I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1439

However, past experience tells it that things are not at all so simple, and Yang Fan is not at all so easy to get rid of.

This kid’s beast taming technique is very evil, and he is also fierce and fierce. Treating them like Demonic beasts and pet beasts can really kill him.

Previously, every time when its cultivation realm had a breakthrough and had the courage to swallow Yang Fan and completely freed from it, it would once again experience its own humbleness and weakness. Every time it was drawn by Yang Fan. It’s like a third grandson.

torn skin and gaping flesh is also that’s all. The key is that the torture on Divine Soul really makes the monsters want to die, too terrifying!

If there is only one or two times, it’s that’s all, but after experiencing three or four times, or even five or six times, it’s really the result, no matter how big the heart of the tiger king, no matter how thick the skin is , It can’t resist.

It has now breakthrough to the half-emperor realm, but if you believe or not, if it dares to show a little bit of rebellion, Yang Fan will be able to take out his Divine Weapon chopper in minutes and take half the emperor on it. The flesh and blood were removed one by one.

Then, spread the sauce, sprinkle with cumin, and bake it on the grill until golden on both sides of the recipes.

Such a brutal and terrifying thing, Yang Fan can definitely do it. The sika deer and silly dog ​​before, were all cut off by him and roasted for eating?

A lesson from the past, just ask if you are afraid?

Xiaohua couldn’t help but shiver when he thought that the flesh and blood on his body might also be cut off and cooked by the extremely cruel owner.

He doesn’t dare to follow these two idiots anymore, heaven knows if the master Baba is watching it secretly, once it dares to show the slightest rebellious intention, then it will wait to be roasted by the master Eat it!

So, Xiaohua no longer has any hesitation. Taking advantage of these two half-emperor Amur Tigers, they have already said that they are not at all. There is too much space for defense and security, and they directly used the system that they are best at. Royal secret technique.


The two half-emperor Amur Tigers only struggled for a while, and Divine Soul was completely lost, and they became puppets completely obedient to Xiaohua.

The other side.

Crocodile Meili received almost the same treatment as Xiaohua.

The two half-emperor iron-toothed crocodiles who came to besieged it did not at all any killing intents. They just cut off its support route from the Heaven Devouring Beast to the left and the right.

“Sixth Elder, I am waiting on the order of the crocodile Xin Great Elder to bring you back to your clan. Now, please give up your resistance. We will help you cut off the connection with Yang Fan’s Divine Soul and return you to freedom !”

The crocodile male directly picks out his intentions, and his eyes are piercing to see the beauty of the crocodile.

In its view, after knowing what they came from, the beauty of crocodiles will inevitably be wild with joy, deeply grateful to them.

After all, it is definitely the shame of every high-level Monster Race to be the pet beast of Human Race. Now that there is a chance to get rid of this Human Race pet beast, Crocodile Beauty will certainly not refuse.


Unexpectedly, the crocodile male is not waiting for the beautiful deeply grateful eyes of the crocodile, but their iron-toothed crocodile family is best at the secret technique of Divine Ability-Divine Dragon Moving it’s Tail.

A fierce and powerful iron tail, so flexible and fast, the demon simply drew on them before reacting.


The crocodile male and the other half-emperor iron-toothed crocodile instantly torn skin and gaping flesh, and blood flowed across.

With this beautiful blow, the crocodile didn’t even leave any hands, almost didn’t sweep the bodies of the two demons from it.

Too cruel!

This little female crocodile is crazy, everyone is of the same family, but we are here to save you!

Alligator male looked dumbfounded and angry. A pair of crocodiles stared at the beauty of the crocodiles just after the murder.

“Why? Crocodile is beautiful, have you completely betrayed Monster Race, completely betrayed the Numawa country?!”

I can’t figure it out at all.

They are the saviors of crocodile beauty. Their purpose is to help crocodile beauty completely escape from Sea of ​​Bitterness. Why are they so hostile to crocodile beauty?

