I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1443


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“You used the mysterious skill of Divine Soul on the Fifth Level Demon Emperor (Incomplete) Dragon Jiao-Divine Soul brand, the brand failed, Fifth Level Demon Emperor (Incomplete) Dragon Jiao Divine Soul tenacious, clear will, successfully got rid of Your Divine Soul branded attack, spirit strength +10, spirit willpower +20, skill proficiency +5.”

“You used the mysterious skill of Divine Soul on Fifth Level Demon King (Incomplete) Xiong Yun. The brand failed. Fifth Level Demon Emperor (Incomplete) Xiong Yun Divine Soul tenacious, you have a clear will and successfully got rid of The attack of your Divine Soul brand…”


“You used the mysterious skill of the Heavenly Spirit on Level 4 Demon Emperor (Incomplete) Fengyao—Divine Soul Brand, the brand was successful, Level 4 Demon Emperor (Incomplete) Fengyao Divine Soul was fogged, and the will was chaotic, and you succeeded It has left a servitude brand on its Divine Soul origin! Spirit strength +20, spirit willpower +50, skill proficiency +10.”

“You successfully performed the mysterious skill of the heavenly level—Divine Soul brand, leaving a slavish brand in the Divine Soul origin of Level 4 Demon Emperor (incomplete) Feng Yao, Feng Yao’s mental body is completely controlled by you Control, I am obedient to you! The enslavement imprint time limit, one minute!”

“You used the mysterious skill of the Heavenly Spirit on the Level 3 Demon Emperor (incomplete) Xiong Chen—Divine Soul Brand, and the brand was successful…”


After turning all the half-emperor monsters on the scene into his own, Yang Fan didn’t stop at all, but then immediately applied the more overbearing Divine Soul brand to these “owns”, and succeeded He enslaved the weaker part of the half-emperor into his own Divine Soul puppet.

Although the time limit is only one minute, it is enough if it is used to kill demons and overstock.

“Dahei, Xiaohua, Xiao Meili, Xiao Meihua, you guys are still standing there in a daze, what are you doing, don’t you hurry up and kill this master?!”

While Mind instructed the three half-emperor monsters who had been successfully enslaved by him on the opposite side to suddenly kill his companions, Yang Fan also screamed at Dahei’s sound transmission.

Take advantage of its illness to kill it.

It took so much effort for this master to finally get rid of the hostility of these half-emperor big demon, and let them temporarily let go of their guard and hatred.

Now is when their minds are lax and their defensive ability is the weakest. You silly cats and dogs don’t rush to take advantage of the opportunity to fight the enemy, but instead stand aside and watch like a big silly fork. Are you all hit by the charm skills?

Following this master for so long, each and everyone still can’t get the master’s mind and G points. Normally, they are really for nothing!

Hearing the master Baba furious, Dahei, Xiaohua and other demons were shivered at the same time, and immediately restored to their previous brutal and brutal blood-eating state. Without a word, at the same time moved towards the dozen or so creatures who were still smiling at them The half-emperor demon rushed.

“No, with such a good opportunity, doesn’t the master want to subdue all these half-emperor monsters into pets?”

While Crocodile Meili launched the most fierce and fierce attack on the nearest half-emperor monster, she also asked some companions who were also frantic about sound transmission without understanding.

“The other small fish and shrimps are that’s all, but Long Jiao and Xiong Yun are two well-established big fish!”

“One of them is the actual controller of Monster Saint Ridge, and the other is the leader of Black Wind Valley. The controlling ability of Two Great Holy Lands is definitely not covered.”

“As long as the owner can fully control them, it is equivalent to the two Great Saints who completely control the Monster Race. Isn’t it enough for Great Cow? Why doesn’t the owner have any intentions?”

This is unscientific!

A person who is so greedy for money and life, facing this way, he can directly control the two Monster Race Saint lands, and even take the opportunity to empty all the resource treasures of the demon holy ridge and the Black Wind Valley, or indirectly control the Two Great Holy Lands How could all the opportunities that the half-emperor big demon used for himself be missed so in vain?

This is not in line with the master Baba’s personal setting of being greedy for money and life!

Although Yang Fan is generous with his discipline and relatives and friends, he refining Soul Pill and all kinds of cultivation resources are moved out by baskets of whole baskets, and he looks like money like dirt. .

However, only the pet beasts who have been with Yang Fan know the best. Every time Yang Fan hunts Demonic beasts or sneaks into Monster Race, the greedy nature of geese and plucking hair.

Think about it.

A guy who didn’t let go of his underwear and the hair on his body when he searched the body of the Monster Race.

One after another sneaked into the two Monster Race Saint sites of Ten Thousand Demons Mountain and Black Wind Valley, and directly emptied the resource treasure house in the human family, and even a drop of spiritual liquid was reluctant to leave behind.

How could he easily let go of the opportunity to search the Demon Holy Ridge and Black Wind Valley Two Great Holy Lands?

Even if the Black Wind Valley has been patronized by Yang Fan once, but a dying, starved camel is still bigger than a horse, go to search the bus, maybe you can search the bus again and get a second seat Even the third treasure house of resources!


“Little girl, you are still too young.”

