I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1531


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This is very embarrassing.

Silver Jiao Shenzi just proposed to kill Yang Fan, and the four words “Miefan Plan” just popped out of his mouth. The destiny of their Five Great Holy Lands was reduced sharply at the same time, even Secret Realm. All were affected and shaken.

Is this special, is it a coincidence or something else?

Yinjiao Shenzi started to play drums in his heart.

Did it say that it was going to kill Yang Fan to commit some taboo, which made the destiny power of Five Great Holy Lands backlash?

And everything that happened just now was that Heavenly Dao warned them to stop engaging in Yang Fan?

Also, when it just said that sentence, it happened to catch up with someone or a certain place was taking place that was extremely unfavorable to Five Great Holy Lands, which directly affected the future of Five Great Holy Lands. The power of destiny, all this is just a coincidence?

Two kinds of understanding will lead to two completely different results and endings.

It was originally the Silver Jiao Shenzi who was determined to take advantage of this opportunity to kill Yang Fan, but now he is a little uncertain.

Because if it’s a coincidence, it’s a coincidence too!

Actually, it is not only the Silver Jiao Shenzi who is guilty of suspicion.

Any half-emperor and god-child who have some knowledge and speculation about Yang Fan’s identity are secretly beating in their hearts at this time.

Several monsters like Feng Xijiao, Hu Peng, Crocodile Xin, Fengming Shenzi, etc., all trembled.

Among the three Monster Race Saint lands, there are two Monster Sovereign blood essence clones who followed Yang Fan’s destiny to seize the opportunity, and one Monster Sovereign’s blood is also following Yang Fan’s side. Before and after the saddle.

What’s the real reason? They are all very clear.

More than 70% of Yang Fan is likely to be the incarnation of the will of the origin star, and its destiny is closely related to the entire origin star.

That’s why Yang Fan was favored and taken upon by the three Monster Sovereigns. They sent their blood essence clones and bloodline heirs to Yang Fan, hoping to use the destiny and opportunities in Yang Fan to achieve their transcendent evolution. The ultimate goal.

And now, these demons gathered here, discussing how to kill Yang Fan and kill the will incarnation of this original home planet.

Under this situation, it would be weird for the destiny power of their races not to be backlashed?

So, none of these demons would naively think that what happened just now was really just a coincidence.

Before, they did not see that the destiny in the Sea of ​​Consciousness was that’s all. They were only slightly suspicious of the identity of Yang Fan’s original will incarnation and there was no evidence.

But now, when they see that the power of destiny belonging to their races can actually be manifested, they are more convinced of the possibility that Yang Fan is the original will incarnation, and then it is related. Fear and awe began to deepen.

On the power of destiny.

Who can compare the creatures on the origin star to the origin star?

They’re Five Great Holy Lands speaking of which are just subordinate forces that reside on the parent star. Their own destiny power may not be bestowed by the parent star.

Now, they are actually discussing how to kill the will incarnation of the original home planet. What good results can be a strange thing!

“This is definitely not a coincidence!”

Seeing that the other demons were silent, Feng Qi suddenly spoke, and said in a deep voice:

“The old man has long heard of it. It is said that it is the Yang Fan of Human Race. It is very likely that he is the son of Heavenly Dao of this generation. He is the chosen person who is valued by the original will. The destiny of his own is extremely amazing. Enemy!”

“Before, the old man thought it was just a confusing remark from Human Race, which was just nonsense.”

“But now, especially after the Secret Realm mutation caused by the four words’Miefan Plan’ by the Godzi Yinjiao just now, the old man suddenly didn’t dare to think about it anymore.”

“Have you ever thought that if this Yang Fan is really the son of Heavenly Dao, the Heavens Pride chosen by the original will, if we deal with him so deliberately, then equivalent to is doing it with the original will That’s right, how could something be left behind?”

“Think of Long Jiao Elder, think of Xiong Yun Elder, and think of the two dozen half-emperor big monsters who died tragically in the hands of Yang Fan with them. Are they really inferior to humans because they fell? ?”

Feng Qi’s voice is very bewitching. In a few words, he directly raised the killing of Yang Fan to a serious level with the original home star, and the few big monsters around him couldn’t help but fight. A shivered.


Previously, the ancestors of Longjiao and Xiong Yun brought more than 20 half-emperor big monsters to siege Yang Fan, but they were completely wiped out in a very short time. There are indeed many doubts. There are evils everywhere.

However, if all of this has something to do with the original will, then my doubts and evils can be explained.

As the son of Heavenly Dao and the incarnation of the original will, Yang Fan is definitely the protagonist of the destiny. How could he be killed so easily?

Long Jiao and Xiong Yun walk the heavens-defying road, are sharply reduced by Heavenly Dao backlash and destiny, and finally end up with a body dies and Dao disappears. Isn’t it reasonable?

“Fengqi Elder, don’t be alarmist here!”

Yinjiao Shenzi was also expression changed, and quickly blocked Fengqi Great Elder’s deceptive words.

“What kind of parent star, what kind of son of Heavenly Dao, Fengqi Great Elder is now as superstitious and ignorant as those Human Races?”

“Don’t forget, Yang Fan is a Human Race, an absolutely irreconcilable enemy of our Monster Race! What are you so openly touting a Martial artist of Human Race?!”

