I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1522


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The same thing also happened in the four Monster Race Saint lands of Yingshoujian, Zuowa Country, Demon Sacred Ridge and Black Wind Valley.

In the eagle sorrow, all the newborn tiger cubs mourned all day long, and their grief rushed into the sky.

In Zuowa, the spirit tablet of the dead dozens Elder in Siming Temple overturned for no reason at the same time, and the Sixth Elder who was in charge of Siming Temple was so scared that the Sixth Elder crocodile spread his legs and swayed.

Demon Sacred Ridge, an Old Ancestor who is older than Dragon Jiao and has been in retreat for more than a hundred years. The Jiao Ruins suddenly exited the customs, shouting that the catastrophe is coming, letting the gods of Yin Jiao and others The big demon didn’t want to continue fighting inside. If they were united, it was possible to overcome the difficulties together. After the sound stopped, he spurted black blood and fell to the ground.

In the Black Wind Valley, Secret Realm, the long-silent ground vein, suddenly shook three times last night. Numerous Earth Fiendish Qi spewed out, and 36 black and white bears in the ancestral land Old Ancestor were awakened at the same time.

Just when Fengqi Great Elder asked Feng Xijiao for advice, the directions of Demon Sacred Ridge, Black Wind Valley and Zuowa Country also inspired the Sovereign level contact prohibition in their respective Holy Lands.

For a time, the Sovereign level rule of Five Great Holy Lands prohibits being drawn to each other in the void.

Feng Xijiao and Fengqi Great Elder felt intimidated, and at the same time they found a mental idea attached to them.

Soon, the main demon of Five Great Holy Lands all appeared in a void Secret Realm jointly created by the five Great Holy Lands.

Feng Xijiao and Fengqi Great Elder from Wanya Mountain.

Hoopeng Elder, the son of tiger roar.

The crocodile Elder Xin and crocodile Feng Shenzi of Zhuowa Country.

Yinjiao Shenzi, Old Ancestor of Yaoshengling.

The son of Xiong Yin and Old Ancestor of Black Wind Valley.

Five Monster Race Saint lands, ten master demon, gathered in one hall at the same time.

Fengqi Great Elder is a bit dazed. What is going on? There is such a place between Five Great Holy Lands that can directly leap into the void to contact Secret Realm. Why has it never heard of it?

Just when the senior undercover agent thought he was ignorant and was still thinking about whether to pretend to be, Feng Xijiao asked directly without any scruples:

“Who can tell the old man, what is going on?”

“Why didn’t you get my old body’s consent, you could actually provoke me to the rules around Wanyao Mountain?”

Feng Qi couldn’t help being relaxed. Fortunately, he wasn’t the most ignorant one. Since this is a secret that even Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign does not know, then it can be explained by the Great Elder.

“Feng Lao is not in a hurry!”

The god son Yinjiao stood up calmly at this time, glanced at Feng Xijiao and Fengqi Great Elder who came with Feng Xijiao, and explained softly:

“The Void Secret Realm here is an emergency contact point specially created and opened by five Monster Sovereign adults before the retreat. The level is one level higher than the summoning order of Five Great Holy Lands.”

“The method of opening is only qualified to master the sons of all races. The noble son of Fengming cannot retreat. You may not at all have told Feng Lao you in detail. You don’t know it is reasonable.”

Feng Xijiao frowned: “Fengming is secluded cultivation, there should be no chance and time to open this void Secret Realm!”

“Feng Lao said well.” Yinjiao Shenzi lightly said with a smile: “Fengming Shenzi did not participate in the opening, but the five Monster Sovereign adults had already done the relevant when they set up the Void Secret Realm here. Agreement.”

“Once in Five Great Holy Lands, three or more gods agreed to open the Void Secret Realm here, and Two Great Holy Lands must unconditionally adhere to and obey.”

Speaking, Yinjiao Shenzi looked up and moved towards the direction where Xiongyin Shenzi and Crocodile Feng Shenzi were and took a look, and said straightforwardly:

“The launch of Secret Realm this time was initiated by Junior, Kumayin, and Crocodile Feng at the same time according to the secret technique. The purpose is to gather several Seniors together in one place to discuss the next Monster Race Five Great. The Calamity Tribulation that Holy Lands is about to face.”

The voice fell off.

Feng Xijiao, Feng Qi, Hu Peng and Crocodile Xin several half-emperor big monsters changed their colors at the same time.

Feng Xijiao and Feng Qi glanced at each other, and asked the Yinjiao Shenzi: “Calamity Tribulation? What Calamity Tribulation, why the old man has never heard of it?”

“The emperor doesn’t know either.”

“The same goes for old man!”

Hu Peng and Crocodile Xin also shook their heads one after another, pretending to be confused.

Yinjiao Shenzi shook his head and smiled, his eyes swept across the faces of the three half-emperors, and asked softly:

“The three Seniors don’t want to be confused with Junior. Before today, you probably didn’t know it, but now, don’t you even notice it?”

“You are all high-ranking half-emperors in the Great Holy Land. Divine Soul is naturally more sensitive than the ordinary Monster Race. Junior doesn’t believe you will not even have any sense!”

The Prophet of the Spring River Plumbing Duck, how could these half-emperor monsters not perceive the changes of the tide temperature and waves when they are in the tide?

Speaking, the god son Yinjiao suddenly raised his head and looked towards Hupeng, and said softly: “At noon today, all the new born tiger cubs in the eagle sorrow stream are mourning, Hupeng Elder It shouldn’t be?”

Hupeng was slightly nodded and did not answer.

“There is also the country of Zhuowa,” Yinjiao Shenzi turned his eyes to the crocodile Xin: “The spirit tablet of the dozens iron tooth crocodile Old Ancestor in Siming Temple overturned at the same time, and the fire was rekindled in the ashes for a while. Do you think Elder Xin, the crocodile, also thinks this is normal?”

