I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1607


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The journey of a few hundred thousand li, for Dahei, who has successfully entered the realm of the true emperor, is just a few breaths.

So, after Yang Fan issued the order, it took Yang Fan and appeared outside the gate of Ten Thousand Monster Mountain in just a few seconds.

At this time.

The external rule ban on Ten Thousand Monster Mountain has not been completely lifted. After sensing the arrival of Dahei and Yang Fan, Feng Xiaotian, who was fighting wits and courage with Sword Emperor Clone, was suddenly startled.


Yang Fan didn’t even die? !

He actually appeared outside the gate of their Ten Thousand Demons Mountain with Heaven Devouring Beast?

As for Tiger Leap and Crocodile Jinglun, haven’t they two already brought this Heaven Devouring Beast to the space battlefield?

This is just a lot of effort, five minutes there is nothing, it only teased with Sword Emperor Clone for three rounds back and forth, how did the Sovereign level battle on the demon holy mountain end?

A shivered in Feng Xiaotian’s heart, a not-so-good premonition slowly rose in her heart.

Huyue and Crocodile Jinglun, most of them have already followed Jiao Luo’s footsteps, and they have all been swallowed or imprisoned by this Heaven Devouring Beast.

“What a waste!”

“Two-to-one, Crocodile Jinglun even took out the Sovereign level Spirit Treasure left by Crocodile Yuan Monster Sovereign. As a result, these two wastes not only failed to give Heaven Devouring Beast, but also lost themselves !”

Feng Xiaotian spit in her heart, and at the same time became extremely jealous of Heaven Devouring Beast and Yang Fan.

Although I don’t know what crafty plots and machinations they used, but Tiger Leap and Crocodile Jinglun are all Ninth Rank Monster Sovereigns that are comparable to its cultivation base. They can be solved in such a short time. Naturally, Feng Xiaotian would not think that he could be much better than the two of them.

Until this time.

Feng Xiao genius is deeply aware of the difficulties of Yang Fan, the Human Race junior, and understands that the previous decision of Feng Xijiao and Fengming Shenzi to close the gate was not completely wrong.

This kid is really evil.

One person destroyed Holy Land alone, and even killed Xiong Ba one after another, and captured Jiao Luo, Hu Yue and Crocodile Jinglun.

Well, the five Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign secretly cultivated by Monster Race Five Great Holy Lands, now four of them are planted in Yang Fan’s hands.

How can Feng Xiaotian not feel jealous? How could Feng Xijiao and Fengming Shenzi, who are not even the true emperor, not be frightened by a strategic withdrawal?

“I really underestimated him before!”

Feng Xiaotian exclaimed to herself.

“How can someone who dares to cultivate Heaven Devouring Beast to the realm of the true emperor but can still be obedient and obedient without rebelling against the Lord, how could he be an ordinary person?”

Seeing that the true emperor Heaven Devouring Beast was like a pug, screaming “Master Baba” and yelling, “Master Baba”, Feng Xiaotian’s corner of mouth twitching, the chill in my heart was even worse.

It is also a Demonic beast by itself, and then it is a Demonic beast of the True Emperor Realm.

It knows the mentality and mental state of this realm Monster Sovereign too well.

I dare not say that it is invincible in the whole world, unscrupulous, and no one is convinced, at least in their eyes, all the guys under the true emperor are the kind that can be crushed to death at will.

So, before Feng Xiaotian dared to be aloof and remote in front of Feng Xijiao and Fengming’s son, even if they knew that one of them was the old lady of Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign and the other was the son of Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign, it never Really give them to taking seriously.

So, it believes that the Heaven Devouring Beast that has become a Sovereign state should be the same as its state of mind.

The pride and detached state of the true emperor state do not allow them to bow down to the martial artist or Demonic beast whose cultivation base is under them, and to be amiable.

But now.

Heaven Devouring Beast, who is also in the realm of True Emperor, has always been rebellious and dare to swallow a bite of Heaven Devouring Beast. At this moment, he actually acts as a licking dog in front of a small Human Race martial artist, flattery patted it. It’s right, without the dignity and backbone that the real emperor big demon should have.

What does this mean?

What Feng Xiaotian saw was not Dahei’s humility and low sigh. What it saw was Yang Fan, a Human Race martial artist, who was hidden in the eighth-level Monster Sovereign realm Heaven Devouring Beast. He couldn’t be unyielding and be a grandson. The great threat and crisis!

Because it believes.

As long as there is a little possibility of rebelling against backlash, no big demon in the realm of the true emperor will willingly live with such dignity in front of a Human Race martial artist.

“This Yang Fan has a big secret and a big horror!”

Feng Xiaotian only feels chills, and the unknown is the most terrifying. He even feels that Yang Fan’s threat to it at this time is even greater than the Divine Sword Clone that has been floating above Qianwei City. Much larger.

After all, although Sword Emperor Clone is powerful, everything about him is on the surface. Feng Xiaotian still has a way to avoid it.

And Yang Fan, this guy, has always not showing the mountains and not revealing the water, even until now, Feng Xiaotian has not fully seen what this kid’s trump card is.

“Feng Xiaotian, I know you are hidden in this Ten Thousand Demon Mountain, you have the ability to harass Qianwei City, and you have the ability to come out!”

Yang Fan stood on top of Dahei’s head, Divine Soul shocked, and his spirit sound transmission. However, as soon as the spirit strength came into contact with the rules outside the mountain, he was completely blocked by the body.

Yang Fan didn’t care. He knew that Feng Xiaotian should have heard all these words he said.

“The Huyue and Crocodile Jinglun who rushed to the demon sacred mountain just now should be with you, right now they are all in Dahei’s belly, are you not going to come out and rescue them?”