Feng Qi is hearing this, the expression on the face remains unchanged, and he shook his head slightly:

“Silver Dragon God, the old man is just discussing matters. The old man does not want to involve the Holy Land destiny of our Fire Phoenix clan on the Ten Thousand Monster Mountain because of a wrong decision made by the Silver Dragon God!”

“From the perspective of the old man, it was Heavenly Dao just warning us, warning us not to be an enemy of Yang Fan anymore.”

“If the god son Yinjiao doesn’t believe in arbitrariness, you can try it yourself, and don’t pull us on the Ten Thousand Monster Mountain!”

Next to it.

Neither Hu Peng nor Crocodile Xin spoke too much, and they were happy to watch Feng Qi come to be a bird to stimulate the Yinjiao god son of Demon Shengling.

Feng Xijiao raised her brows and glanced at Feng Qi with some dissatisfaction, feeling that today’s Great Elder has lost her calmness and sense of proportion.

You think that you can see the problem. The two old foxes, Hu Peng and Xin Crocodile, must have the same thoughts in their hearts. Why cannot wait a little longer until they come to be this early bird?

“Fengqi Elder, don’t talk nonsense!”

Feng Xijiao interrupted Feng Qi’s words softly and said:

“Let’s Five Great Holy Lands, same qi, connected branch, with cold lips and cold teeth, how can you say that you only let the demon holy ridge go out for adventure?”

“For me, we are still the same as last time. This matter will be hosted by the demon holy ridge. The rest of us, the Four Great Holy Lands, still provide demon and support, how about it?”

Feng Xijiao threw the question back to the god son Yin Jiao.

Aren’t you jumping up and down to make some plan to destroy the fan, don’t you believe that Yang Fan is the son of Heavenly Dao and is the incarnation of the original will?


Then you can put this burden on, just like the last time Long Jiao and Xiong Yun, to become the vanguard coach.

“If the Yinjiao Shenzi agrees, this time my Wanyao Mountain is willing to produce five Half-Emperor Great Demon, and I promise that they are all strong players above the fifth rank, and will never let the Yinjiao Shenzi down.”

“Don’t you still have a Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure in your demon sacred mountain?”

Feng Xijiao raised her brows and suggested quietly:

“In this way, you can bring the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure directly when you act. If you use that Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure in this sailing plan, the old man can assure you that I will tell me afterwards My Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign asks for two to compensate you, how about?”

The corner of mouth twitching of the Yinjiao Shenzi.

This old hag is really which pot is not opened and which pot is used.

Exactly, if the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure in its hands is still there, the plan to assassinate Yang Fan last time might not have failed, okay.

The problem now is that their Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure has already fallen into the hands of that bastard thief Yang Fan!

Yinjiao Shenzi was suspicious. Feng Xijiao, an old hag, suddenly mentioned Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure. Has he noticed something?

“This is a good idea. The Demon Sacred Ridge has always been the first of our Five Great Holy Lands. Naturally, I have to do my part!”

Hu Peng suddenly spoke and said: “This emperor seriously supports Feng Old Man’s proposal. If the Yinjiao Shenzi has no opinion, we will also produce five half-emperor big demons and fully support the Yinjiao Shenzi. Plan to destroy sail!”

After Tiger Peng, Crocodile Xin did not immediately post: “Our Zuowa country is the same, and we will fully support the Yinjiao God!”

For a while.

Among the Five Great Holy Lands, Three Great Holy Lands already started to publicly declare that they wanted to catch the ducks on the shelves, and held the Silver God Son to Gao Gaodi.

“You guys don’t want to joke!”

While Yinjiao Shenzi was a little confused not knowing what to do, the ancestor Jiaoyu who had not spoken behind him suddenly spoke.

“The damage to the Five Great Holy Lands destiny is not a matter for our family and the destiny ridge, nor is it our destiny ridge that can solve it independently.”

“This time we are summoning you to come here, and you are also following the instructions of the five Monster Sovereign adults. Why bother to run against my Demon Sovereign lineage like this?”

The ancestor Jiaoyu never mentioned any more plans to destroy sails.

It can be seen, Feng Xijiao, Hu Peng, these guys, are simply using their demon sacred mountain as the first bird and touchstone.

Last time, the two idiots Long Jiao and Xiong Yun were killed by them in this way.

This time, they definitely cannot make the same mistake again.

It’s okay to want to be the boss, but being the boss doesn’t mean you must go to death. After all, the god son of Yinjiao is still a little immature. He still hasn’t forgotten his personal grudges even now. He wants to take the opportunity to kill that Human Race Yang Fan. .

I’m all right now. I was lent the rack to me. I was just a little short of the mistake of Long Jiao and Xiong Yun.

“Brother Jiaoyu said that Yang Fan may not be the root cause of the turbulence of our Five Great Holy Lands destiny. According to the old man, we should consider the long-term plan.”

The ancestor Xiong Sheng also came out to cheer at the right time, and directly exposed the topic of killing Yang Fan.

Anyway, the Demon Sacred Ridge and Black Wind Valley are impossible to pick up this drudgery.

Even after the investigation results confirmed that the destiny turbulence of Five Great Holy Lands was really related to Yang Fan, it was the same!

Anyway, they are suffering losses, and they are not the only ones facing the danger of extinction. Why do they have to take the lead every time?

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