I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1527


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Yang Fan is the same, it feels a bit dazed.

Appoint Ling Tian as the domain owner of Xuan Chu Guardian Palace?

Are there any mistakes?

When he asked Zhuge Xincheng to pass on the news of Tu Haoyan’s sacrifice yesterday, Ling Tian was just a Half Emperor.


The Half Emperor is no longer considered a weak person. After all, Tu Haoyan was in the Half Emperor state before, and even if it weren’t for the help of Yang Fan, he would most likely still be lingering on the Emperor Peak.

From the perspective of the cultivation base, Ling Tian seems to be indeed qualified to be the domain master of this party.

However, the domain owner of 36 domains has never been able to take up the position of a higher cultivation base.

If you really sorted according to the level of the cultivation base, then Fu Zhengqing was even able to break through to the king’s realm and then became the domain owner of the Northwest Guardian Palace, where would it be reasonable?

Is the Federal Central City unable to send a higher powerhouse with a cultivation base?

Obviously, it is not.

The federal government is not at all as weak as imagined. As long as they are willing, let alone a martial artist of the emperor realm, even Half Emperor or even a half emperor will be sent out.

“Regional autonomy is the basic national policy of the Human Race Federation.”

Yang Fan speaks softly and autonomously, as if recalling some of the regulations for 36 domains made after the establishment of the Human Race Federation:

“Unless the local martial artists in each of the 36 domains and more than half of the residents agree to the federal expatriate domain master, the domain master can only be appointed from among the most powerful martial artists in the 36 domains.”

“Although this kid Ling Tian meets the requirements for his cultivation base, he was born on Sacred Forest Island and is not a resident of Xuan Chu Guardian Palace. It seems that he is not qualified to be the domain owner.”

“Do you want to do what Federal Central City wants to do? You want to overthrow the basic national policy written before and forcefully interfere in the process of autonomy in each domain?”

Yang Fan frowned slightly.

This is not a good omen. If one fails, the entire 36 domains will be eccentric.

You know, Human Race is also divided into regions and races.

Before the establishment of the Federal Central Government, Human Race had two to three hundred large and small countries on the origin star, including yellow, white, black, etc., from skin color to language to lifestyle habits. , National beliefs, all are the difference between Heaven and Earth.

Therefore, in order to survive, all countries formulated this basic national policy of regional autonomy when they held a group to keep warm, in order to prevent the occurrence of such bad events as racial discrimination.

But now, what are Yao Puxin and Li Liangcai doing? Do you want to forcibly ban the autonomy of Xuan Chu Guardian Palace?

I didn’t see that some of the local officials at Xuan Chu Guardian Palace were already grieving. Didn’t I see that among the dozens of half-emperor powerhouses present, did the strong faces of different races change color?

Outside the city gate.

Yao Puxin, Li Liangcai, Tian Chanzi and the others obviously also expected this situation. They did not explain much, but all turned around and moved towards a Human Race half-emperor behind them.

“Brother Zhou Xun, are you not going to come out and say a few words?”

At this moment, Wu Dao stepped forward and smiled lightly at the Human Race half-emperor who was also followed by Yao Puxin, Li Liangcai and the others, and said quietly:

“Ling Tian, ​​this child, although he has now come to the door of little friend Yang Fan, but from the root cause, he can be regarded as my holy forest island lineage.”

“At that time, it was also the old man who was saved by the Guardian Palace by chance and brought him up. In principle, his ancestral home should also be in the Guardian Palace. >

Zhou Xun is gently nodded, slowly separating the crowd and walking to the city gate.

“Zhou Xun ancestor?!”

“Old City Lord, is it really you?!”

“Very good! The old City Lord is still alive! This time we declare that Guardian Palace is finally back!”


As soon as Zhou Xun came out, Ruan Fengcheng’s deputy City Lord, some elderly people who were all over eighty years old, and the clansman of the Xuan Chu Zhou clan, all immediately recognized his identity.

Zhou Xun.

The ruler of the Guardian Palace, the first guardian of the Guardian Palace after the establishment of the Federal Central Government.

Years ago, I heard that he had died in battle, and only after that, Tu Haoyan took over as the second domain master Xuan Chu.

Never expected, the old domain master Zhou Xun, who was supposed to have been killed in battle, came back from the dead and appeared again in front of Ruan Feng city.

“It’s rare that everyone still remembers the old man, Zhou is polite here!”

Zhou Xun gently rushed to all the local officials and residents present, bowed his hands, and then said loudly:

“If everyone still recognizes me as the old City Lord, and believes in Zhou Xun’s character, I hope everyone will listen to my next words.”

The semi-sovereign’s prestige pressure on Zhou Xun’s body gradually lifted, raising his hand to the martial artists on the opposite side and waved his hands and pressed them down. After everyone had silenced and calmed down, he spoke again.

“The Wu Dao brother of Shenglin Island just said it was right, the domain lord of Ling Tian is indeed the one who announced the Guardian Palace!”

“Some of the older Old Partners present at the scene should still remember the extermination of the Ling clan that took place at a distance of 200 kilometers from the Western District of Ruanfeng 88 years ago.”

“The Ten Thousand Demon Mountain Monster Emperor simultaneously ambushed the Ling family from Pingshan City to Ruan Feng City.”

“The Ling clan was destroyed. Only two babies who were just born and still in their infancy were rescued by Mr. Wu Dao who happened to pass by.”