“You Five Great Holy Lands are not the same qi, connected branch, are you already fully aligned? What? Now that your allies are in trouble, you just stand by and watch?”

“Also, I, Yang Fan, but you Monster Race hunted and killed the top of the Ranking List. Haven’t you been yelling and wanting to kill me? Now I am coming, walking right into a trap, come on, appear Kill me!”

Yang Fan clamored and provoked at the gate of Ten Thousand Monster Mountain arrogantly.

But there was no movement inside, as if I hadn’t heard it at all.

“It’s impossible!”

“My family’s Master is worthy of you when I talk to you, why didn’t I even reply, is there any politeness?”

Dahei suddenly roared, angrily.

“Master Baba, these monsters are too much, do you want This King to teach them a lesson?”

Dahei turned his head and asked Yang Fan in a docile attitude.

Yang Fan lightly nodded, said: “Whether we give them some warning, we can’t come here for nothing.”

“Come on! Give it to This King, master, please take a look!”

Dahei was gladly nodded, and then his figure manifested, the dog’s mouth was round, and the entire Ten Thousand Demons Mountain was taken into its mouth.



In the dog’s mouth, the rules kept oscillating, and Dahei’s huge dog’s head bulged and roared.

“Bah! Bah!”

After a while, Dahei finally couldn’t bear the backlash attack that was banned by the rules on the periphery of the mountain, and quickly retracted his mouth, and vomited the entire Ten Thousand Monster Saint again.

“It deserves to be Peak Monster Sovereign’s method, it really is out of the ordinary! This hill is hard!”

Dahei sighed softly, and couldn’t help spitting at Wan Yao Mountain again.

Even if I can’t swallow you, I can disgust you.

In the Ten Thousand Demons Mountain.

Feng Xiaotian and Feng Xijiao are indeed disgusting.

The rule ban outside the mountain gate succeeded in blocking Dahei’s Devouring Power, but the big dog’s mouth was enveloped on top of their heads. They seemed to be in the mouth of a big dog. What kind of saliva Ah, bad breath, even if it can’t flow on them, it will make them sick!

More than that.

The rule just now banned a strong counterattack, and the entire mountain gate was trembling endlessly. The earth shook and the mountain quivered awakened many half-emperors in the retreat from the calmness.

“Too much deception!”

“Are they willing to deceive me like this, Ten Thousand Demons Mountain?!”

The demons and the crowd were angry and humiliated. Several half-emperor Fire Phoenix couldn’t help but want to go out and fight hard.

In Monster Sovereign Temple.

Feng Xiaotian’s face was gloomy, and one thought suppressed the entire Ten Thousand Monster Mountain to prevent them from going out to provoke Yang Fan at this time.

It doesn’t matter whether they live or die. Once the gate is opened, Yang Fan will probably sneak into their Ten Thousand Demon Mountain like the last time they entered Demon Sacred Ridge. When the time comes, Wan Demon Mountain may also step in Demon Saint In the footsteps of Ling.

“Everyone is eager to go out courting death?!”

Feng Xijiao glanced at Feng Xiaotian, the divine sense fluctuated slightly, and spoke quietly to warn the demons:

“Keep your dog’s eyes wide open and take a good look. The Heaven Devouring Beast outside of the real emperor’s realm. Even the five Great Monster Sovereigns were endlessly afraid of the Heaven Devouring Beast clan. You want to go out like this Give it food?!”

“Can you grow your heart, I didn’t see it, is it deliberately stimulating to lure you out now?”

“Stay in place for my old lady! Don’t move! With the rules of Lord Monster Sovereign, no one can break in!”


There was momentary silence on the Ten Thousand Demons Mountain.

As an old lady of Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign, Feng Xijiao still has more face in Wanyao Mountain, and at least what she says is more majestic and more effective than Fengming Shenzi than Fengqi Great Elder.

“Laughing God!”

Deterring the grumpy half-emperor in the mountains, Feng Xijiao turned her head and looked towards Feng Xiaotian, and said softly:

“You are now the true emperor demon with the highest cultivation base in our Ten Thousand Demons Mountain, and it also represents the face of our Ten Thousand Demons Mountain. Yang Fan and the Heaven Devouring Beast are now calling for a meeting with you outside the gate, you Are you not going to meet them when you go out?”

“This Heaven Devouring Beast cannot break the rules and bans outside the mountain gate, but every time it swallows, the spirit strength reserve in Holy Land will consume a lot. If it is allowed to continue to harass, the future of Holy Land Worry.”

Feng Xiaotian’s breathing was stagnant, knowing that Feng Xijiaoda was retaliating against her rude behavior in front of Feng Xijiao.

Just, let it go out to meet Yang Fan and the Heaven Devouring Beast, isn’t that forcing it to die?

Lian Huyue and Crocodile Jinglun joined hands and folded in the hands of this one’s favorite. Feng Xiaotian is not stupid. How could he be in trouble at this time?

“The old man laughed. The emperor is also a member of the Ten Thousand Monster Mountain. Naturally, he must follow the instructions of the old man. The old man will not speak. The emperor will never go out easily, so as not to cause trouble to Holy Land !”

“As for the reserve of spirit strength, old man don’t need to worry. With the emperor, it is not a problem to bless and maintain the ban of Lord Monster Sovereign.”

Feng Xiaotian looked at Feng Xijiao with a smile, Feng Xijiao also looked up at it with a smile, and saw that Feng Xiaotian was soft, and finally stopped speaking forcing him, slowly nodded and said:

“So, then Wan Yaoshan will close the gate again, and I will be wronged by Xiaotian and be a coward with my old woman.”

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