I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1516


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Li Miaocai, Ji Siyuan, Chen Xiaoyu, Zhao Sanyuan, Cao Jun, Luo Qing, etc., all the veteran half-emperors who came from Jinghua City all started heartbeat speeding up, breathing slowed down, and staring straight at Yang Fan without blinking. .

This is the real purpose for them to come to Xuan Chu Guardian Palace not far from ten thousand li.

The Dao injury, the Dao injury backlash that has troubled and tortured them for more than half a century, has always been the biggest worry and heart disease in their hearts. The pain is so painful that they can’t get rid of it. Since the breakthrough to the half-emperor realm, they have gained powerful strength The joy and despair of being tortured by the Taoism have been entwining them like this.

Until a month or so ago, they met Yang Fan, and only then saw a glimmer of hope.

And now, it is the key for them to verify that ray of hope.

Just now, when they first arrived at Xuan Chu Guardian Palace, they met again with the long-lost Tian Xiuzhu and Fang Shengyu.

Whether it is Li Miaocai, Ji Sicheng or some other Insects Wake players, they are all surprised and pleasantly surprised to find that the backlash of Tian Xiuzhu and Fang Shengyu within the body has been completely contained.

Although not at all is completely disappeared as they imagined, the backlash speed of Dao injury is already within the controllable range.

This means that Tian Xiuzhu and Fang Shengyu no longer have to work hard day and night for the diminishing and struggling life source and Divine Soul, and they dare not stop for a while.


The threat of source and life exhaustion is no longer there, they can finally have some time of their own to freely control.

Thank you, even prisoners who are going to jail have some time to come out, and they, half-emperors who have been trapped in road injuries for nearly half a century or even longer, are even this pitiful. There is no minute in time.

Now that they finally see a glimmer of hope and possibility, how can they not be excited, excited or nervous?

“Can it succeed?”

“Are we finally coming to our bitterness?”

“Even if it can’t be completely eliminated, it’s good to just curb it temporarily. In order to make up for the consumption of Dao injuries, in order to be able to live for a few more years, day and night cultivation, cultivation and recultivation, retreat If you retreat and retreat, you will soon collapse!”

“Must be successful, but don’t let things come to the fore. There are cases and accidents that come out one by one. That would be too disgusting…”


Many half-emperors communicate with each other via voice, expecting, anxious, agitated and worried, and their mood fluctuates, so they can’t An Sheng.

“Relax, and soon!”

Yang Fan saw that Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng were both somewhat nervous, and couldn’t help but smiled slightly. After a soft comfort, they directly performed two advanced treatment techniques and threw them on them.

“You used Advanced Healing on Martial Sovereign (Incomplete) Li Miaocai at the sixth level. The treatment was successful. Li Miaocai’s injury was partially recovered and life force was greatly supplemented. Spirit strength +20, spirit willpower +20, skill proficiency +10.”

“Ding! You used advanced healing on Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Li Miaocai, and found that Li Miaocai’s Divine Soul source was imprisoned by special energy interference, and successfully triggered the companion skill of advanced healing—purification!”

“Ding! You used the purification companion technique on the sixth-level Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Li Miaocai, and the skill was successfully used. The special energy interference imprisonment on the sixth-level Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Li Miaocai was partially purified! willpower +4, skill proficiency +10.”

“You used advanced healing techniques on Fifth Level Martial Sovereign (Invalid) Ji Sicheng, the treatment was successful, and Ji Sicheng’s injuries partially recovered…”


“Ding! You used the purification companion technique on Fifth Level Martial Sovereign (Incomplete) Ji Sicheng, and the skill was successfully used. The special energy interference imprisonment on Fifth Level Martial Sovereign (Incomplete) Ji Sicheng was partially purified! spirit strength +4, spirit willpower +4, skill proficiency +10.”

As Yang Fan said, soon.

It’s just like this. With a wave of raising his hand, the advanced healing technique has already taken effect, and then there is nothing more to Yang Fan.

The treatment rays of light that enveloped Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng lasted less than one minute in total, and completely disappeared.

There is no imaginary explosion of blood or spiritual riots, Heaven and Earth natural phenomenon is nothing.

In the eyes of outsiders, Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng did not seem to have any abnormal changes, almost the same as before the treatment.

Among the people present, only Zhuge Xincheng, Tian Xiuzhu, Fang Shengyu, and Ji Danyun, who have cleared the comprehension of the nine rules, can clearly feel short. Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng, at this time Just like them, they broke the first rule of shackles and cleared their way to becoming an emperor.

A moment.

After two or three minutes, Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng both woke up from the silent Sea of ​​Consciousness, their eyes were reddish, and the expression was excited and hard to suppress. At the same time, they looked up excited and grateful towards Yang Fan.

“Little friend Yang Fan, thank you very much! The old man wrote down this kindness, and if there is a chance in the future, there will be a big reward!”

“Teacher Yang Fan’s grace, like a rebirth, please be thought of!”

