I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1525


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At this time.

Above the head of Ruan Fengcheng, two giant cloud ridge Ⅶ-shaped airships standing side by side, crushed by darkness, concealed most of the sky.


The twelve hatches opened at the same time. Thousands of martial artists riding in them jumped down and landed smoothly outside Ruan Feng City. They gathered and stood quietly at East City Gate.

For these unexpected visitors outside the city, as well as the two Yunlin VII airships that obscure the sky, Yang Fan was immediately aware.

But he just rolled over lazily on the sofa, without any intention of going out to meet him.

It’s not that he is great.

Instead, he knows exactly how dangerous his current situation is. Even the Thunder Emperor and the Spirit Emperor have reminded him more than once that he may have been caught by Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign and Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign. The Sovereign level Clone was eyeing.

Furthermore, just a day ago, his ranking in the Monster Race Hunting Bounty Ranking List has improved a bit. He even surpassed Lord Sword Emperor and now ranks below Lord Thunder Emperor. second.

It is conceivable that now outside begin to stir, I want to do everything possible to kill it Monster Race and some Human Race rebellion, how many!

He has to protect himself, and be careful there is nothing wrong.

Although Yang Fan has a lot of cards, he is not worried about the Clone of Fire Phoenix and Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign, not to mention the rebellious half-emperor monsters or Human Race who want to kill him.

However, the residents of Ruan Feng City need to care.

The transformation of City Protecting Great Formation has not been completed. In case the appearance of Yang Fan attracts a large number of Half Emperor or Monster Sovereign Clone, it will inevitably bring disaster to innocent people.

“I am not for myself, I am for the tens of millions of residents in the entire Ruan Feng city!”

“I am such a soft-hearted person! I am always thinking about others!”

Yang Fan sighed in his heart and gave himself another like.

Anyway, I won’t admit that he didn’t move because he was lazy.

Neither would he admit that, he still wanted to show off by the way, pretending to be compelling, and let the group of people in the Federal Central City come to the City Lord Mansion by themselves.

After all, they came here in Babadi to catch the chance of the emperor’s death in Ruan Fengcheng. They took advantage of it. There is no reason why you came to my house to take advantage. I have to accompany them with a smiling face all the way.

“Unfortunately, Tu Haoyan passed away, otherwise, in this case, it would be more appropriate to let him, the domain master and City Lord, go out to meet him.”

Yang Fan couldn’t help but began to miss his bad luck disciple again, and mourned for him for a second in his heart.


“How could the people who got on and off the second Yunlin VII airship…Old Li and Master Tianchan?!”

Divine sense swept over. When he saw the dozens of half-emperor bosses who came down from the second Yunlin Ⅶ airship last, Yang Fan couldn’t help but shivered and took a seat. Straighten the body.


“Why are there so many half-emperor powerhouses?!”

“Old Li and Master Tianchan are not thinking about it, how come they, like Li Miaocai and others, have exposed all the old diaries at home?!”

Yang Fan was shocked and unexpectedly!

What did he see?

Among the thousands of martial artists who came from Federal Central City, apart from the dignified half emperors such as Tang Zhicheng, Wu Dao, Hui Zi’an, Zhang Hongxin, who are familiar to Yang Fan, as well as Ye Wentian, Li Liangcai, and Tian Chanzi Outside of these old half-emperors.

Yang Fan, who came out of the Yunlin Ⅶ-type airship, had never seen a strange half-emperor, and it was as high as three eleven!

It’s 12 more than the Insects Wake teams from Jinghua City!

“Let me just say it! How could the Human Race Federation not have its own background and cards?!”

“Even Jinghua City hides and stings the little 20 and half-emperor. As the central capital of the entire Federation, how can the Federal Central City be inferior to Jinghua City?”

“It’s all right now, it’s all exposed. There are three elevens. If you add Old Li, Master Tianchan and Old Dean Zhuge Xincheng on the surface, it will only be a federal center city. , There are a total of three 14 half emperors stationed!”

“Really, enough for Great Cow!”

Yang Fan was shocked and sighed.

Although there must be half emperors like Insects Wake squad hiding and guarding the Federal Central City, Yang Fan had long guessed, but he never thought that the number of half-emperors owned by the Federal Central City was unexpected. There will be so many!

He didn’t expect more.

Last time he was helping Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi to heal the wounds and supplement them within the body Life Source to rescue them from falling, these two old men could resist not asking him to give The remaining half emperors are healed and rescued.

“It’s cruel and tolerable. Compared with Li Miaocai and Ji Sicheng, Li Liangcai and Master Tianchan have treated their stinging plan to the extreme.”

“Look at these half-emperor bosses who have never seen the daylight for more than fifty years. What are they all being tortured by the backlash?”

“Among the thirty-one people, nearly twenty people are all just running out of oil, but they are just barely holding on with their last breath and spirit willpower.”

