I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1528


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All the information about the Ling family in Ruan Fengcheng appeared in front of the deputy City Lord and the others.

Ling Ling’s life experience was confirmed.

She is indeed the only surviving direct line of the Ling clan in Ruan Fengcheng. She grew up in Ruan Fengcheng since she was a child. Now she is studying at Ruan Feng Experimental Middle School, the sixth grade of the first grade of junior high school.

There is no father, mother and friends in the family, so they are properly lonely.

“Ling Sanjia, a headhunter girl, can’t be wrong. I went to drink full moon wine during the full moon.”

“Be good, obedient, it’s too pitiful. First, her mother had a dystocia when she gave birth, and then there was an accident when Ling San went out of the city to hunt a demon. No, she was the only one left.”

“When did Ling San die? It’s been a few years. I think about it. It seems to be two years ago. It was about this time. He was greedy for power and wanted to kill a Level 6 Monster King. I was ambushed by those monster boys.”

“It’s miserable. Of the ten people on the same team, only one and a half of him came back, but he didn’t stay in the city for too long. After only one night, I told Ling Ling this girl, but none of them!”


These are similar memories of the neighbors near Ling Family when investigating the current situation of Ling Ling and the Ling family.

Ling Ling and Ruan Feng Ling’s family have been rooted in Ruan Feng City for more than 80 years. The time is basically in line with what the old City Lord said, and the locals are properly declared without any problems.

The only question now is whether Ling Tian and this little girl named Ling Ling can resonate on the bloodline.

Ling Tian’s heart shook slightly.

He also wants to know this question.

Not to be the domain master of this Rao Shizi, but he also wants to know if he has bloodline relatives in this world!

Although the pendant between Ling Ling’s neck has already resonated with Ling Tian on the bloodline, it is enough to prove that the pendant is indeed closely related to Ling Tian.

However, it cannot prove that there is any bloodline connection between Ling Tian and Ling Ling.

“Girl, don’t you want to know if Uncle is your relative?”

Ling Tian lowered his head and lightly patted Ling Ling’s small head, then stretched out his right hand to the little girl, warmly said:

“Come on, now put your hand on Uncle’s palm, and Uncle will tell you the exact answer!”

Ling Ling’s eyes lit up suddenly, Ququ and hopefully placed his small palm on Ling Tian’s big warm hand.

bloodline verification, Divine Soul is connected, which may be difficult for others, but for a spiritual half-emper like Ling Tian, ​​it is not too simple.

He doesn’t even need a little girl to squeeze out a drop of blood essence of his own. He just needs to hold the palm of the other person in this way and stimulate the Bloodline Strength within the body, which can arouse the same bloodline strength resonance of the other person.

If Ling Ling is really the direct bloodline of their old Ling Family, as long as they don’t produce the five servers, the common Bloodline Strength that exists between them will draw and resonate with each other under the leadership of Ling Tian, ​​and cause certain The Divine Soul shocked.

This kind of bloodline verification is much more reliable and accurate than the so-called blood test or genetic testing.

“It’s on!”

“It’s bright! There really is a bloodline relationship between them, and the relationship is not shallow, at least within three generations of direct bloodline!”

Soon, between the palms of Ling Tian and Ling Ling, the red glow appeared slightly, and then, the red glow increased and spread along the palms of the two, gradually spreading over the entire bodies of Ling Tian and Ling Ling.

In Human Race, the martial artist who is very knowledgeable about the secret technique of bloodline verification has already confirmed the verification result.

Beside, Zhou Xun, Li Liangcai and other half-emperor Xeons felt more clearly.

Ling Tian and Ling Ling do have a close relationship on the bloodline, and in terms of bloodline inheritance, Ling Tian should be regarded as Ling Ling’s grandfather generation.


This is the Great Cow. Even the relationship between bloodlines and ethics can be verified clearly.

Don’t ask why, asking is the special ability of advanced martial artists.

After all, since the first spirit strength tide erupted, this World is no longer the world it used to be. It is not surprising that advanced martial artists have awakened some superhuman abilities and supernatural powers.

“Very good!” Ling Tian felt relieved, raised his hand to caress Ling Ling girl’s little face that looked a little malnourished, warmly said: “From now on you will be my Ling Tian’s granddaughter!” >

“Granddaughter? grandfather?”

“Isn’t it called Uncle just now?”

Ling Ling looked dazed, feeling that Uncle, who looked much younger than her father, was deliberately taking advantage of her.

“Yes, it’s grandfather!”

Ling Tian’s thoughts moved, his original handsome face gradually became a bit older, and his dark hair became a little white, and it directly became a half-hundred middle age person.

“In fact, grandfather is already in her eighties this year, this is the true face of grandfather!”

In order to adapt to his current identity, and to take care of the granddaughter’s mood in front of him, Ling Tian can be regarded as fighting, and the young and handsome image that he has always cared about most is gone.


Sure enough, Ling Tian, ​​who has become a little older, really made the little girl in front of him feel a lot more reliable. Ling Ling looked at Ling Tian and tried to scream.

“Are you really my grandfather? My grandfather?!”

