I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1432


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Zhuge Xincheng, Tian Xiuzhu, Fang Shengyu and Tang Zhicheng, Wu Dao and the others all looked at each other in blank dismay, completely didn’t expect, Yang Fan would suddenly leave alone at this time.

“Mister Zhuge, Lao Fang, what are you still waiting for, catch up!”

Tian Xiuzhu became anxious at once, and when he saw Zhuge Xincheng and Fang Shengyu stay in place, he couldn’t help but urged.

“Wuliang…that Tianzun!”

“We are leaving, what should the people of this city do?”

Fang Shengyu gave a soft voice, then looked back at the city because the City Protecting Great Formation and the psychic shield dissipated at the same time the residents who were losing one’s head out of fear, it was difficult to make a choice at a time.

“In the surrounding void, there are at least ten half-emperor big monsters hidden. Once we leave, they will inevitably begin to siege the city without the slightest hesitation!”

Zhuge Xincheng’s divine sense shot around. Just now, at the moment Yang Fan got up and left, he felt the divine sense of at least ten half-emperor demons glance at them.

If they follow Yang Fan at this moment, Daixing City will inevitably be destroyed because of the lack of half-emperor power.

“Little friend Yang Fan left at this time. I wanted to discover the danger of Daixing City, so I wanted to use his body as a bait to draw all the half-emperor monsters lurking in the dark away from Daixing City.”

“Brother Tian, ​​don’t let the little friend Yang Fan’s painstaking pains.”

As soon as Zhuge Xincheng’s voice fell, 22 half-emperor big demon rushed out of the void and hurriedly chased in the direction of Yang Fan.

Long Jiao and Xiong Yun, who have long-standing grudges with Yang Fan, are the leaders!

This further confirms Zhuge Xincheng’s previous guess that Yang Fan must have discovered the existence of the half-emperor team of Long Jiao and Xiong Yun in advance. He didn’t want to stay here and involve Daixing City, so he left alone in advance.

Otherwise, Yang Fan didn’t need to scream a few words when he left just now to stimulate Long Jiao and Xiong Yun.

Now it seems that Yang Fan’s provocative effect is very significant, and he actually seduced both Long Jiao and Xiong Yun in the dark.

It’s just that the number of these half-emperor monsters seems to be a little too much. A total of 22 half-emperor monster auras soared into the sky, making Zhuge Xincheng feel shocked.

Is this stabbing a hornet’s nest? Why did it provoke so many half-emperor demon? !

“It’s over!”

“So many half-emperor big demon appeared at the same time, even if all of us passed by, it would be for nothing!”

Tian Xiuzhu instantly prepared for there funeral, and his face became extremely ugly.

22 A half-emperor big demon, to have no shame, they all went to besieged and killed Yang Fan, a small Human Race junior. How can this be reasonable?

The eight half-emperors who were there, even if they all rushed over at this time, it would be useless.

even more how, there are tens of millions of residents in Daixing City behind them, and they are also impossible to leave so easily.

Otherwise, the bamboo basket is empty at both ends, and no one can save it.

“Zhuge Xincheng!”

“If you stay where you are obediently, the emperor can guarantee that no big monster will take the opportunity to attack Daixing City. Everyone can live together in harmony.”

“On the contrary, if you want to support Yang Fan, the emperor will personally show up and destroy all Human Races in the city!”

Feng Xijiao’s voice suddenly passed through endless void to the ears of Zhuge Xincheng, Tian Xiuzhu and the others.

“Our purpose is only for Yang Fan. You don’t need to abandon the lives of tens of millions of Human Races in Daixing City for Yang Fan alone!”

After Feng Xijiao, Hu Peng, who was sorrowful, and Xin, Crocodile in Zuowa Kingdom, all expressed their views on sound transmission.

“This emperor is the same here. If you are obediently and honestly, the emperor can guarantee you and the Human Race safe and sound in the city, otherwise, the emperor will come and wash Daixing City!”

“Elder Hupeng said rightly, for a Yang Fan, it is not worth and needless to toss. Wouldn’t it be better for everyone to live together in harmony? Listen to my old crocodile’s advice, Yang Fan is better than you all. If we die together, we must spare our lives!”

The heads of the Three Great Holy Lands have sound transmission threatened successively, and every word is not far from the threat to the lives of the people in the city.

The eight half emperors including Zhuge Xincheng, Tian Xiuzhu, Fang Shengyu, Tang Zhicheng, and Wu Dao were silent.

They have no doubt about the threats in the words of the three half-emperor monsters. Once they change a little, these half-emperor monsters will definitely come directly. Then they will not only not be able to save Yang Fan, but will return Will accelerate the destruction of Daixing City.

The reason why these Monster Races have not directly shot until now is that they are threatening from the air, but they are afraid of the Sovereign level Clone of the Sword Emperor who has never been seen.

Or they are not ready to start a full-scale war with the Human Race Federation, and do not want to be too impudent, so as not to cause a full-scale backlash from the Human Race Federation.

However, this does not mean that they will really endure it forever. The prerequisite for them not to take action is that Zhuge Xincheng and the half-emperor of Human Race will not support Yang Fan.

Once this premise is violated and their plan to kill Yang Fan is disrupted, these half-emperors in the Monster Race Saint will appear on the border of the Guardian Palace in the northwest in minutes.

The eight Human Race half-emperors did not dare to move, and were silent. The suffocation, anger and helplessness in their hearts filled the entire chest and spirit Divine Consciousness Sea.

