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“You successfully killed a Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign (yoke) Jiao Luo with the Sovereign level magic weapon. The blood experience has been greatly improved, and the enemy experience has been greatly enhanced. The strength of blood and energy is +1000000000, spirit willpower +1000000.”

“You used Divine Soul for the Divine Soul origin of Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign (yoke) Jiao Luo, and the detention was successful. Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign (yoke) Jiao Luo’s Divine Soul origin was successfully intercepted. Spirit strength +200, spirit willpower +200, skill proficiency +50.”

“You used the Divine Grade collection technique on the body of Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign (yoke), the companion skill was passively triggered, and the collection was successful. Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign meat +99, Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign blood essence +99 , Spirit strength +50, skill proficiency +50.”

“You used the advanced gathering technique on the body of Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign (yoke) Jiao Luo, the companion skill is passively triggered by barrier breaking, the gathering is successful, Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign demon core +1, Five Clawed Golden Dragon quality Innate Purple Qi +1…”


After slaughtering, plucking, and restraining a dragon expertly, Yang Fan winked at Dahei, who had been waiting for a long time next to him. Dahei knew it, and after yelling “Baba”, he whizzed to Jiao Luo incomplete Next to his corpse, with a big mouth, he instantly swallowed the corpse of the groundwater dragon about ten thousand meters long and weighing millions of tons into his abdomen.

The corpse of Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign, it smells so good!

Dahei hit a full hiccup with great satisfaction, then changed his figure again with a look of contentment, and drew himself into Yang Fan’s jacket pocket.

This is the second Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign it has eaten. If it is not surprising, after it has completely digested the body of this Monster Sovereign, it will definitely be able to reach Level 1 again and reach the Ninth Rank Monster. Sovereign’s cultivation realm.

So, the next emperor’s death opportunity is unattractive to it.

Because the master Baba’s greatest advantage of killing the Earth-Flood Monster Sovereign this time has already entered its stomach.

“Sovereign is dead, the world is in sorrow!”

“Living rain falls, backfeeding World’s All Living Things!”

Soon, the familiar Sound of Great Dao sounded leisurely in the ears of all intelligent creatures on the origin star.

After that, the rain fell, and Avenue Rules oscillated.

Within one day, three Sovereign Dao Xeons were killed in succession, absolutely unprecedented. The two races of humans and demons, as well as those intelligent creatures such as demons and Spirit Physique, have all been killed by this one after another emperor. The natural phenomenon is somewhat numb.

Since when did the life of the true emperor powerhouse become so worthless?

Human Race, is this going to rise completely?

There were a total of five natural phenomena before and after the emperor’s death. Four of them occurred in the human environment. Only one accident was caused by a human race martial artist who killed a real emperor black and white bear at the gate of the demon sacred mountain. outer.

Too Great Cow!

Not only those Monster Races and Monsters in the Demon Realm, but even the Human Race in the Human Race Federation themselves find it a little weird.

Because before this, Human Race has always been in a passive position, facing Monster Race again and again, and can only hold back and shrink, and dare not resist forcefully.

Why did they suddenly become such a Great Cow during this period of time, creating a natural phenomenon five times in a row, and even destroying a Monster Race Saint?

It’s Human Race Yang Fan!

Unconsciously, people directly think of Yang Fan, the young man who always broadcasts live broadcasts and kills Monster Race half-emperor with a knife.

All the progress and changes in Human Domain nowadays seem to have started when Yang Fan first demonstrated his medical skills in Jinghua City and recruited more disciplines.

Under the deliberate promotion of the federal government, the martial artist and Psionic in the human domain now, who doesn’t know, as long as you visit Yang Fan, it means you have a chance to soar into the sky.

See how, among the three, six, and three domain owners in the Federation, almost half have become Yang Fan’s discipline?

See how, as long as the martial artists and Psionic who have come to Yang Fan’s door, which one will not have a huge improvement in advanced by leaps and bounds in a very short time?

Also, the previous natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death seems to have come from Yang Fan. It was Yang Fan who used the City Protecting Great Formation he created to capture and kill those Alien Sovereigns in one fell swoop. Great Cow won Don’t want it!

In the natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death, if you get the benefits, naturally some people will miss the kindness that Yang Fan gave.

Therefore, it can be said unceremoniously that Yang Fan’s current reputation in the Federation is already like the sun at high noon. It may be less inferior to the Three Emperors of Human Race, but compared to the previous War God, Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi, these half-emperors, are already no exception.

At this time.

Yang Fan’s ears have begun to keep ringing system hints ding ding ding~.

“Your discipline Hua Xiuming Qi and blood run for a week, the Qi and blood cultivation base has been strengthened, the Qi and blood strength is +10000, the percentage bonus of Sect team spirit is activated, and you automatically get 100% of the cultivation experience bonus of the discipline Hua Xiuming Cheng, blood intensity +10000.”