Ling Tian nodded hard: “bloodline verification can’t be fake, we are all bloodline relatives of the Ling clan, you are my granddaughter of Ling Tian, ​​um, my granddaughter!”

wu wu!

The circles of the little girl’s eyes are red.

The bloodline resonance just now, she also feels it herself, always feeling that she and the young Great Grandpa in front of her do have some constant connections, and the more Ling Tian she sees, the more kind and kind she feels.


“Eh, my dear granddaughter!”


“Eh! grandfather is here!”

“hehe! I have a grandfather! I have a grandfather! I am not alone anymore!”

The little girl suddenly threw herself into Ling Tian’s arms happily, holding Ling Tian’s neck tightly with her arms, how could she not let it go anymore.

“Subordinate Zhao Junsheng, Deputy City Lord Ruan Fengcheng, pay homage to Ling Tian domain lord!”

“Subordinate Zhou Yaqing, Ruan Fengcheng City Defence Forces radical, pay homage to Ling Tian domain master!”

“Subordinate Tu Kaipeng, Director of Finance of Ruan Fengcheng, pay homage to Ling Tian domain master!”


Immediately after Ling Tian’s identity was verified, the deputy City Lord Zhao Junsheng, City Defence Forces leader Zhou Yachun, and the Finance Director Tu Kaipeng, and other officials in Ruan Fengcheng, began to bow down to meet each other. This new appointment announces the identity of the domain master of the Guardian Palace.

As long as there is no problem with their identity, these people will of course not refuse to let a half-emperor Xeon take over as the domain master, and the guardian of Guardian Palace is comprehensive.

Especially, Ling Tian, ​​like their previous Tuyu master, is Mr. Yang Fan’s sect members and disciple.

With such a relationship, they claim that Guardian Palace may not be the same as the Guardian Palace in the northwest next door. The newcomers are on the top, and the overall strength is rising.

Know it.

In order to enhance the strength of all talented martial artists in Xuan Chu Guardian Palace, the old domain master Tu Haoyan has summoned all qualified young martial artists in the whole domain to Ruan Feng City, preparing to hold a grand event like the Guardian Palace in the northwest. The apprenticeship ceremony.

Among them, there are also relatives, friends and heirs of people like them. Of course, they don’t want this matter to be completely stopped with Tu Haoyan’s death.

Now, the appointment of the new domain owner has been completed, and with the relationship of Ling Tian this level, the apprenticeship ceremony is still very likely to be held as scheduled.

After all, Ling Tian is also Master Yang’s discipline, and it is a Direct Disciple that is more respected by Master Yang than the master of Tuyu.

If Ling Tian, ​​the new domain owner, is willing to take over, the probability of these talented martial artists in their domain will also be greatly improved.

“You don’t have to be like this, I don’t intend to be the domain master…”

As soon as Ling Tian spoke, Zhao Junsheng, Zhou Yaqing and the others in front of him knelt to the ground in succession without saying anything.

“Before I waited for the host to be offended, and I also ask the host to ignore the villain, don’t wait for me to be lower oneself to somebody’s level!”

Obviously, these people regard Ling Tian’s refusing words as a kind of dissatisfaction and catharsis that Ling Tian has been rude to them, one by one, they knelt down.

“Yes, Ling Tian boy, this is the official appointment of the Federal Central Government. It can be done by your temper.”

Li Liangcai also spoke aloud to persuade from the side that the position of the domain master is not trivial. Now that the Federation has issued an order, it is not something Ling Tian can refuse if he wants to refuse.


The opportunity is rare. If it weren’t for Tu Haoyan’s sudden accident this time, even if Ling Tian’s identity had no problem, he wouldn’t have this opportunity to take over as the domain master of Xuan Chu Guardian Palace.

This kid, why is there a tendon? But I know how many people can’t ask for such a good thing!

“Ling Tian brother, let’s take the order as soon as possible!”

Yao Puxin handed the appointment letter and domain master order forward again, saying:

“Xuan Chu Guardian Palace can’t be without a domain owner for a day. Now I don’t know how many affairs have been accumulated together, just waiting for you, the new domain owner, to deal with it and coordinate!”

Ling Tian held his newly recognized granddaughter, slightly raised his brows and looked at the appointment book and the domain master order in front of him, hesitating.

To be honest, this appointment was a bit too sudden for him, and he was not mentally prepared beforehand.

Moreover, he really has no ambitions here. He has never thought about what career career he wants to pursue. Now he suddenly forced an important position like Lord of the Domain on him. He didn’t know if he could you did good. .

“Come on, Ling Tian.”

At this time, Yang Fan’s Divine Soul sound transmission also suddenly sounded in Ling Tian’s Sea of ​​Consciousness.

“don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others’ field. This is the vacancy left by your Tu Haoyan Junior Brother. It is justified to be taken over by your Senior Brother.”

“Furthermore, as a teacher, you may also need to use your domain master. It is better to hold the position of Xuan Chu Guardian Palace domain master in our own hands than to leave it to those with ulterior motives. Generation.”

Ling Tian hearing this, the body shape could not help but nodded.

“Since the Master needs it, then the discipline will follow the Master’s order and accept the post of the Guardian Palace domain master!”

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