I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1530


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“The natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death three days ago, Human Race had five Half Emperors who successfully advanced to the half-emperor realm. Will the destiny changes of our Five Great Holy Lands have anything to do with these newly promoted half-emperors?” /p>

In the Void Secret Realm, Tiger Clan’s Tiger Elder raised his eyebrows and spoke.

Like Feng Xijiao, she also saw the true appearance of the White Tiger belonging to their eagle-sorrowful Holy Land. At the same time, it was blurred, the spirit was gone, and it looked like a sick tiger.

The essence of White Tiger contains the soul energy of Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign. When the divine sense of Tiger Peng Elder is attached to the essence of White Tiger, its bloodline will tremble. An extremely mysterious and abstruse and an extremely strong sense of crisis floated in its heart.

“Destiny does not exist, the danger of extermination is approaching!”

“The day when White Tiger’s destiny is completely nihilistic is when White Tiger Clan is completely annihilated!”

In the dark, such a clear comprehension suddenly appeared in the depths of Hupeng Elder’s Divine Soul, and it couldn’t help but believe it.

The crisis has come, and the catastrophe is coming.

If you don’t pay attention to it and want to reunite the destiny of the clan, the danger of extinction will really be in sight.

At this time, not only Hu Peng, but also Xin from the Iron-toothed Crocodile family, Jiaoyu from the Ground Flood Dragon family, Xiong Sheng from the Black and White Bear family, and Feng Xijiao from the Fire Phoenix family, became involuntarily anxious and anxious. stand up.

“no no no!” Crocodile Xin shook his head slightly: “Human Race has not been promoted by a half emperor, but when can we pose such a big threat to Five Great Holy Lands?”

“According to the old man, the root of the problem lies in Yang Fan!”

“Everyone, don’t forget, the fate of the emperor’s death that caused these five Human Race half-emperors to advance, but it came from the hands of Yang Fan!”

“Yang Fan, this person really can’t stay anymore. If he is allowed to continue to grow, who knows if he will make the third and fourth chance of emperor death again?”

Next to it.

Hearing the words of the crocodile Xin, the eyes of the god son of Yinjiao lit up, and finally some demon began to look at Yang Fan’s body, okay!

“Not bad!”

Silver Jiao Shenzi instantly answered and said loudly:

“The crocodile Elder Xin said rightly, the root of this incident lies in the abominable human brat Yang Fan!”

“All the seniors present only knew that in the natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death in Daixing City three days ago, five Half Emperors of Human Race successfully broke through and reached the half-emperor realm, but they didn’t know that among the five newcomers After the half-emperor, another fourteen people successfully broke through to the half-emperor state!”


The words of the God Child Yinjiao were like a stone hitting a thousand waves, and instantly attracted the eyes of the old monsters like Xin Crocodile and Hu Peng.

“What happened?!”

“Is this really true?! According to what you said, the Human Race Half Emperor who passed the Guardian Palace in the northwest from the Federal Central City this time, are all of them breakthrough?!”

“This impossible! The natural phenomenon of breaking the realm that day only appeared five times in total, how could there be 14 other people breaking the realm at the same time?! The emperor does not believe it!”

All the demons felt a little unlikely.

Becoming an emperor by breaking through a realm, even if it is a half-emperor, not everyone has a chance to succeed.

This point, the six half-emperor big demon they were present naturally understood it.

Even if the emperor’s death happens to be Great Cow, it is impossible to push a total of 19 people to the half-emperor realm in one go!

Are they really unfamiliar with the Peak Half Emperor of the Human Race Federation?

Among the Peak Half Emperors in the Federal Central City, there are only a few Wu Dao and Hui Zi’an who have the possibility to advance through the realm. In order to prevent them from breaking through the ranks, Five Great Holy Lands did If you don’t increase hunting rewards, how can you not understand their situation?

Except for Wu Dao and the limited Half Emperor of Hui Zi’an, the rest of the Human Race Half Emperor are all aptitudes. These half emperors of Monster Race don’t even bother to remember their names.

But now, the Silver Dragon God Child tells them that their previous optimistic and unoptimistic Human Race Half Emperors have all been promoted to the half-emperor realm. How can they not be shocked?

“Although I really don’t want to admit it, but the old man also feels that the silver scorpion is more than half true!”

At this time, Feng Xijiao unexpectedly said to help the god son Yin Jiao:

“Recently, the old man has also received a secret report from the Federal Center City. The Federal Center City of Human Race seems to have more than a dozen half-emperors overnight.”

“Although they hide very well, they have just broken the realm after all. Some of the aura within the body and the fluctuation of Divine Soul cannot be completely concealed. They were discovered by the old hunters of our race lurking in the human realm. Clue.”

The expressions of the demons have all changed.

If the words of the God Son of Yinjiao just made them doubtful, then after Feng Xijiaoyuan’s corroboration, they basically completely believed it.

In the entire Five Great Holy Lands, who didn’t know that Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign was an old pen, but it used to be a spy for the Human Race realm.

Only in terms of the ability to collect information in the human environment, if Ten Thousand Monster Mountain dares to say second, no Holy Land dares to say first.

