I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1524


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The god child Xiong Yin glanced at the god child Yinjiao next to him, then quietly retreated behind him, giving this opportunity to show off to the god child Yinjiao.

Anyway, this second product is also the initiator of this Void Secret Realm. Xiong Yin doesn’t want to steal its limelight. Otherwise, with the careful and careful nature of the Silver Jiao, I don’t know how to hate it.

Besides, Xiong Yin doesn’t like being this early bird either.

Actually, if it wasn’t for the pig teammate of Yin Jiao, that Feng Xijiao would have been provoke, and Xiong Yin would simply not jump out at this time.


Shenzi Yinjiao gave Godzi Xiongyin an extremely admiring look, and then stepped forward unwillingly, loudly said:

“The natural phenomenon of catastrophe referred to by the five Monster Sovereign adults is the sudden attenuation of the destiny power of our Monster Race Five Great Holy Lands!”

“destiny?” Feng Xijiao curled her lips: “Who can see such a vain and ethereal thing? Yin Jiao kid, don’t you be pulling the flag, you are deliberately fooling us here?”


The two Elders, Hu Peng and Crocodile Xin, also have a suspicious look. The power of the god son of Yinjiao and destiny is better than to cite a few more of the strengths of the Holy Land of various races.

Destiny is not a real thing, and it is even uncertain whether it exists or not. The Silver Jiao Shenzi now uses this to fool them, do they really think they are stupid?

Silver Jiao Shenzi is lightly shrugged, and it knows it will be like this.

In fact, when it first heard these news, it felt particularly nonsense.

The word destiny first came from the cultural inheritance of Human Race. It mostly appeared in the legends of destiny. It is illusory and invisible. It is a magic weapon that many gods like to use to fool fools.

If the demon who said these things to it before was not the Monster Sovereign, the god son of Silver Flood Dragon might also be like the current Feng Xijiao. He rolled his eyes directly and cast a disdain to the opponent. Look.

“It seems that Elder Feng really doesn’t know anything.”

Yinjiao Shenzi shook his head lightly and said quietly:

“I suggest that Elder Feng should call the son of Fengming to the present. For some things, only our descendant sons and the successors appointed by Lord Monster Sovereign will be informed in advance.”

“I know that Mr. Feng has some prejudices against my god son, and Mr. Feng may not easily believe what I say.”

“But if you, the Godson Fengming of the Fire Phoenix clan, say the same, it might be more convincing to you.”

After that, the Yinjiao Shenzi stopped talking, but before closing his mouth, it deliberately moved towards the Tiger Howling Godzi standing on the Tiger Peng Elder, and the Crocodile Feng Godzi who stood beside the crocodile Xin glanced at it.

The god son Hu Xiao and the god child Crocodile Feng understood, and began to secretly sound transmission to explain to their principal Elder.

Obviously, so far, even Hu Peng and Crocodile Xin, like Feng Xijiao, have been kept in the dark.

“old man, how about old man, let’s bring Master Fengming here?”

Fengqi Great Elder whispered to Feng Xijiao for sound transmission.

“Silver Dragon God’s Son is not necessarily all false words. The old man heard it early in the morning, saying that it was Earth Dragon Monster Sovereign who was born out of breath, and was most sensitive to the changes in the way of destiny. It is most likely that he awakened some prediction Divine Ability secret technique like destiny.”

“So, the old man thinks we should be more cautious.”

The five Monster Race Sovereigns, all of them are unpredictable and profound, how many bloodline innate talents they have awakened, clear comprehension and magical powers, and there is very little magic in the outside world.

Not to mention the four Monster Sovereigns, Dijiao, Demon Tiger, Crocodile Yuan, and White Bear, even if their own Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign owns the Magical Powers, Feng Qi still knows little.

There is also Feng Xijiao. Don’t look at it as the old lady of Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign. It may not fully understand the true strength of Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign.

“Okay!” Feng Xijiao was gently nodded, instructed to Fengqi in a low voice: “Then Great Elder, take a hard time, and bring that kid Fengming!”

Five Great Holy Lands, there are four Holy Land gods on the spot. If the Phoenix gods of the Fire Phoenix clan don’t come, they are indeed somewhat unreasonable.

Perhaps, Feng Xu’s kid really left Feng Ming with some secret information that was not known to outsiders.

The hateful thing is that even if Fengming’s grandson was locked up and shut down, he didn’t tell him the news to this grandmother.

Otherwise, it would not be so passive today, ignorant of the current situation.

Fengqi Great Elder still retreats, divine sense returns, and then he stepped straight into the retreat of Fengming Shenzi, and found that Fengming Shenzi who should have been in retreat was sitting in the middle of the secret room with bright eyes With the sudden arrival of Fengqi Great Elder, it seems that he had already anticipated Fengqi’s arrival.

“Sir Godson seems to be waiting for me to come here?”

Feng Qi stood up and looked towards God Son of Fengming, Yili cupped the hands lightly at him, and asked bluntly.

“You value yourself too much.”

The god son Fengming was as arrogant and arrogant as ever, glanced at Feng Qi disdainfully, and said:

“My son just thought it would be my grandmother who was going to come and invite me out, but it was you henchman who didn’t expect to come over!”

