I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1437


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“Still in!”

“My generation is incompetent, Human Race finally produced such a godlike Heavens Pride, but he could only watch him being dragged into the space battlefield by a group of half-emperor monsters and could do nothing! “

“Where is the Sword Emperor?”

“Spirit Emperor and Thunder Emperor’s clones are both present, why can’t you see the Sword Emperor’s Clone alone?”

“If the Sword Emperor’s Clone is also there, it will not be possible to let the tricks of these monster boys succeed!”

Jinghua City and Federal Center City.

Li Miaocai, Ji Sicheng, Li Liangcai, Tian Chanzi, the four most powerful half emperors of Human Race on the surface, at this moment, all of them are like Zhuge Xincheng of Daixing City and the others, all confined to the city that they need to protect Can not be evacuated.

Even if they have City Protecting Great Formation and Grade A psychic array, they are not afraid of the threat of destroying the city from the other three Monster Race Saint land, but after all, they only have four people. Once they leave the city, they will inevitably face the Three Great Holy Lands dozen half-emperor’s siege and kill.

Unless they are willing to expose all the hole cards of the Human Race Federation and completely fight Monster Race face-to-face, otherwise, they can only watch the tragedy as they are now.

“Ji Sicheng! Don’t criticize Lord Sword Emperor!”

Li Miaocai warned Ji Sicheng in a deep voice:

“The Sword Emperor’s personality is clear to you and me. If he really has Clone in the human situation, unless he is stuck in a difficult situation, he will never sit back and watch the Heavens Pride of Human Race suffer this. Persecution!”

Among the three emperors of Human Race, the sword emperor has the most impulsive temperament. If he doesn’t agree with him, he will kill the monster by Flying Sword. For so many years, among the three emperors, he has killed the most half emperor of Monster Race. In the hearts of high-end martial artists such as Human Race, they are also the most prestigious.

“I didn’t mean to slander Lord Sword Emperor. Lord Sword Emperor has a life-saving grace for me. No matter how damned I am, I’m impossible to disrespect Lord Sword Emperor.”

Ji Sicheng quickly explained: “I am not too anxious, I hope Master Sword Emperor can appear in time!”

“Okay, the old man knows what you mean.” Li Miaocai didn’t hold on to this point either, and shook his head quietly: “You are anxious, the old man is more anxious. But now, the space battlefield is on, what to say It’s late!”

“Unless Master Sword Emperor can show up now, break through the barriers of space and force Yang Fan to be rescued, we can only pray for Yang Fan’s auspicious nature, and we will be able to reverse the universe alone like last time. .”

Ji Sicheng was silent, and Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi also remained silent.

With the fierce temper of Lord Sword Emperor, since he hasn’t appeared until now, it means that he simply doesn’t have Clone left outside, or his Clone is also in danger at the moment, and simply doesn’t have time to Clone.

Otherwise, as early as the white bear Monster Sovereign Clone appeared, the Flying Sword of the Sword Emperor should drop from the sky, and the head would be cut off with a sword. Simply could not tolerate the clowns like Dragon Jiao and Xiong Yun jumping in the human environment. clatter.

So, they all understood in their hearts.

The Clone of Lord Sword Emperor can’t actually count on it anymore.

However, if he only relies on Yang Fan himself, can he really survive it?

That’s 22 half-emperor monsters, headed by Old Ancestor, the leader of the two Monster Race Saints, Monster Saint Ridge and Black Wind Valley, both of them are extremely powerful, no less inferior to their Old Guys.

Can Yang Fan really do it?

Can the wonderful counter-attack that took place in the wild at Xuan Chu Guardian Palace five days ago be replicated again?

“Ami…that Buddha!”

“This poor monk suddenly felt very sad and ashamed. We have so many half-emperor Old Guys beside us, but in the end we can only pin our hopes on Yang Fan’s self-help.”

Suddenly Tian Chanzi called a Buddha’s name, ashamed.

Yang Fan is still just a child. Even if he is blessed by heaven, he has some chances and has some hole cards on him, but this time he is facing the siege of 22 half-emperor monsters. He really still Is there any hope to emerge from the space battlefield alive?

The two words of the old monk made the other three people silent for an instant, feeling a little ashamed and unable to show one’s face.

After all, they are too weak!

Always pin their hopes on the three Sovereign adults, but I don’t know that when the three Sovereign adults are also exhausted, they will also lose their ability to clone.

Just like this time, the Spirit Emperor and Thunder Emperor were dispatched at the same time, but in the end they still couldn’t change the fate of Yang Fan being dragged into the space battlefield.

In fact, even if the Clone of the Lord of Swords appeared, would the clones of the other Monster Sovereign in Monster Race just ignore it?

Know that there are five Monster Sovereigns in Monster Race, but there are only three Sovereigns in Human Race.

The result of the unequal strength is that Human Race will always be on the side that suffers and is bullied.

“I should be self-improvement!”

“Human Race will eventually rise, we will not be slaves!”

