I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1534


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“You performed Heaven Grade mysterious skill on Level 4 Martial Sovereign (Incomplete) Ji Wenbin (Donglai Crocodile)-Divine Soul branding, the branding failed, Level 4 Martial Sovereign (Incomplete) Ji Wenbin (Donglai Crocodile) Divine Soul tenacious, clear-minded, successfully got rid of the attack of your Divine Soul brand, spirit strength +10, spirit willpower +20, skill proficiency +5.”

“You performed Heaven Grade mysterious skill on Level 4 Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Ji Wenbin (Donglai Crocodile)-Divine Soul branding, branding failed…”

“You performed Heaven Grade mysterious skill on Level 4 Martial Sovereign (Incomplete) Ji Wenbin (Donglai Crocodile)-Divine Soul branding, the branding was successful, Ji Wenbin (Donglai Crocodile) was fogged and confused , You successfully left a servitude brand on its Divine Soul origin! Spirit strength +20, spirit willpower +50, skill proficiency +10.”

“You successfully used the mysterious technique of Heaven Grade—Divine Soul brand, leaving a servitude brand in the Divine Soul origin of Level 4 Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Ji Wenbin (crocodile Donglai), Ji Wenbin (crocodile) Donglai)’s mind and body are completely under your control and obey your orders! The enslavement brand time limit, one minute!”

In principle, the mysterious technique of Divine Soul imprinting is specifically used by the Alien clan to enslavish the Demonic beast Divine Soul against the Demonic beast, and has little effect on the Divine Soul origin of Human Race, which has high spiritual wisdom.

So after the first spirit strength tidal outbreak, the first group of people Alien invaded the Origin Star, not at all chose to control and enslave Human Race on a large scale, but chose Monster Race to mess up the world.

After all, their Divine Soul branding mystery has an incomparable natural advantage in dealing with Monster Race Divine Soul. It can attack in a range, and it is not too difficult to enslave thousands at a time.

While they want to control Human Race, they have to mentally hypnotize and control them one by one, and they are not dominant in number.

So in that special period, the Alien clan will control a large number of Monster Races to siege and plunder the land, and on the other hand, it will be mixed into the Human Race at a critical moment, hypnotizing and controlling some of the Human Race leaders, and detonating the nuclear war ahead of time.

And now.

This Ji Wenbin faced by Yang Fan, although the skeleton, hair, etc. of his body are undoubtedly the purest Human Race, but the origin of his Divine Soul is a real beast soul origin!

So, when Yang Fan cast the Divine Soul brand to attack and enslave him, it quickly worked, but the effort of two breaths, and at the cost of three failures in branding, he succeeded in turning it into a slogan. Puppet.

“Dedicate Divine Soul, reveal the truth!”

The branding was successful, Yang Fan did not hesitate, his voice was cold and decisive, and he delivered the first command.

Ji Wenbin’s figure trembled showed a trace of struggling on his face, but soon, this struggling was completely smoothed out by the rays of light branded on its Divine Soul origin.

Ji Wenbin, or Crocodile Donglai no longer hesitated, the spiritual portal on his forehead silently activated, and then, an extremely astonishing Divine Soul wave emerged from the spiritual portal.


A deep roar that has been suppressed for a long time, oscillating through the Soul Power of the Divine Soul origin, is clearly transmitted to the ears of all half-emperor powerhouses present.

Then, a mini-steel-toothed crocodile, which was intangible but extremely solid, floated out of thin air, just standing in front of Yang Fan.

This time, not only Tian Chanzi, Ling Tian, ​​and Sang Duoduo who specialize in spirit strength can clearly see the existence of this half-emperor beast soul, and even Martial Dao like Li Liangcai and Zhou Xun. The half-emperor who can understand God, even the Half Emperor like An Sheng, can clearly see the existence of Crocodile Donglai.

“Fuck! This girl really has a problem!”

“Possessed demon spirit! Who can think that Ji Wenbin turned out to be a possessed demon spirit?!”

“When did he start Dao? He has been with us for several decades, and is secluded cultivation!”


Everyone was horrified, and it was a bit unacceptable for a while.

They are all tens of hundreds of old comrades who have fought together, but now it is suddenly confirmed that this old comrade is actually a possessed demon spirit. Who can stand it?

Compared to Li Liangcai, Tian Chanzi, and Zhou Xun, they were shocked and unacceptable.

An Sheng, Ling Tian, ​​and Sang Duo Duo behind Yang Fan are all indifferent, and they’ve already been familiar with it.

In fact, the An Sheng trio knew more than Li Liangcai. After all, before this Ji Wenbin, their Master had quietly moved and controlled the two Human Race half emperors.

Although they didn’t find any problems with these two people, because of their trust in Yang Fan Master’s abilities, they were all convinced that these two were definitely not good birds before.

In a line of three eleven Human Race half emperors, three black sheep appeared unexpectedly.

I have to say that such a result, even if it is for a time, they will be surprised and somewhat unacceptable. Not to mention that it was Li Liangcai who had been with these three spies day and night.

“It turned out to be the soul of an iron-toothed crocodile!”

