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The Sword Emperor Clone is suspended outside the city of Qianwei, bathed in an endless rain of blood. From time to time, someone from the city draws out a seven colors light from the void, and I feel very happy.

“Sure enough, after the Rule suppression on the Origin Star dissipated, it has become easier for these half-emperor martial artists to break free from the shackles of the rules within the body!”

“Maybe you don’t have to wait for the next time, just this time, there will be many old half-emperors who have accumulated enough to successfully break into the realm of the real emperor!”

Sword King Clone is very pleased.

The more he sees the Human Race martial artist becoming a Sovereign, the happier he will be.

This is hope!

Human Race will rise completely in the future, and hope that it will once again become the ruler of the Origin Star!


The Sword King Clone, who was in joy, suddenly froze, and divine sense couldn’t help but moved towards the City Protecting Great Formation outside Qianwei City.

Soon, he was not far from Yang Fan’s side and found the iron-toothed crocodile whose coercive aura had changed greatly and was already on the verge of breaking.

“I really didn’t expect that in this emperor’s death, the first to break through the Sovereign state would be this iron tooth crocodile!”

Sure enough.

Sword Emperor Clone’s self-talking just fell, and the demon-powered aura on Crocodile’s beauty could no longer be controlled. It blasted into the sky with a bang, followed by the Rule Power in the void, a diameter of about ten thousand meters. The long light curtain dropping from the sky, centered on the beauty of the crocodile, spreads to the surrounding area.

The beauty of Crocodile finally broke free of the eighth rule of within the body and officially entered the realm of Monster Sovereign!

Since then, two of Yang Fan’s pet beasts are already in the Monster Sovereign realm, and both are high-level Monster Sovereign above level 7!

“Your discipline Zhao Congshuang received the baptism transformation of the rule Xiaguang, the strength of Divine Soul was greatly enhanced, the source of blood was greatly increased, the source of Divine Soul was +50, the strength of Qi and blood was +500000, the spirit strength was +50000, and the Sect team spirit The percentage bonus is stimulated…”

“Your discipline Shu Yi accepts the baptism transformation of the rule Xiaguang, the strength of Divine Soul is greatly enhanced, the source of Qi and blood is greatly increased, the source of Divine Soul is +50, the strength of Qi and blood is +500,000, spirit strength +50,000, Sect team The spirit percentage bonus is activated…”


Soon, affected by the rules of Xiaguang, a group of discipline smurf ids in Formation also began to gain extremely rich cultivation base experience in the baptism of the rules Xiaguang.

One person wins the way, and the chicken and the dog ascend to heaven.

This is the blessing from heaven and earth when Sovereign broke through, which can make all the surrounding creatures follow.

Although the time limit is not long, and even each person or each beast can only get the baptism transformation of Xiaguang once, the harvest is extremely rich.

Especially for the six hundred and 36 new disciples around Yang Fan, almost every smurf id can be directly promoted to two or three levels after going through Xiaguang baptism. The chance of death is much stronger.

“It works well!”

Yang Fan is satisfied with the nodded, this wave of experience has been brushed down, and a large amount of blood experience and spirit strength experience are not to be mentioned, but it is the origin of Divine Soul, he has directly brushed more than 5,000 drops!

Now, the total amount of Yang Fan’s Divine Soul origin has properly reached more than 16,000 drops, which is not inferior to those big guys in Peak Sovereign!

“Sure enough, the more disciplines, the more rewarding it will be. It is also a rule baptism of the emperor. After adding these six hundred and 36 new disciplines, the various experiences I have gained are better than those of Guoguo and Wang Cousin Zhe and Ling Tian and their three people are much more when they break the border and become the emperor!”


Yang Fan very pleased in one’s mind, after helping those who have reached the bottleneck status to advance to breakthrough, they set their sights on Sang Duoduo, Sima Xuefeng, An Sheng, Mu Qianqian, Tian Feiyao, and other half-emperor disciplines Body.

Next, if anyone else has a chance to break free from the shackles of the eight rules in one fell swoop, most of them will appear to them.

Especially Sang Duo Duo and Sima Xuefeng, Yang Fan has high hopes. They are, after all, one of the few peerless Heavens Pride that can perfectly advance to the emperor. The speed of breaking through is definitely faster and easier than others. some!

“Your discipline Zhang Hongxin’s spirit strength runs for a week, the spirit strength cultivation base has been strengthened, the spirit strength +30000, the percentage bonus of Sect team spirit is activated, you automatically get the 100% cultivation experience bonus of the discipline Zhang Hongxin, Qi Blood intensity +30000.”

“Your discipline Ji Lianghuai’s qi and blood run for a week, and the qi and blood cultivation base has been strengthened, and the strength of qi and blood is +20000…”

“Your discipline Mu Qianqian has an insight, and your understanding of the violent rules is further deepened. The violent Rule Power +1, the Sect Contribution Point percentage bonus effect is successfully activated, and you automatically get the theory of the violent principle Mu Qianqian 100%. Experience bonus, violent Rule Power +1.”


The system hint in Yang Fan’s ears keeps on, and everyone’s cultivation base strength is not improving rapidly and steadily.

I have to say that the emperor’s death benefits brought by the fall of Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign are indeed impressive.

