I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1434


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“Ding! Your discipline Tian Feiyao has a grateful teacher for his benevolence and righteousness, and I am very grateful to you. The sense of belonging to Sect has been greatly enhanced. Sect’s loyalty has been greatly increased. Worship value +5, master and disciple Intimacy +500.”

“Ding! Your disciple Mu Qianqian has a grateful teacher for his kindness and righteousness, I am very grateful to you, and my sense of belonging to Sect has been greatly enhanced. Sect’s loyalty has been greatly increased, with a worship value of +5, master and disciple Intimacy +500.”

“Ding! Your discipline An Sheng has a grateful teacher for his kindness and righteousness, I am excited, I am grateful to you, and my sense of belonging to Sect is greatly enhanced…”

“Ding! Your discipline Sang Duo Duo has a grateful teacher for his kindness and righteousness, I am very excited, I am grateful to you, and my sense of belonging to Sect is greatly enhanced…”

Yang Fan’s ears have similar system hints that keep ringing, all of them are the proud disciplines who have been told to repair the City Protecting Great Formation and the psychic shield.

It seems that these Little Brat are also moved by the fearless spirit of his Master’s self-sacrifice, and they are all involuntarily giving him Sect experience.

“Master, 22 half-emperor monsters popped out from behind, do you want to stop and engage them?”

The big dog riding underneath by Yang Fan had a halazi in his mouth, and cut his voice to ask Yang Fan for instructions.

Different from the deer that has been scared to the point of shivering and the little red eagle, the big dog’s emotions are quite excited now, divine sense sweeps the 22 half-emperor big monsters who have been following their ass. , You are looking at the food that has gotten into its belly, and you are too greedy.

For a bite, this stupid dog even dared to bite the Sovereign level Clone, let alone this group of half kings.

Beside, Xiaohua, Xiaofengying, and Crocodile are relatively calmer, with an expression of neither joy nor sadness, nor fear or fear, staying by Yang Fan obediently, to never leave each other.

Faced with 22 half-emperors chasing and killing them, of course, they are also very sour and worried, but they are all convinced now that as long as they hug their master Baba’s thigh, how can it be so easy to die?

This is the son of Heavenly Dao, the incarnation of the will of the original home planet. Even the white bear Monster Sovereign dare not personally kill him. How could the few miscellaneous fishes of Dragon Jiao and Xiong Yun kill their master?

As long as the master does not die, how can a few of them die in battle? Isn’t the master able to bring them back to life?

Although the strength will be severely reduced after the resurrection, as long as you stay with the master Baba, it is not too simple to re-cultivation the lost strength.

Look at the Spirit Devouring Rat who was understood before. It was resurrected by the owner only two months ago. Now it has completely surpassed the Peak Monster King Realm world before it was alive, and has been directly promoted to the low-level Beast King.

If they can die for the master, Baba, they will certainly be able to enjoy more of the destiny and care of the master Baba. Maybe the cultivation base after the resurrection will be much more fierce than it is now!

“Don’t worry, just walk them for a while.”

Hearing Dahei’s question, Yang Fan’s mouth twitched. He liked this fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth pet beast. Facing the chase of 22 half-emperor monsters, Dahei could be so brave. Want to take the initiative to fight, really is the first batch of iron.

No wonder the five Monster Sovereigns of Monster Race back then couldn’t help but jointly destroy their Heaven Devouring Beast clan.

The disposition of this race is really too bloody and irritable. Everyone is like food in the mouth, and fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth. They are fearless to everyone. They are simply the terrorists of Monster Race. This or that kind of murder will be created in the demon domain.

This gives the monster a headache, does not obey the discipline, and is so good that the innate talent is so good. If Yang Fan is the top five Monster Sovereign, they will definitely not be able to tolerate their complete growth.

“Did you see the valley in front of you? It’s empty and there are no people in all fields. It’s suitable for the clown Burial Ground behind!”

“Let’s land there, waiting for Long Jiao and Xiong Yun to come and die!”

Flying for almost a thousand kilometers, Yang Fan suddenly raised his hand to the front right and gave Dahei a soft word.

Dahei’s eyes lit up, and finally there was no need to ink any more, and without a word, he pierced it.

Yang Fan turned his head and glanced at Xiaohua and the demonic beasts who had been staying next to him, and said: “The cultivation base of Little Fire Phoenix and Little Red Eagle is too low, so don’t participate in the next steps. After the battle, all go back to Pet Space!”

After speaking, with a move of thought, Feng Xu and Ying Siyuan simply didn’t give any opportunity to speak, so they summoned all the two demons back.

“The four of you are the most powerful pet beasts around this master. Remember to work hard for a while and don’t shame this master.”

“As long as you remember one sentence, as long as the owner does not die, you will never die!”

“So, don’t hesitate for a while. If you want to die, you will die. The Self-destruction is Self-destruction. What you are afraid of once you die, after the resurrection, this master has a way to make you recover quickly!”

Yang Fan began to mobilize before the war.

Four half-emperor pet beasts, Dahei, this stupid dog, and some people are crazy. The more they see the blood, the more excited they are. Xiaohua, the little female crocodile and the little plum flower seem to have several points of brains.

Yang Fan is really worried that they will be sneaky and cunning in the next battle, and will not work hard.

Especially Xiaomeihua, one of them has a lot of troubles. When he was half Demon Emperor Realm, he was a famous family slave with three surnames.

It hasn’t started fighting yet. It seems to have been so scared that it wants to pee. If it really fights for a while, it will surrender directly.

“Master Baba, don’t worry, the king will surely die for the master!”