“We are still too weak!”

“We are still too weak!”

“Weakness is the original sin!”


The eight people continue to blame themselves and lament, even if they become a half-emperor, they still have to be restrained by these Monster Race powerhouses, and they still have to be frustrated to the extreme to see the genius of their race be besieged by them. And can’t do anything!

The reason is that they are too weak!

If they have the realm strength of the real emperor now, and if the number of half emperors of Human Race far exceeds Monster Race, these half emperors of Monster Race Saint will dare to act so arrogantly in the area of ​​Human Race, so arrogant and domineering?

“Yang Fan can’t die!”

“He is the hope of all Human Race half-emperors! And he has already broken through to the realm of Emperor Zun, and the breakthrough is Peak! This kind of evildoer can never die!”

Tian Xiuzhu roared to Fang Shengyu with blood red eyes.

Yang Fan’s cultivation realm, they have all seen clearly just now, they have indeed reached the Emperor Peak, and they are promoted by both Martial Dao and Spiritual Cultivation!

Such an evil evildoer, such a peerless evildoer who is even greater than the three Sovereign adults, Great Cow, and also against the sky, shouldn’t just die in the siege of these Monster Race half-emperors!

“It’s useless.” Fang Shengyu naturally understood what Tian Xiuzhu meant, and sighed: “The half emperor in Jinghua city can’t be easily used. That is the trump card reserved by Master Sword Emperor for the survival of Human Race.”


“Without the command of Lord Sword Emperor, even Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng have no right to command and use all the half emperors to expose the city in advance!”

“even more how, even if they all come out, do you think you can save Yang Fan?”

“You saw the half-emperors who just went to kill Yang Fan layman, 22 in total!”

“Feng Xijiao, Hu Peng, and Crocodile Xin are not the half-emperor leaders. If you really provoke them all, you will not be able to save Yang Fan, but all the members of the Insects Wake team are possible. The whole army will be wiped out!”

The strength is not as strong as others, and anger alone is useless.

Among the Human Race, there is a half-emperor powerhouse lurking, is there no Monster Race?

In the last period of time, how can there be nearly 30 half emperors who died in Monster Race?

But now, they can still pull out another 20-30 half-emperors casually. Doesn’t this explain the problem?

The current Human Race Federation is far from reaching the point where it can compete with the demon realm.

Without the protection and deterrence of the three Lords of Sovereign, these half-emperors of Monster Race simply didn’t take them seriously.

Recently, Yang Fan came up with a new type of City Protecting Great Formation, which gave them a certain amount of deterrence, which made them want to kill Yang Fan so impatiently to avoid future troubles.

“Is there really no way?” Tian Xiuzhu expressed sorrowfully, “Can we only stay here now, watching Yang Fan be a total of 22 half-emperor big monsters? Be surrounded and killed?”

“The old man feels aggrieved!”

Tian Xiuzhu’s face flushed, and there was a flash of light in his old eyes.

“You have to bear with me!” Zhuge Xincheng glanced at Tian Xiuzhu lightly and said lightly: “Remember this feeling now, the weak must learn to bear all this!”

“This is not the first time this happened to Human Race. The previous Huyan Jingde, Zuo Qiudong, Gu Liangchen, which one of them is not the peerless Heavens Pride of Human Race, and which one is not the emperor. Saint’s posture?”

“Finally, weren’t they all the same as today’s Yang Fan friends, who were all attacked and killed by Monster Race powerhouse?”

“The old man said the same thing. If you don’t want to endure such humiliation in the future, you should do everything you can to improve your strength and make yourself stronger and stronger! So strong that even Monster Race Sovereign dare not come again Trouble with you, so you won’t be so stubborn again!”

Tian Xiuzhu’s breathing was stagnant, and he was silent again.

The Human Race Heavens Pride mentioned by Zhuge Xincheng, he has only heard of Huyan Jingde, the Human Race Formation Number One Person of that year, and only the one who has the most hope to enter the imperial state by entering the road Wicked Heavens Pride.

In the end, I still can’t escape the plot against and murder of Monster Race Sovereign. Self-destruction is Xiang Qiaoshan outside the territory.

It is said that at that time, even the Sword Emperor and the Thunder Emperor could not save him back. For this reason, Lord Sword Emperor even chopped three mountain ranges in a row afterwards to vent his indignation.

Even the true emperor powerhouse like Lord Sword Emperor had to endure the humiliation of clansman’s murder when his strength was not as good as the five emperors of Monster Race, let alone those half emperors.

“Temporarily forbearance, just for a more violent outbreak in the future!”

“Furthermore, Yang Fan’s little friend may not necessarily die. When he was at King Rank Peak, he could slaughter ten and a half emperor monsters with strength of oneself. Now he has successfully reached the Emperor Rank Peak. The previous record cannot be repeated again!”

Tian Xiuzhu clenched his fists vigorously, his excitement and aggrieved situation gradually calmed down, and he began to cheer for Yang Fan secretly in his heart.

Yang Fan is different from the average Peak Emperor.

He is the son of Heavenly Dao in the words of Alien Sovereign, the first nanny of the Federation, the first imaginary formation Grandmaster, the first soul refiner, and the first animal trainer!

There are four half-emperor big monsters in his hand, and one of them is the fully awakened Heaven Devouring Beast Bloodline, with superb battle strength!

He has a variety of methods, and he himself has the ability to leapfrog one another. He is not so easy to be killed!

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