“Why, Ten Thousand Monster Mountain suddenly appeared a natural phenomenon, and the Void Secret Realm was accidentally opened. You old bastard finally remembered that the son of God came, right?”

Sure enough.

This kid is still so good at it.

He thought Feng Xijiao’s old hag would not hear what he said here?

Feng Qi shook his head slightly.

Compared with Elder, the two principals who can kill the Dragon Jiao and Xiong Yun, the Demon Holy Land and the Black Wind Valley Two Great Holy Lands are completely controlled by the Silver Jiao and Xiong Yin, the phoenix in front of them. Naruto is so tender.

Even my own grandmother can’t coax me well, and I have a fart future.

“The old man wants to ask Lord Godson if he has something to do, please come with the old man!”

Too lazy to talk nonsense with God Child Fengming, Fengqi Great Elder raised his hand and grabbed the back of God Child Fengming’s neck and walked out of the secret room, then forcibly hijacked a Strands of Divine Sense of God Child Fengming. Return to the Void Secret Realm again.

The whole process takes less than three seconds before and after, and the efficiency is fast.

Secret Realm of the void.

Hu Peng and Crocodile Xin both have got everything they want to know from their god sons, and each of them showed surprises, and they all seemed to be shocked.

Feng Xijiao was itching to see her next to her, and she became more and more curious about the secrets left by the five Monster Sovereigns.

At this moment, Feng Qi quietly returned with the son of Fengming, Feng Xijiao’s eyes were like electricity, and directly cast on the face of son of Fengming.

“Grandson has seen my grandmother!”

The god son Fengming was shivered, and the domineering energy in the secret room disappeared instantly, and he quickly bowed to pay respect to Feng Xijiao.

After that, before Feng Xijiao asked, it cleverly established a spiritual connection with Feng Xijiao, and from its Divine Soul origin, it revealed a Sovereign level condensed completely. Little Fire Phoenix, directly appeared in Feng Xijiao’s Divine Soul consciousness of the sea.

“Grandma, please take a look. This is the true picture of the Fire Phoenix that the Imperial Father left to grandson to monitor the Holy Land destiny before leaving.”

“At the very beginning, this Fire Phoenix’s original body was extremely solid and lifelike, just like a real Fire Phoenix, agile and compelling.”

“But now you look at it again, Fire Phoenix’s body has changed from real to virtual, blurred in appearance, and no longer agile.”

“This shows that the destiny of our Ten Thousand Monster Mountain has declined many times before the Imperial Father departed several months ago!”

Looking at the Fire Phoenix, whose figure has indeed become a little scandalous, Feng Xijiao’s expression slightly changed.

Especially when its Divine Soul consciousness slightly touches the true appearance of this Fire Phoenix, the wonderful connection between the emptiness and its own bloodline makes it instantly give birth to a clear comprehension in the heart. .

destiny quantification!

Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign, that is, its own son Feng Hui, was able to quantify their destiny from the Ten Thousand Monster Mountain and Fire Phoenix clan in this unexpected form.

This method is really magical and unpredictable!

“Great Elder, please come in too!”

At this time, Feng Xijiao didn’t forget her confidant Fengqi Great Elder. With a move of her mind, she pulled Fengqi’s mind into her Sea of ​​Consciousness Space.

“Tell me, when did this Fire Phoenix start to change into what it is now?”

Feng Xijiao asked Fengming Shenzi softly.

“Return to Grandma’s words!”

Fengming Shenzi glanced at Fengqi Great Elder, who was specially pulled into the sea of ​​knowledge by Feng Xijiao, and softly replied:

“The obvious changes began three days ago, but at the beginning, it was just the original vibration, and the entity was slightly imaginary. At first, grandson thought that it was Yang Fan who killed three Fire Phoenix Old Ancestors and caused local destiny. Concussion, not at all, I care too much.”

Obviously, even if he was locked up in a secret room, the god son Fengming still had a sense of some great world happening outside.

“However, the nature of this Fire Phoenix has drastically changed, and the overall destiny of our Ten Thousand Demons Mountain has suddenly dropped by about half, making the nature of Fire Phoenix completely blurred. It was still early this morning, about 8 o’clock. .”

The god son Fengming continued to bow and report to Feng Xijiao: “From 8 am to 12 am, the destiny shock has not stopped, falling all the way, until just now, more than ten minutes ago, it has completely reached the time before the Imperial Father. The critical position of the catastrophe.”

“Grandma, the catastrophe is about to rise, and the catastrophe is here! The Imperial Father once explained that once a major change occurred in the Holy Land destiny, Ten Thousand Monster Mountain and other Four Great Sacred Lands were required to quickly form an alliance to jointly deal with the next The shocking Calamity Tribulation that may appear at any time.”

Feng Xijiao’s heart was shaken.

From 8 to 12 in the morning?

Isn’t this the period of time when its feel ill at ease and restlessness were the most serious?

The time is all right!

Fengming, this kid probably didn’t lie!

Feng Xijiao took a deep breath, she can disbelieve or even doubt the truthfulness of Fengming’s words, but she can’t help but believe in his sense of crisis and danger, let alone his Monster Sovereign son deliberately staying The truth of Fire Phoenix that quantifies the destiny of the family!

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