“To kill millions of Monster Race, and create a brilliant universe!”

“Such a slogan has been shouted for a lifetime, and I have persisted for a lifetime, but in the end I am still stuck in the position of the half emperor, which is not embarrassing. There is a bird to use!”

“If you cannot become an emperor, you will end up with an ant, and you will never be able to turn over, and you can’t change the current situation of Human Race!”

After a long time, Li Miaocai sighed softly and directly expressed the embarrassment and distress in the hearts of these half-emperor martial artists.

They are not ignorant of the problem.

But what’s more terrifying than knowing the problem is more depressing and even crashing, even if they understand the problem, they have no way to solve the problem.

Human Race needs a fourth, fifth, or even more real powerhouse, but can they do it?

They can’t even guard the descendants of Heavens Pride who are hoping to become an emperor. How can they make Human Race more true emperor powerhouses?

At this time.

In a half-step space battlefield.

The 22 half-emperor big monsters, including Long Jiao and Xiong Yun, who were just drawn in, are all in a state of confusion.

Because they only discovered after they came in that the target they were trying to kill this time, Yang Fan, was missing!

“Hey, where is Yang Fan?!”

“I just saw him being brought in, how could he disappear?”

“Why, shouldn’t it be some secret technique such as Shifting Flowers Connecting Wood Chīmèi Divine Method or Golden Cicada shelling?”

“So, we were all tricked by Yang Fan. We spent so much effort opening the Space Gate, but he was simply not brought in?”


For a time, the twenty-odd half-emperor big monsters in the space battlefield were all uncomfortable, and they were dazed.

Even Long Jiao and Xiong Yun had short-term accidents and loss of consciousness.

Because this space battlefield is opened at the same time with 22 half-emperor monster forces, the space is extremely wide, about tens of thousands of kilometers away.

But even so, everything in it can’t be hidden from their semi-emperor divine sense perception.

But the current situation is that Yang Fan is really gone!

Not only Yang Fan, but the four half-emperor pets that followed him all disappeared silently.

This makes them have to start to wonder if they have been fooled by Yang Fan again, and have been tricked by Yang Fan by any weird means.

“no no no! Impossible!”

“Yang Fan is extremely trembling and hiding the way. Last time, he concealed the half-emperor guard in the ancestral land of my black and white bear clan and stole the treasure house of resources in my ancestral land!”

At this moment, Xiong Yun seemed to think of some unbearable past, and suddenly warned her all around companions:

“Be careful, everyone, Yang Fan is very likely to be hidden by our side. Maybe now he has waved a butcher knife at a certain Elder…”


Xiong Yun’s voice hasn’t completely fallen yet, a black and white bear half emperor not far from it suddenly separated its neck and neck, and a huge bear head opened its eyes and rolled to the ground with a plop.

The blood in the thoracic cavity followed the arterial incision in the neck, and began to spray upwards with a pop.

For a time, the blood of the demon was all over the sky, and the huge blood-reeking qi enveloped all the half-emperor demon present.


“What the hell?! How come there is no sound?!”

The remaining twenty-one half-emperor big monsters, including Xiong Yun’s Old Ancestor who had just spoken to remind them, were all shivered with fright, and their hairs stood up unconsciously.

Yang Fan’s Invisibility Technique is so terrifying!

They all mixed in with them, and they even cut off a half-emperor’s head with a knife. They didn’t even notice the slightest fluctuation in Yang Fan’s breath!

Too terrifying!

This is the real top secret.

The battle hasn’t started yet, they have already taken the lead in losing a half-emperor companion.

More importantly, until now, they have not discovered where Yang Fan’s real body is hidden. How can this be done?

Yang Fan’s own cultivation base is only the Peak Emperor realm, but it can’t hold others with many methods, and there is a top god emperor in his hand that kills half the emperor like cutting vegetables!

“Divine sense detection is useless!”

“All the demons release the coercion of demonic power, forming a domain of non-discriminatory attacks around them, enough to make any invisibility invisible!”

Xiong Yun is fairly experienced, and only in an instant thought of a way to deal with this invisibility.

As long as you don’t let Yang Fan get close, Yang Fan has Supreme Divine Weapon in his hands, and he can’t even think about being aggressive like just now.

In the final analysis, Yang Fan’s real cultivation base is nothing more than Emperor Rank Peak. As long as he can break his Invisibility Technique and with just such a little cultivation base strength, what fear do these half-emperor monsters have?

What they should really worry about has always been the four half-emperor pets beside Yang Fan.

Soon, by Xiong Yun’s reminder, all the remaining 21 half-emperor monsters released their demon power in an instant, and within 100 meters of their own radius, they built an offensive field of demon power.

Not only that, the two monsters of Dragon Jiao and Xiong Yun are even more demon-powered. Continuously expand and spread their own demon-power domains, and quickly incorporate all regions within a hundred miles into their domains, in an attempt In this way, Yang Fan was forced to appear.

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