I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1433


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The center of the array under the city.

Sang Duoduo, Ling Tian, ​​An Sheng, Mu Qianqian, Tian Feiyao and many other smurf id disciples, all of them looked up at the sky with suffocated faces at this time.

Looking at the depths of the void, one after another exposed aura, threatening the head of the Human Race half-emperor Monster Race outside the city, each and everyone gnashing teeth, killing intent to skyrocket.

Among them, a group of female disciples such as Mu Qianqian, Tian Feiyao, Ai Xixuan, etc. are already shaking slightly on their shoulders and crying.

The admonition of Zhuge Xincheng just now is not only aimed at Tian Xiuzhu, but also at the younger generations who are working hard to repair the City Protecting Great Formation and the psychic shield.

A momentary impulse will only kill one’s own life in vain, and can only make the enemy more open and sorrowful.

“Elder Zhuge said rightly, for the time being forbearance, just for a more violent outbreak in the future!”

“This time, no matter whether Brother Fan can get past this hurdle this time, I, An Sheng, will surely kill all the Monster Race half-emperors that are out there today!”

An Sheng’s eyes are bloodshot, his fat face is not honest, and he is overflowing with endless murderous intention.

“Don’t talk nonsense, Master will be fine!”

“Let us fix the Formation as soon as possible. If the City Protecting Great Formation is intact, the threat of these monsters is farting, who will take care of them?”

Ling Tian spoke softly, and at the same time continued to lower his head, and at a more serious and faster speed, he checked and repaired the array lines on his feet.

The other people hearing this, also put away the sadness and anger in their hearts, and followed Ling Tian to continue to repair the Formation Center.

Ling Tian Senior Brother is right. They want to repair the City Protecting Great Formation and the Psionic Shield. This is the most direct and effective method for meeting those half-emperor big monsters, and it is also the only way they can now A place to help Master Yang Fan.

They repaired the City Protecting Great Formation sooner, and they can liberate Zhuge Xincheng and the others from the dilemma, and the Master can get the support of these Human Race half-emperors sooner and survive. The possibility and probability of this will greatly increase.

“Master is so great!”

“Sacrificing oneself for others, sacrificing one’s life for righteousness, knowing that there are that many half-emperor demon ambushing him outside, he still has no hesitation out of the city alone to lead them out of Daixing City!”

“Master has always been great, okay, wu wu, in order to help us increasing cultivation base, Master himself is tired like a dog every time, and people look so distressed and moved…”

“More than that, the Soul Pill, all kinds of cultivation resources, Sovereign level barbecue, all don’t need money to throw us on us, the Master really has nothing to say to us senior and junior brothers!”


More than a dozen smurf id’s just like this, you tell me every word, continuously telling Yang Fan’s various deeds, as if you are remembering an old friend.


Although they were very touching, some of the little girls even started talking, but some people couldn’t help but roared out loudly.

An Sheng straightened up suddenly, looked at these Junior Brother Junior Sisters with a fierce face, and sternly reprimanded: “Brother Fan is not dead yet, you guys don’t send Good Person Cards here!”

“What kind of person Brother Fan is, I know better than any of you!”

“He is a good person, but he is definitely more fearful of death and life-saving than all of us present! If it were not for the absolute certainty of survival, he would certainly not go out so stupidly to fill up a clove of garlic!”

“Believe me, Brother Fan will definitely not die! He will definitely be able to capture all the half-emperor demon who tried to hurt him and bleed them one by one in line!”

While speaking, An Sheng’s eye circles became a little red.

He couldn’t believe what he said last.

There are 22 half-emperor monsters, and among them are the two Holy Land leaders, Long Jiao and Xiong Yun, who have feuds with Yang Fan. Is it really that easy to solve?

“An fatty, you’re so daring, don’t you dare to arrange Lao Tzu like this behind your back?”

At this time, An Sheng’s silhouette suddenly flashed behind him, and a slap fell directly on the back of his head.

“When did Lao Tzu be greedy for life and fear of death? If it were not for you little cubs, as a teacher, you are really willing to take personal risks and lead all those half-emperor monsters away?!”


Yang Fan’s figure emerged, glaring at An Sheng.


“Brother Fan?!”

“Master is really back! Master is all right!”

Seeing the reappearance of Yang Fan’s figure, it is completely undamaged. More than a dozen disciplines, including An Sheng, all looked excited and cheered. They swept Yang Fan and surrounded them.

“It’s OK, don’t be excited, this is just a clone that’s all reserved here for the teacher, the deity is still outside the city at the moment!”

Yang Fan Clone directly waved his hand to find out his identity.

“Now, don’t think about it here. The City Protecting Great Formation and the Psionic Array should be repaired first!”

“The level of the Daixing City Psionic Shield is still too low. If you change it to the Grade A Super Psionic Shield in Jinghua City or Daixing City, even the Monster Sovereign Clone, don’t think so easily. The earth can destroy City Protecting Great Formation.”

City Protecting Great Formation and Psionic Guardian have been closely connected to each other as early as when Yang Fan arranged the connection.