Now, since even Feng Xijiao said that more than a dozen newly promoted half-emperor powerhouses suddenly appeared in the Federal Center City, don’t ask, it must be the Human Race Half Emperor who went to the Northwest Guardian Palace before.

Feng Qi Great Elder next to Feng Xijiao also moves slightly.

But his focus is not on the dozen or so Human Race newly promoted half emperors, but on the old hunter Feng Xi Yao said!

Never expected, he has been undercover in Wanyao Mountain for so long, and he has also investigated the evil traitors in the Federal Central City for several decades, and there will still be a fish that escaped the net.

Moreover, it can be seen that the newly promoted half-emperor deliberately concealed the atmosphere of the cultivation base and the fluctuation of Divine Soul, which shows that the cultivation base of this old hunter is not low. At least the intensity of Divine Soul must be in the half-emperor realm. .

“Who would it be?”

“In the past several decades, I haven’t heard of any half-emperor demon of the Fire Phoenix family that has been damaged and passed away?”

Feng Qi’s mind is more than suspicious.

Before the appearance of Yang Fan, a killing star that specializes in killing the half-emperor, in the Five Great Holy Lands of Monster Race, there has been no news of the death of the half-emperor for nearly 51 years.

This is especially true for the Fire Phoenix family.

As the Great Elder of the Fire Phoenix clan, and also as a senior undercover lurking in the Ten Thousand Monster Mountain, Feng Qi usually pays great attention to the top battle strength of these Monster Races.

He can be sure that at least in the 50 years since the Sovereign agreement was agreed, the Fire Phoenix clan basically lost the half-emperor.

“If it was a spy who was inserted before the Sovereign agreement, it would be even harder to investigate!”

“No, you must pass this news back to you as soon as possible. In the Human Race Federation, there is still such an asshole who is suspected of having a half-emperor cultivation base. That is a time bomb!”

Feng Qi’s heart is extremely anxious, but the expression on his face has not changed in the slightest, just like Hu Peng and Crocodile Xin, after hearing the messages Feng Xijiao said, he looked like Surprise and surprise.

“What? There are more than a dozen new half-emperors in Human Race?”

“Fuck! Are you sure you are not kidding, how is this possible?”


As a senior undercover agent, this kind of performance is very everyday for him.

“Senior, do you believe the words of this god son now?”

Yinjiao Shenzi glanced at Feng Xijiao with three eyes, and suddenly felt that this old hag was actually not bad. If it hadn’t been in the previous game, he might have liked this old hag more.

“Seniors should all know that there are more than a dozen new half-emperors in the Human Race. In fact, it will not fundamentally cause any fatal threat and impact on our Five Great Holy Lands. When it comes to impact Holy Land destiny, it’s impossible.”

“However, the problem now is that as their breakthrough advances, the destiny power of our Five Great Holy Lands is fainted and damaged at the same time, which is very interesting!”

Remembering that both Yinjiao Shenzi and Crocodile Xin had said that Yang Fan was the root of all this, Hu Peng could not help asking:

“So, the god son of Yinjiao is skeptical, and the Human Race half-emperor who was promoted after breaking through the boundary of 14 were all successfully broken through Yang Fan? They also worshipped Yang Fan as their teacher?!”

Yang Fan was able to directly help himself with Direct Disciple’s promotion to the breakthrough before. They can all be seen in the eyes of these half-emperor monsters, and now naturally they can easily think of Yang Fan’s evil enlightenment. Supernatural powers.

“Could it be that his initiation supernatural powers can even break through the half-emperor realm?!”

This is terrifying? Is there anything?

This means that Yang Fan can greatly improve among all the martial artists of the Half Emperor in Human Race and create a semi-Sovereign level Xeon!

If this is the case, it is entirely possible that the destiny power of Monster Race Five Great Holy Lands will suddenly be severely affected and impacted!

Especially now.

The true emperor does not come out, and the half emperor is in power. The number of half emperors of the two races of humans and demons directly determines the strength of the two sides. It must not be underestimated!

“Not bad!”

Yinjiao god son is nodded:

“In addition to this reason, can seniors think of other reasons?!”

“There is no doubt that the existence of Human Race Yang Fan has already seriously threatened the destiny power of our Five Great Holy Lands. This is more than he killed more than 20 of us before. More serious terrifying!”

“If he is allowed to continue to grow, in the future our Five Great Holy Lands will inevitably be fundamentally damaged in his hands!”

“So, the son of God proposed that the Miefan project must be put on the agenda again, and it can’t be delayed for a moment!”

As soon as the Yinjiao Godzi’s voice fell, the entire Void Secret Realm suddenly trembled.

Immediately afterwards, the five Holy Land gods present changed their colors at the same time.

“What’s the matter, how come my destiny power has lost nearly one third?!”

“My Ten Thousand Demons Mountain, too, Fire Phoenix has become more blurred, and it’s almost transparent!”

“The same goes for my Numawa country!”

“The same goes for Eagle Sorrow!”

“Black Wind Valley is the same!”

The five Eldest God’s Child exclaimed at the same time, nervous and shaking.

Because just now, at the moment when the Void Secret Realm shook, the destiny nature of their Sea of ​​Consciousness began to accelerate the blur, and the destiny power dropped so fast that it made the demon panic!

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