daixing City.

His guardian Daoist, Zhuge Xincheng, Tian Xiuzhu, Fang Shengyu, and the five new Human Race half-emperors who had just been promoted to breakthrough in the natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death were all left by him. Daixing City protects the safety of the residents of the city.

What kind of way is this? Yang Fan left the crowd alone and left Daixing City at this time. Is it because he wants to beg for death?

“Is this trying to lured the tiger away from the mountain, do you sacrifice yourself for justice?”

“tsk tsk tsk, for the sake of the safety of the Human Race in Daixing City, he chose to sacrifice himself, sacrificing himself for others, sacrificing himself for righteousness, it is really great, the emperor was almost moved by him!”

Long Jiao’s mouth, tsk tsk, is vocal, with endless murderous intention and coldness in his eyes, and said in a dark voice:

“Since he is so sincere, then let’s just do what he wants, kill!”

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