If the Psionic Shield can be powerful, even if those Monster Sovereign real bodies come over, they would never want to break the protection of the Psionic Shield and destroy the center of the City Protecting Great Formation array.

The only shortcoming of Daixing City is that it is too poor. It can’t even be equipped with a first-class psionic array. This is how it is today.

“So, the deity means that taking advantage of this time to repair the psychic shield, everyone will work harder to upgrade this second-class upper-class psychic shield so that you won’t encounter similar Situation!”

Speaking, Yang Fan Clone also leaned down, and started to repair and reform the psychic shield under his feet.

This is his real purpose of staying here, bringing these discipline smurf ids together to repair and transform the psionic Formation of Daixing City.

Next to it.

Ling Tian, ​​An Sheng and the others are all a little dumbfounded, staring blankly at Yang Fan who is pouting his butt to repair the Formation.

“No, Master, why don’t you keep your real body? Wouldn’t it be safer for Clone to take those half-emperor monsters around?”

Finally someone couldn’t help but ask aloud.

Yang Fan Clone raised his eyebrows, and replied quietly: “How can that work? Do you think those half-emperors are all melon babies? If they recognize them and return again, the entire Daixing City will be in danger. .”

“Furthermore, Clone doesn’t have the energy to kill the demon. As a teacher, he still prefers to do it himself, with a knife, and the knife sees blood. That’s refreshing!”

In an instant, An Sheng and Ling Tian looked at each other.

Master started playing Great Cow again, but the familiar feeling is really reassuring.

It seems that Master’s deity is really not in danger, otherwise Clone will inevitably be implicated if something happens to the real body.

Looking at the Clone in front of me, looking so relaxed and at ease, the real body of the Master must be fine!

“What are you still trying to do, Ma Liuer, I’m all busy with my teacher!”

Yang Fan Clone began to urge: “Each and everyone, I really broke my mind for the teacher, don’t you know that the time for us is running out?”

“The natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death may end at any time, even if the teacher does not need the support of the half-emperor outside, the people in the city need us to quickly repair the psychic array!”

Yang Fan Clone set up the Master’s shelf and talked about it, but in the ears of these disciplines, it was extremely warm and pleasant, and it felt great.

“Yes, Master!”

“Yes, Master!”

All the disciplines are all loudly speaking, each and everyone is as excited as a chicken blood.

Outside the city.

Zhuge Xincheng, who has been paying attention to the status of the Yang Fan disciple’s repair and Formation underground, smacked his lips lightly.

“This kid, really a sly individual has more than one plan to fall back on, cunning cunning!”

“However, the Yang Fan that appears now is really a clone?”

Zhuge Xincheng expressed serious doubts.

Yang Fan’s Clone has the same strength as the deity, and the aura is the same, even a half emperor like him can’t be immediately distinguished, let alone his disciplines.

“It’s really bold, and he came out easily at this time. Isn’t he afraid of being spotted by those demon eyes in the void?”

Zhuge Xincheng laid a barrier of will in the sky above Daixing City without a trace, to isolate Feng Xijiao and Crocodile Xin from the divine sense prying eyes.

At the same time, he turned his head and moved towards Tian Xiuzhu, Fang Shengyu, and Tang Zhicheng beside him and glanced at them, and found that none of the seven people had any abnormal expressions.

It can be seen that, except for himself, because he is always paying attention to the status of Ling Tian, ​​he can immediately detect the appearance of Yang Fan or Yang Fan Clone.

The remaining seven brothers have not even noticed the breath of Yang Fan or Yang Fan Clone until now.

“There is really no one with such a powerful ability to gather interest. Even an old man may not be better than him.”

“No wonder Li Miaocai used to say that Yang Fan has the potential to become a top-level assassin. He even witnessed Yang Fan attacking and killing a half-emperor with his own eyes.”

“It now appears that Li Miaocai’s rhetoric is not at all exaggerated. Yang Fan seems to have understood the Shadow Rules to Perfection Realm. Otherwise, with the old man’s perception ability, he would definitely not be without a trace.”

“tsk tsk, with his astonishing ability to gather interest and stealth now, if you want to stealth assassinate Tang Zhicheng and the newly promoted half emperor, you can’t say it’s a killer.”

Other kings or emperors, perhaps not at all, can break through the physical defense of the half-emperor powerhouse. Even if they are given the invisibility ability against the sky, they may not be able to assassinate the half-Sovereign level.

But Yang Fan is definitely an exception.

Previously, when Yang Fan announced at Chu Guardian Palace to kill those Monster Race half-emperors with a knife, it was a single knife, just like slaughtering a baby chicken, the corpses were properly separated, and it was too crisp.

The long knife in his hand is definitely not an ordinary silver Martial God soldier, otherwise it would never be able to break through the physical defense of the half-emperor demon so easily.

So, Zhuge Xincheng believes that Yang Fan really has the ability to assassinate a half-emperor by himself.

“Maybe, this time Yang Fan is really likely to be a counterattack again, and all the 22 half-emperor monsters who chased him will be given to catch everything in one net!”

Inexplicably, Zhuge Xincheng suddenly expressed great confidence in Yang Fan, and even faintly looked forward to it.

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