I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1536


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“You performed Divine Soul detention on the sixth-level Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Fengren, Fengren’s Divine Soul origin struggled violently, triggering the Divine Soul detention punishment attribute, Fengren’s Divine Soul origin was forced to punish, Divine Soul Injured, spirit strength +1000, spirit willpower +1000, skill proficiency +50.”

“Your Sea of ​​​​Consciousness Space received a strong attack from the sixth-level Martial Sovereign (mutilated) Fengren, shocked barriers, unstable Divine Soul, passive defense counterattack from the immortal will, spirit strength +1000, spirit willpower +3000, Divine Soul strength +500.”

“You successfully defeated the Divine Soul origin of the sixth-level Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Fengren. The enemy experience is extremely increased, the Divine Soul idea is unimpeded, spirit strength +10000, spirit willpower +10000.”

“You have absorbed the Divine Soul origin of the sixth-level Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Fengren, the spirit strength has been greatly improved, the spirit willpower has been greatly strengthened, the spirit strength +800000, the spirit willpower +500000, the Divine Consciousness Sea Expanded by 100,000 meters, Spirit Defence +100000.”


Cool~! !

Yang Fan groaned in his heart, and he was so happy.

A full 500,000 experience of spirit strength suddenly came, Sea of ​​​​Consciousness Space also instantly expanded out by hundreds of meters, Yang Fan’s Sea of ​​Consciousness was shocked, Divine Soul origin and spiritual consciousness in this brief moment all Reached the G point and stimulated Yang Fan to Face is red.

It is indeed the origin of the Divine Soul of the sixth-order half emperor. The effect is extraordinary, and it is no more than some low-level Sovereign level Alien Soul Crystal.

Yang Fan sighed in his heart, with endless aftertastes.

This time, he didn’t let Fengren condense the origin of Divine Soul into its original form like Crocodile Donglai, but took it back to the Sea of ​​​​Consciousness Space, and immediately removed this half. The origin of the Emperor’s Divine Soul absorbed refining and became his own spirit strength experience.

Do all the play.

What if there is something like Soul Lamp on the Wanmon Mountain that records Fengren’s soul energy.

Since it was said to kill it, then you must let it die completely.

The only pity is that Fengren is the dove occupying the magpie’s nest. Killing it can only get spirit strength experience. Otherwise, the blood experience of killing a Tier 6 half-emperor will be extremely rich. Yeah.

“Ami…that Buddha!”

At this time, Tian Chanzi tapped the Buddha’s name, turned around and glanced at the half-emperor powerhouse present, and then whispered to Yang Fan:

“Yang Fan Little Benefactor was a bit reckless just now, but fortunately, everyone here is a trustworthy person, and there is no need to worry about leaks.”

“But it’s better not to do this next time. Every time the Human Race Federation breaks into the demon domain, the identity information is extremely important, so I don’t dare to leak it.”

“Especially this Feng Xijiao, who is the mother of Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign. In order to be able to quietly take it down and successfully replace its identity, you can know how much we sacrificed on Human Race. Half Emperor Xeon?”

“If Yang Little Benefactor’s accidental failure to make his identity was exposed this time, our Human Race Federation would have suffered a great loss!”

Tian Chanzi earnest and well-meant advised Yang Fan with a compassionate attitude.

Yang Fan hearing this, as if recognizing his own mistake, bowed his head in shame, apologized: “The master has learned that Yang Fan knows that he is wrong, and he will not be so arrogant and reckless next time!”


The 28 Human Race half-emperor remaining next to him, hearing this, almost simultaneously gave up his hands and said to Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi:

“Old Li, Master Tianchan, don’t worry, we all know the rules, I will be tight-lipped about this matter and dare not leak half of it!”

Obviously, most of the half emperors seem to believe in the performances of Yang Fan, Li Liangcai, and Tian Chanzi. Even if a few had doubts, they probably guessed the purpose of the three Yang Fans, but they didn’t ask these doubts clearly, pretending to be confused.

“Master is starting to cheat again!”

An Sheng, Ling Tian, ​​and Sang Duoduo’s eyes exchanged quietly for a moment, and almost instantly understood Yang Fan’s plan, and began to mourn for Feng Xijiao, who was about to be buckled in her head .

This is the fate of offending their Master, just ask if you are afraid!

As for whether such an obvious divisive strategy of weak spot will work, it doesn’t matter at all. What’s important is that as long as the seeds of suspicion are spread out like dandelions, you can always find something suitable for them to take root Soil, in case it is useful in the future.

What Yang Fan has to pay is just to say a few more words when killing Monster Race Spy. The cost of causing trouble is almost nothing. Why not?

At the same time.

In the Secret Realm of the demon domain.

Hupeng and all the monsters are connected to pressure and persecute, but the demon sacred mountain here is dead and alive. They are going to die together. Anyway, don’t want to make me stand out.

Hu Peng, Crocodile Xin, and Feng Xijiao couldn’t help but exchange their eyes at each other in secret, and then stopped persecuting. There was no way. This ancestor of Jiaoyu was much more witty than Long Jiao’s cunning. If you push it down, you might really turn your face.