“This matter was witnessed by the old man when he led the crowd to ask for help, so he must not be faked!”

“So, from the root point of view, the Ling Tian domain master is not a person from the outer domain, because he himself was born in our Xuan Chu Guardian Palace, and his father’s mother clan is also a native of our Xuan Chu Guardian Palace! “

“Therefore, the appointment of him as the domain master of Xuanchu in the Federal Central City this time to rule Xuanchu Guardian Palace is not a forceful intervention in the autonomy of Xuanchu Guardian Palace. I hope everyone can understand.”


As soon as Zhou Xun’s voice fell, everyone below exploded.

Including Ling Tian himself is a little unbelievable.

He turned out to be a stranger at Xuan Chu Guardian Palace. How come he has never heard of Wu Dao Master before?

putting it that way, his parents, clansman, and his wise younger brother who was snatched by the demon spirit at birth, all were killed in Xuan Chu Guardian Palace?

It is also the first time Ling Tian knows his own life experience, and also the first time he knows that his enemy turned out to be the Ten Thousand Monster Mountain Monster Race!

“Of course, there is no proof in my mouth. Now I just want to convince everyone with the few words of Zhou Xun, which is obviously not realistic.”

Zhou Xun said quietly again: “Fortunately, the Ling family still has a direct lineage in our Ruan Feng city. They are the main branch lineage that was sent to Ruan Feng city to fight for the front station.”

“Because I had to come to Ruan Fengcheng to set up an industrial estate in advance, I didn’t follow most of my family, so I got a chance. If nothing else, there should be people in the Ling family now?”

“Just find a direct line of Ling’s family, bloodline inspection, you will definitely feel it. This alone is enough to prove that the Ling Tian domain master is our proclaimer!”

The Ling family?

Hearing Zhou Xun’s words, most of the people present were at a loss.

Have never heard of their Ling family in Ruan Fengcheng?

In addition to Tu, Zhou, Zhao, and Wang, among the several Aristocratic families in Ruan Fengcheng, when did there be another Ling family?

“Old City Lord!”

At this time, Ruan Fengcheng’s deputy City Lord stood up and reported to Zhou Xun quietly:

“The old City Lord did not know that the Ling clan was not prosperous at first. The war broke out between the human and the demon clan. All the kings of the Ling clan were killed and this lineage gradually declined.”


“What?” Zhou Xun raised his brows, and asked with great surprise: “Isn’t there even a bloodline of a prostitute?”

The deputy City Lord shook his head slightly: “This Junior doesn’t know, after all, so many years have passed…”

Under normal circumstances, who would care about a little Aristocratic Family that has completely declined?

If Zhou Xun hadn’t mentioned it suddenly today, the deputy City Lord would have forgotten that Ruan Fengcheng still has the Ling family.


At this time, in a corner of the city gate, suddenly there was a small hand raised high, and the childish voice was raised:

“I am the bloodline of the Ling family of this generation!”

Ling Tian’s expression moved, as soon as he waved his hand, he moved a little girl who looked only twelve or thirteen years old, dressed in a simple and plain dress, and had some stains on her face from the crowd.

“little girl, you said you are a direct line of the Ling family of this generation, is there a clear proof?”

Ling Tian asked the little girl softly.

The little girl seemed to be a little nervous, she shrank her neck awkwardly, stretched her hands into her arms, and took out a diamond-shaped jade pendant from under her neck. The jade pendant was engraved with the letter Ling in a seal script.

“This is the inheritance jade pendant of my Ling family, and it contains a drop of blood essence from the ancestors of my Ling family.”


Ling Tian’s divine sense suddenly penetrated into the diamond-shaped jade pendant, and the Bloodline Strength on his body also trembled.


Moreover, it is the original pull from the bloodline Divine Soul!

Ling Tian’s breathing stagnated, and the whole person instantly became excited and trembling.

Now, he is completely certain that this jade pendant has a lot to do with him, maybe it was really left by their ancestors of the Ling family.

And this little girl in front of me may really be his bloodline clansman of Ling Tian!

“Your name?”

Ling Tian’s voice became softer, and asked the little girl in front of her.

“Ling Ling!” little girl crisply replied: “My name is Ling Ling!”

“Ling Ling? What a good name!”

A gentle smile appeared on Ling Tian’s face, and he continued to ask:

“Then child Lingling, tell Uncle, where are your adults? Uncle is looking for them for very important things!”

Ling Ling lowered his head and said softly: “No…no, now I am the only one left in the entire Ling family. When my father was seriously injured and passed away, he gave me this jade pendant and said me It is the this generation Patriarch of the Ling family!”

“But I don’t want to be the owner of this family. There is no one in the family. I miss my dad!”

Speaking, the little girl’s eyes were red, and she cried directly.

“Uncle, you also surnamed Ling, right?”

After a while, Ling Ling, who was heartbroken, raised his hand and wiped the tears on his face, suddenly lifts the head and looked towards Ling Tian hopefully:

“You are also a member of our Ling family, aren’t we? We are all a family, right?”

Ling Tian’s heart trembled, and an uncontrollable sorrow rose from the bottom of his heart, his eyes slightly red.

He was so familiar with such eyes.

There was a time when he and his younger brother Ling Yun weren’t like the little girl in front of them, how hopeful and longing for their relatives to survive.

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