Xiaohua directed his two half-emperor puppets to sneak attack the three closest half-emperor monsters, and then whispered to the crocodile beautiful sound transmission:

“If you stay with the host for a while, you will be understood. Our host doesn’t bring back everything.”


Dahei also said: “This Lord Doge knows best that the owner Baba has serious mental cleanliness, and most can’t tolerate the blood imprint of his pet beast that has swallowed the flesh and blood of Human Race.”

“Look at the dozen or so half-emperor big monsters in front of you. Which one is not bloody, and the Human Race they have eaten has at least thousands of them. How can the owner see them?”

Among the four Beast Pets in front of me, the crocodile has the shortest time to recognize the beauty of the Master. There is no clearer understanding of Yang Fan’s disposition and habits.

Although Yang Fan has warned them more than once before, they are not allowed to hurt people without his permission, let alone feed on Human Race.

But the beauty of Crocodile has never taken seriously.

After all, it is not at all the habit of feeding on people, and it is by Yang Fan’s side, it does not have too many opportunities to fight against the martial artist of Human Race, so it has never touched Yang Fan. The bottom line.

“What happened?” Crocodile Meili blinked a pair of crocodile eyes, and sighed softly: “If you say that, the master Baba is quite willful!”

“So many half-emperor pet beasts, including the control of Two Great Holy Lands, are all given up because of a small mental cleanliness?”

“Is this rare?” Lu Congrong also interjected from the side: “In the future, if you stay with your master for a long time, you will know that even more willful things can be done by our master Baba.”

“Not to mention the two Holy Land leaders, Long Jiao and Xiong Yun. Even if one day, the owner has the opportunity to capture the five monsters of Monster Race, he probably won’t hesitate to give him a knife. Kill it!”

Almost every one of the five demon emperors was in the initial outbreak of the spirit strength tide, and only by devouring the endless human race flesh and blood, they raised their own cultivation base.

According to Yang Fan’s standard for beast taming, these five demon kings are also on his Must Kill List.

Lu Calmly doesn’t doubt it at all. When Yang Fan has the ability to challenge the Demon Emperor, he will definitely be like he was dealing with the half-emperors like Dragon Jiao and Xiong Yun today, as well as the five demon kings. Hands up and down the knife, mercilessly.

“So cruel? It feels like a Great Cow!”

Crocodile Meili chuckled his mouth twice with some palpitations, and seemed to have a clearer understanding of the owner, Yang Fan.

In the time when Beast Pets were sound transmission and chatting with each other, more intense fighting broke out between the enemy and our second brother.

Because this time is the first to be strong, Dahei, Xiaohua and other four Beast Pets have an absolute advantage from at first.

Dahei’s dog mouth instantly swallowed Long Jiao, Xiong Yun and two other black and white bears standing in front of it.

Then its belly is like a drum, vibrating and roaring.

Obviously, the four half-emperor big monsters that were swallowed by it had already reacted and started to counterattack aggressively in its swallowing space.

Xiaohua took its two White Tiger puppets and attacked the nearby three and a half emperors at the same time, severely wounding and half crippling them with one blow, and then the six monsters directly fought in one place.

Because of the increase in Yang Fan’s gravity field and star power field, Xiaohua’s three demon obviously have the upper hand, and it only takes a moment to successfully win the three half emperors.

The beauty of the crocodile and the calmness of the deer are the same, even smoother.

The target of their attack is exactly the target attacked by the three half-emperor puppets enslaved by Yang Fan. With the addition of their two demons, it is directly five to three. It is not too easy to kill.

In just over twenty seconds, Meimei Crocodile and Deer calmly harvested a half-emperor’s head, both of them skillfully pinned to their waists, waiting for a while to find their master, Baba, to show the treasure.

At this time, Yang Fan still had 40 seconds left in the enslavement of the three half-emperor puppets.

In the void where they familiarly knocked the remaining half emperor into a serious injury, Yang Fan jumped from Dahei’s head and waved his hand to cut the severely wounded half emperor to the ground. .

“You used the Blade Technique attack on the Level 3 Demon Emperor (Incomplete) Jiao Fei Wing, and the attack was successful. The neck vertebrae of the Level 3 Demon Emperor (Incomplete) Jiao Fei Wing were completely decomposed. The understanding of Blade Technique is further deepened, and the skill proficiency is +30.”

“You successfully used the Blade Technique to decompose and slay a Level 3 Demon Emperor (incomplete) flying wing. The enemy experience has been greatly enhanced, the strength of vitality and blood is +130000000, the spirit willpower +10000, and the skills are proficient. Degree +100.”

“You used Divine Soul detention on the Remnant Soul of Level 3 Demon King (Incomplete) Jiaofei Wing. The detention was successful. The origin of Divine Soul of Level 3 Demon Emperor (Incomplete) Jiaofei Wing was successfully intercepted…”

“You used an advanced collection technique on the corpse of the Level 3 Demon King (Incomplete) Jiao Fei Wing, and the collection was successful. Level 3 Demon Emperor Flesh +99, Level 3 Demon Emperor blood essence +99, Level 3 Demon Emperor Demon Core +1…”

The system hint kept ringing in Yang Fan’s ears, Yang Fan was extremely happy, beheading, detaining, and gathering a dragon, and finally perfection!


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