I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1535


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“Old Li, Master Tianchan, do you have anything else to ask?”

Yang Fan looked back towards Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi, and asked them politely.

“If not, Junior will refine it into Soul Pill now!”

Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi looked at each other and wanted to ask if Ji Wenbin had any other accomplices, but when he thought of Yang Fan’s incredible ability to discriminate, he swallowed again. Go down.

The two shook their heads at the same time, guilty.

“So, Junior is welcome. If a half-Sovereign level beast soul is used for pill concocting, the rate of pill production is pretty good.”

Yang Fan slightly smiled, and then his mind moved slightly. Two spiritual chains were directly exposed in the Sea of ​​​​Consciousness Space, and with one click, the origin of the Divine Soul from the East was locked and dragged into the Sea. of ​​Consciousness Space.

“Next, let’s examine the second possessed demon spirit.”

After receiving Divine Soul and temporarily moving Ji Wenbin’s body to cover it up, Yang Fan waved his hand and gave Summon out of Zhu Yiyang who was trapped in the virtual illusion.

At this time, Zhu Yi’s Yang is just like Shuang Da’s Jiazi, shrunken to the ground, languid, and his Essence, Qi, and Spirit are almost drawn by the Divine Grade imaginary formation.

Suddenly out of trouble, Zhu Yi Yang struggled to sit up from the ground, looking up towards Yang Fan, Li Liangcai, Master Tianchan and the others with an innocent and aggrieved face.

“Old Li, Master Tianchan, what wrong did the old man commit? Why did you target the old man in this way?”

“I have done meritorious service for the Federation. I have shed blood for Human Race. I have died in my hands over the years. Monster Race has no ten thousand and eight thousand. The Human Races I rescued are countless. You can’t treat me like this. !”

“This is to punish without teaching, this is a trick to get rid of it!”

“If I really did something wrong, you can tell me clearly, like this when I come up and kill me, even if I die, I will not look down!”

Zhu Yi is continuously called Qu.

Until now, he still doesn’t know what exactly he has done wrong. Yang Fan put him in confinement without saying anything, and put him to death?

They have never seen him before, let alone any personal enmity. He shouldn’t be treated like this.

“Final Struggle is still like this at this time, is it interesting?”

Yang Fan slapped his mouth twice, feeling a little boring, and said straightforwardly:

“Ji Wenbin said something similar just now, and now, he has become a cold corpse, and the iron-toothed crocodile living in his Sea of ​​Consciousness has also become one after another Soul Refining Jindan.”

“Fengren, do you also want to be like Crocodile Donglai, the soul flew away and scattered, don’t you fall in reincarnation?”

When the word “Fengren” was uttered, Zhu Yiyang, who was still bluffing just now, suddenly stopped, and the whole person instantly became quiet.

He looked up unexpectedly and incredulously, looked towards Yang Fan and asked softly:

“How did you know this name? Even if it is Ji Wenbin, he should have never heard of the emperor’s name!”

Even the real name was called out, and Fengren knew that it had indeed been completely exposed.

And Ji Wenbin, when he first came out, it really didn’t see Ji Wenbin’s silhouette. Now, it seems that most of it is really as Yang Fan said, and there has been an accident.

Never expected, they have deliberately hidden for nearly a hundred years. They think they are perfect and have no weak spot identity. Today they are all exposed at the same time!

Who discovered the anomaly in them and determined their true identity?

Is this the young man named Yang Fan in front of me?

“It’s very simple!” Yang Fan said softly: “Because not only you Monster Race will send undercover to Human Race, Human Race will also send undercover to Five Great Holy Lands of Monster Race.”

“You know, playing this infernal game, Human Race is the ancestor of your Monster Race.”

Fengren’s frowned, shook his head decisively: “Impossible! Even if your Human Race is lurking in the demon realm, he is also impossible to know the identity of the emperor!”

“The identity of the emperor in Human Realm is top secret. The entire Ten Thousand Demons Mountain knows only a few people. Among them, there will never be any spies of Human Race!”

Yang Fan slightly smiled, lightly said: “Well, since you are not convinced, then I will let you be a ghost today.”

“To tell you clearly, you Feng Xijiao of Ten Thousand Monster Mountain, that is, the mother of Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign, is actually our person, who was sent to the death room of Ten Thousand Monster Mountain after the fifth tide. , The news about you is from it!”

“Otherwise, do you think anyone in the entire Ten Thousand Demons Mountain would know your details so clearly?”

“And me, as well as Old Li and Master Tianchan, how could it be possible to know your identity in advance and successfully introduce you into this Divine Grade imaginary formation?”

