I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1441


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It wasn’t just Deer Calongong who broke out suddenly.

In fact, Lu Congrong has always been the weakest and most persuasive one among the Yang Fan’s four semi-emperor pets.

Now, under the blessing of Yang Fan’s gravity domain and star power domain, even the deer calmly has begun to rise. It is not necessary to be ferocious and domineering, let alone Xiaohua and crocodile, which are stronger than it. Beautiful.



Following the deer calmly, the battle on the beautiful side of the crocodile also ended in an instant.

Two iron-toothed crocodiles who didn’t want to kill the crocodile’s beauty in the first place were half-emperor. When they couldn’t prevent this, they were directly blown up by the crocodile’s beauty, leaving only a huge head and the crocodile’s beauty. Level ban, packaged and hung on his waist.

This is its spoils of war, and it is also its best gift to show its loyalty to the master, Baba, but they can’t be killed easily.

Xiaohua’s side is even simpler. The two White Tiger half-emperors who besieged it just talked to it a few gossips, and then lost their minds and became Xiaohua’s puppets, standing respectfully behind Xiaohua. .

Just a moment.

Three half-emperor big monsters were captured, so weak that only one head was left and barely struggling on whilst at death’s door.

The two half-emperors directly defected to the enemy and became the puppets of Yang Fan’s pet beast, losing their self-consciousness.

Long Jiao and Xiong Yun who were besieging Heaven Devouring Beast noticed the unexpected change here, and their hearts trembled.

Never expected, the battle has just been at first, and they have lost eight and a half-emperor monsters again.

Adding the bad luck eggs that were cut by Yang Fan at first, there are nine in total.

Originally, a hunting squad composed of 22 half-emperor monsters, but in a blink of an eye, only thirteen were left. On Yang Fan’s side, none of the four half-emperor pet beasts were damaged. Yang Fan was even more so. Invisible, no trace.

The offensive and defensive momentum has been completely reversed!

“It’s over!”

“The hunting plan at this time is going to be aborted again. How could Yang Fan this enchanting evildoer be so difficult to kill?!”

Long Jiao’s heart felt bad.

Yang Fan’s strength is not compromised. On the contrary, there are two more half-emperor battle strengths. Now they are 13 to 7.


Before 23 to 5, they immediately lost their strength and lost their advantage.

Now it has become 13 to 7 at once, do they have any hope of success?

Don’t say anything else, at least in the fire Phoenix, White Tiger, and the iron toothed crocodile, these three half-emperors will inevitably be refined by the high-level half-emperor leaders such as Feng Xi Yao, Tiger Peng and Crocodile Xin. The Spirit Treasure body protection.

If you don’t use it now, you may never have a chance again.

Just like those bad luck eggs that were just killed or controlled by Yang Fan, calmly by the deer, by the beautiful crocodile and the tiger king, the hole cards on the body have been completely played without even being used.

“To this day, I have to fight to my death!”

“Everyone, don’t hide and tangle, now fight to the death, maybe there is still a chance to stand up, otherwise, we Old Brother may really be the cannon fodder in this battle!”

The three Fire Phoenix half emperors, the iron-toothed crocodile and the Amur Tiger under each, all looked gloomy and desperate to die.

No way.

They are no better than Long Jiao and Xiong Yun. At a critical moment, these demon sacred mountains and the half emperor of Black Wind Valley have the opportunity to use Long Jiao’s Shifting Flowers Connecting Wood Chīmèi Divine Method to get out of the dead.

But besides fighting to the death, they have to wait to die.

“Hey, where is the old man’s half-emperor Spirit Treasure?”

“Fuck, how come the Divine Weapon, which I have been collecting for many years, disappeared?!”

“Damn it! My old lady’s spiritual medicine, spirit wine, Divine Weapon, and even some ordinary changes of clothes have been stolen!”


For a time, chaos recurred.

All the demons were extremely shocked and sad to discover that the trump cards and resource treasures they had stored on their bodies, and even their clothes and pants were stolen!

Who is so wicked, and who is so powerful?

This is too scary!

Some of those things are stored in the portable space equipment, and some are always kept in their own Sea of ​​​​Consciousness Space.

Who is such a Great Cow, who was able to steal them top secretly in the Supreme Treasure in the Sea of ​​​​Consciousness Space in their extreme perception and guard?

They have never had such a terrifying experience before. Even when the Demon Sovereigns of their various races were still there, they had never heard of anyone who could directly get from their Sea of ​​​​Consciousness Space took their Supreme Treasure without notice.

“Should there be Sovereign level Clone from Human Race also mixed in?!”

“It won’t be Human Race’s Sword King Clone, right? If it’s really him, what are we still struggling with? Let’s just take Self-destruction!”

Soon, some demon began to speculate on Sword Emperor Clone.

Except for the true emperor powerhouse, they really can’t think of anyone who can be such a Great Cow, in such a short period of time, so mysteriously and unknowingly, with everything hidden in the Sea of ​​​​Consciousness Space Supreme Treasure all go smoothly.

“Yang Fan!”

At a critical moment, Xiong Yun once again stood up to refute the rumors.

“The last time he sneaked into my clan’s ancestral land to steal, he was so ignorant that he didn’t even notice the old Ancestor who was stationed in my clan’s ancestral land!”

“He must have awakened some kind of space-based migrating Magical Powers, and can transfer items stored in any space!”

Long Jiao also said: “It should be Yang Fan, no doubt. From the beginning to the present, he has been unable to hide. It should be the stealing Magical Powers secretly, stealing all the resources from us. Up!”

“Don’t scare yourself. Impossible will be the Sword Emperor Clone. If the Sword Emperor comes in, with the Sword Emperor’s temper, do you think he will let us live to toss it till now?”

If it is Yang Fan, they may still have a chance to fight.

But if the Sword King Clone of Human Race mixed in, the half-emperor big monsters they were present had each one, and no one wanted to leave alive.

Even if it is Dragon Jiao, in the presence of Sword Emperor Clone, he may not have the opportunity to perform its Shifting Flowers Connecting Wood Chīmèi Divine Method secret technique.

The remaining eleven half-emperor big demon were silent at the same time.

Long Jiao and Xiong Yun’s explanation not at all let them relax a little bit.

Even if Long Jiao and Xiong Yun say it is true, everything in front of them is the work of Yang Fan, and has nothing to do with Human Race Sword King Clone.

But, even so, it’s really scary.

The Divine Weapon, resources, and Spirit Treasure of the half-emperor from them were all stolen by Yang Fan, so the equivalent to is an enemy.

Without the support of these resources and hole cards, what else will they use to fight Yang Fan and his four half-emperor pets in the next battle?

Now, they not only have to face the four half-emperor pet beasts that have suddenly become very difficult to deal with, and two half-emperor puppets.

Besides, beware of the hole cards that Yang Fan walks from them, worrying about whether Yang Fan will use these hole cards on their own.

As one trades down, it feels like they have no chance of winning.

Just now.

Dahei’s trembling abdomen has gradually stopped. Xiaohua also led his two Puppets over to join Dahei.

The beauty of the crocodile and the calmness of the deer are all hanging on the outermost periphery of the remaining thirteen half-emperors, always preparing for sneak attack support, and at the same time preventing these half-emperors from looking for opportunities to escape the space battlefield.

The master Baba said just now, the half-emperor big demon who came here today have each one, no one wants to leave alive!

Hmph, that’s so domineering!

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