I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1442


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Don’t say anything.

Among the thirteen half-emperor big monsters, there are really a few who are reluctant to retreat, and want to find a chance to escape from the Tearing Space.

However, the two half-emperor puppets who saw Dahei, Xiaohua and Xiaohua are glare like a tiger watching his prey.

There is also the beauty of the crocodiles and the deer calmly staring at their every move behind them, instantly making these retiring guys give up their plans for Tearing Space.

Impossible will succeed.

Not to mention the few half-emperor pets of Yang Fan, even the two old ones, Long Jiao and Xiong Yun around them, will not let them withdraw at this time.

So, at this moment, the thirteen half-emperor big monsters, who obviously still occupy a great advantage in number, have a feeling of being surrounded by Yang Fan, and all of them have become desperate for their lives. The struggling sleepy beast.

Yang Fan returned to Dahei’s head again, wearing a small white suit with a freshly shaved inch head, showing extraordinary spirit.

This time, he is no longer invisible, but directly and grandly exposed in the front of one’s eyes of Long Jiao and the other twelve half-emperor demon, with his arms around his arms, and a smile on his face.

“My Yang Fan, someone who has been too big a hobby in this life, only likes watching you Monster Race Stranded Beast’s Struggle.”

“Everyone, in the next battle, don’t let me down. I hope you can bring me a different viewing experience!”

Seeing Yang Fan’s sudden appearance, Long Jiao and Xiong Yun’s minds couldn’t help.

Is the final battle coming so soon?

Yang Fan dared to reveal his figure at this time. Obviously he has a great certainty. What is his support?

Now their half-emperors are still more than twice as many as Yang Fan’s half-emperors. Yang Fan can be sure that when he appears at this time, the Heaven Devouring Beast, these half-emperor beasts, will definitely be able to protect him. ‘S comprehensive?

“This guy, there must be some hole cards that have not been displayed!”

Long Jiao and Xiong Yun had this judgment in their hearts at the same time, and they were increasingly afraid to directly attack Yang Fan.

“Feng Yao, Xiong Chen, for a while, the Emperor and Xiong Yun Elder Council will try their best to hold this Heaven Devouring Beast, and you two demons will take the opportunity to storm Yang Fan, as long as you can strike certain kill Yang Fan one by his side These pet beasts will completely lose control. At that time, the emperor promises that everyone can leave this space battlefield calmly!”

Until this time, Long Jiao had not given up his plan to kill Yang Fan.

Even if it does not dare to take risks by itself, it has to instruct other cannon fodder to come forward and explore the truth.

The same sentence, Yang Fan is the absolute key to their victory or defeat. As long as Yang Fan dies, the pets around him will immediately restore their demonic beasts and follow them back to the demon. area.

In the final analysis, Yang Fan’s own cultivation base strength is nothing more than the Peak Emperor realm. As long as the attacks of any of them can be swept over him, with its Peak Emperor level defensive ability, No physiology!

The expressions of the two half emperors named changed slightly at the same time.

They are not fools, they can naturally think of the problems that Long Jiao and Xiong Yun can think of.

However, Long Jiao is the commander-in-chief of this operation after all, and the cultivation base is far above them. They have no courage and reason to refute Long Jiao’s decision.

Especially when Long Jiao said these words, the divine sense was directly locked on them. Once they hesitated or evaded them, Long Jiao would certainly not spare them lightly.

“understood, we will definitely spare no effort!”

Feng Yao and Xiong Chen nodded at the same time.

At this time, if you want to survive, you have to fight hard.

Yang Fan is dead. Naturally, everything ends. After leaving the space battlefield, everyone will go back to each house and find each mother.

But if Yang Fan is not dead, it means that they are not far away. Judging from the current situation, Yang Fan will not leave their lives anyway.

After all, this girl is a well-known half-emperor executioner, and the number of half-emperors who died in his hands during this time has almost exceeded twenty.

So, in any case, even in order to survive, they must work hard!

“Remember, when necessary, even if it is Self-destruction, you must kill that little bastard for the emperor!”

At this time, Long Jiao once again secretly sounded transmission to the two demons.

“With the emperor, even if it is self-destructed, the emperor is sure to preserve the origin of your Divine Soul, so that you can be estimated to be possessed by the demon spirit and continue to live in another identity.”

“Believe in the emperor, now Self-destruction, you may still have a glimmer of survival, if you wait until later, when even the emperor is powerless to defend himself, I am afraid that you just want to converge your Divine Soul origin. There is no chance.”

“At that time, if you want Self-destruction to injure the enemy, then you will really die!”

Self-destruction? !

Feng Yao and Xiong Chen were shocked when they heard this instruction.

It seems that Long Jiao, an old stock, is not optimistic about their two demon’s attack on Yang Fan, and even Self-destruction has considered them in advance.

This old bastard, isn’t this just pushing them out to die?

