I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1438


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“You performed the Blade Technique attack on Level 3 Monster Sovereign (Missed) Xiong Shisan. The attack succeeded. The neck vertebrae of Level 3 Monster Sovereign (Missed) Xiong Shisan were completely decomposed. The understanding of Blade Technique is further deepened, and the skill proficiency is +20.”

“You have successfully used the Blade Technique to decompose and kill a Level 3 Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Xiong Thirteen. The enemy experience has been greatly enhanced, the strength of vitality is +130000000, the spirit willpower +10000, and the skills are proficient. Degree +100.”

“You used Divine Soul detention on the Remnant Soul of Level 3 Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Xiong Shisan. The detention was successful, and the origin of Divine Soul of Level 3 Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Xiong San was successfully intercepted. spirit strength +10 , Spirit willpower +10, skill proficiency +5.”

The system hint in the ear sounded joyfully, and then Yang Fan smiled at the corner of his mouth, to ones hearts content carrying the Sovereign level Divine Weapon in his hand and retreating calmly.

From the beginning of preparing for the attack, Yang Fan knew that he would only have one blow at best.

Long Jiao, Xiong Yun, and the half-emperor big monsters are not fools. After realizing Yang Fan’s invisibility, they can quickly think of ways to crack them.

Sure enough.

Just like in the black and white bear ancestors of Black Wind Valley, Xiong Yun soon thought of using this indiscriminate attack method to prevent and screen Yang Fan hiding in the dark.

The Shadow Invisibility Technique and the Divine Stone are indeed Great Cow, allowing Yang Fan to smoothly shuttle between the 22 half-emperor monsters without being noticed by them.

But its drawbacks are also obvious.

Once someone is discovered that someone is hiding in the dark, directly using this method similar to a physical attack to cover indiscriminately, just like spraying white ash on an invisible person, it is easy to find.

So Yang Fan will leave with one blow, so as not to be surrounded by these half-emperor monsters who have reacted.

As for why he took the lead in beheading Xiong Shisan instead of using Long Jiao or Xiong Yun to deter him.

Except because the position of the bear thirteen station is just right, so it’s so easy to kill.

The two monsters of Dragon Jiao and Xiong Yun have always been extremely alert. From the moment they enter the space battlefield, they are like a hedgehog who has been stunned. They not only possess the will, but also the demon, they even give the usual collection of defense Divine Weapon. The equipment has a great relationship with the body.

The two old monsters were all scared to kill by Yang Fan, and they were extremely powerful. Yang Fan was worried that if they failed a single blow, they would waste this rare opportunity.

“Anyway, I finally solved one!”

“Now, there are only 21 left!”

“It’s a shame that there was no chance to collect the corpses together!”

After the long escape, Yang Fan secretly said in one’s heart with a pity.

He usually kills monsters and gathers a dragon, but now he suddenly lacks a level, and he feels imperfect, very awkward.

Soon, the demon power domains of Long Jiao and Xiong Yun have begun to spread rapidly, and it will not be long before they can cover the entire space battlefield.

After all, this kind of demon power domain is not for killing enemies, but only some of the most simple applications of demon power. For their semi-Sovereign level monsters, simply is not a problem.

“Can’t hide anymore, sooner or later they will find out if you hide again!”

When Yang Fan raised his brow, he no longer concealed it. When he moved his mind, he immediately threw out the four half-emperor pets that had been hidden in his jacket pocket.

Dahei, Xiaohua, crocodile beauty, and deer calmly, the four half-emperor pet beasts appeared in the first year, and they roared several times. The half-emperor imposing manner on their bodies rose to the sky, instantly spreading the chaotic demon power all around To blow away invisible.

Yang Fan seized the opportunity to hide again and disappeared.

“Come out!”

“Yang Fan’s four Beast Pets are all here. Be careful, everyone. Yang Fan has not shown up. It is very likely that he wants to have another sneak attack!”

When they saw the Heaven Devouring Beast suddenly appear, the eyes of the two monsters Long Jiao and Xiong Yun lit up.

It seems that their previous strategy was very effective. They forced out the four Beast Pet class of Yang Fan so quickly.

However, Yang Fan, who has been hiding in the dark, is a big deterrent. Heaven knows when he will suddenly jump out and attack again.

The top Divine Weapon in Yang Fan’s hands is full of deterrence, making all the twenty-one half-emperor big monsters very afraid.

“Don’t worry about him!”

Xiong Yun waved his hand, loudly said: “Yang Fan is just a small Emperor Peak. Even if there is a God Emperor in his hand, it is not a concern. As long as everyone is careful and prepared in advance, He may not have the opportunity to shoot again!”

“The four half-emperor pet beasts in front of us should be Yang Fan’s final cards. As long as we solve them first, there is only one Yang Fan left, and the emperor can kill him with one hand!”

Yang Fan’s corner of mouth twitching, this Xiong Yun is quite good at playing Great Cow, and he can kill him with one hand. It’s true that Yang Fan someone is muddled, so he can be bullied as he pleases. Bullied?

It looks like, I was still not enough in Black Wind Valley before.


“Xiong Yun Lao, Shao Te is playing Great Cow here, so you want to kill the owner of This King with one hand, Baba? Hehe, this is definitely the funniest joke This King has ever heard in his life Yes, you are going to laugh at Lord Doge!”