Frewned Crocodile Xin glanced at the Godzi Crocodile Feng beside him, just like Hu Peng did not answer.

“Tell the Ten Thousand Demon Mountain.”

Silver Jiao Shenzi didn’t care about the attitude of Hu Peng and Crocodile Xin, and continued to turn his gaze and looked towards Feng Xijiao.

“And Mr. Feng. From around 8 o’clock in the morning today, I was a little restless. From lying down, I even swallowed three human race blood foods, but I still couldn’t calm it down. This is also normal?”

Feng Xijiao and Fengqi Great Elder’s eyes narrowed at the same time.

Feng Xijiao was shocked by the good news of the Yinjiao god child, and even knew clearly its schedule and mental state in Holy Land, and she secretly guessed who made the news about it. .

Feng Qi’s focus was on the three Human Race Emperor Blood Foods mentioned by the Yin Jiao Shenzi, their hearts trembled slightly, clenching their steel teeth, and buried the surging murderous intention in their chest.

“I have long heard that Senior Feng Xijiao of the Fire Phoenix clan is born with an abnormal Divine Soul, and his perception of crisis is even more acute than that of Sir Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign. Junior is really curious about what Feng Feng predicted. You will be restless all day?”

Yinjiao Shenzi’s eyes are piercing, and she looks at Feng Xijiao with a confident divine sense that everything is under control.

“get lost! ”

Feng Xijiao raised her bird’s eyebrows, and a rolling word containing Supreme’s spirit willpower directly blasted the Silver Jiao Shenzi who showed off one’s military strength in front of it 100 meters away.

If it hadn’t been for the Old Ancestor who had been standing next to the Silver Dragon God Child, it would be impossible for the Silver Dragon God Child to be blasted out of ten thousand meters.

“An ignorant junior, thinking that he killed Long Jiao and took charge of the demon sacred mountain, he would be invincible in the whole world? How dare to be so arrogant and despotic in front of my mother, show off one’s military strength, who gives you the courage ?!”

“Don’t say it’s you, even if your Lao Tzu Jiao Ze is in front of my mother, I dare not be so rude!”

Feng Xijiao’s eyes are like knives, and she sweeps straight towards the Yinjiao Shenzi who is 100 meters away.

It is the mother of Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign, and it has the qualification to rely on age to show of age here.

Yinjiao Shenzi’s expression changed, and he quickly denied it:

“Feng Lao Mo wants blood to spit people, Long Jiao Old Ancestor obviously died under the butcher knife of Human Race Yang Fan. This matter is well known in the two domains of human and demon, what is the relationship with this god child?”

“Really?” Feng Xijiao gently curled her lips: “Is it really not even at all? Long Jiao’s old bastard is not very good, but its Shifting Flowers Connecting Wood Chīmèi Divine Method secret technique But the life-saving Magical Powers that even the elderly admire very much……”

“Feng Lao calm down!”

The god son Xiong Yin also stood up at this time, interrupted Feng Xijiao’s words in due course, accompanied by a smile, and warmly persuaded each other:

“The attitude of the God Son of Silver Jiao is indeed a little overstepped, but it is also anxious for the survival of our Monster Race Five Great Holy Lands.”

“If what it said offends Mr. Feng, I would like to ask Mr. Feng to be able to grow up a lot. Junior hereby apologizes to you.”

Yin Jiao, the pig teammate, shows off when he is idle. I wonder if Feng Xijiao is the famous hob meat from Five Great Holy Lands?

Now it’s alright, I didn’t dare to disarm and didn’t deter others, but instead caused myself a commotion.

Can Long Jiao’s Old Ancestor and Xiong Yun’s Old Ancestor be arguing on this occasion? Didn’t you see that the old faces of Jiaoyu’s Old Ancestor and Xiong Sheng’s Old Ancestor have all gone dark?

If you don’t admit your mistakes at this time, quickly turn over this chapter, and don’t think about any of them.

“Now that we are gathering at Five Great Holy Lands, the most important question is how to deal with the next Supreme Calamity Tribulation!”

The god son Xiong Yin began to change the subject, and brought back the topic that had been a little off track by the god son Yin Jiao and Feng Xijiao.

“Monster Race Five Great Holy Lands, all have natural phenomenon appearing.”

“In addition to those mentioned by the Silver Dragon God Child, there are also the Weeping Blood Prophecy of the Old Ancestor of the Demon Sacred Ridge Jiao Ruins, and the abnormal vibration in the Secret Realm of my Black Wind Valley.”

“This is definitely not a normal phenomenon. It is very similar to the natural phenomenon predicted by the five adults of Monster Sovereign before they retreat. Otherwise, we would not easily activate the void Secret Realm left by the five adults of Monster Sovereign. Seniors, Unicom.”

Sure enough.

As soon as God Child Xiong Yin said this, he immediately attracted the attention of all the demons.

Even Feng Xijiao herself, knowing that God Child Xiong Yin was deliberately changing the subject, couldn’t help but curiosity in his heart, no longer holding onto God Child Yin Jiao, but looking refreshingly at God Child Xiong Yin.

“What Sovereign prophecy, what catastrophe natural phenomenon, why the old man has never heard of it?”

Not only Feng Xijiao, but Hu Peng, Crocodile Xin, and Feng Qi, the two Great Elders, are also at a loss, and at the same time they look up at the son of Xiong Yin.

No demon dares to ignore the prophetic perceptions of the five Monster Sovereign adults.

Even if it is Feng Xijiao, don’t look at her boasting, saying that her son Feng Hui may not be more sensitive to crisis than her, but is this really the case?

Only it knows it, it’s just its son Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign to take care of its old lady’s face.

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