Why? The tail just now was completely aimed at taking the lives of the two demons!


“Tell you, my loyalty to my master Baba is a lesson from the sun and the moon, no one can provoke me!”

Crocodile Beauty unceremoniously gave Lu Xiong a sip, loudly said:

“hmph, hmph, this Miss is Master Baba’s demon in this life, is Master Baba’s dead demon, you bastards, never want to separate this Miss from your master Baba!”

After the feedback from Divine Soul just now, after the Bloodline concentration was refined and promoted again, the beauty of Crocodile seemed to be completely transformed into a demon. He was loyal to Yang Fan and licked too much.

Following Yang Fan’s side, you don’t need to do anything, you can advance to breakthrough while lying down, and even Bloodline can strengthen and advance from time to time. With such a dignified thick leg, the fool is willing to separate from him!

In its view, Lu Xiong, these nasty guys, were not here to save it, but simply to cut off its money and prevent it from being promoted quickly.

“It’s over, Sixth Elder has been completely bewildered. It seems that you have to completely subdue it first!”

Seeing the beauty of the crocodile until this time, I still did not forget to be loyal to Yang Fan’s watch, pat the flattery, and lick it unnecessarily. The corner of the crocodile’s mouth couldn’t help but he was so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood.

Lost demon.

How could they have such a loyal rebellion to mankind?

So, the beauty of the crocodile must be deceived. Today, no matter what, they have to take this girl away forcibly, so as not to stay outside and continue to lose the face of their iron-toothed crocodile family.

Following the crocodile male’s order, the two half-emperor iron-toothed crocodile operated their demon power at the same time to recover their injuries, and then, apart from anything else, the two-way crocodile rushed beautifully.

Since verbal persuasion is not enough, we can only use physical persuasion.

As long as the crocodile beauty can be subdued, whether it is willing or not, is it really fascinated by Yang Fan, they can calmly cut the Divine Soul contract between the crocodile beauty and Yang Fan, and let it renew Regain freedom.

The other side.

Deer Congrong didn’t have that good luck anymore. A half-emperor land scorpion from the is Monster Saint Ridge that was fighting with it, the cultivation realm firmly pressed its head.

Different from Xiaohua and the beautiful side of Crocodile, this half-emperor land jade is really killing it.

Less than three seconds after the start of the battle, the deer calmly has been in distress four times in succession. Each time, he was almost slapped with his head by the half-emperor in front of him, and his body was full of colors and blood. The flow does not stop.

“Can’t do it at all!”

“If I really have that strength, I don’t want to talk about it!”

“But I’m just a sika deer after all. I’m a herbivore and a vegetarian. I’m not good at fighting, OK?”

The deer calmly felt a lot of suffering. If the is Master Baba was not terrifying, it couldn’t help but want to repeat its tricks, and directly raised the white flag and surrendered.

“This is really not something a herbivore should do. It seems that my old deer really wants to confess here today!”

They surrendered and didn’t dare to vote, but they couldn’t beat them. Lu calmly found out sadly that, apart from death, he seemed to have no second way to go.

It was the fifth time when the half-emperor’s scorpion on the opposite side performed a certain kill, and the deer calmly complained and felt that he was bound to die.

Its body suddenly lightened, and at the same time, an extremely huge and strange force instantly expanded and exploded within the body, causing its body to expand by two laps in an instant.

“This is…Master Baba’s gravity domain and star power domain!”

“haha, I knew that the master Baba impossible would give up me and be saved!”

The expansion of the body brings not only a strong improvement in strength, but also a courageous and invincible mentality for Lu Cong.

When the gravity domain and the star power domain entered the body, the deer calmly changed his previous cautious and cowardly state of cowarding.

He even started to hold his head high, facing the opposite half emperor who had been pressing on it.

“Little Mud Fish, I just played Lu Ye very well, now, let Lu Ye teach you, what is Danger Land counterattack, what is called an honest demon is not a good bully!”

“I’ll fight~!!!”

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