“My crocodile is beautiful, too. Whoever dares to touch the finger of the master Baba, even if the Great Elder of my clan comes over, I have to bite it, hmph!”

After having tasted the thrill of Bloodline’s promotion by Yang Fan’s side twice in a row, Crocodile Beauty is now a diehard fan of Yang Fan.

Whoever dares to hurt Yang Fan’s hair is to delay the evolution of its crocodile’s beauty and detachment. It is absolutely unbearable.

“Then what, I… I am the same!” Lu calmly and tremblingly also said: “Great is just a death, I… I am not afraid of my special mother!”


Hearing Lu Congrong’s motherly declaration, Dahei, who had just landed, couldn’t help but cast it a look of contempt.

“I’m afraid of being a hairy. They are also half emperors. Even if they die, they can splash all of their blood. With the master Baba, what else should you worry about?!”

The deer didn’t cry calmly.

Of course you are not afraid. One is Ominous beast, the other is Monster Sovereign Clone, and the other is Monster Sovereign Bloodline. Whether you are talented or background, you can get rid of Laozi for several streets. Of course you won’t be so easy. Hang up.

But I can’t do it calmly. The aptitude is not ordinary, and the Bloodline is not very good. I was able to advance to the half Demon Emperor Realm when I walked the lucky dog ​​excrement and ate a certain piece of heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

Now it’s hard to get promoted to the half-emperor realm. Why is it that you have encountered such a fatal crisis after two days of heat, so who is not afraid?

As for the resurrection.

Who knows if Sand Sculpture like Host is fooling silly boys?

Even if he had really resurrected only the Spirit Devouring Rat in the Monster King Realm world before, who can guarantee that he will be resurrected to the half-emperor realm now?

Take another ten thousand steps.

Even Sand Sculpture like Host can completely resurrect a half-emperor like them. With its calm and ordinary aptitude, will there be a chance to break through to the half-emperor realm in the future?

Also, my special mother is really afraid of death, even if I know that I can be resurrected, I don’t want to suffer that sin, pain!

“Okay, those babes have arrived!”

Yang Fan stood up and whispered to the four half-emperor pet beasts around him: “Either fight to the death for the owner, and the owner will naturally resurrect you after death.”

“Either, the owner dies, and you will be buried with you. There is no possibility of resurrection. You decide how to choose.”

Yang Fan’s voice fell squarely, and there were 22 half-emperor monsters around him.

shua! shua! shua!

The 22 silhouettes are separated and surrounded by Yang Fan and his party.

“Yang Fan!”

“hmph hum, I didn’t expect it, you will have today!”

Long Jiao and Xiong Yun stood upright in the forefront, as a victor, leaning forward and looking towards Yang Fan.

“Isn’t it cool to scold me before, but now you give me another scolding to try?!”

The half-emperor big demon not at all rushed to attack directly, but carefully spied on the Quartet to prevent any traps here.

After all, Yang Fan is so cunning, he is no longer a clansman who designed to kill them once or twice.

“Heh, are you looking for a curse? Then Young Master will satisfy you today!”

Yang Fan’s corner of mouth twitching, I was just happy, looking up at the two old monsters, Long Jiao and Xiong Yun, and said loudly:

“The two old men are not ashamed, bully the weak, that’s all, and even brought so many half-emperor’s helpers. It seems that Young Master said that you are as timid and despicable before. You are really right! “

“How afraid of me, Yang Fan, do you have to go out at one time for a whole 22 half-emperor monsters to come and kill me?”

“Did you see that your clansman was killed before, and all of them were terrified, and this time you still got so many helpers from outsiders?”

“Let me see, Fire Phoenix, Amur Tiger, iron tooth crocodile, black and white bear, ground flood, this is Five Great Holy Lands all alive!”

“By the way, you guys, do you really believe in the old man Long Jiao?”

“This old man ran away twice in the hands of someone in my Yang Fan, each time he left his half-emperor companion and half-emperor clansman to escape by himself, and the one who ran away was simply!”

“This is just a scam, and it also scams its own people!”

“You are not afraid that there will be any danger in a while. This old man will come to Shifting Flowers Connecting Wood Chīmèi Divine Method again, and ran away by himself. Will you all stay as cannon fodder to die?”

whoosh whoosh!

As soon as Yang Fan’s voice fell, several divine senses lightly swept across Long Jiao’s body.

Long Jiao’s expression has slightly changed, and his old face is black.

Didn’t expect this kid’s mouth could be so poisonous. With just a few words, he has already provoked the nine and a half emperors of the other three races to feel a little uneasy.

But this is not surprising. The half-emperors of these three races are not at the same mind with them.

But what made Long Jiao feel a little bit chilling is that even the clansman standing next to it started to look at himself with strange eyes.

That’s enough!

These idiots are just thinking about the situation here if they don’t know the situation at all. They don’t even know about Yang Fan’s tricks, they are stupid!

If it wasn’t too late last time, wouldn’t you think it didn’t want to take away the remaining clansman?

In that case, it’s a blessing that it can take away a Xiong Yun. To blame, the clansman is too weak. It was swallowed by a big dog without even the slightest resistance. What can it do? Method.

Does it mean that even the Dragon Jiao is folded in the big dog’s mouth to be righteous and not to be pitted?


“Yang Fan, you don’t want to sow discord here. Even if you break the sky today, you won’t be able to change the ending of your burial place, die!”

In order to avoid long nights and dreams, Long Jiao didn’t dare to let Yang Fan beep like this anymore. He immediately gave an order and first waved his palms and slapped Yang Fan in the air!

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