“Your discipline Tian Feiyao spirit strength runs for a week, the spirit strength cultivation base has been strengthened, the spirit strength +30000, the percentage bonus of Sect team spirit is stimulated, and you automatically get the 100% cultivation experience bonus of the discipline Tian Feiyao , Blood intensity +30000.”

“Your discipline Shu Yi’s qi and blood runs every day of the week, the qi and blood cultivation base has been strengthened, and the strength of qi and blood is +20000…”


Because it is the natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death caused by the fall of Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign, as the center of the natural phenomenon, the spiritual rain in Qianwei City is undoubtedly the most majestic and rich.

Therefore, the smurf ids under Yang Fan’s smurf id, whether it’s a newcomer or an old one, all have very rich cultivation experience.

Especially the newly collected smurf ids by Yang Fan in the Guardian Palace in the southeast are mostly in the Martial Master Realm realm. Almost at the moment when the emperor’s death opportunity opens, some of them have begun to reach the current state of Peak bottleneck. .

Yang Fan is not idle, the spirit strength is scattered all around, and the spiritual channels are connected with these smurf id disciples, continuously initiating and passing merits to help them break through and advance.

Ling Tian, ​​Sang Duo Duo, Sima Xuefeng, Yang Guo, Wang Zhe, Mu Qianqian and other half emperor and true emperor disciplines, the cultivation base is also very fast, especially the two perceptions Sang Duo Duo and Mu Qianqian The extraordinary female disciple began to continuously provide Yang Fan with the Avenue Rules comprehension experience, making Yang Fan’s Avenue Rules more perfect.

In the city.

Ye Wentian, Ye Chengbi, Li Liangcai, Li Miaocai, Tian Chanzi, Wu Dao and other half-emperor bosses also greedily absorbed the rain of dropping from the sky one by one, feeling this endlessly active Avenue Rules.

At the same time.

The yoke of Avenue Rules within the body also began to tremble and loosen, becoming easier to break free than usual.

At the beginning, they were still sighing. It is worthy of the emperor’s chance that Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign attracted, because Yang Fan deliberately concealed this Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign when he killed Jiao Luo. The ominous beast breath is felt by many semi-emperor martial artists in the city.

So, these half-emperors were not too surprised when they sensed that this emperor’s death opportunity was even stronger than the previous two combined.

But later, when they discovered that the power of their rule chains within the body was gradually dissipating and weakening, but there was no sign of repairing them, they suddenly realized that this should not be just a natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death. s reason.

The yoke of their rules within the body seems to have become water without a source, duckweed without roots, as long as they continuously interfere, break free, and destroy continuously to consume the energy reserves in the yoke of these rules, they can always It is easy to break free or even destroy.

“Spring is here!”

“We are finally coming to an end!”

The Human Race half-emperor who discovered this secret were all excited, like a prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment, suddenly received a reduction of sentence, and the day of release from prison is already in sight.

All the hardships are coming!

The hearts of dozens of veteran half-emperors who entered the concentration were constantly turbulent, and some of them were so excited that their eye circles were red, and they almost didn’t directly interrupt their perceptions and woke up from the concentration.

They have been tortured by the backlash for most of their lives. It is so difficult!

“What caused these rule chains to disconnect from Avenue Rules?”

“Two hours ago, three people in the City Lord’s Mansion broke through and became the emperor. Is it related to the loosening of the rules?”

“Is the avenue suppression finally coming to an end, will the shackles that have restricted the half-emperor martial artist breaking the boundary finally be completely broken?”

“Without avenue suppression, does it mean that whether it is the Half Emperor of Human Race or the Half Demon Emperor Realm of Monster Race, they have the opportunity to ascending to the skies with a single leap and become the true emperor. ?!”


Every veteran half-emperor couldn’t help his thoughts fluctuate.

Compared to Wu Dao, Hui Zi’an, Tang Zhicheng and other newly promoted half-emperors who have not experienced the backlash beatings of Taoism, Li Liangcai and Ye Wentian obviously have a better understanding of Heaven and Earth Rule.

It was only through the three Human Race martial artists who broke through and became the emperor. Through the loosening of their own rules, they quickly thought of the Avenue Rules suppression on the Origin Star, and thought of what the human and demons would face next. Crisis and conflict.



In the time when these veteran half-emperors were wild and unsure, Wu Dao, Hui Zian, Tang Zhicheng and other new half-emperors had already begun to force their way to break free of many rules and regulations.

And the effect is remarkable. It took less than ten minutes to start the emperor’s fate, and five and a half emperors succeeded in breaking free from the next rule of the body within the body. Seven colors light fell from the void. , Nourish baptism, their flesh and blood meridians, and strengthen their cultivation realm.

Ye Wentian and the others suddenly woke up, and finally stopped distracting and thinking. At the moment, it is the most important thing to try to improve their own strength.

The road to becoming an emperor is right in front of them, and their era has finally arrived. If you don’t hurry up, the younger boys next to them will really have to ride on the necks of their old bastard.

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