They are all half-emperor monsters. If not necessary, who would be willing to abandon their fleshy body and become a demon spirit without roots and grass to find a new host, and then start cultivation from scratch?


If it’s time to be a last resort or to die, self-destruction in advance may not necessarily be a way out.

Long Jiao is the Old Ancestor of the Earth Jiao clan. He is proficient in the secret technique of Shifting Flowers Connecting Wood Chīmèi Divine Method, and his life-saving ability is counted in the entire demon domain.

This time, even if all the half-emperors they were present were dead, Long Jiao might not be hurt by a single vellus hair.

If you can really help Dragon Jiao to temporarily converge their Divine Soul origins, even if you start anew as a demon spirit, at least it is still “alive”, right?

“It’s now, do it!”

Long Jiao not at all gave Fengyao and Xiong Chen too much time to think about it. Almost immediately when the order was issued, they immediately gave orders, and officially started the second group fight against Yang Fan against Heaven Devouring Beast.

This is most likely their last active attack. All the half-emperor big monsters have worked hard, and the condensed half-sovereign’s prestige is strong enough to shake the entire space battlefield.

Yang Fan’s browse slightly raise, I don’t care.

Since he dared to show up at this time, how could he fail to prevent the last madness of Long Jiao and other demons?

Almost at the moment when the half-emperor big monsters like Longjiao slightly changed, Yang Fan’s gravity domain and charm skills began to continuously greet these half-emperors.

“You use the gravity field on Level 4 Demon Emperor (restricted) Fengyao, and the gravity blessing is successful. The gravity pressure on Fengyao’s body is increased by four thousand times Nine Hundred Ninety Ninth, the speed is like a turtle, and the strength is severely reduced. spirit strength +10, spirit willpower +10, domain range +1.”

“You use the Gravity Domain on the Fifth Level Demon Emperor (Restricted) Longjiao, and the gravity blessing is successful. The gravity pressure on the Longjiao body has suddenly increased by four thousand times Nine Hundred Ninety Ninth, the speed is like a turtle, and the strength is severely reduced… “


“You cast a charm skill on Level 4 Demon Emperor (restricted) Fengyao, 60% of the six ignoring defense chances are successfully triggered, and the charm is successful. Level 4 Demon Emperor (restricted) Fengyao’s favorability for you is greatly increased , Spirit strength +20, spirit willpower +20, skill proficiency +30.”

“You cast a charm skill on the Level 3 Demon Emperor (limited) Xiong Chen, 60% of the six ignoring defense chances are successfully triggered, and the charm is successful. Level 3 Demon Emperor (limited) Xiong Chen’s favorability for you is greatly increased ……”


The field of gravity greatly limits their attack movement speed and reduces their body strength.

The charm skill can resolve the hatred and murderous intention of Yang Fan in their hearts to the greatest extent, so that they can no longer cause any harm to Yang Fan.

I have to say.

Proficient in skills to reach the charm skills of Tongshen realm, coupled with a 66% chance of ignoring defense, Yang Fan is now extremely easy to charm these half-emperor monsters, basically every two Three times can successfully turn a half-emperor into his own person.


The thirteen half-emperor big monsters who were completely trapped in Yang Fan’s gravity domain have all unconsciously changed their hostile attitude towards Yang Fan.

Now, look at each and everyone of them, the look in the eyes looking towards Yang Fan is a kind of friendship and kindness.

The killing attacks that were already prepared stop here. Feng Yao and Xiong Chen, who had already prepared Self-destruction and prepared to be together with Yang Fan perish, also looked at Yang Fan kindly at this time, and then No bit hostile.

What assassination, what Self-destruction, are all left behind by them.

Faced with such a cute, handsome, kind and close Human Race Little Brat, how can they bear to hurt him?

Next to it.

Dahei, Xiaohua, Crocodile Meili, and Deer Calm are all directly confused.

Just now, they are all ready to fight a battle, and they have been holding back their big moves for a long time.

As a result, in the blink of an eye, enemies become friends, killing intents become kind, and the atmosphere in the entire space battlefield is undesirably harmonious.

If people or demons who don’t know the situation see this scene, they will think they are holding a forum here.

“When did the master’s hypnotism become such a great cow?”

“These are all half-emperor realm monsters, how could they be recruited so quickly? This is unscientific!”

Several Beast Pet was shocked, and in the bottom of my heart, he became more and more afraid of Yang Fan, the master Baba.

“This is the real leapfrog battle. Compared with the control method of such an inhuman Great Cow as the owner, This King can swallow three half emperors of the same order in one bite. It seems like nothing!”

Dahei sighed softly, feeling inferior.

Xiaohua, Crocodile Meili, and Lu Congrong also feel the same.

What about the half-emperor of Great Cow? It will hypnotize you in the blink of an eye, so that you can’t afford to kill Yang Fan any more, and you can even greet him and treat him like a relative or friend. To deal with it, without the slightest precaution, just ask if you are afraid?

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