I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1440


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“You used the advanced gathering technique on the Fifth Level Demon Emperor (Incomplete) Dragon Jiao, the companion skills are passively triggered by breaking the obstacle, the gathering is successful, the Sovereign level spirit wine +20, the silver Martial God pawn +1. spirit strength +5, Skill proficiency +10.”

“You used the advanced gathering technique on Fifth Level Demon King (Incomplete) Xiong Yun, the companion skill was passively triggered to break the obstacle, and the gathering was successful, Sovereign level spiritual medicine +10, Earth Veins Essence Liquid +30, and space bracelet +1 .Spirit strength +5, skill proficiency +10.”

“You used an advanced collection technique on Level 4 Demon King (Incomplete) Jiaoqing, and the companion skill was passively triggered by barrier breaking, and the collection was successful…”

“You used an advanced collection technique on Level 4 Demon Emperor (Incomplete) Feng Yuantu, and the companion skill was passively triggered by obstacle breaking, and the collection was successful…”


In order to prevent these half-emperor great monsters from also carrying the demon emperor Spirit Treasure, Yang Fan took advantage of their coercive aura to take advantage of their coercive aura to the demon power domain of the dragon and dragon demon To destroy the space, began to continuously cast advanced gathering techniques at the 21 half-emperor big monsters in the space battlefield.

It turned out that Yang Fan was completely overly concerned.

After he collected all the treasures hidden in these half-emperor big monsters, he found a few of the half-Sovereign level Spirit Treasures, but there were none of them.

Think about it.

Sovereign level Spirit Treasure is not a Chinese cabbage. How could the Five Great Holy Lands of Monster Race be able to take out one at every turn to confront the enemy?

even more how, Yang Fan himself has obtained three Monster Race Spirit Treasures from these Monster Race god sons or half-emperor big demon. They are from Ten Thousand Monster Mountain, Monster Sacred Ridge and Black Wind Valley. Great Holy Lands.

If nothing else, the inventory of these three demon king Spirit Treasures on the ground should be low or even cleared directly.

Otherwise, after being taught by Dahei to use the Demon Emperor Spirit Treasure last time, Long Jiao and Xiong Yun will come here this time. Impossible will not even bring a Demon Emperor Spirit Treasure.

“It’s all a bunch of poor ghosts!”

“The Sovereign level spiritual medicine collected from the twenty-one half-emperors is dissatisfied with even a sack! Divine Weapon even has less than ten handles, it is really miserable!”

Yang Fan curled his lips, looking disgusted.

Now it seems that the most valuable things in these half-emperor monsters are their blood, flesh, muscle and bones and monster core fur.

“swallowing heaven devouring earth!”

Dahei suddenly let out a dog bark, and then the dog’s mouth opened wide, and he swallowed the nearest half-emperor demon at a fast speed.

The three Dijiao Banhuang on the opposite side didn’t even have time to react, so they swallowed them all in their stomachs.

“Not good! This big dog has hidden strength before! It is not the third-order half emperor Peak, it has been fully promoted to the fourth-order half emperor realm!”

Long Jiao’s expression changed drastically, exclaiming loudly.

“No, right! Even a Tier 4 and a half emperor is impossible to have such a fast speed, even if the emperor casts the Dragon Yin Magical Powers of our Dijiao clan, it is impossible to be so fast!”

What a wicked one!

Have never heard that Heaven Devouring Beast has the Innate Divine Ability, which is known for its speed. Even if it hides the cultivation base before, its true strength has reached the fourth-order half-emperor level, but its speed should not be faster than it has been. It is the fifth-order and half-emperor Long Jiao who is more quick and sensitive!

Seeing that Heaven Devouring Beast swallowed three half-emperor’s land floodwaters in one bite, all the surrounding half-emperor big monsters were shivered in fright, as if they were hell.

They are all veteran half-emperors who broke through before the Heaven Devouring Beast clan was destroyed. They are not very strange to the Heaven Devouring Beast clan.

The half emperor of the Heaven Devouring Beast clan is not unmatched, but the Heaven Devouring Beast half emperor in their memory can at most be in the same level, one against two or an enemy three.

Furthermore, this enemy is two enemies and three. It just means that it can withstand the attacks of two or three half-emperors of the same tier at the same time. Where is the half-emperor Heaven Devouring Beast in front of you so evil.

Why? I swallowed three and a half emperors in one bite!

The three cultivation bases are all around Tier 3 and Tier 4, and they are not weak chickens.

“What are you doing in a daze?!” Xiong Yun suddenly roared: “Go and save the demon! Heaven Devouring Beast within the body’s esophagus self becomes a space, and was swallowed by it for a while. I simply can’t die!”

“Now everyone is shooting at the same time, and the three Elders inside and outside are flanking, it can’t hold it!”

Xiong Yun seems to know the Innate Divine Ability of Heaven Devouring Beast lineage very well, and immediately made the most correct choice.

And the facts are exactly as it said. Although Dahei swallowed three of the earth scorpions and a half emperor in one bite, he looked very mighty and utterly cruel, but at this time, in the swallowing space in its belly, those three The swallowed Earth Dragon Half Emperor has begun to continuously attack its space barriers.



Even from the outside, others or demon can easily see that Dahei’s stomach and intestines are constantly agitating up and down, and there is a roar from time to time.