After only such a short time, Yang Fan noticed that the dozens of emperors and Half Emperors he had brought from Xuan Chu Guardian Palace before, more than half of them have already shown signs of being promoted to the Peak realm. Up.

These are all Seeded Contestants that Yang Fan prepared early in the morning.

Especially after knowing that the original rule suppression dissipated, Yang Fan also had high hopes for these martial artists who had not yet reached the half-emperor state.

After all, when they break the realm and advance again, they are likely to be like Yang Guo and Wang Zhe, avoiding the half-emperor realm and directly advancing to the true emperor realm.

The importance of these people is even more important than those martial artists who have been promoted to the half-emperor state.

They have no rules and shackles within the body, and there is no problem of perfection or perfection.

It’s not like Ye Wentian and Li Liangcai. They all barely clear the comprehension to become the emperor with the help of Yang Fan. They all lost the perfection experience after breaking the yoke of the first rule, even the last nine. It is completely broken, and it is difficult to achieve Peak Perfection Realm for future achievements.

So, to some extent, this World is full of malice and injustice for Ye Wentian and other veteran half-emperors. They have been wounded by the Dao for most of their lives. If you don’t say it, the ultimate achievement is destined to not be. Beyond these latecomers.

“This should be the so-called bad luck. Is it too fate?”

“However, it is actually quite good to be able to step into the imperial realm in the end and increase life span by thousands of years.”

Yang Fan’s divine sense moved towards those Old Seniors who are still earnestly cultivating in the city, and I sighed in my heart.

These Old Seniors were able to successfully break through to the half-emperor state before the tenth spirit strength tide. Naturally, their talent and aptitude are undoubtedly unquestionable. No matter what era they are placed in, they can be called peerless Heavens. Pride.

Even now, after clear comprehension has become the emperor, the speed at which they can break free from the shackles of rules is not inferior to the half-emperors of the new generation like Sanduo, An Sheng, and Zhang Hongxin.

Especially Ye Wentian, if nothing else, the previous seven rules of shackles should have been broken, as long as you try to break free of the eighth rules, you will immediately become a seventh or even eighth real emperor Within time, it can still crush an era.

The same goes for other veteran half-emperors.

Their cultivation realm is generally above the sixth and seventh half-emperor. Once they can break the shackles of the rules of within the body and officially enter the realm of the true emperor, their accumulation of cultivation base for so many years will also be added. To a new level.

At least before these new Sovereigns have fully grown up, their Old Seniors are still the mainstays of the Human Race Federation, and they can remain the leader for a long time.



Seven colors light keep coming, and the city of Qianwei is thriving.

Time is passing little by little in the majestic rain of blood.

The natural phenomenon over Qianwei City changed again after about an hour after the natural phenomenon of Emperor’s Death was on.

The original blood cloud was completely concealed by a dark cloud emerging from nowhere, making the already dark sky completely dark in an instant.

Sword Emperor Clone and Yang Fan immediately discovered the Celestial Phenomenon’s anomaly, and they couldn’t help but look up at the same time, and divine sense also began to spy and detect in all directions.

The dark clouds that suddenly appeared were boundless, which directly wrapped the entire Origin Star, which was extremely abnormal.

“The sword Imperial Brother is long, do you think it looks like…?”

Yang Fan appeared at the side of Sword Emperor Clone, and asked about Sword Emperor Clone, but before he finished speaking, he saw the location of the Federation Center City in the south direction, suddenly there was a dazzling white The beam of light rose into the sky.

Next, there are Jinghua City, Wusai Guardian Palace, Fenggu Guardian Palace, Qianmen Guardian Palace, etc., 36 federal domains, successively beams of light cast into the void, and soon, the central square in Qianwei City , Also began to respond to the giant beam of light.

All this is so familiar.

Isn’t this the natural phenomenon of the space when Martial Dao Secret Realm was opened?

For a time, the complexions of Yang Fan and Sword Emperor Clone became a little gloomy at the same time.

“Martial Dao Secret Realm is opened for no reason, most of the Alien clan is doing it!”

The last Alien invasion that occurred in Jinghua City has only recently passed. Whether it was Yang Fan, who had witnessed it, or the Sword King Clone, who was secretly peeping at the time, they were extremely impressed.

“The Alien family seems to have mastered the space channel that forcibly penetrates the Martial Dao Secret Realm. This is not good news!”

Sword Emperor Clone’s sword body trembled slightly, and his voice seemed a bit deep and solemn.

At this time, the rule suppression power of the original Star Domain has completely dissipated. If the Sovereign of the Alien clan comes again, the power will not be directly suppressed to the half-emperor realm like the last time.

If they come to the realm of three or five Peak Sovereigns at once, and the eight Peak Sovereigns on the Origin Star are not available, who will be their opponent?


Ji Danyun seems to have also noticed something wrong. He has appeared in the middle of the square and is using the domain master order to forcibly close the light beam in an attempt to prevent the opening of Martial Dao Secret Realm.

However, what’s the use of not at all? The domain master seems to be completely invalid. Simply interfere with the beam of light.

As the Sword Emperor Clone just said, Martial Dao Secret Realm seems to have completely broken away from the control of the 36 domains of the Federation, and has completely fallen into the hands of the Alien clan!

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