After saying that, the two stood up straight from the sofa at the same time, bowed respectfully to the ground at Yang Fan, and bowed to the ground with a deep bow.

Yang Fan didn’t dodge sideways, he received their ceremonies sternly, while smiling behind him, said softly: “The two seniors are polite, this is what Junior should do!”

“As early as in Jinghua, Junior made promises to your predecessors, but now it is just fulfilling the original lie that’s all.”

“However, I didn’t directly help the two of them completely get rid of the within the body, and helped them to step into the realm of the real emperor. Junior still feels sad.”

Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng waved their hands again and again: “No, no, little friend can do this, it is already a great blessing to me, how can I be greedy and ask for other things?”

cracking a joke.

Yang Fan opened up for them a dignified, dignified, and extremely wide road to imperialism. As long as they follow this road all the way, they will one day be able to transcend all the shackles and step into the real Sovereign environment.

This is far beyond their expectations. You Muyou, how can he dare to have any more dissatisfaction and complaints?

Compared with this road to emperor, the Dao injury they had been worrying about before is almost not a problem, okay?

“Now, the old man finally understands why Lord Thunder decided to temporarily suspend the Insects Wake project. At the risk that all Insects Wake members will be exposed, we must insist on letting us come over to announce the Guardian Palace!”

Ji Sicheng and Li Miaocai looked at each other, and secretly sighed to Li Miaocai:

“Compared to all our Insects Wake team members repairing their injuries and clear comprehension, the Insects Wake plan is really not that important anymore!”

If Ji Sicheng knew that in Yang Fan’s place, their half-emperors would have such amazing gains, then he would never act as the villain and deliberately prevent Li Miaocai’s proposed trip to Xuan Chu.

“Yes, there are nineteen of us in a party, no, plus Gu Zeyan and eight of them. Now it should be 27 and a half emperor.”

Li Miaocai answered, “Among these 27 people, even if only one can finally break free from the ninth rule and officially set foot in the real emperor’s realm, it is far more meaningful than the Insects Wake plan we hosted. Much!”

The emergence of a true emperor powerhouse, whether it is the promotion of the top battle strength of the human race, the excitement of the belief in the many warriors of the human race, and the deterrence and deterrence of the monsters of the monster domain, it is far more than their 27 and a half The role of the emperor is much more important!

The human race needs a fourth, fifth, or even more true emperor powerhouse.

In the battle between the true emperors powerhouse, the two dozen half emperors of them did not even have the qualifications to be cannon fodder.

“The reason why the news did not spread before was probably because Lord Lei Huang gave the password or directly imposed a spiritual ban on those who knew the news.”

Recalling that Tian Xiuzhu and Fang Shengyu had spoken and stopped several times before, suggesting to them the constant dialogue experience, Li Miaocai’s heart instantly cleared the comprehension.

“Indeed.” Ji Sicheng said: “Such information must be kept strictly confidential. If it is leaked out, the response of Monster Race from various domains will be unprecedentedly intense.”

“Apart from anything else, at least the situation of Yang Fan will become more dangerous. Even the five Monster Sovereigns of Monster Race may break through directly.”

The half-emperors of the human race all got the chance to become an emperor because of Yang Fan, clear comprehension of the road of emperor, this is for the Five Great Holy Lands of Monster Race, and even the five Monster Sovereigns of Monster Race. heaven-shaking, earth-shattering strike hard.

If the news is leaked, you hardly need to think about it, Ji Sicheng and Li Miaocai will know what those demon cubs will do next.

The ultimate battle between the two races of humans and monsters will inevitably be launched in advance. They, the half-emperor who has not yet enlightened, and the initiator of Yang Fan, will inevitably become the target of the five major Monster Race and Monster Race Monster Sovereign.

“Very good!”

“Since you two have understood the importance of this matter, there is no need for Poor Daoist to explain more to you.”

“Now, relax your mental guard, Poor Daoist and Spirit Emperor girl will join forces to put a spiritual restraint in your Divine Soul origin, just in case!”

At this moment, among the Sea of ​​Consciousness of Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng who were quietly touching the sound transmission, the Divine Soul of Lord Lei Huang suddenly sounded.

The two were shivered and nodded quickly, and they were shocked.

It seems that they still somewhat underestimated the importance of Lord Lei Huang on this matter. Otherwise, how could it be possible that the two Lord Sovereign jointly set up a double spiritual restraint at the same time?

Also, Lord Lei Huang has always been with Lord Spirit Emperor. It seems that the reason Sima Xuefeng and Mei Cailan, the two Sovereign disciples just now suddenly chose to worship Yang Fan as their teacher, must have been affected. The two Sovereign masters were instructed.

Yang Fan, this kid, can be regarded as ascending to the skies with a single leap if he can get such favor and respect from the two Peak Sovereigns, Lord Thunder Emperor and Lord Spirit Emperor at the same time!

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