“Such a half-emperor powerhouse, even if it is exposed, will only have the power of a battle at most, or simply act as a humanoid Self-destruction device, pulling the enemy’s half-emperor perish together at critical times.”

As a senior physician, Yang Fan saw the life state of the three eleven strange half emperors at a glance.

At the same time, I understand why he didn’t at all notice the existence of these half-emperor powerhouses.

Not only because of the shielding effect of the Yunlin Ⅶ airship, but more importantly, these half-emperor bosses have converged and compressed the aura within the body to the extreme in order to maintain their own energy.

The sense of presence is too low!

In fact, if it weren’t for seeing them being equal to Li Liangcai and Master Tianchan, Yang Fan might not have noticed their true cultivation realm.



When the deputy City Lord in the city didn’t react and was ready to go out to meet him, Li Miaocai, Ji Sicheng and the others had already settled in the hotel near City Lord’s Mansion, and they took the initiative to welcome them out.

Outside the city, An Sheng, Ling Tian and the others who are repairing and transforming the City Protecting Great Formation naturally paid attention. Seeing this time, even Old Li and Master Tian Chan came out in person, and the entire group was also excited Can’t do it.

Just when they were hesitating whether to temporarily lay down their work and meet these senior half-emperors, Yang Fan’s Divine Soul sound transmission suddenly rang in their ears:

“An Sheng, Ling Tian and Duoduo girl, the three of you will be your teachers to meet Old Li and Master Tian Chan, and bring them to the City Lord’s Mansion.”

“Well, by the way, you can treat the injuries of the three eleven seniors behind Old Li, and relieve the pressure of their injuries within the body.”

Yang Fan emphatically confessed to the three of An Sheng. He was really worried. Only those half-emperor elders who breathed a sigh of relief were left. Don’t hold on to the City Lord’s mansion. The breath was swallowed.

Although this kind of probability is not great, I have to guard against it. Otherwise, this has always been worrying, and I can’t bear it.

After the explanation, Yang Fan glanced at Ji Danyun, Mu Qianqian, Tian Feiyao and Sima Xuefeng, Mei Cailan and the others, softly instructed:

“Others continue to repair the Formation and strive for an early formation! After the formation is completed, there will be opportunities to meet these half-emperor Seniors!”

Yang Fan knows that Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi are Guardian Gods in the reputation of the Human Race Federation. Their personal reputation should be the highest two people in the Human Race Federation except for the Three Emperors.

Many martial artists in the Human Race Federation regard them as their idols and lifelong goals.

Especially young people like Mu Qianqian and Tian Feiyao, seeing Li Liangcai and Master Tian Chan actually arrive at Ruan Fengcheng, they are so excited that Face is red pounces with those little fans who see their idols It’s no different.

“Yes, master!”

The disciples all bowed and responded at the same time. Then, An Sheng, Ling Tian and Sang Duoduo flew up at the same time, and went straight to meet Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi.

“Meet Old Li!”

“Meet Master Tianchan!”

“My teacher is now inconvenient to move, and I can’t welcome you far away. The Junior three are specially sent to welcome you Senior. Please forgive me for any rudeness!”

An Sheng, as the chief First Senior Brother, was guarded by Ling Tian and Sang Duoduo and stood in the front to pay respect to Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi.

Li Liangcai’s gaze swept over the bodies of the three An Sheng. After seeing the specific cultivation realm of their three people now, his eyes suddenly opened, his expression surprised and incredible!

“Are you An Sheng, the chief Head Disciple of the little friend Yang Fan? You are already a Half Emperor?!”

“And Ling Tian, ​​girl duo, when did you two even get promoted to the half-emperor realm?!”

Li Liangcai asked silently, feeling like he had seen a ghost.

An Sheng, although this is the first time Li Liangcai has seen him, as the chief of Yang Fan’s family, Li Xiancai is no stranger to his information.

It’s just that he never thought that a Little Brat who was the same age as Yang Fan and whose cultivation aptitude was not very outstanding, now he has also jumped into the Half Emperor realm, and is still a spirit strength and qi and blood cultivation base Both advance, and the realm strength even surpasses Yang Fan!

Such an age, such a realm of strength, should be considered the only one in the entire Human Race Federation, right?

Also, Ling Tian and Sang Duoduo.

How long did the two little dolls enter the Half Emperor Realm, one month or two months?

Why are you half the emperor by the time we meet now? Even if they have aptitude and high innate talent, and have experienced the emperor’s death in the central area, they shouldn’t have entered so quickly, right? !

Of course, if this were only the case, with Li Liangcai’s city government and experience, he would never lose self-control like this.

The problem is that Li Liangcai actually sensed the cultivation base aura of Ling Tian and Sang Duo Duo that they were hardly weaker than him and the old monk Tian Chan!

Isn’t this a ghost?

The two newly promoted young half-emperors, how could their cultivation base strength be similar to him and the old monk?

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