After Dahei appeared, he heard Xiong Yun’s boast shamelessly and suddenly pointed to Xiong Yun laughed heartily.

“Come on, Long Jiao, Xiong Yun, the two defeated generals, let Lord Doge see what you have grown, and see if you can escape from Lord Doge’s mouth like last time. !”

Speaking, Dahei’s body shape has changed drastically, directly revealing the true nature of his Heavenly Dog. He is more than 2500 meters long and roars at the opposite half-imperial market.

At the same time.

The tiger king, the beautiful crocodile, and the deer calmly also revealed their true appearances one after another, standing side by side with Dahei, and facing the 21 half-emperor monsters on the opposite side.

“Look, that White Tiger really has the bloodline aura of my clan Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign. Great Elder Tiger said right, this White Tiger cannot be killed.”

“Brothers, have you seen that iron-toothed crocodile. It is the Sixth Elder of our clan. It is the most beloved little daughter of Master Crocodile Yuan Monster Sovereign.”

“The Great Elder crocodile had especially confessed when he came, don’t kill him, it’s best to do one or two things when necessary to help it out of Yang Fan’s control!”

After the tiger king and the crocodile beauty revealed their true body at the same time, the three White Tiger half emperors and the three iron tooth crocodile half emperors on the opposite side changed a little at the same time, and they exchanged glances at each other.

Although these two half-emperors are favored by Yang Fan, they are the Monster Sovereign Bloodline of the White Tiger Race and the Irontooth Clan.

Before coming over, they all received similar instructions to extradite these clansman who owns Monster Sovereign Bloodline.

So, almost at the same time, the three White Tiger half emperors pounced on the Tiger King, and the three iron-toothed half emperors pounced on the beauty of the crocodiles.

The other three Fire Phoenix half-emperors who also received the command to receive the Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign blood essence Clone command were a little dumbfounded.

Because they not at all saw the little Fire Phoenix mentioned by Feng Xijiao, even if they wanted to protect it, they didn’t have that chance.

“Damn! Tiger jump, crocodile male!”

“What selfishness do you have, the emperor can’t control it, but if you dare to abandon your business for your own sake, and delay your plan to destroy sails, don’t blame the emperor for not talking about half-heartedness, and take the lead in combining this tiger demon and iron tooth The crocodile is gone!”

Long Jiao began to threaten secretly and was very angry.

Special, just to hold a half-emperor clansman who has just been promoted, do you need three half-emperors to go together?

This is obviously just wanting to fish in troubled waters, and don’t work hard!

Sure enough.

After being named by Long Jiao, he pounced on Xiaohua and the beautiful six and a half emperors of Crocodile. Then, two of them changed their routes and attacked Heaven Devouring Beast together with the dragons. .

Among Yang Fan’s four half-emperor pets, only this Dahei dog makes them most afraid.

Heaven Devouring Beast, who has successfully promoted to Level 3 Half-Emperor Peak, can no longer be killed by one, two, or even three or four half-emperors of the same level.

So, whether it’s Long Jiao or Xiong Yun, they all focused their attacks on Dahei.

As for the deer calmly, they didn’t see it from beginning to end, and randomly assigned a Level 3 half emperor to fight with him and no longer paid attention to.

“Sure enough, they still put all the most important power on your body, Dahei, do you feel the blood within the body has begun to boil?”

At this moment, Yang Fan was standing directly above Dahei’s head, stroking the hair on Dahei’s forehead, and asked Dahei sound transmission in a low voice.


“There is no excitement, but This King is a bit hungry!”

Dahei stretched out his tongue, and his saliva flowed out like a waterfall.

Yang Fan haha ​​smiled, and he knew that this foodie simply didn’t know what fear was. He only knew that the half-emperor demon in front of him would soon become its food, and it would swallow it all into its stomach.

“Well, now that you are hungry, don’t bear it anymore and start looking for food!”

Yang Fan waved his big hand, and his body’s gravity domain and star power domain were fully opened.

“You use the gravity field on the Level 4 Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Black Chowchow, and anti-gravity blessing. The gravity pressure on Black Chowchow is reduced by four thousand times. Nine Hundred Ninety Ninth is as light as electricity, and the speed is increased. spirit strength +10, spirit willpower +10, domain range +1.”

“You used the star power domain for Level 4 Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Black Chowchow. The domain coverage is successful. Black Chowchow’s body is strengthened by endless star power, and power’s attributes are tripled. Spirit strength +10, spirit willpower + 10. Skill proficiency +20.”

“You use the gravity field on the Second Rank Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Tiger King, anti-gravity blessing, and the gravity pressure on the Tiger King is reduced by four thousand times Nine Hundred Ninety Ninth…”

“You used the Star Power Domain on the Second Rank Monster Sovereign (Incomplete) Tiger King. The domain coverage was successful. The Tiger King’s body was strengthened by endless star power, and his power’s attributes were tripled…”


Almost in a flash, Dahei, Xiaohua, Crocodile Meili, and Deer Calmly four half-emperor pet beasts, all of which were shrouded in Yang Fan’s gravity and star power domains, and their strength doubled!

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