I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1532

“I don’t know what this Senior is called?”

“My surname is Yu, Yu Cancan, there is Master Lao Yang!”

“It turned out to be Senior. You don’t have to be polite to Junior. Know the rules. Relax your guard and don’t make any resistance. Then the treatment effect will be better…”

After a short routine Q&A, Yang Fan explored the spirit strength again, and at the same time used advanced healing and charm skills to the senior woman in front of her.

“You cast a charm skill on Level 3 Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Yu Cancan, 60% of the six ignorance defense probability is successfully triggered, the charm is successful, and Yu Cancan’s favorability for you is greatly increased…”

“You used the charm skill on Level 3 Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Yu Cancan, and the charm was successful…”

“You have displayed charm skills to Level 3 Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Yu Cancan. The charm is successful, and Yu Cancan’s affection for you has been greatly improved. The meaning of closeness exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech, the heart of love Deep into the bone marrow…”

“You used high-level therapy on Level 3 Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Yu Cancan, and the treatment was successful. Yu Cancan’s injuries were completely recovered, and his life force was greatly supplemented…”



The third place, the fourth place…the fifth place, the tenth place…

The treatment work is proceeding smoothly and orderly.

Healing so many people at the same time, Yang Fan didn’t feel bored at all, and even enjoyed it.

After all.

In normal times, he doesn’t have the opportunity to contact and turn so many Human Race half-emperor bosses into his own.

In the eyes of outsiders and these half-emperors, Yang Fan is selfless. He is free of charge to cure their wounds, clear comprehension of the opportunity to become an emperor, admiration or grateful for Yang Fan.

But in Yang Fan’s opinion, he is not only convenient for others, but also for his own convenience.

Look at these half-emperor bosses after his treatment, which one does not treat him as a relative.

If Yang Fan encounters any danger in the future, or asks them for something, will they be ashamed to refuse?

This is a proper person, and the ultimate affinity is not just talking.

Next, the healing work continues, and Yang Fan continues to heal and charm the last few half-emperor Xeons.

“You cast a charm skill on Level 3 Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Jin Xiangqian, 60% of the six ignorance defense probability is successfully triggered, the charm is successful, Jin Xiangqian’s favorability for you is greatly increased…”

“You used the charm skill on Level 4 Martial Sovereign (incomplete) He Miao, 60% of the six ignorance defense probability is successfully triggered, the charm is successful, and He Miao’s favorability for you is greatly increased…”

“You have used the charm skill on the sixth level Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Zhu Yi Yang (Fengren), and the charm fails. Zhu Yi Yang (Fengren) seems to be aware of it, and you are alert…”

Huh? !

Yang Fan was shocked and he failed!

If it fails, that’s all, but what makes him feel a little unbelievable is that this cultivation realm, even above Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi, turned out to be a possessed demon spirit!

This is not the first time Yang Fan has encountered the situation of possessing demon spirits, but it is indeed the first time he has seen such a high-level possessed demon spirit.

In fact, Yang Fan did not choose to treat in batches, but insisted on one by one to perform treatment on these half-emperors, in order to turn these half-emperors into his own. , By the way, identify their identities.

After all, there was a precedent in Jinghua City. The half-emperors who were mixed into the Insects Wake plan turned out to be Alien disguise.

Now, as expected.

Among these hidden half-emperors in the Federal Central City, although they are not at all to identify the Alien disguise, such a large possessed demon spirit can also be regarded as an unexpected harvest.

“What’s wrong, Master Yang, but what’s the abnormality of the old man within the body?”

It seems that he has noticed the change between Yang Fan expressions, Zhu Yi Yang pretended to be nonchalant and asked Yang Fan softly.

Yang Fan shook his head and smiled, and said: “Zhu Senior is relieved, there is no problem, but Junior is a little surprised by Senior’s cultivation base strength. Didn’t expect Senior to be a sixth-order half emperor, which is better than what I have treated before. Those Half-Emperor Seniors are really much stronger!”

Zhu Yi Yang suddenly, but also extremely surprised, didn’t expect Yang Fan to be able to judge his true cultivation realm.

“Master Yang has a flatter, but it is secluded bitter cultivation for several decades, and the cultivation base has been slightly refined that’s all, not worth mentioning.”

Zhu Yi Yangqian made a few words of politeness, and was about to ask Yang Fan to eradicate his injuries within the body when he suddenly saw a flash.

Then in the next second, he felt that the surrounding environment had changed drastically, and the whole person appeared directly in a dark and empty illusion.

“What’s the matter?”

“Why did Master Yang treat me this way?!”

In an instant, Zhu Yiyang’s expression changed drastically. While the imposing manner on his body exploded sharply, he also raised his voice to ask Yang Fan, who was completely gone.

“Damn! Let me go!”

“The old man is the half emperor of the Human Race. I shed blood for the Human Race. I have no right to imprison the old man directly!”

Zhu Yi Yang roared loudly in the imaginary formation, while continuously bursting into an imposing manner to attack the surrounding void, trying to break the array and go out.

As a result, all his attacks went into the ocean like mud, without any ripples.

At this moment, Zhu Yiyang realized that even if his reaction was slow, he was probably exposed.

It’s just that he didn’t think about it, where did he show a weak spot?

His disguise, even the Thunder Emperor of Human Race didn’t notice it back then!

Yang Fan, a small Peak Emperor, how did he discover the weak spot on his body?

Yang Fan ignored him.

After temporarily confining the possessed demon spirit walking right into a trap into the small black room, Yang Fan unknowingly invented a Zhu Yi Yang in front of him, showing that he had accepted The treatment is in the posture of contemplation.

After that, Yang Fan was all right and smiled and shouted to the back:


The people in the back did not notice any difference, and continued to go forward to receive Yang Fan’s treatment.

Behind Yang Fan, An Sheng, Ling Tian and Sang Duo Duo couldn’t help but quietly glanced at each other.

Yang Fan’s concealment method can be concealed from the half-emperors present, but cannot conceal them from the sect members and disciple. After all, all three of them have to teach the true story of Yang Fan, which is right for the Six Roads of Samsara Divine Grade. Imaginary formation is also extremely proficient.

Only the Formation fluctuated slightly, and their three people felt it.

Don’t ask, Zhu Yiyang, who was just trapped by the Master, must have a problem.

At the same time, the monk Tian Chan, who had been sitting quietly next to Li Liangcai, couldn’t help but raised his eyebrows slightly. Divine sense slowly swept across the body of Zhu Yi Yang, who had just been transformed by Yang Fan, and felt something was wrong. But no abnormalities were found.

“There seems to be a trace of Formation fluctuations just now, and Lao Zhu’s breath also seems to have some strange fluctuations. Is this poor monk feeling wrong?”

Tian Chanzi scanned Zhu Yi Yang’s body back and forth, shook his head slightly, thinking that he might be a little too sensitive.

“I don’t know what this Senior is called?”

“old man surnamed Xiao, Xiao Yan, there is Master Lao Yang!”

“It turned out to be Xiao Senior, Xiao Senior is welcome, please relax your guard now and don’t make any resistance…”

Yang Fan’s tone was as gentle and smooth as ever, not at all, because Zhu Yi Yang, the possessed demon spirit, appeared any abnormalities, and continued to heal the last three Human Race half emperors as usual.

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