I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1608


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After provoking for a long time, seeing that there was no movement in the Ten Thousand Demons Mountain, Feng Xiaotian and Feng Xijiao seemed determined to be coward, and they didn’t even respond with a ruthless word.

Yang Fan smiled triumphantly.

But at the same time I found it very boring, because the rules outside Wanyao Mountain really look like a tortoise shell, even Dahei’s Devouring Power at level 8 Monster Sovereign can’t be swallowed or broken. .

This demon boy hid firmly inside and sealed the entire Holy Land firmly, and Yang Fan did not have much way to sneak into it.

This made Yang Fan not help thinking of the psychic shields in the Great City of the Federal Central City. He wanted to come to the Demonic beasts who were attacking the city. When facing the psychic shields outside the city, most of them were as boring as he is now. Feeling helpless.

Unable to bite, unbreakable, unless the human sea tactics are launched, and little by little constantly consumes the energy reserves of the psychic shield, it is possible to achieve the goal and carry out the final battle to destroy the city.

Yang Fan can of course do the same, but without knowing how much spare energy is stored in the Ten Thousand Monster Mountain Holy Land, he attacked so recklessly. How much time does Heaven knows take?

even more how, there is also a Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign in the Holy Land of Ten Thousand Monster Mountain. If it is determined to guard against it, it will inevitably make the rule prohibition outside the gate last longer.

And this thing of time is what Yang Fan lacks most right now, and he doesn’t have much time to spend here with these monsters.

“Leave Dahei, go to other Three Great Holy Lands and take a walk!”

Yang Fan raised his hand again to lightly patted Dahei’s brain door, and ordered a soft sentence.


The same experience has been staged successively in Yingshoujian, Zuowa Country and Black Wind Valley Three Great Holy Lands.

Yang Fan a man and a beast blocked the door and screamed. From time to time, Dahei opened his mouth and licked hard outside their mountain gate, so that the monsters such as Hu Peng, Crocodile Xin and Xiong Sheng were scared to tears. .

Unlike Ten Thousand Demon Mountain, there is no real emperor in the Three Great Holy Lands. If Yang Fan goes crazy and continuously attacks and consumes, the rules outside their gate may not be as good as Ten Thousand Demon Mountain. .

Fortunately, Yang Fan just wandered around casually. It meant more intimidation and deterrence. Not at all determined to kill them. This made the half-emperor leaders of Great Holy Land and The son of God is relaxed and has a feeling of avoided a catastrophe.

“Finally gone! These two evil stars finally left!”

“Quickly, right away, give the emperor’s order, Eagle Sorrowjian will not be able to seal the mountain again, from now on, Lord Monster Sovereign will not return, no one will want to go out for me!”

“Feng Xiaotian, Tiger Yue, Crocodile Jinglun, Jiao Luo, these four arrogant idiots, even wanted to join forces to deal with Human Race’s sword king Clone. What’s more, only now I have met a little Yang Fan , I lost three in a row, and dealt with the fart Sword King Clone?!”

“Fortunately, the emperor is cautious by nature. He didn’t directly follow them to go crazy, and he didn’t immediately lift the mountain gate ban. Otherwise, this time we will definitely follow in the footsteps of the demon holy ridge!”

Hupeng was flustered and exasperated, and his voice trembled slightly when he spoke. He was obviously frightened by the battle.

Heaven Devouring Beast in the realm of the true emperor, that big dog’s mouth, just opened it and put them in the eagle’s sorrow. Who is afraid to see it? !

“Seal the mountain! Dead seal! This time it’s useless for anyone to speak, Lord Monster Sovereign will not return, and no one will even want to open the mountain gate lightly!”


The same words rang out one after another in the mouths of Crocodile Xin and Xiong Sheng.

In this situation, what else can we do without closing the mountain?

Not to mention the Sword Emperor Clone that has been floating above the Qianwei City, even the Heaven Devouring Beast beside Yang Fan is enough to threaten the survival of their entire race.

If the mountain is not closed at this time, what is the difference between opening the door and guiding the wolf into the house?

The lessons of the demon sacred mountain are still in sight, and now none of them dare to take this risk.

“Very good!”

Yang Fan is satisfied with the nodded, let all these demon brats stay in their dens, don’t disturb his next plan to build the emperor, it’s good.

“Go, Dahei, it’s time to go back!”

Yang Fan whispered to Dahei, Dahei walked away and returned to the Guardian Palace southeast.

“Imperial Brother sword is long, luckily not insulted!”

Back to Qianwei City, Yang Fan sent the Spore Clone, who had been standing next to the Sword Emperor Clone, out of the city to help arrange the Formation. He stood at the position where the Spore Clone was just now, and he and the Spore Clone paid respect.

Dahei turned into a little milk dog again, leaning on Yang Fan’s feet incomparably well-behaved. When the two dogs glanced at the Sword Emperor Clone, they unconsciously revealed a trace of deep fear.