Speaking, Yang Fan glanced at Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi next to him, and they understood, Li Liangcai lightly coughed, looked at Yang Fan with some blame and reminded him softly:

“Little friend Yang Fan said cautiously, what Feng Xijiao is, what is undercover, and there are no things, don’t say nothing!”

If you want to cover it up, didn’t expect Old Li to act quite well.

“No, impossible!”

Fengren jumped up from the ground with excitement, and roared loudly:

“Impossible is an old man. The old man is distinguished, powerful, and always under the blessing of Lord Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign. No one can impersonate it!”

“You are a divorce, yes, it must be so! The emperor will never be fooled by you!”


Yang Fan raised his brow, lightly said with a smile:

“If this is the case, then you come and tell me, if Feng Xijiao didn’t leak your detailed information, how did I determine the identity of your spy and call your name exactly?”

“Under normal circumstances, even if a person has good eyesight, no matter how keen Divine Soul is, he can only sense that there is a problem with your identity, but can he feel your name?”

“Besides, your breath is so perfectly hidden that even the three Sovereign masters could be fooled back then. If you didn’t know your identity in advance, you think I can’t be the strength of the Peak Emperor Realm. Can you see the weak spot on your body?”

Fengren’s complexion becomes ugly every time Yang Fan asks a question, and in the end, she slumps back on the ground with a desperate expression.

As it said earlier, its identity is definitely a secret of the highest level in Ten Thousand Demons Mountain, except for the Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign deity, only Feng Xijiao and Fengming God Child may know.

Now, judging from the fact that Yang Fan was able to call out its real name in one go, its identity information must have been leaked in advance.

The problem is that it is really hard to accept, and the demon who betrayed it will be the mother of Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign!

Is it true that Human Race can already be Great Cow so that even Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign’s mother-in-law can pretend to be a substitute without being spotted by Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign?

Is it possible?

Think about themselves, haven’t they been dangling under the eyes of the Human Race three emperors for nearly a hundred years without being discovered by them any weak spot?

Feng Xijiao, it may not be impossible!

At this moment, Fengren’s own heart began to become a little shaken.

“Young Fan Yang Fan said carefully!”

Li Liangcai’s voice suddenly rose a bit, and with a trace of anger he reprimanded Yang Fan:

“The old man just said, don’t talk nonsense, there is no Feng Xijiao, and no undercover spies, don’t talk about this again in the future!”

In my heart, I gave Li Liangcai a thumbs up again, Yang Fan clung to his neck, pretending to be dissatisfied:

“Old Li, you are too careful. Now this guy is a turtle in the urn. Even if he reveals some secrets to him, he still has to pass it on, right?”

“If you are really worried, let’s not try again, I will kill it now, death ends all one’s troubles!”

Speaking, before Li Liangcai answered, Yang Fan did not hesitate to use Divine Soul detention. In the blink of an eye, he forcibly detained Fengren’s half-emperor beast soul from Zhu Yiyang’s Sea of ​​Consciousness. come out.


Zhu Yi Yang’s body fell to the ground without a sound.


Li Liangcai looked dazed.

Why don’t you play cards according to the routine?

You just performed for so long and did that many foreplay, and even dragged Feng Xijiao into the water, so that the monsters in the Ten Thousand Monster Mountain reversed the chaos?

Why now, before this spy can pass the news, he just killed the person?

If there is only a ray of Divine Soul origin, it may not be able to deliver the message anymore!

“Old Li, don’t worry, there has never been an impenetrable wall in this World.”

Seeing the doubts in Li Liangcai’s heart, Yang Fan sound transmission softly:

“This scene that happened today, I believe it will be spread to the Demon Realm and the ears of the demons in the Ten Thousand Demon Mountain soon.”

“If it doesn’t work, we can also guard ourselves to steal and help demons for fun. It’s just a matter of sending a message, it’s not difficult.”

“So, without asking anything now, it will be more convincing to kill this possessed demon spirit directly. The sewage is poured on Feng Xijiao’s body. It will not be so easy to wash it off again. Up.”

Li Liangcai suddenly, the gaze looking towards Yang Fan became a little strange.

This kid is not at all like a young man who is only 18-19 years old, cunning and cunning.

With so many twists and turns, he almost got his old fogey in?

Just now I saw Zhu Yi Yang’s expressions of surprise, unwillingness, resentment, and extreme irritation before he died. Not to mention those monsters, even his Li Liangcai began to doubt whether Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign is a human. Race arranged to enter the undercover agent in Wan Yao Mountain.

After all, Yang Fan did call out Fengren’s real name in one mouthful. If there were no such undercover agent, where did Yang Fan’s news come from? It is simply not logically explained, right?

Quietly stretched out his thumb at Yang Fan, and at the same time, I decided to be more polite to this small pen in the future, and be more careful when contacting him, lest he will be overcast one day. know.

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