Furthermore, the ancestors of Black Wind Valley Xiong Sheng and the son of Xiong Yin have always stood on the side of the demon sacred ridge like iron rods, with an extremely determined attitude. If you continue to struggle with this issue, it is just a waste of time. There will be no more results.

“Well, we will not mention the threat of Yang Fan for the time being, and we will put aside the vanishing plan.”

Groco Xin spoke softly, saying: “The most important thing now is how to save and restore the destiny power that our Five Great Holy Lands has lost!”

The Secret Realm shocked just now, it didn’t seem to be a joke.

Furthermore, when the destiny power of the various races dropped sharply, the actual controllers of the Great Holy Land, Xin Crocodile, Hu Peng, and Feng Xijiao, also felt palpitations.

Especially when Feng Xijiao was here, her face was trembling, and the anxiety and panic in her eyes could be clearly seen by the younger generations like Fengming and Yinjiao.

This also made Crocodile Xin and Hu Peng even more convinced that the previous remarks of the destiny dissipated and Holy Land annihilated by the god son Yinjiao may not be groundless.

Can’t keep fighting like this anymore, it won’t be good for any of them in Five Great Holy Lands.

“In this way, the old man will first share an important piece of information that my iron-toothed crocodile family hides in the Human Realm Federation Central City spy recently sent back.”

Crocodile Xin gave a light cough, ready to let go of his prejudice, and start a discussion.

“Just a quarter of an hour ago, the Federal Center City once again dispatched two of their newly developed Yunlin VII airships, and gathered more than a thousand Heavens Pride martial artists above the Grandmaster and King Rank, ready to go to the northwest again. “

“The nineteen newly promoted half-emperors accompanying them are all those half-emperors who successfully broke through in Daixing City last time.”

“Also, the Insects Wake plan that the Three Emperors of Human Race had already secretly executed before the Sovereign agreement was reached, the few present should be familiar to them, right?”

The crocodile Xin’s gaze swept across the faces of the monsters such as Feng Xijiao, Hu Peng and Yinjiao Shenzi, and said quietly:

“Just one second before the two Yunlin Ⅶ-type airships were ready to go, the 30-odd Human Race half-emperors who participated in the Insects Wake project hidden in the Federal Center City suddenly all dispatched. Entered the second Yunlin VII airship.”

“Including Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi, in the Federal Central City, whether on the surface or the half-emperor powerhouse behind the back, almost all of them are out of the city this time!”

This statement came out.

Hu Peng, Jiaoyu, Xiong Sheng, Feng Qi and the gods of all races all looked shocked and surprised.

Human Race What is it going to do? The half-emperor powerhouse has all left the city, and the base camp is gone?

Feng Xijiao seems to have known the news a long time ago, and when Crocodile Xin’s voice fell, she answered:

“The old man has also received the same news here. If it is not surprising, so many Human Race half-emperors are dispatched at the same time, I should have gone to Xuan Chu Guardian Palace.”

“The old man now seriously suspects that there is a third Sovereign level Alien prisoner in Yang Fan’s hands.”

“At this time, many half emperors and Heavens Pride martial artists in the Federal Center rushed to Xuan Chu Guardian Palace at the same time, just for the third emperor’s death that is about to open!”

No wonder Feng Xijiao thinks so.

After all, the fate of the last emperor’s death in the Guardian Palace in the northwest is still in sight. At that time, the Federal Central City was like this, and more than 800 Human Race Heavens Pride were transported in one go.

Among them, 19 Half Emperors, including Tang Zhicheng, Wu Dao, and Hui Zi’an, all succeeded in breaking through the ranks during that occasion.

This time, Federal Center City has launched such a big battle, and even those Insects Wake members who have been lurking for more than 50 years have begun to take risks.

If it hadn’t been for greater opportunities and interests to attract them, with Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi’s Old Tortoise personality, they would definitely not be so rash.

“The old man thinks so too.”

Crocodile Xin is gently nodded, with the words:

“Although this sounds ridiculous, but the last time Yang Fan suddenly caused the second emperor’s death at the Guardian Palace in the northwest, who would have thought that he would have a second one in his hand? Sovereign level Alien captive?”

“This time, it’s the same.”

“The old man speculates that in the next two days, Yang Fan will most likely trigger the third imperial death in the Guardian Palace, otherwise it simply cannot explain why the Federal Center City is so large. The turnover of high-end martial artists!”

“In addition, Yang Fan’s healing technique is said to be extremely brilliant. When he went to Federal Central City before, he seemed to have healed Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi once.”

“So the old man thought that this time Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi cut off one’s means of retreat and pulled out all the members of the Insects Wake project at the same time. It may not be that they did not seek medical treatment from Yang Fan. Stop the sad thoughts.”

“According to the reliable information I have obtained, among the three eleven Human Race half-emperors lurking in the Federal Center City, more than half of the half-emperors are already in a situation where the oil is exhausted and the lights are dry. .”

“Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi would be impossible to watch them die worthlessly. This time they took such a big risk to take them all out of the Federal Center City and heal them. It may also be above 80%!”

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