The divine sense of Sword Emperor Clone swept across Dahei’s body lightly, and felt the surging demon power aura of this big dog, and couldn’t help but sigh to Yang Fan:

“It is indeed the Sovereign of Heaven Devouring Beast lineage. It can swallow three Ninth Rank Monster Sovereigns in such a short period of time. Even if you are a brother, you may not be able to do so simply. /p>

Sword King Clone didn’t know the specific battle in the space battlefield. He instinctively thought that all of this was Dahei’s contribution, and was amazed in his heart. At the same time, he became more and more afraid of Dahei.

“Yang Fan brother, now the five Monster Race Saint lands are all scared and can’t be shrunk out. I shouldn’t dare to come out and make trouble in a short time. You really don’t think about taking advantage of the fact that you can still subdue this one now. When Heaven Devouring Beast, will it be dealt with directly?”

“If it is allowed to grow and evolve so uncontrollably, it will not be long before it will not be able to be subdued by even my brother. If it is fierce and want to backlash the eater, Yang Fan brother. It’s really dangerous!”

This is a commonplace question.

The high-level martial artists of Human Race are not inferior to the Five Monster Races for their fear and defense against the Heaven Devouring Beast.

This is not the first time someone has persuaded Yang Fan to slaughter Dahei ahead of time. They can’t help but worry about Yang Fan’s safety by keeping such a murderous creature with them.

After all, in the history of the Human Race Federation, there are not two trainers who were killed by their pet beasts.

As long as there is such a possibility and accident, the big guys of Human Race want to help Yang Fan eliminate them in advance.


Dahei hearing this, originally wanted to pretend to be transparent, it was a shivered, and it rose nine feet high after a single stroke, staring fiercely at the Sword Emperor Clone, and roared:

“Pan Shaoyang! This is not the first time!”

“This King hired you or provoke you, why do you have to get along with This King, and want to kill This King every time?”

“You Human Race often say that sly rabbits are silly, but now those bastards are not finished, you have already started to want to kill dogs, do you have any conscience?”

“Just now This King desperately helped you Human Race to solve the three Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign, you don’t say a word thank you, that’s all, and you want to kill me, believing or not, This King is before death I’ll kill you first!”

Dahei went crazy directly.

Too angry.

There are always people who want to harm dogs, and this one by one, it’s endless.

Even if you want to kill the dog, you should be a little bit shy about it. It’s so grandiose in the premise of This King. Isn’t this deliberately provoking? If there is no reaction, then this King’s dog Want more face?

Dahei in anger, full of fierce vigor, directed at the sword emperor Clone contorts one’s face in agony, a brutal gesture of wanting to choose people and eat.

It doesn’t matter what sword king or sword king, if you want to kill it, you have to ask the dog teeth in its mouth to agree or not.


Yang Fan raised his eyebrows, slapped Dahei to his feet again, and sternly shouted:

“This master has a long talk with the Imperial Brother sword, how can you interrupt the silly dog, shut up!”

Dahei whimpered, as if a mouse met a cat, and immediately pretended to be a grandson.

The black hair that just got up immediately came up smoothly, and the ferocious aura rising up into the sky returned to his body without a trace. He shrank and clung to Yang Fan’s feet with a pitiful face, and he didn’t dare to move move.

“Master Baba, I was wrong! Never dare to do it again!”

Take the initiative to admit your mistakes and never talk back to your master. This is Dahei’s knack for survival that Dahei has been following Yang Fan on his own.

Sure enough.

Seeing that Dahei is so sensible and interesting, Yang Fan finally didn’t impose any further punishment, but rather shyly smiled at Sword Emperor Clone a little embarrassingly, and said:

“Let the sword imperial brother laugh, wait for the little brother to tidy up this stupid dog fiercely!”

The sword of the Sword Emperor Clone trembled slightly, and said indifferently: “Forget it, after all, it is a Sovereign level Great Demon, a bit of a normal temper.”

I saw Yang Fan’s beast taming method once again, and finally the sword king Clone stopped mentioning the topic just now.

The ability to instantly turn a violent Heaven Devouring Beast into a little milk dog is enough to prove that Yang Fan has absolute control over this Sovereign level pet beast. What else can he say?

If you continue to provoke, it may not only be the Heaven Devouring Beast who is mad.

“In short, if you are not of my race, your heart must be different, Yang Fan brother, you just have to know it in your heart.”

Sword King Clone gave one last sentence.

Yang Fan smiled nodded and responded sincerely: “I understand the imperial brother’s long-term kindness. I will pay special attention to it in the future. If this stupid dog dares to rebel in the future, my brother will certainly not be softened. /p>

“The dog meat from the realm of the real emperor should taste very good!”

Dahei hearing this, his body shuddered.

When the master has meat, the silly fork will think of rebellion. Master Baba will never use this excuse to embarrass me Dahei, woof!

At this time, the natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death in the sky has completely disappeared, the blood rain ceases, the rules are calmed down, Xiaohua, Crocodile Meili, Lu Congrong, Xiaofengwei and Ying Siyuan five Beast Pets also returned.

When I arrived at Qianwei City, I saw the Divine Sword Clone overflowing with sword energy. Divine Soul shocked and shuddered. Without Yang Fan’s command, they all became small obediently and hid in Yang Fan’s pocket .

Just now when Dahei went crazy, all of the five demons felt it, and I was afraid that the Sword King Clone would catch them too.

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