“Sure enough! The three Elders of the Earth Jiao tribe are still alive!”

“The emperor said, when did the half-Sovereign level Heaven Devouring Beast turn out to be so powerful. After a long period of trouble, it was just that’s all that deliberately frightened the demon!”

When all the demons saw this, they couldn’t help being relaxed. Without a word, they began to cooperate with Long Jiao and Xiong Yun to attack Dahei quickly.

“A bunch of idiots, is it so easy to get rid of Heaven Devouring Beast’s devouring space?”

“As long as they are swallowed in, their spirit strength within the body will be quickly broken down and refining. At this time, the more fierce they resist, the faster the consumption of spirit strength within the body will lead to death later. It will be faster.”

Yang Fan seemed to see what these half-emperor demon thoughts in their hearts, and couldn’t help but curl his lips with disdain, and the system hint in his ear also sounded.

“You watch the Level 4 Demon King (Incomplete) Black Chowchow use Innate Divine Ability swallowing heaven devouring earth to swallow your opponents, touch your heart, and deepen your understanding of swallowing heaven devouring earth! Food intake +50, digestion ability +10, Stomach space +5.”

“You watch the Level 4 Demon King (Incomplete) Black Chowchow use Innate Divine Ability swallowing heaven devouring earth to swallow your opponents, your heart is touched, and your understanding of swallowing heaven devouring earth is further deepened…”

Sure enough.

Dahei, who has advanced to the fourth-order half-emperor realm, has a much stronger control and understanding of swallowing heaven devouring earth Magical Powers. No wonder he can swallow three half-emperor monsters in one bite!

Yang Fan, who also comprehended swallowing heaven devouring earth Magical Powers, knows the Life Source Divine Ability exclusive to Heaven Devouring Beast.

Seeing Dahei dodging from left to right under the siege of a group of half-emperor big monsters, and no longer stalking them, Yang Fan knew that Dahei was delaying time on purpose.

Just wait for a few more breaths, and the three half-emperors of the ground scorpion swallowed by it will become soft-footed shrimps due to exhaustion of spirit strength and exhaustion of Divine Soul.

“Heaven Devouring Beast can be named after the sky swallowing, so the anti-sky devouring and digesting ability is definitely not a vain name!”

“It seems that this handsome simply doesn’t need to waste another Demon Emperor Spirit Treasure, he can easily leave all these dozen and a half emperor great demon!”

Yang Fan sighed softly in his heart. It would be better to be able to save a Demon Emperor Spirit Treasure.

More importantly, what makes Yang Fan feel happy.

Cultivation base breakthrough After arriving at Emperor Peak, he already has the ability to survive alone in the battlefield of half-emperor space.

With his own support domain and invisibility abilities, plus the four half-emperor pets Dahei, Xiaohua, Little Female Crocodile, and Little Plum Blossom, Yang Fan seems to have the ability to hunt down the half-emperor head-on. Demon ability!

Although Yang Fan had personally killed many half-emperors before, most of them were sneak attacks, or some half-emperors who had no ability to resist were killed.

But now, it’s different.

Yang Fan already has the strength to fight these half-emperor monsters in front of him. He doesn’t need to dodge cautiously like before. He is afraid that the strong aftermath of the opposite half-emperor demon can give him Take a few pieces.

Now, he can stand just and honourable on Dahei, directing his half-emperor pet beasts to confront and even kill these half-emperor monsters!

Of course, Yang Fan is not stupid. Even if he is able to stubbornly, for his own safety, he still habitually chooses not to be invisible.

People shouldn’t be too troubled, otherwise they will easily lead to tragedies. No matter when, it’s better to be careful and safety first.


With a loud blast, not far away, the deer calmly swelled and its speed increased sharply. A big hole popped out of the chest of the half-emperor that had been pressing on it.

“Little Mud Fish, I just played Lu Ye very well, now, let Lu Ye teach you, what is Danger Land counterattack, what is called an honest demon is not a good bully!”

“I’ll fight~!!!”

Deer calmly became wild at this moment, so wild that Yang Fan didn’t even dare to recognize it.

“Let you bully Laozi!”

“Let you bully Lu Ye!”

“Look at Lord Lu kicked you up today!”

The deer’s calm mouth had broken thoughts. Every time he said a word, he kicked his foot, so that the half emperor in front of it had no resistance at all, and most of the body below the head was broken into pieces. Fenmo.

Bloody, brutal, thieves excite!

“Good job, Xiaomeihua! Fight fiercely for the owner. This is what you have to do when you are fighting. Don’t be persuaded!”

Yang Fan couldn’t help complimenting the deer calmly. He has to say that this deer really made him look at him today.

The deer calmly heard the words, his body shook, and instantly understood what Yang Fan meant, and he directly threw away a mental mind to control the ground worm before him, which was kicked to the point where only one head was left. Get up, barely taking a breath.

It knows that the owner has a special habit of killing high-level Monster Race with his own hands, leaving the final cut to the owner, which has become a repertoire for their pet beasts to please the owner.

If it wasn’t for Yang Fan who had just spoken out of the blue, the deer playing upright would calmly forget such an important thing.

When Yang Fan saw this, the smile on his face became brighter. He likes such a sensible pet, so he doesn’t worry.

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