“It really didn’t expect. Even Crocodile Yuan, who has always been a coward, has begun to use his brain to arrange undercover. Before, Pang Dao had always thought that if the demon spirit possessed his body, it would probably be the Fire Phoenix clan of Wan Yao Mountain. It.”

Lei King Clone couldn’t help but sigh softly after seeing the appearance of Divine Soul from the East of Crocodile.

Now that even the half-emperor beast soul is out, Ji Wenbin is definitely a spy.

It’s just a little bit different from Wen Zhaoxiu’s previous predictions. He didn’t expect that the beast soul acting as the demon spirit was not the Phoenix Clan half emperor he had imagined, but the iron-toothed crocodile family from the Numawa country.

This clan has been shrinking in the marshland on the edge of the demon domain. Even in the era of the five great Monster Sovereigns, they seldom come out to get the limelight. Whether in the human domain or the demon domain, it’s not the same Striking existence.

Never expected, the dog that bites doesn’t bark!

Before the beast soul of this half-emperor iron-toothed crocodile was discovered, who would have thought that the old monster of the crocodile yuan had already started layout and arranged for the half-emperor demon spirit to invade stings several decades ago or even earlier? Falling in the human domain!

“It is indeed unexpected.”

Ye Feiyan’s expression is also very bad, take the soundtrack:

“However, the five major Monster Sovereigns of Monster Race, none of them are good things. Monster Sovereign, the silent Old Tortoise, used to devour the flesh and blood of Human Race to accelerate its cultivation evolution!”

“It’s just that I didn’t expect that there would be so many spies in the Insects Wake squad lurking in Federal Center City!”

“If they were not forced to come and declare that Guardian Palace accepts the treatment and screening of the Yang Fan younger brother this time, heaven knows how much trouble and disaster they will bring to the Human Race Federation in the future!”

After the shock and accident, the only emotion in Ye Feiyan’s heart is fear.

These are three and a half emperors.

Moreover, he is the strongest half-emperor who has completely entered the top battle strength circle of Human Race!

Although their existence will not cause any substantial harm to the three Sovereigns of Thunder Emperor, Sword Emperor, and Spirit Emperor.

But at a critical moment, once the three human races are restrained by the five monsters, three such powerful time bombs will suddenly detonate, and it is not impossible to directly shake the nationality and foundation of Human Race. what.

Thinking about it is terrifying.

This is equivalent to that when the two armies are facing each other, the enemy has placed three in the headquarters in their camp. They can sell the information of the base camp at any time, and even shoot dead at any time. Most of the leaders of the headquarters are spies, almost It’s no different.

In such a situation, once the two sides start a war, you still have a fart. The battle may be completely over before it starts.

“Explain to yourself, when did you sneak into Federal Center City?”

Yang Fan lightly touches Xiaohua in his arms, and quietly asks the origin of Divine Soul from Crocodile East.

The half-Sovereign level beast souls may already be true to their true nature. Even if they are exposed, they will not be like those beast souls such as King Rank and Emperor Rank. They will naturally collapse in a short time.

So, Yang Fan was not in a hurry to collect it for refining, but leisurely interrogated it in public.

“When the seventh spirit strength tide broke out, the emperor was already ordered to hide in the human domain.”

The Divine Soul from Crocodile East is expressionless, and his voice dullly answered Yang Fan’s questions.

“At that time, this emperor was just a Monster Emperor who had just entered the realm of the emperor, and died unexpectedly while fighting with a martial artist of the emperor of the Human Race. Fortunately, my emperor Yuan was beside him. Gathered my Divine Soul origin, so that I have the opportunity to live again.”

“I don’t have a specific mission. The edict passed to me by the emperor just can’t come out, waiting for the future…”

“I don’t know the purpose of coming to Xuan Chu Guardian Palace this time. Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi are tight-lipped from the very beginning. Everyone doesn’t know what medicine they sell in bottle gourd.”

“However, it is certainly not a trivial matter to have them suspend the Insects Wake project hosted and arranged by the Lord Leihuang himself. So immediately after leaving the customs, I have already passed the news that Human Race is lurking in Kansai. Go back…”

“…Later, I saw Tang Zhicheng and Wu Dao, the newly promoted half emperors, and realized that their injuries within the body had been completely contained. The emperor had somewhat guessed the purpose of my waiting for this trip. “

“Unfortunately, I was already in the airship at that time, surrounded by the Human Race half-emperor, and there were spiritual restrictions placed by the half-emperor inside and outside the airship. It was inconvenient to pass the news. Therefore, I still have time to pass the difference news Go out…”

Hear these.

Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi couldn’t help but relax while their faces were dark, angry, and fearful.

Fortunately, because it was the instructions given by Lord Lei Huang, from the very beginning, they were very cautious and still regulated these half-emperors in accordance with the highest level of confidentiality regulations, even when they arrived at Xuan Chu Guardian Palace. At the last moment, I did not tell the members of the Insects Wake team any information about Yang Fan.

Otherwise, the two of them are really going to be the guilty of Human Race, even if they are apologizing for death, they will not be able to recover.

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